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10th February 2011 - Scripps Howard News Service

Pyramid Scheme

Clifford D. May

Beware the Muslim Brotherhood Amid a harmattan of news, analysis and commentary blowing out of Egypt, one Twitter post stands out. An Israeli tweeted: Dear Egyptian rioters, Please don't damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild. Thank you. A good joke always contains a nugget of truth....

10th February 2011 - World Defense Review

Moroccan Exceptionalism?

I recently spent nearly two weeks in North Africa, arriving just before popular demonstrations drove Tunisia's Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from power and leaving just after the protesters occupied Cairo's Tahrir Square in their attempt to do the same to Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. Yet if it weren't...

10th February 2011 - The Guardian

Trade Unions: The Revolutionary Social Network at Play in Egypt and Tunisia

Benjamin Weinthal

The media have focused on Facebook and Twitter, but the pro-democracy movements have flourished thanks to unions

10th February 2011 - Pundicity

Hosni Mubarak Staying Put - What Now?

Jonathan Schanzer

Thursday was a tough day for U.S. intelligence on Capitol Hill. First, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called the Muslim Brotherhood a "largely secular" organization. Then, CIA director Leon Panetta erroneously predicted to Congress that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would...

10th February 2011 - National Review Online

Mythical Sharia Strikes Again

Read it and weep — and you will want to weep. In Bangladesh a 14-year-old girl named Hena was raped by a 40-year-old man, Mahbub, who is described in a report as her “relative.” [Thanks to John Hinderaker for highlighting this story.] Apparently — the report is not clear on how this...

10th February 2011 - National Review Online

Re: Re: Willful Blindness, Etc.

Clifford D. May

James Clapper is the director of national intelligence, so he must know what he’s talking about.

10th February 2011 - Pajamas Media

The Spooks’ Black Thursday

Michael Ledeen

Bad day for the “Intelligence Community” here in Washington. CIA chief Leon Panetta opined that Mubarak was very likely going to resign in a few hours, while DNI (Director of National Intelligence) General James Clapper declared the Muslim Brotherhood “largely secular” and has...

10th February 2011 - National Review Online

There’s Willful Blindness, and Then There’s Willful Stupidity

James Clapper, the head of intelligence for the United States of America, has explained to Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.” It further has “eschewed violence,” decries al-Qaeda as a “perversion of Islam,” and really just wants “social ends” and “a...

9th February 2011 - National Review Online

Do the Protesters Want Democracy?

Between Twitter, Facebook, and the 24/7 news cycle (which seems to have a built-in 18/7 opinion cycle), we in the U.S. can learn in real time what is happening on the ground thousands of miles away in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Alas, instant awareness does not translate into instant...

9th February 2011 - The Daily Caller

Why Washington Should be Wary of the Muslim Brotherhood

With Egypt’s authoritarian regime on the cusp of collapse, attention is turning to the new political players that will emerge on the national scene. One group that policymakers should be worried about is the Muslim Brotherhood. The movement has long taken an anti-Western line, supported...

9th February 2011 - Foreign Affairs

Uniting Egypt’s Opposition

Americans have proven remarkably sympathetic to Egypt’s protests, which are now entering their third week. But in trying to make sense of a complex situation, most commentators have glossed over the varying demands of the opposition’s different elements.

9th February 2011 - Pundicity

Has Mubarak Already Won?

Jonathan Schanzer

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has learned a few things during his 30 years in power. One of them is how to divide those who oppose him. In recent days, he has done this masterfully, and has regained some leverage. This, coupled with a lack of decipherable direction from the White House,...

8th February 2011 - Long War Journal

Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Army remain aloof from protests

Bill Roggio

Ever since protests broke out in Egypt on Jan. 25 calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, much speculation has focused on two groups: the military and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both have largely taken the same posture - staying aloof from the protests. But while they have...

8th February 2011 - Pajamas Media

Watch It Now - Iranium

Claudia Rosett

Roger Simon already sent up a flare about an important new documentary on the threat of a nuclear Iran: Iranium. I’ve just watched it, and this is to second Roger’s endorsement — this is one you have to see. On Tuesday — today — it’s available all day free on the web. It runs...

7th February 2011 - The Long War Journal

Afghan Peace Council Requests Release of Gitmo Detainee

Thomas Joscelyn

Afghanistan's High Peace Council has requested the release of Khairullah Khairkhwa, a top Taliban leader, from Guantanamo. The council was set up by Afghan President Hamid Karzai in 2010 as part of his attempt to broker a peace deal between the Afghan government, the Taliban and other...

7th February 2011 - The Weekly Standard

Dissecting Radical Islam

Reuel Marc Gerecht

It’s easy to understand the trepidation that some Muslim Americans express about the upcoming House hearings on Islamic radicalism in the United States. Such hearings are often theater, where legislators and their staff orchestrate tendentious inquiries into the gravest issues. And there...

7th February 2011 - The New English Review

In Defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Afshin Ellian

Paul Berman's book, The Flight of the Intellectuals, which was neglected or dismissed by many in the liberal press without its reviewers seriously engaging with its arguments, deals essentially with two matters. First, there is the unpleasant spectacle of liberals, such as Ian Buruma,...

7th February 2011 - Politico

A Power Vacuum in Egypt?

Jonathan Schanzer

After meeting with embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak last week at the behest of President Barack Obama, former U.S. ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner suggested Mubarak should stay in power as Cairo transitions to a new government. "President Mubarak's role remains utterly critical in...

6th February 2011 -

The Next Decade,’ by George Friedman: Review

One can easily understand why George Friedman is an optimist in general and about America in particular.

6th February 2011 - New York Times

How Democracy Became Halal

Reuel Marc Gerecht

IN the Western study of medieval Islamic history, the institution of iqta — land grants from the sovereign to his soldiers — once loomed large, because scholars searched for reasons behind the Muslim failure to develop feudalism, and with it the contractual relationships that eventually...


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