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3rd May 2007 - USA Today

Too Many Micromanagers

Clifford D. May

In January, Gen. David Petraeus was unanimously confirmed by the Senate as the top American commander in Iraq. He and his troops are now on the battlefield pursuing a dramatically different strategy — one designed to prevail against enemies whose rallying cry is "Death to America!"

3rd May 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

Saving the World

Clifford D. May

For their May/June issue, the editors of Foreign Policy magazine asked 21 “leading thinkers” to propose ideas to “save the world” -- or, failing that, to come up with “one solution that would make the world a better place.”

3rd May 2007 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

Salvemos al mundo: Lo que piensan los profundos pensadores

Clifford D. May

Para su edición de mayo/junio, los editores de la revista Foreign Policy (Política Exterior) preguntaron a 21 “pensadores”de vanguardia” que propusieran ideas para “salvar al mundo” – y en caso de no poder, dar “una solución que hiciera del mundo un lugar mejor”.

3rd May 2007 - National Review Online

The Uncertainty Dilemma

In Voltaire’s Micromegas, a gigantic visitor from another planet asks a sailor why humans bicker so much. “Because we agree on the two or three things we understand,” explains the sailor, “and we disagree on the two or three thousand things we don’t understand.” The bickering...

3rd May 2007 - World Defense Review

Nigeria Teeters Back from the Brink—For Now

Two weeks ago in this column space I observed that free, fair, and credible elections in Nigeria "would lead to the inauguration of a legitimate political order;[which] would not only consolidate democracy in Nigeria, but also endow the regime elected with a national mandate to tackle the...

2nd May 2007 - National Review Online

Symposium: Can This Washington Be Saved? Can This War?

Clifford D. May

President Bush had no choice but to veto a bill that would have undermined an American commander on the battlefield, a bill that would have legislated a consequential American defeat.

1st May 2007 - Human Rights & Human Welfare

Making Sense of a Senseless War

Since most of the coverage on the Sierra Leonean war has focused on the brutal outbursts of violence — exemplified by the quasi-voyeuristic broadcast media fixation on the ‘rebel hand choppers’ of the [Revolutionary United Front] — the symptoms of the conflict have largely...

1st May 2007 - Wall Street Journal

Mad TV

Testifying under oath recently, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled Congress in her strong defense of Al-Hurra, the taxpayer financed Arab TV network. It was unwitting, though. She herself was misled.

30th April 2007 - National Review Online

Tenet Does 60 Minutes

Hawking his new book, At the Eye of the Storm, former CIA Director George Tenet bared his soul Sunday night to Scott Pelley of the CBS news magazine, 60 Minutes. Some preliminary thoughts about his jaw-dropping performance are in order.

27th April 2007 - Middle East Quarterly

Middle East Strongmen, Ancient and Modern

Tony Badran

The war in Iraq has exposed fissures in the structure of that modern Middle Eastern state earlier camouflaged by Arab nationalism and Saddam's brutal rule. While Arab leaders speak of unity, the war has uncovered the clout of other power centers—ethnic, sectarian, regional, and...

27th April 2007 - National Review Online

Last Lap in Iraq

When President Truman sent General Matthew Ridgeway to replace Douglas MacArthur, a surprise Chinese offensive had pushed American forces all the way back to the starting line of the Korean War. An entire American division had been shattered; the troops and the country were demoralized; and...

26th April 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

Hacks or Flacks?

Clifford D. May

Journalists are often accused of bias. Rarely do journalists level that charge against themselves. But the 35,000 members of Britain's National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have done exactly that. Call them prejudiced, call them unprofessional. You can't say they aren't candid. The NUJ has...

26th April 2007 - World Defense Review

New Fronts Call for New Capacities

As a longtime advocate for the creation of a unified regional combatant command for Africa; an idea for which, in a column published in this very space last year, I argued "the time is now"; I was more than pleased with the Bush administration's February 6 decision to stand up just such a...

26th April 2007 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

Gacetilleros o portavoces?

Clifford D. May

A los periodistas por lo general se les acusa de parcialidad. Raras son las veces que se aplican a sí mismos esa imputación. Pero los 35.000 miembros del Sindicato Nacional de Periodistas del Reino Unido (NUJ) ha hecho justamente eso. Llámelos parciales, llámelos poco profesionales. No...

25th April 2007 - The New York Sun

Let Them Eat Nothing

When the Soviet system imploded in 1991, there was great concern that in the immediate aftermath the populations of post-communist nations, suddenly cut loose from Big Brother, might starve. They didn't. Although life was hard, people used their newfound freedoms to cope. But in one of the...

25th April 2007 - National Review Online

Gonzales and McCain-Feingold

Throughout her tumultuous tenure as attorney general, Janet Reno could always rely on Democrats and liberals to circle the wagons when critics ripped her judgment, competence, and forthrightness. They’d close ranks when the opposition claimed her Justice Department elevated political...

24th April 2007 - The Weekly Standard

Spinning the Fighting in South Waziristan

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT has entered into two agreements in the past seven months that promise to destabilize Afghanistan and provide a haven for terrorists to plan and train for catastrophic attacks. Under the September 2006 Waziristan Accord, Pakistan agreed that its military would no...

24th April 2007 - The National Interest

Nigeria: Crisis of Legitimacy

Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Monday that Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, the candidate of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP), the winner in last Saturday's presidential election. According to figures released by INEC, Yar'Adua won some 24.6 million votes,...

21st April 2007 - History News Network

Losing the War in Congress, Not in Iraq

A simple statement made by a national legislative leader in Washington this week indicates that a war is being lost, but it is not the war in Iraq. It is the defeat of the War of Ideas taking place nowadays in the US Congress.

19th April 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

After the Fall: A “Plan B” for Containing the Impact of an Iraqi Collapse

Clifford D. May

Imagine that it’s 2009 and a Democrat is in the White House. He (or she) determines that the U.S. mission in Iraq has failed irretrievably. What happens next?


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