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14th January 2015 - Cited by Brian Bennett, Paul Richter, Laura King - The Los Angeles Times

Yemen Branch of Al Qaeda Says it Planned Paris Attack

Al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen on Wednesday claimed responsibility for planning and financing last week’s massacre at a satirical magazine in Paris.

14th January 2015 - Cited by Jamie Dettmer - VOA News

Turkey Targets Social Media Over Arms Scandal Leaks

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkish authorities are moving fast to scrub the Internet of leaked official documents implying that a Syria-bound arms convoy intercepted by police last year was being coordinated by Turkish intelligence.

14th January 2015 - Cited by Johnlee Varghese - International Business Times

Former Taliban Leader Mullah Abdul Rauf now Recruiting for ISIS in Afghanistan?

Bill Roggio

With the US forces exiting the conflict-ridden country, reports have found that a former Taliban leader has now turned into a recruiter for Islamic State (ISIS) in Afghanistan.

14th January 2015 - Cited by Jeryl Bier - The Weekly Standard

Pentagon Labels YouTube/Twitter Hacking ‘Cyber Vandalism’

Thomas Joscelyn

The Pentagon called the hacking of the Central Command's (CENTCOM) YouTube and Twitter accounts Monday "cyber vandalism" in a letter to service members and their families to allay concerns about the incident.

14th January 2015 - Cited by James Lyons - The Washington Times

A Better Way to Patrol the Middle East

John Hannah

With all the core elements of Iran’s nuclear weapons program now guaranteed and secured by the one-sided concessions made by the United States and agreed to by the other P5 plus 1 negotiators in the 2013 interim agreement, Iran is on track to achieve a deliverable nuclear weapons...

14th January 2015 - Quoted by Dave Boyer - The Washington Times

Obama’s ‘Lone Wolf’ Focus Misguided as Terrorist Threat Expands, Critics Say

Thomas Joscelyn

President Obama has assured Americans for years that the core of al Qaeda is “decimated,” but the group’s claimed role in last week’s massacres in France, the spread of splinter terrorist groups throughout the Middle East and rise of the Islamic State underscore how the terrorist...

14th January 2015 - Quoted by Armin Rosen - Business Insider

Al Qaeda Is Back In A Big Way

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Despite its claim of responsibility earlier today, there's a lot that isn't publicly known about Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's connection to last week's by Cherif and Said Kouachi in Paris.

13th January 2015 - Cited by Dan Lamothe - The Washington Post

Meet the Shadowy Figure Recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan

Several reports in the last few days suggest that the Islamic State is now recruiting in southern Afghanistan, the spiritual heart of the Taliban and the site of fierce combat between U.S. troops and insurgents in recent years. At the center of it: a former Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainee who...

13th January 2015 - Cited by Terrence McCoy - The Washington Post

Why the Islamic State Desperately Needed to Hack Centcom’s Twitter

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Monday’s news of the Twitter hack hit like a bomb in the American media. The Islamic State hacked the U.S. military’s Central Command! Classified information is on the Internet!

12th January 2015 - Quoted by IPT News

Terror Victims Take Palestinian Authority to Court

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian Authority could face $1 billion or more in damages if a federal jury in New York finds it liable for a series of terrorist attacks in Israel which killed and injured American citizens.

12th January 2015 - Quoted by Victor Beattie - VOA News

US to Host Summit on Preventing Extremist Violence

Jonathan Schanzer

In the wake of the twin terrorist attacks in Paris, the White House announced it will host a Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, focusing on domestic and international efforts to curb extremist violence before it occurs.

12th January 2015 - Cited by Thomas Donnelly - The Weekly Standard

Paris Attacks: An Al Qaeda, Islamic State Combined Operation

Thomas Joscelyn

The terrorist attacks in Paris were nightmarish in many ways, but perhaps the most worrisome news to come out of the Charlie Hebdo affair is that followers of a “pure” al Qaeda affiliate – al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula – and of ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria –...

12th January 2015 - Quoted by Guy Taylor - The Washington Times

France Fears More Terrorists Still at Large After Charlie Hebdo Attack

Thomas Joscelyn

French authorities said Monday that as many as six members of a terrorist sleeper cell involved in last week’s attack on a satirical magazine in Paris may still be at large, as U.S. officials investigated the actual role played by al Qaeda’s main affiliate in the Middle East.

11th January 2015 - Quoted by Steven Edwards - Fox News

Bloody Rivals: Paris Attack Helps Al Qaeda Gain Edge on ISIS

Jonathan Schanzer

The terrorist rampage at a Paris satirical magazine left the West reeling, but the attack was also the latest salvo in a lesser known fight, the public relations war between Al Qaeda and the Islamic State in which the prizes are funds from extremist benefactors around the globe and Muslim...

10th January 2015 - Quoted by Katharine Lackey, Oren Dorell - USA Today

Who’s Who: The 5 Paris Terror Suspects

Thomas Joscelyn

Twin hostage standoffs rocked France on Friday as police mounted simultaneous attacks, killing two terror suspects holed up in a warehouse north of Paris and a gunman who seized hostages at a kosher supermarket in the capital.

10th January 2015 - Quoted by Marc Kilstein - PRI

How the Kouachi Brothers Fell Through the Cracks

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The Charlie Hebdo massacre has raised serious questions about how the French government handled the attack’s two main suspects, Said and Cherif Kouachi.

9th January 2015 - Quoted by Oren Dorell - USA Today

French Market Suspect Part of Brothers’ Terror Network

Thomas Joscelyn

The Frenchman killed at a kosher supermarket Friday after threatening to kill hostages hailed from the same terror network as two brothers gunned down in a warehouse miles away.

9th January 2015 - Quoted by Sarah El Deeb - Associated Press

Al-Qaida in Yemen Urges Local and International Jihad

Bill Roggio

The al-Qaida offshoot that claimed Friday to have masterminded the bloody rampage in France has been the most active of the terror network's branches in trying to strike in the West.

9th January 2015 - Quoted by Joshua Keating - Slate

Are Paris-Style Attacks the Future of Terrorism?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

This week’s assault on Paris does not fit into the mold of what we typically think of as a terrorist attack. The attackers employed guns, rather than bombs, fled the scene of the initial attack rather than martyring themselves, and displayed some level of tactical acumen without it being...

8th January 2015 - Cited by Terrence McCoy - The Washington Post

How a Suspected Charlie Hebdo Gunman Turned Into a Jihadist

Cherif Kouachi was known to French authorities as a recruiter, a middleman, a guy who had conflicted feelings about joining the fight alongside Islamist militants in Iraq. What appeared Wednesday was very different.


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