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The Platform

Drone strikes within Pakistan.


The demise of Osama bin Laden.

The Jon Justice Show

The Joseph Stack airplane incident.

Lynn Breidenbach Show

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination

News Update

Pakistan’s conflict and American Foreign Policy

The Martha Zoller Show

News Osama bin Laden tape about Iraq


Vocal Point

Iranian development of nuclear weapons

The 700 Club

Al-Fuqra activities in the United States

Think Mornings

Syria and Israel

Vocal Point

Progress of the surge in Iraq


The Lars Larson Show

Iran’s role in the Middle East’s “hot summer”

The Natural Truth with Michael Graham

The prospect of a summer terrorist attack

Dateline: Washington

Syria and Iran

The Don Kroah Show

Senator Joe Lieberman’s comments on Iran

News Update

Discussion on Iran Sanctions.

Watch the video here.

News Update

Syria-US relations

700 Club

The attack in Algeria


Pakistan’s Bajaur Accords with al-Qaeda and Taliban factions

The Michael Graham Show

Valerie Plame

News Update

Can the U.S. trust Musharraf?


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TCIL Executive Director, CEEW Advisor

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Director of Research

Tony Badran

Research Fellow

John Cappello

Senior Fellow

Toby Dershowitz

Senior Vice President

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