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7th November 2011 - The Weekly Standard

Jordan Tries Rapprochement with Hamas

Jonathan Schanzer

Last week, Jordan's new prime minister Awn Khasawneh boldly announced that Jordan’s 1999 decision to deport leaders of the Palestinian jihadist group Hamas was a political mistake and a violation of the constitution.

7th November 2011 - National Review Online

Why Won’t Obama Sanction Iran’s Financial Lifeblood?

Benjamin Weinthal

Details of this week’s International Atomic Energy Agency report have begun to leak, and they reveal new evidence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

7th November 2011 - The Weekly Standard

What Syria Policy?

The threat against the life of the American ambassador to Syria comes during a bad streak for the Obama administration. First was the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States and bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies

7th November 2011 - Commentary

Has Evidence of Iran’s Nuclear Advances Been Withheld?

Emanuele Ottolenghi

There are two embarrassing pieces of evidence buried in all the reporting about the IAEA quarterly report on the Iranian program, due to be released later this week.

7th November 2011 - The Jerusalem Post

US Backs Away From Sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank

Benjamin Weinthal

The Obama administration has backpedaled from its tough talk about sanctioning the Central Bank of Iran, the country’s main financial institution for energy transactions.

6th November 2011 - The Jerusalem Post

German-Iranian Business Forum Sparks Outrage

Benjamin Weinthal

A pro-Iranian business conference slated for Tuesday in Berlin triggered sharp criticism last week and on Saturday from European-based NGOs and Mideast experts because the event seeks to promote trade with the Islamic Republic.

5th November 2011 - National Review Online

A Terrorist Released

Binyam Mohamed is back in the news. You may remember him as the al-Qaeda operative who was slated to help would-be “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla conduct a second wave of post-9/11 attacks, targeting American cities.

5th November 2011 - Faster, Please!

Italy Wobbles, and a Demon Appears in the Clouds

Michael Ledeen

As usual, whenever the situation permits, the British press — led by the screaming meemies at the Financial Times — calls for the defenestration of Silvio Berlusconi. “In the name of God and Italy, go!” the FT intones at the beleaguered PM.

4th November 2011 - The Long War Journal

US Captures al Qaeda-Linked Haqqani Network Leader in Afghan East

Bill Roggio

In a recent raid in the eastern Afghan province of Laghman, Coalition and Afghan special operations forces captured a "senior Haqqani official" who is linked to al Qaeda and supports attacks in Kabul.

4th November 2011 - Index on Censorship

Charlie Hebdo Attack: No More Excuses

There exists an unspoken rule in the Republic of Letters — that land where novelists, poets, mere ink-stained wretches like myself, think tank scholars who churn out dry policy reports…really anyone who writes for a living, reside

4th November 2011 - The Weekly Standard

Europe’s Attachment to Iran’s Regime

Benjamin Weinthal

The Iranian regime’s plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the United States, which could have killed dozens of Americans in Washington, has not deterred Europe’s governments from continuing to embrace the leaders of the Islamic Republic.

3rd November 2011 - Scripps Howard News Service

What’s Wrong with Economic Justice?

Clifford D. May

Imagine someone showing up at your home and saying: “We’re from the government. We’ve determined that this dwelling has more living space than you and your family need. There are so many people who do not have enough.

3rd November 2011 - NOW Lebanon

Qatar’s Diplomatic Dynamism

Tony Badran

In the entire drama of the negotiation between the Arab League and Bashar al-Assad’s regime over the crisis in Syria, perhaps most intriguing has been Qatar’s maneuvering.

2nd November 2011 - Small Wars Journal

COIN is Dead. Long Live COIN?

On a warm August afternoon, two dozen US and Afghan soldiers trudged through sticky corn fields to the village of Majiles in the contentious district of Sabari in Khost province, Afghanistan.

2nd November 2011 - Tablet


Until January of this year, U.S. policymakers and American allies feared what Jordan’s King Abdullah II had dubbed the “Shia crescent.”

1st November 2011 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda IED Cell Leader Denied Habeas Petition

Thomas Joscelyn

A DC district court released its opinion denying Guantanamo detainee Bostan Karim's petition for a writ of habeas corpus yesterday. The opinion is dated Oct. 12, but the unclassified version was not released to the public until a few weeks later.

1st November 2011 - Moment Magazine

Don’t Freeze Israel Out!

Clifford D. May

The 20-year-old peace process launched at the Madrid Conference has now ground to a halt. In September, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president, went to the U.N. and asked the Security Council to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state.

1st November 2011 - Forbes


Claudia Rosett

If the U.S. has one big lever right now within the many organizations of the United Nations system, it is the threat to cut the money with which U.S. taxpayers pay the biggest share of the U.N.’s bills.

1st November 2011 - The Rosett Report

Believe It Or Not: U.S. Officials Are Now Praising UNESCO

Claudia Rosett

American engagement just isn’t going well these days at UNESCO, the Paris-based United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

1st November 2011 - Combating Terrorism Exchange, Vol. 1

Ten Years Later: Are We Winning the War?

The year 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Al Qaeda’ s religiously motivated murder of almost 3,000 people on that sunny Tuesday morning led directly to military operations in Afghanistan and then Iraq.


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