Analysis & Commentary


America’s Morning News

McChrystal and the Obama administration.

Statewide Tennessee Gill Report

Analysis of the War on Terror

Bennett in the Morning

The DOD report on connections between Iraq and al Qaeda

The Trey Ware Show


The Bud Heddinger Show

War of ideas

The Bauer & Rose Show

Weekend Live

U.N. waste and corruption

Scott Allen Miller Show

Rumsfeld and Gates, U.S. foreign policy

Adam McManus Show

The Nighthawk

Discussion of Clifford May’s column, “Submit or Die.”

Spotlight Africa with Assumpta Oturu

Terrorism in Africa is discussed.

With Good Reason

Nightly News

Will the UN ceasefire hold?

McDuff & Co.

Various Programs

5 interviews on “Hezbollah’s choices; Lebanese Army options”

The Mike Reagan Show

The attacks in India.

The Scott Allen Miller Show

The death of Zarqawi.

Date Line Washington

Jill Carroll’s release.

The Dan Caplis Show

The cartoon intifada.



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