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The Linda Chavez Show

The Eygptian bombings.

American Morning

M. O’BRIEN: With us in Washington now to discuss the president’s speech, former Republican communications director Clifford May and Democratic consultant Vic Kamber.

Prime Time America

Assessing the risks of Turkish incursions into northern Iraq.


Lars Larson Show

Will the US support Lebanon?

Rusty Humphries Show

Discussing The Confrontation.

American Morning

CAFFERTY: It’s a tough job and the president apparently wants a trusted adviser to do it. Reports say Karen Hughes will be nominated for a State Department post. Her main overseas mission, a diplomatic makeover.

The Don Kroah Show

Saudi Arabia’s terrorism funding.

The John Batchelor Show

An update Oil-for-Food scandal.

Wolf Blitzer Reports

In the meantime, two weeks, two days left to the Iraqi election. But how many voters will turn out? Given the now daily attacks, political parties pulling out and Iraqi security forces seemingly unprepared to protect even themselves, what can we expect?


To debate this, we’re joined by P.J. Crowley, a senior fellow for the Center For American Progress, and Cliff May, president of the Foundation For the Defense of Democracies.

The Greg Allen Show

A discussion on al-Qaeda and Iraq.

Fox News

An analysis of the bin Laden tape.

The Right Balance

The French counter-terrorism campaign.


NOVAK: The 500-page report put out today by the Senate Intelligence Committee paints a dismal picture of U.S. intelligence failures before the Iraq war. But committee Chairman Pat Roberts also told reporters something very important. He said, there is no evidence that political pressure...

CNN with Wolf Blitzer

The U.N. special envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, is urging the Iraqi people to give the new interim government a chance. But a car bomb attack in the Iraqi capital today is a violent reminder the future won’t be easy, by any means.

Scarborough Country

BUCHANAN: All right, Walid Phares, let me take that up, because there is an inherent interest on the part of many of these politicians. Let’s take Mr. Chalabi, who is a Shiite. He’s got good relations with Sistani in the south. And he’s saying, look, don’t go crashing into Najaf,...

American Morning

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR:  Well, the leaders of France and Germany this morning pledged to fight terrorism and cooperate with other nations. Presidential candidate John Kerry has said that some world leaders have told him that they oppose the current administration and would like to...

American Morning

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: The candidates now fan out across the country out of New Hampshire heading toward next Tuesday. The political spin from both sides of the aisle are with us today, Kamber and May.

Dateline NBC

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The capture of Saddam Hussein means not only the chance to see him finally brought to justice, it could mean finding out once and for all what kind of a threat he really posed to the rest of the world—namely, whether he possessed those weapons of mass destruction. But is...

American Morning

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Domestically, with the administration’s Iraq policy under increased scrutiny and criticism, some Democrats are now suggesting that the president’s chief postwar problem is actually his secretary of defense. And they’re calling for Donald Rumsfeld’s...


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