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22nd May 2018 - Quoted by Ben Evansky - Fox News

Morocco’s foreign minister warns Iran is seeking foothold in North Africa

Behnam Ben Taleblu

During Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s first major policy speech on Iran Monday, he warned Tehran that the U.S. would work closely with regional allies to deter its meddling.

22nd May 2018 - Quoted by Ian Talley - The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Sanctions Iran for Supplying Missiles to Yemen’s Houthis

Behnam Ben Taleblu

The Trump administration on Tuesday took aim at five Iranian officials it said are responsible for providing Yemeni rebels with long-range missiles being used to target Saudi Arabia.

22nd May 2018 - Quoted by Tom DiChristopher - CNBC

The State Dept issued 12 demands for Iran. They ratchet up oil market risk and trade tension

Mark Dubowitz

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a list of a dozen demands that Iran must meet before the United States lifts punishing sanctions against the country.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by The Wall Street Journal

Putting a New Squeeze on Iran

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

Hard on the heels of U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday laid out a new strategy to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions and regional imperialism.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Michael Gordon - The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Lays Out Demands for New Iran Deal

Mark Dubowitz

The Trump administration put Iran on notice that any new deal would require it to stop enriching all uranium and halt its support for militant groups in the region, sweeping demands that Tehran swiftly rejected.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Robin Wright - The New Yorker

The Trump Administration Calls on Iranians to “Make a Choice About Their Leadership”

Mark Dubowitz

In a speech on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the United States will “crush” Iran with a new package of economic, diplomatic, military, and cyber pressures if it does not accept sweeping changes to its policies at home and abroad.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Nicole Gaouette and Laura Koran - CNN

Pompeo threatens US will ‘crush’ Iran through sanctions and pressure campaign

Mark Dubowitz

The US will aim to "crush" Iran with economic and military pressure unless it changes its behavior in the Middle East, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday in a speech that many analysts saw as a policy of regime change in everything but name.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Louis Nelson - Politico

Pompeo threatens Iran with ‘strongest sanctions in history’

Mark Dubowitz

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday threatened to impose “the strongest sanctions in history” on Iran unless it takes dramatic steps, including permanently abandoning its nuclear program, halting missile tests and withdrawing military forces from Syria.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Krishnadev Calamur - The Atlantic

Pompeo Declares Economic War on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

The Trump administration’s new strategy on Iran essentially amounts to economic war.

21st May 2018 - Quoted by Katrina Manson - Financial Times

US demands exacting terms for new Iran nuclear treaty

Mark Dubowitz

The US has laid out a set of exacting demands for a new nuclear treaty with Iran, insisting that Tehran end its “malign behaviours” in the Middle East in return for waiving all economic sanctions and re-establishing full diplomatic ties.

18th May 2018 - Co-authored by Alex Entz - The Weekly Standard

How the US Can Keep Venezuela from Becoming a Failed State

Michaela Frai

On Sunday, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro will face his country’s hungry, impoverished voters. The election will be neither free nor fair, so another win for the corrupt Socialist party is almost guaranteed. Already, Western countries are rightly rejecting the outcome.

18th May 2018 - Quoted by Krishnadev Calamur - The Atlantic

In Europe, Standing Up to America Is Now Patriotic

Mark Dubowitz

The United States and Europe have had serious foreign-policy disputes before—notably during the Iraq War, when France and Germany split with the U.S. over the invasion.

16th May 2018 - Quoted by Zachary Cohen, Sophie Jeong, Yoonjung Seo - CNN

North Korea warns US as it suspends South Korea talks over military drills

Anthony Ruggiero

North Korea has threatened to cancel the planned summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, saying the US should carefully consider the fate of the upcoming meeting, in view of what it calls "provocative military disturbances with South Korea,"...

16th May 2018 - Quoted by Fred Lucas - The Daily Signal

6 Big Issues on Trump’s Plate for UN and NATO Leaders

Bill Roggio

In a defining stretch of his presidency, Donald Trump will spend the next two days meeting with leaders of two international bodies he has criticized—the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

16th May 2018 - Quoted by Haley Britzky - Axios

U.S. further sanctions Hezbollah in retaliation against Iran

Behnam Ben Taleblu

The U.S. joined six other countries on Wednesday in imposing additional sanctions against the senior leadership of Iranian-backed Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah and Naim Qassem.

16th May 2018 - Quoted by Michael Gordon, Nancy Youssef, and Jonathan Cheng - The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Brushes Off Pyongyang’s Tough Talk, Proceeds With Planning for Summit

Anthony Ruggiero

President Donald Trump is still planning to hold a summit meeting in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, U.S. officials said, brushing off sharp comments by one of Pyongyang’s senior diplomats that caught the Trump administration by surprise.

15th May 2018 - Quoted by Josh Lederman - Associated Press

US intensifies pressure on Iran, sanctioning central banker

Behnam Ben Taleblu

The United States intensified its financial pressure on Iran on Tuesday, slapping anti-terror sanctions on the head of its central bank and barring anyone around the world from doing business with him.

15th May 2018 - Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

Trump’s Cave to China’s ZTE Hurts His Iran Strategy

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

When President Donald Trump announced America's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last week, he emphasized a broader message to foes and friends about U.S. credibility: "The United States no longer makes empty threats."

15th May 2018 - Quoted by Kyle Rempfer - Air Force Times

Air Force A-10s called in to hold off Taliban attack on major Afghan city

Air Force A-10 Warthogs were called in over Farah city, Afghanistan, Tuesday, in an attempt to prevent the city’s fall to Taliban forces during the first major assault against a provincial capital since the Taliban began their annual fighting season.

15th May 2018 - Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Syndicate

Qatar seeks ownership stake in conservative website ‘Newsmax’

Jonathan Schanzer

The Qatari government is seeking to acquire a $90 million stake in the conservative media outlet Newsmax, which is owned by U.S. President Donald Trump’s close friend Chris Ruddy, according to Politico. The development brings to light a recent change in Newsmax’s coverage of Qatar.


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