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24th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Boko Haram Continues Deadly Suicide Attacks, Uses Children as Bombers

Laura Grossman

Boko Haram is suspected of launching repeated suicide attacks in Nigeria's northeast while Nigerian forces continue their attempts to dislodge the group.

24th February 2015 - The New York Times

Huge Verdict Is the Price the Palestinian Authority Pays for Not Controlling the P.L.O.

Jonathan Schanzer

The verdict on Monday revealed what we long knew: The Palestinian Authority’s bureaucracy is terribly vulnerable to the corruption and violent whims of the Fatah faction and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

23rd February 2015 - Huffington Post

Washington’s Bad Military Bets in the Middle East

Jonathan Schanzer

Last month, the Houthis took over Yemen, delivering a blow to Washington's counterterrorism strategy, which held out Yemen as one of the few bright spots in an otherwise chaotic Middle East.

23rd February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Jihadist Divisions Grow in Nigeria

Thomas Joscelyn

Divisions between Boko Haram and rival Ansaru have become more pronounced over the past several weeks.

23rd February 2015 - Mosaic

The Reform Delusion

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Barack Obama has been eager for an Iranian diplomatic breakthrough since the beginning of his presidency, and Michael Doran, in “Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy,” has trenchantly laid out a chronology of the president’s aspirations.

23rd February 2015 - Politico

Qatar Needs Tough Love

David Andrew Weinberg

In his closing remarks at the White House summit on countering violent extremism this past week, President Barack Obama explained that “by ‘violent extremism’ we don’t just mean terrorists who are killing innocent people.”

21st February 2015 - The Long War Journal

US Drone Strike in Southern Yemen Kills 3 AQAP Fighters

Bill Roggio, Oren Adaki

The strike is the third this year in the province of Shabwa, which known haven for AQAP and its leadership cadre. A previous attack in Shabwa killed Harith bin Ghazi al Nadhari, one of the jihadist group's senior ideologues.

20th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Suicide Bombings by Islamic State’s ‘Province’ Rock Libyan Town

Thomas Joscelyn

One of the Islamic State's so-called "provinces" in Libya has claimed responsibility for two suicide attacks in the Libyan town of Qubba earlier today. The group says the attacks were retaliation for the airstrikes carried out in nearby Derna.

20th February 2015 - Now Media

The Weakness of the “Wait and See” Approach

Tony Badran

Even if Israel desired to stay out of the Syrian war, the Iranians, seeing a green light from Washington, have ideas of their own.

20th February 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

German Jews Hide Jewish Magazine for Fear of anti-Semitic Attacks

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany's largest Jewish community in the capital city removed its logo on envelopes containing its monthly magazine to protect members from anti-Semitic attacks.

20th February 2015 - Forbes

Why The U.S. Can’t Trust Iran And Its Nuclear Plans

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The Obama Administration insists Iran has honored its interim nuclear-agreement commitments and that its progress in enrichment has been halted.

20th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Shabaab Suicide Assault Team Strikes in Somali Capital

Bill Roggio

Al Qaeda's branch in Somalia continues to demonstrate that it can penetrate security at the heavily protected areas in the capital and carry out deadly attacks.

20th February 2015 - The Weekly Standard

Doomed Diplomacy

Thomas Joscelyn

Not long after his inauguration in January 2009, President Barack Obama penned a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran.

20th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

AQIM Battalion Takes Credit for Killing 4 Tunisian Security Officers

Thomas Joscelyn

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's (AQIM) Uqba bin Nafi Battalion has claimed credit for an attack that killed four members of Tunisia's National Guard. The group remains loyal to AQIM despite some claims that it had defected to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's Islamic State.

19th February 2015 - The National Interest

The Long Arm of Iranian Terror

Toby Dershowitz

In recent weeks, an Iranian diplomat based in Uruguay hurriedly left the country after suspicions that he was involved in nefarious activities, purportedly involving a plan to bomb the Embassy of Israel in Montevideo, the nation’s capital.

18th February 2015 - US News and World Report

Putin in Cairo

Oren Kessler

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a hero’s welcome last week.

18th February 2015 - The Washington Times

The Ideology Whose Name Presidents Dare Not Speak

Clifford D. May

Is there a “Bush/Obama approach” to talking about what drives and justifies terrorism?

17th February 2015 - The Wall Street Journal

A Chance for Italy to Distinguish Itself

Michael Ledeen

A new president has just taken office in Italy, but since the country only makes news when something bad or sexy—or both—happens, most readers north and west of the Alps probably won’t have heard of the country’s new head of state.

17th February 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

Qatari Fatwa Justified Burning of Jordanian Pilot

David Andrew Weinberg, Oren Adaki

Qatar may be an active participant in the coalition campaign against the Islamic State (IS), but it also appears have provided religious justification for one of the Islamic State’s most brutal atrocities to date: the recent immolation of Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh.

17th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Taliban Suicide Assault Team Kills 20 Afghan Policemen

Bill Roggio

The Taliban continue to exact a heavy toll on poorly armed and trained policemen, who have been thrust into the front line of Afghanistan's insurgency.


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