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21st September 2010 - Pajamas Media

If Ahmadinejad Loves the UN So Much, Just Keep Him There

Claudia Rosett

Oh how Mahmoud loves that UN stage. And four sets of binding UN sanctions on Iran since 2006 are no bar to the UN podium. Right now, for the sixth time in six years, Iran's Bloviator-in-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is attending the annual opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New...

21st September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Al Qaeda in Iraq

Thomas Joscelyn

In a campaign speech on July 14, 2007, Senator Barack Obama railed against the Iraq war and President Bush’s obstinate refusal to end it. “We cannot win a war against the terrorists if we’re on the wrong battlefield,” Obama said. In another speech a few weeks later, he said, “The...

20th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Can Two Ex-Gitmo Detainees, Now in Germany, Visit the U.S. as Tourists?

Benjamin Weinthal

The German government recently granted residency to ex-Guantanamo detainees Ahmed Mohammed al-Shurfa and Mahmoud Salim al-Ali, who arrived last Thursday in Germany. While the Bild, Germany's largest daily newspaper, editorialized against the relocation of the two Taliban fighters (both...

20th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Suicide Bomber Detonates Inside Somalia’s Presidental Compound

Bill Roggio

A Shabaab suicide bomber entered the presidential compound in Mogadishu today and detonated his vest.

20th September 2010 - National Review Online

Will the Future Belong to Iran?

Benjamin Weinthal

Where does the musical film Cabaret, which depicts the rise of German fascism, intersect with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's appearance at the United Nations this week? "It is clear the future belongs to Iran," said Ahmadinejad in an AP interview on Sunday, which conjures up the eerie beer garden...

19th September 2010 - National Review Online

There Oughtn’t Be a Law

République française has banned the burqa. Along with the face-covering veil (the niqab), the burqa is the garment with which Muslim women conceal their bodies from head to toe. More accurately, it is the instrument by which their bodies are concealed. In fundamentalist Muslim communities,...

18th September 2010 - The Weekly Standard

Iran is On the Taliban’s Side in Afghanistan – Not Ours

Thomas Joscelyn

In his op-ed for the Washington Post this morning, David Ignatius writes:

18th September 2010 - The National Interest

Palestine: Gaining Currency?

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinians are putting money on notion that they will have a state next year.

17th September 2010 - NOW Lebanon

Syrian Pretension And Reality in Iraq

Tony Badran

Recent news reports about the arduous process of government formation in Iraq suggest that a deal may be in the works that would see incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki keep his post.

17th September 2010 - Scripps Howard News Service

Cry Islamophobia!

Clifford D. May

We Americans should be ashamed! What an intolerant, bigoted, hateful lot we are! Or so we are being told by our political and media elites. Lawrence Wright, in The New Yorker – yes, The New Yorker — announces: "Culture wars are currently being waged against Muslim Americans across the...

17th September 2010 - World Defense Review

Nigeria at the Crossroads, Again

Focused on the final stretch of the midterm elections at home, policymakers and pundits in the United States have hardly evinced any interest in concerning themselves with electoral politics abroad, much less something as apparently far removed from the immediate preoccupation of many...

16th September 2010 - National Review Online

Religion of Peace Alert: FBI Advises ‘Draw Muhammad’ Cartoonist to Disappear

Fox News reports that, at the urging of the FBI, Molly Norris, the "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" cartoonist from Seattle, has gone into hiding and changed her name after being threatened with death for insulting Islam. Maybe he can hide at Justice Breyer's house.

15th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Iran-Backed Senior IMU Commander Captured in Afghan North

Bill Roggio

Coalition and Afghan forces captured a senior facilitator for the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan [IMU] with links to Iran during a raid yesterday in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz. The raid is the latest against the terror group in the Afghan north.

14th September 2010 - National Review Online

Why Is Switzerland Backing Ahmadinejad’s Iran?

Benjamin Weinthal

Berlin - The European Union and the U.S. have passed tough sanctions targeting Iran's energy sector, but Switzerland's Social Democratic foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey is trying hard to undercut these effort to secure Middle East peace and Western security.

14th September 2010 - Wall Street Journal

To Pressure Iran, Squeeze Russia and China

Mark Dubowitz, Reuel Marc Gerecht

In 1996 Congress passed the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act with the aim of, among other things, pressuring the regime in Tehran to stop sponsoring terrorism. For a time, the sanctions did annoy those who wanted to invest in the Islamic Republic. But they soon

14th September 2010 - Jerusalem Post

US Treasury Bans European-Iranian Bank from Operating in US

Benjamin Weinthal

BERLIN – The US Treasury Department last week banned the Hamburg-based European-Iranian Bank (Europaeisch- Iranische Handelsbank) from operating in the US because it finances companies that help Iran build weapons of mass destruction.

13th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Bolsters The Ranks of The Taliban

Bill Roggio

While I also posted this in the Videos section, I felt this deserved some attention here at Threat Matrix. This Al Jazeera report certainly goes a long way toward punching a big hole in the notion that a mere sprinkling of al Qaeda operatives are working in Afghanistan. Note that for one...

12th September 2010 - National Review Online

Imagining Islam

If only the fantasy were true: If only there actually were a dominant, pro-American, echt moderate Islam, an ideology so dedicated to human rights, so sternly set against savagery, that acts of terrorism were, by definition, “un-Islamic activity.” Imagine an Islam that, far from a...

12th September 2010 - The New Republic

America May Have Overreacted to September 11 … but Americans Didn’t

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Did America overreact to September 11? In a recent column in Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria answered that with an emphatic and mournful “yes.” In Mr. Zakaria’s telling, we’ve squandered billions of dollars heedlessly feeding our national security bureaucracies, which hardly provide us, as...

12th September 2010 - The Long War Journal

Is ‘Constructive Disengagement’ the Solution in Somalia?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

On Thursday, Joshua Foust published an article at PBS's Need to Know that, though avoiding the term "constructive disengagement," mirrors the arguments advanced by Bronwyn Bruton's report for CFR, and those made by Fareed Zakaria in the wake of the bombings al Shabaab executed in Uganda....


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