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8th January 2004 - Scripps Howard News Service

Self-Defense Fence

Clifford D. May

It takes some nerve to scold people for defending their children from terrorists -- the more so when their method of defense is simply to erect a fence to keep the murderers from reaching their intended victims.

7th January 2004 - Front Page Magazine

Osama Targets Iraq

In his latest public statement, Osama bin Laden has made Iraq the central staging grounds for his perpetual jihad. In fact, Osama bin Laden's newest audiotape had three purposes: to assert his leadership of the violent Iraqi jihad against American troops after Saddam's capture, to warn the...

2nd January 2004 - World Net Daily

Muslims - stand with democracy, not dictatorship!

The Iraqi tyrant has been captured, the Iraqi people are now free. They no longer live in the prison of Saddam's Baathist regime – Saddam now resides in theirs. As another holiday season passes, Muslims have renewed reason to rejoice and be merry as the gift of hope and liberty penetrate...

1st January 2004 - Scripps Howard News Service

Lessons Learned

Clifford D. May

Militant Islamists first used terrorism against Americans more than 20 years ago when a Hezbollah suicide bomber slaughtered 241 marines in Beirut. But the US learned little from that defeat, just as we learned little from the terrorist attacks we suffered later in the ‘80s and throughout...

31st December 2003 - Wall Street Journal

Deal With the Devil

With Moammar Gadhafi's conversion--if that's what it is--there's greater hope that other tyrants may scrap their programs for weapons of mass murder and offer snap, unconditional tours of such amenities as their poison factories and uranium centrifuge facilities. That's worth celebrating....

30th December 2003 - National Review Online

NRO’s Crystal Ball

Clifford D. May

Some exceedingly unlikely predictions for 2004:

30th December 2003 - Copley News Service

Natural Sovereigns of Iraqi Oil

Jack Kemp

There is now widespread speculation in the nation's capital that as a result of stubborn Iraqi resistance to the U.S. occupation, American officials have fundamentally altered their plans to "remake" Iraq. Specifically, The Washington Post reported on Sunday, this means "back(ing) away from...

29th December 2003 - Front Page Magazine

Symposium: Militant Islam vs. Turkey

Why has Turkey become a target of Islamists' Holy Jihad? Joining Frontpage Symposium to discuss this issue with us today, we are joined by:

28th December 2003 - Washington Times

Why They Will Fight On

The capture of Saddam Hussein was a significant accomplishment, evidence that the United States is winning the low-intensity war in Iraq. His followers, however, will mostly battle on. For all the talk of “national reconciliation,” Washington must understand that those who fight can...

24th December 2003 - The Politic

Point: Preemption

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States faced an unfamiliar threat that warranted a bold strategy to confront the murky dangers to international peace and stability. The actions of the nineteen terrorists who partook in the attack could not have further...

24th December 2003 - The Miami Herald

Hussein Capture, Gadhafi Move are ‘Geopolitically Significant’

It has been a great week for the United States and an extraordinary time to be in Israel. The amazing capture of the Butcher of Baghdad in a rat-hole near Tikrit was followed quickly by the surprise pronouncement of Libyas terrorist leader, Moammar Gadhafi, exposing his secret and...

22nd December 2003 - National Review Online

Between Iraq & a Hard Place

Libya’s announcement that it will close down its weapons-of-mass-destruction programs is an important vindication of American and British foreign policy. After nine months of talks, Colonel Khaddafi’s regime has acknowledged the existence of weapons that were long denied. According to...

19th December 2003 - Front Page Magazine

Symposium: Snatching Saddam

Clifford D. May

Saddam has been captured. What does this development signify for the Iraq war and the War on Terror? Frontpage Symposium explores the issue with three distinguished guests: James Woolsey, director of the CIA from 1993-95 and a former Navy undersecretary and arms-control negotiator; Jacob...

18th December 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

Giovedì (Translation)

Last week's arrest of Saddam Hussein has created a fundamental question: Where will he be tried? The implications of the answer will be incredibly important for both international law and the future of international institutions like the U.N. From my point of view as an American, it would...

18th December 2003 - New York Daily News

With Saddam’s Fall Arabs May See the Light

Saddam Hussein's capture is cause for celebration, but his story must be seen in a larger context. It is part of the continuing and profoundly troubled saga of Arab nationalism. In the decades after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I, liberal impulses were crushed...

18th December 2003 - Front Page Magazine

Saddam: The Ceaucescu of the Arabs

What happened Saturday in Iraq? Yes, coalition forces captured Saddam Hussein. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. The historic moment is in fact broader, more significant and comprehensive.

18th December 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

Howard’s End?

Clifford D. May

The current issue of National Review carries a photograph of a maniacally snarling Howard Dean. “Please,” reads the headline, “nominate this man.”

17th December 2003 - Conservative Underground

Iraqi terrorism exposed

An article released yesterday by United Press International and published by The Washington Times online provides firsthand insight into what has been largely speculation and conjecture about terrorism in Iraq to date – terrorists are entering Iraq from neighboring countries, and are...

17th December 2003 - Wall Street Journal

What Does It Mean?’

Many fine stories have been written this past week honoring Robert L. Bartley, editorial-page editor for 30 years of The Wall Street Journal, who died last Wednesday at 66. In many ways Bob wrote his own visionary story across the decades and around the globe, with his love of ideas that set...

16th December 2003 - Wall Street Journal

One Down, Dozens More to Go

We got Saddam Hussein. Now, what about all the other dictators?


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