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18th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Female Suicide Bomber From Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin Strikes in Kabul

Bill Roggio

Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) has claimed credit for a suicide attack in Kabul today that targeted foreigns and was executed by a female. At least 12 people, mostly foreign workers, were...

17th September 2012 - Fox News

Do Americans Dare Trust Egypt’s President Morsi?

The dramatic attacks on the U.S. embassy in Cairo capped off a summer in which Egypt has already seen its greatest political developments in 150 years. The first democratic elections...

17th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda ‘Facilitator’ Killed in Kunar Airstrike

Bill Roggio

An al Qaeda facilitator was among several jihadist leaders killed in three separate airstrikes on Saturday in the terrorist haven of Kunar province in northeastern Afghanistan.

17th September 2012 - Foreign Policy

Das Gift

Benjamin Weinthal

Barack Obama had a lot on his hands last week with attacks on U.S. embassies across the Middle East, but in Europe, a big story buried by the drama of firefights in Libya, Cairo riots, and...

16th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

6 Harrier Jets Destroyed, 2 Damaged in Taliban Assault on Camp Bastion

Bill Roggio

Friday night's "well-coordinated" suicide assault on Camp Bastion resulted in the destruction of six US Harrier strike aircraft and significant damage to two others. The members of the...

15th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda ‘Weapons Expert’ Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

Coalition and Afghan special operations forces killed an al Qaeda "weapons expert" during an operation in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika several days ago. The raid is the 19th that...

14th September 2012 - Foreign Policy

A Palestinian Spring

Jonathan Schanzer

It has been a week of protest across the Middle East. Beginning in Egypt and Libya, then spreading to Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Sudan, angry crowds took to the streets to protest an...

14th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

US Adds 2 Senior Hezbollah Military Leaders to Terror List

Bill Roggio

Yesterday the US Treasury Department added both Hezbollah's military leader and the chief of its External Security Organization to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

14th September 2012 - Index on Censorship

Islam Blasphemy Riots Now Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The United States is the world’s undisputed king of culture. No country’s film industry can rival Hollywood; no nation’s musical artists sell more records worldwide than America’s. Boasting...

14th September 2012 - Gunpowder & Lead

Free Speech and Political Violence

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

I find the number of people willing to censor offensive speech in the wake of the anti-Islam film, and the reaction that it has provoked, disturbing. One example is this USA Today op-ed...

14th September 2012 - Foreign Policy

Good Friends are Hard to Find: Why the US Should Support Mithal Alusi and Kurdistan

John Hannah

I know. Foreign policy has been largely an afterthought in the presidential campaign. Iraq, for all intents and purposes, is off the radar screen entirely -- except as a Democratic talking point...

13th September 2012 - Forbes

About Those Blacklisted Iranian Ships Calling at Libyan Ports…

The U.S. is looking for ways to beef up security in Libya, following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Two...

13th September 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Sanctions Won’t Stop Iran

Clifford D. May

First, the good news: sanctions have helped drive Iran’s currency to its lowest level ever, half its value from a year ago. Meanwhile, Iran’s oil exports are down almost 45% in July, the most...

13th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

ISAF Targets al Qaeda-Linked Taliban Commanders in Ghazni Raids

Bill Roggio

In separate raids over the past several days, Coalition and Afghan security forces targeted two Taliban leaders linked to al Qaeda in the southeastern province of Ghazni. One of the...

13th September 2012 - National Review Online - Symposium

Fatal Arab Spring

Benjamin Weinthal, Emanuele Ottolenghi

There is no simple Arab Spring. What’s unfolding is a new age of the world, and amid the fracturing of the old order in the Middle East and North Africa, there is a bloody struggle taking...

13th September 2012 - Faster, Please!

The Global War

Michael Ledeen

Killing Americans serves several purposes in the war being waged against us (we have yet to seriously engage against our known enemies): first, it’s what the war is all about. They want...

13th September 2012 - The Weekly Standard

A Continuation of the Revolution?

A large demonstration is planned for Friday in front of the U.S. embassy in Cairo but, as you can see on Al Jazeera’s live streaming video, protesters are gathered today, too.

12th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Shabaab Suicide Bombers Attack New Somali President, Kenyan Foreign Minister

Bill Roggio

Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia and East Africa, sent three suicide bombers to attack Somalia's new president and Kenya's foreign minister as they were speaking at a hotel in...

12th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Ansar al Shariah Issues Statement on US Consulate Assault in Libya

Bill Roggio

Ansar al Shariah, an Islamist group in Libya that has been accused of executing last night's attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, issued a statement on the assault. The statement, which...

12th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Islamists Kill US Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Americans, Overrun Consulate

Bill Roggio

Unknown "gunmen" thought to be linked to Islamist militias overran the US Consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi in Libya last night, and killed the US ambassador, a consular official...


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