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22nd October 2009 - Scripps Howard News Service

Disconnecting the Dots

Clifford D. May

Don't fault President Obama for reconsidering his strategy in Afghanistan. Fault him for reconsidering his strategy only in Afghanistan.

22nd October 2009 -

U.N. Injustice

Claudia Rosett

Founded "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," today's United Nations is instead laying the groundwork for war galore.

22nd October 2009 - World Defense review

The New U.S. Sudan Policy: A Preliminary Review

After a weekend marked by leaks to the Washington Post and counter-leaks to the New York Times, the long-anticipated policy strategy for Sudan was unveiled at a Monday morning press conference by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, flanked by the U.S. permanent representative to the...

22nd October 2009 - Middle East Quarterly

The Strategic Challenge of Somalia’s Al-Shabaab

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Since emerging from an era of colonialism under Italy and Britain, Somalia has passed through military dictatorship, famine, and civil war to regional fragmentation.

21st October 2009 - The National Review

The Problem of Evil

Michael Ledeen

Since 9/11, Michael Ledeen has been warning that this war against America was never about Afghanistan or Iraq, but has always been a regional war, with malefactors are up to no good around the world.

20th October 2009 - The Weekly Standard

We Have Met the Enemy . . .

Michael Ledeen

Speaking publicly about the role of Iran in Afghanistan--which is substantial, and about which we have considerable information--seems to be taboo for our current leaders.

20th October 2009 -

Taliban Rattles Pakistan

As the Taliban send suicide bombers inside Pakistan's cities, observers focus on the horrors and the continuing bloodshed.

20th October 2009 - The National Post (Canada)

The Code Is Mightier Than The Sword

Mark Dubowitz

The Long War against radical Islam is a war of ideas as much as a war of arms.

16th October 2009 - The Washington Post

Can Obama Accept the Prize?

People can, and undoubtedly will, argue for some time about whether President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

16th October 2009 - The National Post (Canada)

Following in Moscow’s Afghan Footsteps

Sebastian Gorka

General Stanley McChrystal's recently leaked report on the prospects for stabilizing Afghanistan contained no substantive surprises.

15th October 2009 - Scripps Howard News Service

Pakistan Notebook

Clifford D. May

I picked an interesting moment to visit Pakistan: four terrorist attacks in less than a week.

15th October 2009 -

Peace Porridge

Claudia Rosett

President Barack Obama's premature Nobel Peace Prize has catalyzed a useful debate, in which the real question is less the timing of the award than what, exactly, he has won.

15th October 2009 - World Defense Review

Eritrea: Spoiler Exacerbates Crisis in the Horn of Africa and Beyond

One of the frustrations with which Africa's friends have had to repeatedly cope over the years has been the seemingly utter incapacity of the African leaders to deal with their more problematic peers: witness the annual African Union (AU) summit's literal embrace of Zimbabwean dictator...

15th October 2009 - Christian Science Monitor

Why Defeating the Taliban Is Key to Stopping Al Qaeda

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Sophisticated critics of sending more US troops to fight the Taliban argue that the group is not as central a threat to American national security as Al Qaeda.

9th October 2009 -

Nobel Committee Pulls Oil Plug on Democracy

As soon as the Oslo committee issued its Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, an expected debate raged in America about the legitimacy of such a move so very early in a U.S. presidential term.

8th October 2009 -

Win Over Washington One Nuke At A Time

Claudia Rosett

We appreciate your predicament as a pariah of the international community, and suggest that you focus on achieving acceptance in Washington, on the presumption that if President Barack Obama engages, good things will follow.

8th October 2009 -

Fighting Jihadists Frees Muslims From Oppression

In an interview I conducted with Nowe Panstwo (Our Times), a Politics and History Journal in Poland, I argued that jihad as an ideology, as a movement, and as terror forces isn't a sort of yoga, as some bureaucrats in the U.S. administration and the European Union continue to assert.

5th October 2009 -

Time for a Hail Mary On Iran

Diplomacy without leverage isn't negotiating, it's begging. And with Iran standing at the threshold of nuclear weapons, begging is NOT the right strategy.

5th October 2009 - The National Post (Canada)

Kurt Westergaard, Free Speech, and Leftist Refuseniks

Jonathan Kay

Has Jack Layton converted to Islam?

2nd October 2009 - Canada Free Press

World Must Sustain Push Against Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

As the United States and the international community meet Iran's diplomats and hope for the nuclear crisis to be resolved, another critical front should be opened: an investigation into the Iranian regime for abuse of human rights of its own people.


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