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A Belgian Victory Over al Qaeda

Agence France Presse and the Associated Press are reporting that Belgian authorities have arrested 14 suspected Al Qaeda terrorists including a jihadi who was allegedly planning a suicide attack. Sixteen raids were executed by 242 police officers in Brussels and in the eastern city of Liege....

A Plan for Gaza: Demilitarization and Internationalization

It may be somewhat early to discuss a comprehensive solution for the future of the Palestinian state on the one hand and to predict the way the global war with terrorism will end on the other hand. But it is urgent to remember the intentions of the Iranian and Syrian regimes and their proxy,...

Obama, The Hamlet Of Foreign Policy

"Words must mean something," or so said President Barack Obama back in April.

He's right. And if you want a benchmark for words that really do mean something, then this Saturday, July 4, would be a great time to get out the old Declaration of Independence, and--especially if you haven't read...

U.S. Must Address Homegrown Terror Threat

With shock and malaise, Americans are discovering that their country is penetrated by jihadi terrorists, particularly those we call "homegrown." Over the past few months, several alarming cases have been revealed by law enforcement. Not only the frequency of these revelations but also the...

Escape from Guantanamo Bay

In truth, it will be far more difficult for the president to accept that his decision to close Guantanamo was wrong than it will be for him to explain a reversal of the policy. Here, the spin is easy - it has the unusual virtue of being true.

Obama has...

Iran’s Latest Game of Charades

Iran has just announced it will ship uranium to Turkey, to be enriched and returned as fuel for Iran's nuclear energy plants. Sounds good right?

Wrong. Iran is shipping only part of its uranium -- the rest is staying put at the covert enrichment plant at Qom, where it's an integral part of...

- Wall Street Journal

We’ve Been Talking to Iran for 30 Years

The Obama administration's talks with Iran-set to take place tomorrow in Geneva-are accompanied by an almost universally accepted misconception: that previous American administrations refused to negotiate with Iranian leaders. The truth, as Secretary of

- Contentions

Iran’s Oppressed Workers

Today, progressives across the world mark the international labor movement's official holiday. As trade unions celebrate their remarkable conquests with parades, demonstrations, and speeches, their Iranian comrades languished in jail, guilty of having

- National Review Online

Why Has Germany Snubbed Obama over Iran Sanctions?

Berlin — According to a front-page story in the main German business daily the Handelsblatt, "Although [Iran] is subject to strict economic sanctions by the EU and USA, Germany helps in circumventing them." New disclosures this week have catapulted the


More Economic Oower for Iran’s Rev. Guards

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 5 (UPI) -- Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has widened its ever-expanding economic power with a no-tender contract from the Oil Ministry to develop two big natural gas fields in southern Fars province. Even

- Reuters

Iran Doing Final Pre-Start Tests at Nuclear Plant

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran is conducting final tests at its first nuclear power plant and it is expected to start generating electricity in the next two months, Iranian media said on Monday. Meant to be the first of a network of nuclear power stations Iran

- Bloomberg

Iran ‘Increasingly Cut Off’ From Financial Markets: UN Report

Financial sanctions are impeding Iran's purchase of materials for its nuclear and missile programs, a United Nations report said, compelling the government in Tehran to try to buy foreign banks and adopt methods employed by terrorist groups. "Iranian

Khartoum’s Partners in Beijing

Last week, some 200 baton-wielding policemen prevented Mia Farrow and members "Dream for Darfur" group from holding a rally near the site of Cambodia's "killing fields" to urge the People's Republic of China (PRC) to use its influence on the Sudanese regime to end the conflict in the...

Not the News

Fighting for Hearts, Minds and Souls

Tribal leaders in Anbar province
Tribal leaders in Anbar province
The first concept to grasp is that the global conflict now underway involves both a clash of arms and a clash of...

Food vs. Fuel: A Global Myth

Guantanamo’s Jihad: The Show Begins

Al Qaeda's great moment for propaganda has arrived, just as I predicted it would when I wrote about this in June. The Guantanamo trials will provide leading figures in the 9/11 massacre their "moment" to deliver a blow to America's psyche, image and legal system.

As predicted, almost to the...

Will We Be Able to Bring Peace to Gaza this Time?

It may be too early to discuss both a comprehensive solution for the future of a Palestinian state and to anticipate an end to the global War on Terror at the same time but here goes. In any discussion of peace in the Middle East it's important to remember the intentions of the Iranian and...

Thanks to Us, Democracy In Iraq Now Has a Chance

American troops have now begun the first phase of withdrawing from Iraq and, under the US-Iraqi status of forces agreement, will be completely out by the end of 2011.

The Iraq War has been one giant roller coaster ride:

We executed a brilliant invasion and toppled their brutal dictator in a...

Nigerian Taliban’ Threatens Northern Africa

The renewal of violence in the northern provinces of Nigeria brings this oil producing country to the brink of "Talibanization," threatening not only the precarious ethnic and religious makeup of the most populous African state but also the entire region, from Chad to Senegal.

The fight...


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