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11th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Declassify the NSA’s files on Iran and al Qaeda

Thomas Joscelyn

The must-read piece on terrorism this week comes from Philip Shenon, writing at The Daily Beast. Shenon writes about a cache of intelligence documents stored at the National Security Agency (NSA) that received a cursory review by the 9/11 Commission because they were only discovered shortly...

10th September 2010 - The Rosett Report

Remember the Twin Towers: Here’s the Community Center, Sept. 10, 2001

Claudia Rosett

The talk right now is endlessly about Islam, whether one tunes in to news of Pastor Terry Jones and the will-he won't-he question of whether he'll burn the Koran, or news of Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam now leeching publicity from Ground Zero with his plans to build a mosque and Islamic hub...

10th September 2010 - Scripps Howard News Service

Nine Years Since 9/11

Clifford D. May

Nine years ago this week, I began a series of discussions about terrorism with Jack Kemp, Jeane Kirkpatrick and a small group of concerned philanthropists. Since Saturday is the ninth anniversary of the 9/11/01 atrocities, that won’t surprise you. What might: Our first conversation took...

10th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

HIG Facilitator Properly Detained at Gitmo, Judge Finds

Thomas Joscelyn

On Friday, Sept. 3, DC District Judge John Bates issued an order denying a petition for writ of habeas corpus filed by Guantanamo detainee Shawali Khan. The order was terse, and did not set forth Judge Bates' reasoning. So it is not possible to tell what evidence Judge Bates relied upon in...

9th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

A Few Missing Details

Thomas Joscelyn

The New York Times reports that a federal appeals court has shot down a lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc., a Boeing subsidiary that reportedly arranged flights for the CIA as part of the Agency's extraordinary rendition program.

9th September 2010 - National Review Online

This Is Where We Begin to Say No

A tectonic shift is in motion: How fitting that its focal point is Ground Zero, the inevitable fault line between Islam and the West.

9th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Disarms Select Taliban Commanders

Thomas Joscelyn

Central Asia Online reports: Al-Qaeda is blocking Taliban fighters who favour peace talks from negotiating with Kabul.

9th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Why is Merkel Protecting Iran’s Terror Bank?

Benjamin Weinthal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is slated to honor today in the city of Potsdam, just outside of Berlin, the Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoons satirizing the Prophet Muhammad and fanatical Islam triggered violent protests across the Muslim world in 2005. Westergaard will...

9th September 2010 - NOW Lebanon

Moussa Sadr and the Islamic Revolution in Iran… and Lebanon

Tony Badran

Last Tuesday marked the anniversary of the disappearance of Shia cleric Moussa as-Sadr—often dubbed the father of the Shia resurgence in Lebanon—during a visit to Libya in 1978. While the view assigning responsibility for his disappearance to the regime of Moammar Qaddafi is a matter of...

8th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

The Tip of the Jihadist Spear

Thomas Joscelyn

Ever since the September 11 attacks, some in counterterrorism and intelligence circles have tried to define al Qaeda narrowly, thereby limiting the scope of the organization's threat.

8th September 2010 - Journal of International Peace Operations

Beyond the Water’s Edge: Learning from the Somali Piracy Challenge

While military force combined with greater vigilance on the part of the commercial shipping and fishing industries can reduce the threat posed by pirates, achieving maritime security requires a landward component. In the Somali context, this implies embracing a "bottom-up" rather than the...

8th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Yemen Arrests Ex-Gitmo Detainee who Fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir

Thomas Joscelyn

A former Guantanamo detainee who joined al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) after graduating from a Saudi rehabilitation program has been arrested in Yemen. Fox News reported Tuesday that Yemeni authorities have detained Jabir Jubran al Fayfi, who was transferred from Guantanamo to...

7th September 2010 - The Rosett Report

Ground Zero Mosque: The Bombast of Imam Feisal

Claudia Rosett

After summering in Malaysia and assorted petro-capitals of the Arabian Gulf, the imam behind the Ground Zero mosque project, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is back in America - though not for long.

7th September 2010 - National Review Online

Grassroots Anti-Islamism in Germany

Benjamin Weinthal

In what could be seen as a parallel to the robust grassroots opposition to the Ground Zero mosque in the U.S., citizens of the German city of Mönchengladbach, located in the West German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, are working overtime to prevent the radical Islamic association...

7th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Iran Pays Bounties to Taliban for Dead Americans

Thomas Joscelyn

The Sunday Times (UK) reported yesterday, based on Taliban sources, that the Iranians are paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. (The Times's account is behind a pay wall, but summaries of the story can be found elsewhere in the press.) We learn that the going rate is...

4th September 2010 - FrontPage Magazine

Interview: Accomplice to Evil

Michael Ledeen

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Michael A. Ledeen, a noted political analyst and a Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He is the author of The Iranian Time Bomb, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership and Tocqueville on American Character, and he is a...

4th September 2010 - Forbes

Internationalism Run Amok

Claudia Rosett

America was founded as a country where no citizen would ever have to submit to the will of a king, or any other brand of despot. But hey, that's yesterday's news. President Barack Obama's administration is now submitting its own special selection of domestic policies and laws for review by...

4th September 2010 - RUSI Journal

Review: Valley of Death: The Tragedy at Dien Bien Phu that Led America into the Vietnam War

Morgan brings to the writing of his history an unusual combination of French roots and both military and journalistic experience [which imbue] his work with a granularity absent from the usual analyses of Vietnam...Morgan describes the day-to-day course of the battle, giving play to the...

4th September 2010 - Haaretz

Putting Paid to Gaza

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman recently suggested that Israel end its role as an occupying power in Gaza. Is he onto something?

3rd September 2010 - Scripps Howard News Service

The Worst of Time

Clifford D. May

Henry Luce would have been mortified. The founder of Time magazine believed Americans had a responsibility to stand up to the enemies of freedom and democracy.  He saw the 20th century as "the first great American Century." He would have wanted the United States to lead in the current era...


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