Analysis & Commentary


Prime Time America

Putin and Russia

News Update

Terrorism in America

The Right Balance

Changes in public and political opinion regarding the surge

Danger Zone

New U.S. Africa command



Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopal priest who converted to Islam


Iraq and the failed terrorist attacks in Great Britain


News Update

Christians in Iraq


Radio America

Olmert and Abbas plan to meet

Danger Zone

Iran and North Korea


Crane Durham’s Nothing But Truth

North Korea

Your World with Neil Cavuto

Russia, Georgia and the United Nations.

Danger Zone

The rapidly deteriorating situation in Somalia


News Update

Osama bin Laden’s future

Radio America

Lebanon and Syria

News Update

Protests on the mall

News Update

Iran and Iraq

Your World with Neil Cavuto

Domestic terrorism: an analysis

Global Crisis Watch

The terrorists’ plans

Danger Zone

Education vs. jihad


Dateline Washington

Partition of Iraq?


Michael Hsieh

TCIL Executive Director, CEEW Advisor

David Adesnik

Director of Research

Tony Badran

Research Fellow

John Cappello

Senior Fellow

Toby Dershowitz

Senior Vice President

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