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12th October 2010 - National Review Online

Geert Wilders: A Free-Speech Litmus Test

Benjamin Weinthal

Berlin - Holland's judicial campaign to strip Geert Wilders of his right to engage in ruthless polemical and intellectual criticism of Islam reached today its final prosecution phase. A hypersensitive and overly politically and socially correct Dutch legal system charged Wilders, the head of...

11th October 2010 - Jerusalem Post

IAEA Claims Iran Delivery is for ‘Cancer Therapy Project’

Jonathan Schanzer

After The Jerusalem Post first reported Friday on the International Atomic Energy Agency's role in the delivery of illicit nuclear equipment to Iran, the IAEA responded by saying the device was for a medical project. "We've issued a statement on

10th October 2010 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Leader Linked to Iran May Have Been Killed in Recent Predator Strike

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

A senior al Qaeda leader who serves as al Qaeda's ambassador to Iran, and is wanted by the US, is reported to have been killed in a Predator airstrike in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan two days ago. The report has not been confirmed.

US intelligence...

9th October 2010 - The Long War Journal

Judge Finds That Kuwaiti Gitmo Detainee Was No Charity Worker

Thomas Joscelyn

On Sept. 15, DC District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly denied the petition for a writ of habeas corpus filed by a Kuwaiti detainee held at Guantanamo named Fayiz al Kandari. The ruling remained classified until late September, when it was released online. Al Kandari and his attorney have...

9th October 2010 - The New York Post

Raped Under UN Auspices

Claudia Rosett

Can United Nations peace keeping deliver peace? It sure failed this summer in an eastern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where armed groups went on a spree of gang rape just 20 miles up the...

8th October 2010 - The Atlantic

Should the U.S. Help Break Up Somalia?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

741752702.jpgLast month, the United States announced a new policy toward Somalia. In a September 24 press briefing in New York City, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson said that the U.S. would "work to engage more actively with the governments of Puntland and...

8th October 2010 - Scripps Howard News Service

Two Sides of the Jihadi Coin

Clifford D. May

As I write this, European police are searching for “hit teams” plotting attacks against civilians in Britain, France, Germany and Sweden. Why would al-Qaeda plan such strikes now? That’s like asking why dogs bark. It’s what they do. Al-Qaeda is in the jihad business. If al-Qaeda...

7th October 2010 - National Review Online

Embassy-Bombing Trial in Jeopardy

Ahmed Ghailani has confessed to bombing the U.S. embassy in Tanzania twelve years ago. As he explained to the FBI in a series of 2007 interviews, he bought the TNT used in the explosion. He even identified the man from whom he purchased it — a man who was subsequently located, who...

7th October 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Judge Excludes Damning Testimony Against Al Qaeda Terrorist, Ahmed Ghailani

Thomas Joscelyn

A judge's reason for excluding damning testimony against al Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Ghailani makes no sense.

6th October 2010 - National Review Online

Better Late Than Never on “Able Danger”?

Five years ago, I called for an investigation of “Able Danger” and the 9/11 Commission. Able Danger was a military intelligence program members of which have stated that the program identified Mohammed Atta (and perhaps other 9/11 hijackers) long before the 9/11 attacks — directly...

6th October 2010 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda’s #3 Misidentified Again

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Ahmad Siddiqui, the German-Afghan at the heart of al Qaeda's latest plot against European cities, has reportedly fingered a previously unknown terrorist as al Qaeda's number three. According to Der Spiegel, Siddiqui has told his interrogators at the detention facility in Bagram that Sheikh...

5th October 2010 - Pajamas Media

Groucho Plays Tehran

Michael Ledeen

The Islamic Republic looks more and more like a Marx Brothers creation. The leaders proclaim themselves invincible, but just offstage, we can hear the sounds of breaking crockery.

5th October 2010 - The Weekly Standard

What’s Rankling the Swiss Foreign Ministry?

Benjamin Weinthal

Switzerland's Social Democratic controlled Foreign Ministry is upset with THE WEEKLY STANDARD's criticism of how its foreign policies serve as a crutch for Iran's drive to obtain nuclear weapons and finance Hamas and Hezbollah.

5th October 2010 - National Review Online

Alinsky’s Rules for Obama’s Iran Strategy

Benjamin Weinthal

Berlin - Pres. Barack Obama chose last week to sanction the Swiss-based Naftiran Intertrade (NICO) energy-trading company for violating the recently enhanced U.S Iran Sanctions Act, which bars significant investments in Iran's energy and gas sectors.

5th October 2010 - Weekly Standard

Will Obama Follow Through on Iran Sanctions?

Mark Dubowitz

After enacting comprehensive energy sanctions on companies that do business with Iran, and encouraging 31 other countries to follow suit, last Thursday the United States announced penalties against only a single firm for violating them. The U.S.

4th October 2010 - Jerusalem Post

Wiesenthal Center: Boycott Royal Dutch Shell on Iran Trade

Benjamin Weinthal

The Simon Wiesenthal Center called last week for a boycott of Royal Dutch Shell gas stations because of the energy company's increased import of Iranian crude oil. "We urge the public to avoid Shell gas stations and give their business to

3rd October 2010 - Commentary Magazine

French Critique of the Burka Ban

Two French students decided to produce a critique (I think that's the word one must use among the educated elites) of the ban on the burka in their country.

3rd October 2010 - The Long War Journal

New HSPI Report on Foreign Fighters

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Yesterday I attended the launch event for a new report published by George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute. (Full disclosure: I am a 2010 Senior Fellow at HSPI.) The report, entitled Foreign Fighters: Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones, is co-authored by Frank...

2nd October 2010 - The Long War Journal

More Ties Between al Qaeda Plotter And 9/11 Hamburg Cell Revealed

Thomas Joscelyn

The man at the heart of the plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks in Europe has ties to at least four members of al Qaeda's infamous Hamburg terrorist cell.

2nd October 2010 - The Long War Journal

Osama bin Laden Ordered Mumbai-Style Attacks in Europe

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Osama bin Laden personally ordered the recently discovered plot against multiple cities in Europe. The terror master wanted al Qaeda and its affiliates to carry out an attack similar to the terrorist attack on Mumbai, India in 2008. The news confirms that the al Qaeda chieftain is still...


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