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12th June 2015 - Quoted by Kira Zalan - ACAMS

U.S. Publishes FATF-Mandated Risk Assessments Ahead of Mutual Evaluation

Chip Poncy

The exploitation of nominee accountholders, misuse of correspondent relationships and complicity of third-party payment processors continue to frustrate efforts to shield banks from money laundering and terror financing, U.S. officials said Friday.

11th June 2015 - Quoted by The Chicago Tribune

See No Evil, Speak No Evil on Iran?

Mark Dubowitz

For years, the U.S. and its allies have accused Iran of violating U.N.-imposed nuclear sanctions. A special panel of experts set up by the U.N. has investigated a steady torrent of those complaints. Now the panel has a complaint of its own: Where are all the complaints?

11th June 2015 - Quoted by Karen DeYoung - The Washington Post

As an Iran Deal Nears, the Lobbying, Pro and Con, Intensifies

Mark Dubowitz

Speaking at a retirement service for his childhood rabbi last weekend, Steven Fulop, mayor of Jersey City, surprised the congregation by devoting much of his remarks to ongoing negotiations over a nuclear deal with Iran.

11th June 2015 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

More Flaws in the Iran Framework

Mark Dubowitz

It has not been a good week for the president’s Iran framework. It seems the more experts and lawmakers see, the worse the deal looks.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Howard LaFranchi - The Christian Science Monitor

Europe’s Migrant Crisis: Is the Answer for UN to Authorize Use of Force?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

When the world was confronted with a sudden uptick in piracy in the waters off the coast of Somalia seven years ago, the United Nations Security Council authorized the use of force to take on the bandits.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

A ‘Major’ Shift in Iraq or a Useless Gesture?

Clifford D. May

The New York Times eagerly reports a “major” shift in U.S. strategy in Iraq. But wait: It’s 450 troops on a new training base in Anbar Province? There must be some mistake. For that would be a useless, token gesture meant to assuage the media and critics, yet another lame effort to win...

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Erica Wenig - The Daily Caller

ISIS Likely Responsible For Extremist Gunfight At Egyptian Temple

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

An attack by jihadis at an Egyptian temple in Luxor on Wednesday was likely perpetrated by a local affiliate of the Islamic State.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Hurriyet Daily News

Ex-CHP MP Joins US Foreign Policy Foundation

Aykan Erdemir

Dr. Aykan Erdemir, a former member of the Turkish parliament from 2011 to 2015, has joined the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) as a non-resident fellow, the foundation announced in a written statement on June 9.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Jacob Siegel - The Daily Beast

Iraq Militias Threaten U.S. Over Friendly Fire Incident—but Did It Ever Happen?

Bill Roggio

There were two rumors about the U.S. military in Iraq making the rounds Tuesday night.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Nancy A. Youssef - The Daily Beast

Obama’s New Plan to Save Iraq: Tear It Apart

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

President Obama’s decision to send another 450 troops to Iraq is the latest example of a strategy mired in double paradox. The U.S. wants to save a unified Iraq—by strengthening the ethnic and religious militias that could tear the country apart.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

With Eyes on Iran Talks, U.S. Halts Funding of Lebanese Moderates Opposing Hezbollah

Mark Dubowitz

The United States has cut funding to a program “intended [to] foster an independent moderate Shiite voice” in Lebanon, leading critics to fault the move as an effort to appease Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

10th June 2015 - Quoted by Indira Lakshmanan

Mafia-Like Islamic State Taxes and Extorts Like a Drug Cartel

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Juan Zarate

In the last year, a once-obscure extremist group has overrun some of Iraq’s major cities, seized control of oil wells, industries and banks and emerged as the world’s richest and most feared terrorist force.

9th June 2015 - Quoted by Jeff Seldin - Voice of America

Islamic State Militants Eye Mecca, Medina

Reuel Marc Gerecht

From the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, the terror group known as the Islamic State is preparing yet another front in its quest to reestablish an Islamic caliphate, this time hoping to wrest Saudi Arabia from a royal family that has long maintained its grip on power.

9th June 2015 - Quoted by James Warren - The New York Daily News

Obama’s Incomplete ISIS Strategy is ‘Policy Failure’: Expert

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

It was shockingly and depressingly candid. “We don’t have, yet, a compete strategy” to deal with ISIS, President Obama conceded Monday. “The details are not worked out.”

9th June 2015 - Quoted by David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen

Islamic State Makes Use of Captured U.S. Supplied TOW Missile Systems

In a new video released by the Islamic State, the jihadist group shows the capture of the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria…the video also shows at least one US-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile being used against Syrian troops, the Long War Journal reports.

9th June 2015 - Quoted by Sangwoon Yoon - Bloomberg

Countries Don’t Report Iran Sanctions Violations, UN Report Says

Mark Dubowitz

United Nations monitors said governments reported no new incidents of Iran violating Security Council sanctions against its nuclear program, even though some have unfolded in plain sight.

9th June 2015 - Quoted by Mike Giglio - Buzzfeed News

Can Turkey’s Ruling Party Fix Its Erdogan Problem?

Aykan Erdemir

The glowing reputation Turkey’s ruling party built early in its decade-plus in power seemed a distant memory on Sunday as voters punished it at the polls.

9th June 2015 - Quoted The Tower

UN Report: Iranian Sanctions Violations Are Routinely Ignored by West

Mark Dubowitz

A United Nations panel found that Western nations have systematically ignored Iranian violations of international sanctions so as not to jeopardize the talks over Iran’s illicit nuclear program, Bloomberg News reported today. The sanctions were put in place because of the country’s...

8th June 2015 - Quoted by Zack Beauchamp - Vox

Islamic Extremism, Explained

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is nothing if not ambitious. In a speech last July, Baghadi promised his fighters much more than their already large empire in Iraq and Syria: "if you hold to [the Islamic State]," he said, "you will conquer Rome and own the world."

8th June 2015 - Quoted by The Economist

Autocracy Blocked

Aykan Erdemir

FOR Turkey’s Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has won every campaign he has run since being elected mayor of Istanbul in 1994, it was a first taste of defeat. Voters denied his Justice and Development (AK) party a majority in Sunday’s parliamentary polls, thwarting his dreams...


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