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Cross Border Sanctuaries and America’s war against terror

It is a widely held view that terrorists and guerrillas win the wars they fight. Historical experience does not support that belief. The key to defeating terrorists and guerrillas is fairly straightforward: Deny them a safe, secure rear base to which they can retreat, and in which they can...

The Convergence of Crime and Terror

Firefighters’ Developing Role in Counterterrorism

COINTELPRO Reconsidered

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A “Game-Changing Technology”

Can We Drill Our Way to Energy Security?

ICJ Ruling on Israel’s Security Fence

Jonathan Snow examines the relevant international law with respect to Israel’s security fence and assesses the validity of the ICJ’s intervention.

ICJ Ruling on Israel's Security Fence



Countdown to Elections: High Stakes for Bangladesh

In January 2007, Bangladesh will undergo its most sensitive and crucial election in decades. Since the democratic process was restored in 1991, Bangladesh has experienced a peaceful, albeit chaotic transfer of power in three elections that should have anchored democratic practice. However,...

Saudis Spread Hate Speech in U.S.

A close reading of Saudi-funded textbooks and other publications reveals the presence of institutionalized hate speech

Firefighters’ Developing Role in Counterterrorism

Assessing the War: Round Two

This article originally appeared in the Weekly Standard.



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