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The John Gambling Show

The Iranian nuclear program. 

Nothing But Truth

The Afghan Public Protection Force and the future of the war in Afghanistan.

Defcon 3 by KT

A possible war between North Korea and the US?

Watch the video here.

PJTV Daily

The Long War.

America’s Newsroom

North Korea’s missile test.

Watch the video here.

Geraldo at Large

The Somali pirate situation.

Watch the video here and here.

Morning Edition

How the Bradbury memos affect the U.S. image.

America’s Newsroom

The Taliban’s threat to Pakistan.

Watch the video here.

PJTV Daily

An empirical examination of homegrown terrorists in the U.S. and U.K.

News Update

Defeating terrorism.

The Rusty Humphries Show

The letter from Congress to Obama to raise issues of Jihadism in the Muslim world.


North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

News Update

The Iranian elections and aftermath.

News Update

The regime will crack down massively but the uprising won’t go away: It will be long.

America’s News Headquarters

Hizb Ut-Tahrir’s conference on “the Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam” in Oak Lawn, Ill.

The Hugh Hewitt Show

North Korea and Iran.

Nothing But Truth

United States pressuring Iran, War on Terror.

The Lars Larson Show

The re-opening of CIA Investigations.

On Point

The current state of the CIA and its potential decline.

From NPR:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s appointment of a special prosecutor to inquire into CIA torture of terrorism suspects is:

1) Wrong, and a betrayal of the people charged with protecting American lives? Or 2) Needed, because...

Jerry Doyle Show

Is the Unted States on the retreat?


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