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The John Batchelor Show

The verdict in the Ahmed Ghailani trial.

The Chris Baker Show

The Portland, Oregon terror sting.

The Don Kroah Show

Cliff’s take on the new WikiLeaks & his NRO piece, “Cyber Wakeup Call?”

The Jon Justice Show

The targeting of Christians in Egypt, Iraq, and the West.

The Grandy Group

Discussion on jihadi ideology.

Happening Now

Is homegrown terrorism a myth?

Watch the video here.

The Chris Baker Show

The crisis in Egypt.

News Update

Should the Muslim Brotherhood be a concern in Egypt?

Watch the video here.


Would it be possible to see a democratic movement like Egypt’s in Iran?

Watch the video here.

KSFO Morning Show

The political turmoil in Egypt, Libya, and Iran.

The Mike Rosen Show

Osama bin Ladin’s birthday.

The John Batchelor Show

Recent decisions by the Military Council in Cairo strongly favor the Muslim Brotherhood.

The G. Gordon Liddy Show

Pakistan’s request to reduce CIA activity in their country.

Taking Stock

What are we likely to see next from al Qaeda now that Osama bin Laden is dead?

Watch the video here.

The O’Reilly Factor

Should Columbia University be giving Al Jazeera an award for journalism?

Watch the video here.

Weekend News with Chris Core

Elections and national security.

Steve Malzberg Show



The Greg Knapp Experience

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

NIE report


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