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18th March 2008

The War of Ideas

From Afghanistan and Iraq to Europe and the U.S., we are engaged in one of the most heated wars of all time. In this incisive book, terrorism expert Walid Phares shows that the most important battle of all is taking place in the hearts and minds of people across the world. This is the War of...

18th March 2008

The Confrontation

In Future Jihad, terrorism and Middle East expert Walid Phares gave a definitive account of the historical and cultural forces that led to September 11 and the rise of radical Islam. In The War of Ideas, he revealed the conflict of ideologies that underlie the War on Terror. Now, in The...

12th March 2008

Inverse False Alarms

6th March 2008

Taliban Defeat in North-West Frontier?

To some commentators, the results of Pakistan's Feb. 18 elections in its restive North-West Frontier Province appear to be a significant strategic victory for the United States.

6th March 2008

Helping Taiwan Help Itself

On Monday, the Pentagon released the 2008 edition of its legislatively mandated Annual Report to Congress: Military Power of the People's Republic of China


28th February 2008

Will divisions undermine Somali rebellion?

By mid-2007, when the fighting in Somalia was routinely described as an "Iraq-style insurgency," victory seemed likely for the extremist Islamic Courts Union. But rifts within the insurgency that were simmering last year may now have reached a boiling point, providing a strategic opportunity...

27th February 2008

Al Qaeda’s Resurgence

Four years ago, his words would have represented an almost unquestioned consensus view. In late January, the State Department's counterterrorism coordinator, Dell Dailey, described al Qaeda's top leadership as isolated, saying that they have "much, much less central authority and much, much...

3rd January 2008

Returning Iraqi Refugees

17th December 2007

Syrian and Iranian Axis Terrorize Their Opposition

12th December 2007

Lebanon’s Officers Under Terror Attack?

11th December 2007

Algeria’s bombings: al Qaeda strike at French-Algerian rapprochement

10th December 2007

The Resiliency of the Anbar Salvation Front

10th December 2007

Further Signs of Reconciliation in Iraq

4th December 2007

Understanding the New National Intelligence Estimate

Released yesterday, the unclassified version of the National Intelligence Estimate, entitled “Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities,” offers a stark contrast to a May 2005 assessment and raises some critical questions about our perceptions of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

1st November 2007

Recent Reductions in Violence in Iraq

19th October 2007

Apollo’s Fire

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy ignited America’s Apollo Project and sparked a revolution in space exploration. Today the New Apollo Energy Project is poised to revolutionize the production of energy and thereby save our planet. The nation that built the world’s most powerful rockets,...

25th September 2007

Key Statements from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker

As expected, General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s testimonies provided members of Congress with a fair and balanced assessment of the situation on the ground in Iraq. The testimonies, along with Petraeus and Crocker’s responses to Congressional questioning, were ripe with statements...

19th September 2007

Opposition to the Webb Amendment

Today, the Senate is considering an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act that would give troops more time between Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. The measure, introduced by Virginia Democratic Senator Jim Webb, requires that troops receive leave time in the US that is equal to or...

13th September 2007

Freedom From Oil

With these opening words, Freedom from Oil takes the reader to the highest levels of government, as Cabinet members and White House aides debate how to break our addiction to oil. In a fast-moving narrative, David Sandalow shows how to solve this problem while offering a unique window into...

4th September 2007

The Brutality of Al-Qaeda in Iraq


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