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8th November 2006 - TCS Daily

The Rainy Season’s Over; Killing Can Commence

The rainy season has just ended in northwestern Sudan—now killing can recommence in earnest. Two months ago, we warned that inaction in Darfur was tantamount to a "countdown to genocide" with the impending termination at the end of September of the mandate for the relatively ineffectual...

8th November 2006 - FDD Blog

Post-Election Thoughts

Clifford D. May

What happened on Election Day?

6th November 2006 - Family Security Matters

It’s National Security, Stupid

There is no doubt that a wide variety of issues factor into the dynamics of this year's midterm elections. While the war in Iraq looms large, nationwide voters will decide directly on measures dealing with everything from stem cell research (Missouri) to the minimum wage (Arizona, Colorado,...

6th November 2006 - National Review Online

Symposium: Saddam Hussein’s Verdict

Clifford D. May

Upon being sentenced to death, Saddam Hussein played to both his key constituencies. Militant Islamists heard him shout: “Allahu Akbar!" (“God is Greatest.”). For the benefit of his Baathist followers, he added: “Long live the glorious nation!”

3rd November 2006 - The New York Sun

Reflections of an Attorney General

The United States Department of Justice is like a battleship of enormous size and storied traditions, patrolling familiar seas under time-honored rules of engagement. Modern Islamic radicalism, and, in particular, the epoch-shattering barbarities of September 11, 2001, proved that the seas...

2nd November 2006 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

Si los demócratas ganan: Cómo podría cambiar la política exterior

Clifford D. May

Según las encuestas y los expertos, los votantes entregarán las llaves de la Cámara de Representantes y posiblemente del Senado a los demócratas muy pronto. Menos fácil de predecir: Qué significará eso para la política exterior en general y para la guerra de Irak en particular.

2nd November 2006 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Time to Tell North Korea Talk’s Not Enough

The good news, we are told, is that North Korea -- after taking a break to test a nuclear bomb and a missile designed to hit Los Angeles -- has now agreed to return to the diplomatic "six-way talks" from which it decamped last year. The bad news is that "talking," which we have been doing...

2nd November 2006 - World Defense Review

The Coming Chaos in Guinea

Getting the outside world to focus on the current terrorist and other security challenges in Africa is a difficult enough task (see last week's discussion of the ongoing Somali crisis). Directing any significant attention to possible crises, irrespective of their potential for global impact,...

2nd November 2006 - Scripps Howard News Service

If Democrats Win

Clifford D. May

According to polls and pundits, voters will soon turn the keys to the House and possibly the Senate over to the Democrats. Less easy to forecast: what that will mean for foreign policy in general and the war in Iraq in particular.

1st November 2006 - The New English Review

Traitors Will be Prosecuted

Just as a muscle will atrophy if unused, criminal prohibitions may lapse into desuetude when no one enforces them. Fortunately, and to its everlasting credit, the Bush administration has refused to consign the offense of treason to the ash-heap of history, and has sought, and indeed secured,...

1st November 2006 - The Journal of International Security Affairs

Future Terrorism: Mutant Jihads

The strategic decision to carry out 9/11 was made in the early 1990s, almost ten years before the barbaric attacks on New York and Washington took place. The decade-long preparations and the testing of America's defenses and political tolerance to terrorism that took place before September...

31st October 2006 - The Mideast Monitor

Syrian-Saudi Media Wars

Tony Badran

The recent conflict between Israel and Hezbollah produced a dramatic resurgence of Saudi-Syrian tensions, which have been boiling beneath the surface since the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in 2005 and fueled by Assad's strategic alignment with Iran.

31st October 2006 - The Mideast Monitor

Divided They Stand: The Syrian Opposition

Tony Badran

His son and successor, Bashar, has failed to manage these divisions. Unfavorable international conditions, colossal foreign policy failures, and a precarious economy have left the regime with little bargaining leverage other than its control over the instruments of repression. This asset...

31st October 2006 - Foreign Policy

Symposium: What Happens If the Democrats Win

Clifford D. May

During the Cold War, Democrats were regarded as weak on national security. From Lyndon Johnson's departure from the White House in 1969 to Bill Clinton's post-Cold War return there in 1992, a Democrat served as president for only four years — and that, thanks to a Republican scandal. Out...

30th October 2006 - TCS Daily

Right on Target

On October 23, after ten more Qassam missiles were fired from northern Gaza into Israel in forty-eight hours, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) troops entered the area in search of the launchers and their Palestinian crews. Confronted by a large group of gunmen in the town of Beit Hanoun, the...

26th October 2006 - World Defense Review

Update: Islamist Radicals Still on the March in Somalia

While recent crises in other parts of the world have pushed them even farther from the headlines, the Islamist radicals who took control of the sometime Somali capital of Mogadishu in early June – far from being content with consolidating their holdings – continue to advance across the...

25th October 2006 - National Review Online

An Unveiling

Muslim women veiling has become the subject of intense controversy in Britain in recent days, with Prime Minister Tony Blair calling the veil a “mark of separation.” National Review Online asked a group of commentators — including Bill Bennett, Andy McCarthy, Mona Charen, Phyllis...

25th October 2006 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

No se pierda la tele de Hamás

Clifford D. May

Puede que Hamás no tenga dinero para pagar el sueldo a sus funcionarios y para mejorar los servicios sociales de los palestinos. Pero ¿fondos para pagar sus esfuerzos propagandísticos? Eso, evidentemente, no es un problema. Este mes, la organización terrorista que gobierna Gaza y...

25th October 2006 - Scripps Howard News Service

Hamas’ Must-See TV

Clifford D. May

Hamas may not have funds to pay the salaries of civil servants and improve social services for Palestinians. But resources to fund its propaganda efforts? That, evidently, is not a problem. This month, the terrorist organization that governs Gaza and the West Bank launched a satellite...

24th October 2006 - National Review Online

Is Iraq a Worthy Cause?

Even conservatives are now starting to become almost irretrievably saturnine in their pessimism on Iraq. On National Review Online last week, Jonah Goldberg wrote that “the Iraq war was a mistake by the most obvious criteria: If we had known then what we know now, we would never have gone...


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