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6th June 2015 - The Long War Journal

US Kills Afghan Taliban Fighters in Drone Strike in Pakistan

Bill Roggio

The US killed nine Afghan Taliban fighters in an drone strike in Pakistan’s Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan today.

6th June 2015 - The Times of Israel

The FIFA Farce and the Palestinians

Oren Kessler

FIFA, the world’s soccer governing body, has fallen on hard times. Last week U.S. authorities filed a sweeping 47-count indictment against 14 FIFA-linked officials over what they called “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted corruption.”

5th June 2015 - The Huffington Post

The Saudi Military Is Mobilizing. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jonathan Schanzer

The Saudis "will definitely be defeated," crows one Iranian general. Riyadh "will pay a heavy price" for its war against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, a senior Hezbollah figure predicts.

5th June 2015 - The Times of Israel

Terrorism and Tourism in Egypt

Oren Kessler

Unidentified gunmen on motorcycles killed two members of the tourist police Wednesday at Egypt’s iconic pyramids of Giza. Egypt has experienced hundreds of attacks since the 2011 downfall of President Hosni Mubarak, mostly against state infrastructure and personnel.

5th June 2015 - Turkish Policy Quarterly

Turkey and Iran: The Best of Frenemies

Merve Tahiroglu, Behnam Ben Taleblu

Inheriting a legacy of imperial competition, the Turkey-Iran rivalry today manifests itself through the contest for leadership of the Arab Middle East, and Muslim hearts and minds more generally.

5th June 2015 - Forbes

Next Up: Nuclear Talks With North Korea?

Claudia Rosett

Beyond the sound and fury of the Iran nuclear talks lies a big follow-up question: What, if anything, does President Obama propose to do during his final stretch in office about the growing nuclear threat of North Korea?

5th June 2015 - The Long War Journal

The Al Nusrah Front’s ‘Inherited Jihad’

Thomas Joscelyn

On Wednesday (June 3), Al Jazeera aired the second part of its interview with Abu Muhammad al Julani, who leads the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria. The interviewer, Ahmad Mansur, once again provided a friendly forum for Julani to portray his organization in a positive...

4th June 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

Sanctions Relief and the IRGC

Ali Alfoneh

OPEC “needs to open space” for the increased Iranian exports that could soon flow due to sanctions relief, Tehran’s oil minister said Wednesday at the cartel’s Vienna headquarters.

4th June 2015 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State’s ‘Khorasan Province’ Threatens Taliban in Latest Video

Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s so-called “Khorasan province” threatened the Taliban in a video released late last month. The video, which is more than 15 minutes long, features a lengthy speech by an unnamed jihadist (see image above) in front of armed fighters and local villagers.

3rd June 2015 - The Weekly Standard

Ankara Alone

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

Too Islamist-friendly for NATO, too pro-European for Russia, too pro-Sunni for Iran, and too pro-democracy for Saudi Arabia, Turkey can’t seem to manage lasting alliances. It’s an issue that figures to play a role in the Turkish parliamentary elections on June 7.

3rd June 2015 - PJ Media

Tiananmen and China’s Long March

Claudia Rosett

In the 66 years since Mao Tse-tung founded the People’s Republic of China, there has been just one brief spell in which the people of China escaped the chains of their rulers, enough to speak freely to each other and to the world. That was the uprising we remember as Tiananmen Square.

3rd June 2015 - The Hill

Making Sense of Iranian S-300s

Behnam Ben Taleblu, Patrick Megahan

Iran has a long history of disrupting maritime traffic in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf, but should a recently resurrected deal between Russia and Iran for the S-300 surface-to-air missile (SAM) bear fruit, Tehran could soon project the same hostility into the skies.

3rd June 2015 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State Continues to Clash with Multiple Foes in Aleppo, Hasakah

Thomas Joscelyn

Four days after the Islamic State launched a sudden assault on towns and villages in Syria’s northern Aleppo province, the heavy fighting continues. Not only is the Islamic State battling a consortium of rebel groups and jihadists in Aleppo, the “caliphate” is attempting to push into...

3rd June 2015 - The Washington Times

Troubled Waters

Clifford D. May

“Creating facts on the ground” means changing reality through actions rather than diplomacy. China’s rulers have gone further: Over the last 18 months they have been creating ground: over 2,000 new acres of islands more than 600 miles from China’s coast, many built atop rocks and...

2nd June 2015 - The Long War Journal

US Said to Have Killed ‘Foreigners’ in Drone Strike in Pakistan

Bill Roggio

The US is reported to have killed at least four jihadists, including “foreigners,” in a drone strike that struck a vehicle in an area of Pakistan’s tribal agency of North Waziristan that serves as a safe haven for al Qaeda and other groups that operate in the region.

2nd June 2015 - FDD - Roubini Report

Turkish Medium-Term Economic Scenarios: The Costs of Policy Stasis

Jonathan Schanzer

The majority of the analysis on Turkey’s general elections, to be held on June 7, has focused on the domestic political ramifications of President Erdoğan’s

2nd June 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

‘German Magazine Manufactured Diplomatic Crisis with Israel’

Benjamin Weinthal

Israel’s embassy in Berlin and the Foreign Ministry vehemently denied a German Der Spiegel article alleging that Israel’s air traffic authority denied German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s plane permission to fly through its airspace during a trip to the Middle East in May...

2nd June 2015 - Foreign Policy

When the U.S. Will Intervene in the Gulf, and Other Notes From the Camp David Summit

John Hannah

I've held a number of discussions with people who have direct knowledge of the conversations that took place at this month’s Camp David Summit between President Obama and leaders from the GCC.

2nd June 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

One Year Later, A Unity Government without Palestinian Unity

Grant Rumley

The political reconciliation struck between the two dominant Palestinian factions on the eve of last summer’s 50-day war turns a year old on Tuesday.

2nd June 2015 -

Crackdown on Christianity: Iran Sentences 18 to Prison Over Faith

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran’s revolutionary court imposed harsh prison sentences last week on 18 Christian converts for charges including evangelism, propaganda against the regime, and creating house churches to practice their faith, according to sources with knowledge of the Islamic Republic's secretive...


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