Analysis & Commentary


The Advocates

The U.N.

Mornings in Monterrey

The Sandy Rios Show

War on terrorism


How Pakistan’s deterioration harms Afghanistan.

The Jim Bohanon Show

Confronting jihadists in Africa

The Susanne LaFrankie Show

The Iraq Study Group

National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition”

News Update with Chris Jensing


Ron Thulin Show

The Pope’s remarks and the subsequent fallout.

The Early Show

The controversy over ABC’s 9/11 docu-drama.

Your World

The Middle East ceasefire.

Morning NewsWatch with Faune Riggin and Keith Bixby

The history of Hezbollah.

The Voice of the Arts

The crisis in the Middle East.

The Morning Scramble

The crisis in the Middle East.

Bill Bennett’s Mornings in America

The leaking of classified information.

Hannity & Colmes

Maine in the Morning

The situation in Iraq.

The Mimi Gerges Show

Hot Talk with Scott Hennan

The McCain Amendment.

The JD Ballard Show

The future of Jihad.


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Senior Vice President

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