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24th August 2011 - Tablet


The relative quiet that Israel has enjoyed during the turmoil of the Arab Spring could not last for long. It came to an end last Thursday with the terror attacks close to Eilat, near the border with the Sinai, that killed eight Israelis and wounded dozens of others.

24th August 2011 - National Review Online

Et Tu, Yoo?

I’m disheartened to find my friend John Yoo lending his voice to the bogus claim that opposition to U.S. intervention in Libya’s civil war makes one an “isolationist.”

24th August 2011 - Ynet News

Is Germany a True Friend?

Benjamin Weinthal

Next month, New York will host an event marking the 10th anniversary of another dark hour, the notorious UN-sponsored Durban world conference on racism, which became a platform for some of the world’s worst human rights abusers to call for Israel’s destruction.

24th August 2011 - Longitude - The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As The West Lets Down Its Guard

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Is the West drawing the curtain on Ares’ toils? Will the 21st centurywitness an end to Western military engagement? There is an argument to bemade for the end of war in the West. Western societies have by and large banished war among them, live in peace with each other, and enjoy...

23rd August 2011 - Faster, Please!

Lessons of Libya (and Syria, and, Some Day, Iran)

Michael Ledeen

First, for those trying to figure out what’s going on in Libya: this sort of event does not lend itself to “live” coverage. Wars and insurrections are very foggy, and reporters cannot possibly check the information they are given.

22nd August 2011 - Commentary

Financial Holes Dug by Parliamentary Systems

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Peter Wehner’s entry on Fareed Zakaria​’s paean for parliamentary democracy rightfully defends America’s system of government. But one should add, even if America’s system of government were as hopeless as Zakaria described it, his remedy may be worse than the malady it tries to...

22nd August 2011 - The Long War Journal

US Predators Kill 4 ‘Militants’ in North Waziristan

Bill Roggio

US Predators struck again today in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan, killing four more "militants," according to reports from the region. The unmanned, CIA-operated Predators or Reapers fired a pair of missiles at a vehicle in the village of Norak in the Mir...

22nd August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

American Hikers Sentenced in Iran

Michael Ledeen

You didn’t really think the Iranian regime was going to release the American hiker hostages, did you? We were evidently unwilling to pay the regime’s ransom demands (the only time hostages are released from Iran is when they are ransomed out, or when the regime fears something terrible...

22nd August 2011 - The Arena, Politico

President Obama Vindicated on Libya?

Jonathan Schanzer

President Obama will certainly appear vindicated by the news that Tripoli has fallen. Libyans have even more reason to celebrate, now that the long war against Muammar Qadhafi appears to be nearing its end. But a bigger battle - an internecine one - may still be looming.

22nd August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

Libya’s New Government Should Give Up the Lockerbie Bomber

Benjamin Weinthal

As Moammar Qaddafi’s 42-year tyranny comes to an end, the transitional government faces enormous challenges in establishing democratic institutions and eradicating the vestiges of terrorism in Libya.

22nd August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

Libya: A Valuable Success and a Warning to Tyrants

John Hannah

The imminent collapse of Qaddafi’s regime is a major milestone not simply for the long-suffering Libyan people, but for the broader Arab uprising of 2011.

22nd August 2011 - Faster, Please!

It’s a Real War, Stupid. A Big War. A Worthy Challenge for America

Michael Ledeen

If we are going to win in the Middle East, we have to get the context right. As I wrote in The War Against the Terror Masters, long before the invasion of Iraq, we cannot just “do” a country like Iraq, or today, Syria, and then move on.

22nd August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

Re: Qaddafi’s Fall Imminent

Clifford D. May

The fall of Qaddafi is a contingency for which NATO and the U.S. have had six months to plan and prepare. Now we’ll see how well they did their homework.

22nd August 2011 - Perlentaucher - Germany

Boykottiert Durban 3!

Benjamin Weinthal

Es gibt Ereignisse, die man nicht einmal mehr als Farce bezeichnen kann. Im September dieses Jahres laden die Vereinten Nationen zu einer "Durban 3" genannten Folgekonferenz gegen "Rassismus und Xenophobie" nach New York ein. Zur Erinnerung:

21st August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

Annals of the Arab Spring: Al-Qaeda Launches from Egypt to Attack Israel

Tension is mounting as Israel comes to grips with the new reality of Islamist Egypt. On Thursday, a team of 15 to 20 armed al-Qaeda terrorists (members of the Palestinian Popular Committees, an al-Qaeda affiliate) snaked through tunnels from Gaza to Sinai. From there, they hiked 200...

20th August 2011 - National Review Online

History, Hardliners, and Humility

Liberty must always be exercised, and may only be maintained, “in a way of subjection to authority.” This sounds like it could have been written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the trailblazer of the modern Left, whose “social compact” decreed that any dissenter from “the general will”...

19th August 2011 - The Corner, National Review Online

Syria: What Else Can Be Done?

Clifford D. May

Calling on Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to step down and imposing some new sanctions is not enough. In The Hill FDD’s Mark Dubowitz writes on additional measures necessary to speed the Bashar’s departure:

19th August 2011 - The Hill Blog

Energy is the Key in Syria

Mark Dubowitz

President Obama has called finally for Syrian strongman Bashar Assad’s departure. He also has issued an executive order that freezes Syrian government assets in the United States' jurisdiction, and prohibits Americans from making new investments in Syria or exporting any services to it....

19th August 2011 - The Long War Journal

State Department: Iran the ‘Most Active State Sponsor of Terrorism’

Thomas Joscelyn

On Thursday, the US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism, which provides an overview of terrorism for the previous calendar year.

18th August 2011 - Faster, Please!

The War with Syria

Michael Ledeen

So the president finally swallowed hard and pronounced the three words: “Assad must go.” Well, not exactly. That would have been too simple. Here’s what he actually emitted:


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