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12th May 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Know Thy Enemy

Clifford D. May

The United States is not fighting a war against terror. Terror is an emotional response. Fighting a war against terror makes no more sense than fighting a war against greed or envy.

9th May 2005 - New York Sun

Congressional Team and Volcker Committee Wrangle Over Secret Evidence About Annan

The hottest question right now in the U.N. oil-for-food scandal is who has rights to boxfuls of secret evidence concerning the secretary-general of the world body, Kofi Annan. Congressional investigators and the United Nations' own inquiry team, led by former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, are...

5th May 2005 - Tech Central Station

How Britain’s Conservatives Have Undermined the Atlantic Alliance

Just when the US and allies such as France and Germany are patching up their differences and letting bygones be bygones over Iraq, the hottest ticket in Britain's elections seems to be anti-Americanism. Nothing illustrates this trend better than the fact that the Conservative Party, the...

5th May 2005 - National Review Online

The Battle for Britain

The war against terrorism has barely registered as an issue in the British general election campaign. Yet underlying this campaign has been a worrying trend that will have consequences for years to come. In their quest to unseat Tony Blair, one British opposition party, the left-of-center...

5th May 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Kofi’s Break

Clifford D. May

Kofi Annan is not a crook. Or, to be more precise, the United Nations Secretary-General has not been convicted of criminal activity.

4th May 2005 - New York Sun

Congress Probes Routing of Funds To Suspect Firms

Investigators looking into the U.N. oil-for-food program, poring over documents provided to Congress here, are discovering that vast sums intended for humanitarian purposes in Iraq were rerouted through a global web of companies with links to terrorist funding and arms trafficking.

4th May 2005 - Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal and European Edition)

Happy Days Are Here Again

It's always risky to celebrate security and good times, especially in an age when there is no way to rule out that along with the usual perils of life, we will suffer another terrorist attack. But this spring, more than 3 1/2 years after Sept. 11, it does seem that since that day America has...

2nd May 2005 - National Review Online

Bad Packaging of a Good Effort

The State Department and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) have disclosed the data underlying State’s annual report on global terrorism. Maintaining it was always their intention to do so, the agencies denied reacting to the congressional pressure and bad publicity provoked when...

28th April 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Teddy Kennedy Yelled at Me! So Shouldn’t He Resign?

Clifford D. May

For 20 years I have kept my silence. I will do so no longer. In the debate over John Bolton's nomination to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, it finally has been made clear to me that a human being who yells at another human being does not deserve to hold high office. It's what Sen....

28th April 2005 - National Review Online

Release ‘Em

Terrorist attacks globally are up sharply. Perhaps by well over 300 percent. That’s bad. But it’s a fact. Given that international terrorism is the defining national-security issue of this era, shouldn’t we know the facts? In detail?

27th April 2005 - New York Sun

Rohrabacher To Probe Role Of French Bank

Rohrabacher To Probe Role Of French Bank Next up in the U.N. oil-for-food scandal is a trip down the money trail, by way of the French bank tapped by the United Nations - in cahoots with Saddam Hussein - to handle the main escrow account of the graft-laden U.N. program. Tomorrow, the House...

25th April 2005 - National Review Online

Bolton’s Critics and Intelligence Failure

The most recent angle of attack on President Bush’s nomination of John Bolton to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations speaks volumes about the culture of America’s intelligence community, and how dismayingly difficult it will be to change its implacable dysfunction.

22nd April 2005 - Front Page Magazine

The Road Back to Damascus

There is no better time than the present for the U.S. to press its advantage in the Mideast; to further pressure Syrian president Bashar Assad to rid the country of its Alawite Baathist domination—the tyrannical legacy of Assad's father—and to make permanent Assad's recent promise to...

21st April 2005 - Indianapolis Star

Benedict Should Face Off with Persecutors of his Flock

As soon as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pontiff, the new Pope Benedict XVI fell in the crosshair of a highly politicized media around the world, and particularly in the West. The ideological and cultural wars in America and Europe needs fuel to resume after having given respite to...

21st April 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Muscular Idealism

Clifford D. May

You can't fight terrorism without fighting terrorists. You have to eliminate both those who load cars with explosives and those who tell them where to go and whom to kill. Most people grasp this concept.

20th April 2005 - Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal and European Edition)

Stale Kofi

Yet more scandal at the United Nations? Secret deals, millions in bribes, leading to billions in global kickbacks? What to do?

18th April 2005 - New York Sun

Canadian Tycoon Could Assist In U.N. Probe

Who are the two mysterious high-ranking U.N. officials fingered in one of the latest indictments of the oil-for-food scandal?

17th April 2005 - Washington Examiner

Made-Up Massacre

When I was asked about the "Jenin Massacre" by a Muslim student during an event at Norfolk's Old Dominion this week, it became clear we were coming from two very different perspectives: reality vs. mythology.

14th April 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Not-So-Secret Agents

Clifford D. May

Perhaps there was a good reason why secret agents used to stay secret.

14th April 2005 - National Review Online

Material Support to… “Business Professionals”

Back in July, the Justice Department held a bells-’n-whistles press conference to announce a major case: a 42-count indictment, charging seven men and an ostensible charity with underwriting Hamas to the tune of nearly $60 million. Hamas, a ruthless terrorist organization dedicated to the...


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