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17th August 2017 - Quoted by Erin Cunningham - The Washington Post

Iranian opposition leader ends hunger strike after government agrees to relax house arrest

Behnam Ben Taleblu

An Iranian opposition leader living under house arrest has ended his hunger strike after authorities agreed to lift some restrictions and consider his demand for a public trial, a family member said Thursday. The decision marked a potentially rare concession from a government generally...

17th August 2017 - Quoted by The Peninsula

Qatar partners with US firm to combat terror financing

Chip Poncy, Juan Zarate

Qatar’s National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee (NAMLC) has engaged with the Financial Integrity Network (FIN), based in Washington DC, as its principal strategic adviser for enhancing Doha’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorist Financing System...

16th August 2017 - Seth J. Frantzman - The Jerusalem Post

‘Iran Building Missile Factory In Syria’

Jonathan Schanzer

Report showing construction is ‘significant development’ that poses dilemma for Israel’s response.

16th August 2017 - WINA

The Schilling Show

Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD Iran analyst talks about the latest developments in Iran on the Schlling Show.

16th August 2017 - Quoted by Nathan Reiff - Investopedia

U.S. Demands International Monitoring of Cryptocurrency Transactions

Yaya J. Fanusie

In the midst of heated political tensions in the United States and abroad, news that President Trump recently signed a foreign sanctions bill that stipulates governmental monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions may have passed under the radar. Read more: U.S. Demands International...

16th August 2017 - Quoted by Matthew R.J. Brodsky - The Weekly Standard

U.S. Policy in Lebanon Is Now Helping Hezbollah and Iran

Tony Badran

We have special forces helping the Lebanese military prepare to face ISIS. Unfortunately, Hezbollah is infiltrating the country's armed forces.

16th August 2017 - Quoted by Arab News

Iranian president threatens to restart nuclear program

Mark Dubowitz

The war of words between the US and Iran over the latter’s nuclear and missile development program continued on Tuesday.

16th August 2017 - Quoted by The Tower

Report: Iran Smuggling Weapons to Syria in Violation of UN Resolution

Iran is shipping arms to Russia via a smuggling route into Syria, which would violate the terms of United Nations Security Council resolution 2231, which implemented the 2015 nuclear deal, according to Western intelligence agencies.

16th August 2017 - Quoted by Daniel Horowitz - Conservative Review

Why are we funneling weapons to Hezbollah?

Tony Badran

What if I told you we were sending military hardware to ISIS? Would you march on Washington with an outpouring of righteous indignation?

16th August 2017 - Quoted by Thomas Watkins - Agence France Presse

Pentagon adjusts to life under unpredictable commander-in-chief

John Hannah

After days of fiery talk of possible military intervention in the North Korea nuclear stand-off, Pentagon officials late last week suddenly found themselves digesting a surprising piece of breaking news.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Sophie McNeill - ABC (Australia)

West Bank freedom crackdown as new law jails Palestinian Authority critics

Grant Rumley

Affaf Jaqarna's husband Mamdouh never came home from work last Tuesday.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Jonathan Kaiman and Barbara Demick - The Los Angeles Times

To make North Korean sanctions stick, the ‘gloves are off’ for U.S. in fight against Chinese smuggle

Anthony Ruggiero

A tough new sanctions resolution unanimously approved Aug. 5 by the U.N. Security Council bars North Korea from exporting $1 billion of its most profitable commodities, including coal.

15th August 2017 - i24 News


Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD Iran analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu talks about Iran's threat to withdraw from the nuclear agreement on Crossroads.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Joel Gehrke - The Washington Examiner

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: We could restart ‘advanced’ nuke program ‘within hours’

Behnam Ben Taleblu

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Jack Moore - Newsweek

U.S. Train Stations The Target Of Al-Qaeda In Latest Magazine

Al-Qaeda has ordered its followers to focus on a specific western target in its latest propaganda magazine: train stations.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Sean Durns - The Algemeiner

Can the Washington Post Google Anti-Jewish Incitement?

Clifford D. May

A July 27, 2017, Washington Post report minimized both Palestinian anti-Jewish violence, as well as the Jewish people’s connection to their ancestral homeland of Israel.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Vijeta Uniyal - Legal Insurrection

Intel Report: Russia Opens Secret Military Supply Route to Iran, Violates Nuclear Deal

Benjamin Weinthal

Russia using bases in Syria for unauthorised weapon deals with Iran, German newspaper cites Intel report

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Kevin G. Hall - McClatchy

China, Russia keep North Korea’s nuclear program funded

Anthony Ruggiero

Lost in all the attention paid to President Donald Trump’s threat of unleashing “fire and fury” on North Korea is his promise to bring the country to heel with tough sanctions. It hasn’t worked so far, because of Russia, China and shadowy middlemen tied to both nations.

15th August 2017 - Quoted by Aresu Eqbali and Asa Fitch - The Wall Street Journal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Threatens to Back Out of Nuclear Deal

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened to revive his country’s nuclear program within hours if the U.S. continues to pile on sanctions, a warning that Iran was prepared to tear up a deal that he championed.

14th August 2017 - Quoted by Lorraine Caballero - Christian Daily

Hungary could save Iranian Christian actress facing deportation from Sweden

Clifford D. May

An Iranian Christian celebrity who is at the risk of deportation from Sweden to Iran could be saved from prison, abuse, and possibly death, by the Hungarian government, which has announced that it is ready to offer refugee status to her.


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