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19th July 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

Turkey’s Refusal to Release American Pastor Elicits Strong Bipartisan Reaction

Aykan Erdemir

A Turkish court refused yesterday to release U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, detained for 21 months on trumped-up charges of terrorism and espionage. Brunson is one of the more than 50 Western nationals, residents, and employees arrested on dubious charges as part of Turkish strongman Recep...

19th July 2018 - Quoted by Sophie Hares - Reuters

FEATURE-Are the Caribbean’s wealthy new citizens a lifeline or a liability?

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Investing in the tropical Mount Cinnamon Resort in Grenada, with its white sand beaches, buys more than a slice of paradise - it comes with citizenship and a passport with visa-free entry to almost 130 countries.

19th July 2018 - Quoted by Laurie Mylroie - Kurdistan 24

US supports peaceful protests in Iraq

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

“We support people’s rights to peacefully protest,” State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert explained, as she responded to a question from Kurdistan 24 about the popular demonstrations in Iraq that have now entered their second week.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Guiame

Pastor teve libertação negada pela Turquia, mas pregou Evangelho no tribunal

Aykan Erdemir

As esperanças foram frustradas diante da possibilidade de libertação do pastor americano Andrew Brunson, preso na Turquia por acusações de terrorismo. A próxima audiência foi marcada para 12 de outubro.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Joshua Gill - The Daily Caller

Turkey defies US demands, rules American pastor will stay imprisoned

Aykan Erdemir

Turkish authorities ruled Wednesday that an American pastor held on dubious charges of espionage would remain imprisoned, despite the U.S.’s repeated demands for his freedom.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Erem News

Turkish Parliament: Erdogan’s policy “contradictory” and gave legitimacy to Assad in Syria

Aykan Erdemir

Before announcing the election results in Turkey , Turkish People's Party leader Kemal Klitsdaroglu asked the crowd: "When you talk in the phone, are you talking reassuringly? Are you worried to find out that you are being eavesdropped? If you have fear or concern, it means that this country...

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Ismaeel Naar - Al Arabiya

Why is the US now taking a serious look at Muslim Brotherhood threat

Jonathan Schanzer

Experts who recently testified at a US Congressional hearing looking into the Muslim Brotherhood have lauded Republican efforts into reviving a bill designating the group as a terrorist organization but said that much more needs to be done.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by World Watch Monitor

Hopes dashed for release of pastor Andrew Brunson as Turkish trial to continue in October

Aykan Erdemir

Hopes were dashed for the imminent release of an American pastor jailed in Turkey on terrorism charges as a Turkish court today ordered him to remain behind bars.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Liberty McArtor - The Stream

American Pastor Andrew Brunson Will Remain in Jail, Says Turkish Court

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

Hopes for Pastor Andrew Brunson’s release were dashed Wednesday, when a Turkish court pushed his next hearing to October 12.

18th July 2018 - Quoted by Thomas Watkins - Agence France Presse

Trump blasts Montenegro, questions NATO mutual defense

John Hannah

Days after a widely slammed summit with his Russian counterpart, President Donald Trump drew fresh scorn Wednesday for questioning NATO's undergirding principle and for attacking "tiny" Montenegro, whose accession to the alliance enraged Moscow.

17th July 2018 - Quoted by The Tower

Former U.S. Ambassador: In Wake of Trump-Putin Summit, Israel Must Protect Its Own Interests

Mark Dubowitz

Despite commitments from both United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to look after Israeli security interests in Syria, Israel will have to “ensure its interests are protected,” Daniel Shapiro, the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, wrote in an op-ed...

17th July 2018 - Quoted by Rosie Gray - The Atlantic

Trump’s Performance With Putin Creates a Career Dilemma for His Aides

Mark Dubowitz

President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday has set off a bigger-than-usual backlash, provoking criticism from both the right and the left.

17th July 2018 - Quoted by Ahval

‘Türkiye nükleer bombayı düşünüyor olmalı’

Aykan Erdemir

Wayne McLean Lowy Institute için kaleme aldığı analizinde Türkiye’nin yakın gelecekteki nükleer politikasına yönelik ihtimalleri yazdı.

17th July 2018 - Quoted by Hollie McKay - Fox News

Critics say Turkish government using US mosques to play politics, spy on foes

Aykan Erdemir

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent re-election is fueling concerns about his growing powers not just in Turkey but here in the U.S., according to experts who believe he's determined to spread his controversial brand of Islamist-nationalistic fervor through a network of mosques...

17th July 2018 - Quoted by Jennifer Wishon - CBN

Turkish Court Sends American Pastor Brunson Back to Prison

Aykan Erdemir

A Turkish court has sent Pastor Andrew Brunson back to prison to await a new court hearing set for October 12.

17th July 2018 - Quoted by Amberin Zaman - Al Monitor

Hopes soar for US pastor’s release as Trump fist-bumps Erdogan

Aykan Erdemir

Hopes that Turkey will free a North Carolina pastor who has been held in a Turkish prison on trumped-up terror charges for 21 months are high ahead of his third courtroom hearing on July 18, amid a mix of cajoling and threats from Washington.

16th July 2018 - Quoted by Wayne McLean - The Interpreter

Turkey must be thinking of the Bomb

Aykan Erdemir

Actors not invested in the Western liberal order are enjoying a period of resurgence. While analysts chase meaning in US President Donald Trump’s many erratic policies, there are some threads of consistency, including his affection for strongmen and his scepticism about the existing...

16th July 2018 - Quoted by Kristine Frazao - Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Is Russia actually the biggest geopolitical threat for the U.S.?

Boris Zilberman

The historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is now wrapped up, with the leaders of the world’s two largest nuclear powers pledging to work as a team where they can.

16th July 2018 - Quoted by Michael Graham - CBS

Commentary: Conservatives turn on Trump after Putin presser

Mark Dubowitz

How bad was the reaction from the Right to the POTUS-Putin presser? My tweet traffic from TrumpWorld fell so low I thought they'd all been dumped Twitter's recent purge. Instead of the usual celebrations and snark that accompany Trump's TV appearance, it was social-media silence from the...

16th July 2018 - Quoted by Yaroslav Trofimov - The Wall Street Journal

Trump, Putin Agree to Try to Solve Syria Crisis, Preserve Israel’s Security

Mark Dubowitz

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to work together on solving the Syrian crisis—with both focusing on the need to guarantee Israel’s security.


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