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Firefighters’ Developing Role in Counterterrorism

Assessing the War: Round Two

This article originally appeared in the Weekly Standard.


Intelligence Briefing #001: Marriot Hotel Bombing in Islamabad


Guantánamo Bay and the ICRC

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
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Iraq: The Failure of Containment and the Strategic Necessity of War

Far from being a war of choice or a strategic distraction, military action against Iraq was an American and international strategic imperative.  The U.S., in particular, could not fight the war against terrorism while allowing Saddam Hussein’s regime

The Geneva Convention is Not a Suicide Pact

In all the legal punditry and high moral posturing that has passed for analysis since Taliban and al-Qaida detainees arrived at Camp X-Ray in Guant

Profile of an Ideologue, Abu Yahya al-Libi


Perspectives on General David Petraeus

The Senate confirmed General David Petraeus as commander of Multi-National Forces - Iraq on January 26, 2007 by a unanimous vote. Senators from both sides of the aisle praised Petraeus’s military service and intellect. A West Point graduate and career military officer, he previously...

Assessing Risks of Turkish Raids in Northern Iraq

Intelligence Briefing #002: Reports of Infighting within the Iraqi Awakening Movement


How the USA Patriot Act Defends Democracy

The USA Patriot Act has proven to be one of the most important, and controversial, pieces of legislation passed in recent years. A broad array of critics across the political spectrum has come out against the act. An equally politically diverse coalition supports the Act and the renewal of...

The Root Cause of Terrorism

What are the

Assessing the War: Round Two

Ahmadinejad’s Economic Conundrum

US Forces Kill Saddam’s Sons

US Forces Kill Saddam's Sons


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The International Court of Justice and the Israeli “Fence”


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