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4th January 2012 - Quoted by Ian Talley, Tennille Tracy and Benoit Faucon, The Wall Street Journal

US Urges Iran Oil Importers To Cut Purchases ‘Significantly’

Mark Dubowitz

"There's sufficient flexibility written into the law that the administration can make an assessment on the commitment that these countries have to either reduce the purchases of Iranian oil or driving discounts for Iranian oil

4th January 2012 - Cited by The Los Angeles Times

EU Officials Agree in Principle on Iran Oil Embargo

Mark Dubowitz

The top five European importers of Iranian oil are Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands and France, said Mark Dubowitz, an expert on energy sanctions at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

4th January 2012 - Quoted by Zach Silberman, Washington Jewish Week

2012: It Could be a Year of Middle East Uncertainty

Jonathan Schanzer

In addition, Jonathan Schanzer, vice president of research for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, agreed that the "Iranian nuclear crisis will be the number one security concern of 2012."

3rd January 2012 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Mass Murder in Syria, Inaction by Obama

Jonathan Schanzer

Critics of the administration concede that arming the opposition forces has its downside and may add to political strife and violence after Assad is gone. While acknowledging this concern, Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies tells me

31st December 2011 - Quoted by Frontline, PBS

The Canny General: Quds Force Commander Ghasem Soleimani

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Testifying to the same subcommittee on the same day, the neoconservative Marc Reuel Gerecht, a retired CIA agent who worked in the Middle East for years, made it clear who Keane had primarily in mind

29th December 2011 - Quoted by John Vinocur, The New York Times

Clock Ticking for West to Act on Iranian Nuclear Program

Mark Dubowitz

At the end of February, after the scheduled enactment of new American sanctions, the Department of Energy will issue a report on which countries remain Iran’s oil clients. They may include India, Japan and South Korea

28th December 2011 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

When Will We Know We’ve Run Out of Time on Iran?

Mark Dubowitz

So what to make of all this? First, it’s remarkable that Panetta should make such a mess of things just at the time delicate discussions were going on.

28th December 2011 - Quoted by Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy

Obama Administration Secretly Preparing Options for Aiding the Syrian Opposition

Tony Badran

"It seems awfully risky for the U.S. to be putting its chips all in on that mission," said Tony Badran, a research fellow with the conservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies. "There never was a serious mechanism for it to be a strong initiative."

25th December 2011 - Cited by Eric Schmitt, The New York Times

US Prepares for a Curtailed Relationship With Pakistan

The C.I.A. has conducted 64 missile attacks in Pakistan using drones this year, compared with 117 last year and 53 in 2009, according to The Long War Journal, a Web site that tracks the strikes.

22nd December 2011 - Cited by Lee Ferran, ABC News

New Terror Group Aims ‘To Fulfill Oath’ of Osama Bin Laden: Report

"With this message we send you the good tidings of the birth of the group 'Ansar al-Jihad in the Sinai Peninsula,' and we pledge unto Allah the Great and Almighty to do our best to fight the corrupt regime and its henchmen among the Jews, the Americans, and those around them

22nd December 2011 - Cited by David Brooks, The New York Times

The Sidney Awards, Part II

Speaking about medicine gone wrong, Ethan Gutmann had a chilling piece in The Weekly Standard called “The Xinjiang Procedure” about organ harvesting in China. Prisoners are executed by firing squads and then, as they are slowly dying, doctors are rushed in to harvest livers and kidneys....

22nd December 2011 - Cited by Oren Kessler, The Jerusalem Post

50 US Experts Implore Obama to Press Syria Harder

Tony Badran

Around 50 US-based experts on Middle East policy and strategy signed an open letter to President Barack Obama this week imploring him to demonstrate greater leadership on the Syria crisis.

21st December 2011 - Cited by UPI

Catch-22 for Sanctions on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Mark Dubowitz, executive director of hawkish Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told NPR that Europe has even tougher choices to make in the wake of Gazprom's decision to cut European gas through Ukraine in 2009.

21st December 2011 - Cited by The Times of India

US Puts Brakes on Drones, No Attack in 33 Days

Washington: Pakistan is experiencing the longest respite from punitive drone strikes by the United States. Washington has now gone 33 days without a Predator or Reaper airstrike against terrorist targets in Pakistan, according to statistics compiled by the Long War Journal.

21st December 2011 - Cited by Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

Do You Believe in the “New” Hamas?

Jonathan Schanzer

That’s the conceit behind an article in The National Interest titled “A new Hamas in the Making?” which cites no less an authority than Jane’s military publications that the Islamist group is making a “strategic” shift in strategy which aims at repositioning Gaza’s overlords as...

21st December 2011 - Quoted by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Asjylyn Loder, Bloomberg

US Joins EU Push to Embargo Iran Oil Over Nuclear Effort

Mark Dubowitz

“The ultimate goal is not to take every barrel of Iranian oil off the market, but to significantly decrease the revenue Iran receives for its oil sales,” said Mark Dubowitz, director of the Iran Energy Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington

21st December 2011 - Quoted by Chelsea J. Carter, CNN

Soldiers Just Back From Iraq Get New Orders: Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

"I don't think we are going to turn around guys who spent time in Iraq and put them on planes to Afghanistan ... without there being a clear indication that the Obama administration wants to continue the acceleration of the withdrawal

21st December 2011 - Cited by Union Leader Editorial

Taliban Talk: No Longer Our Enemy?

Clifford D. May

This new White House line might be designed to help in peace negotiations with the Taliban. We hope that is the case.

20th December 2011 - Cited by Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy

Experts to the Administration: Help Syria Now

"As was the case in Libya, the situation in Syria is one in which our interests and our values converge," wrote a bipartisan group of 55 foreign policy experts on Monday in an open letter to Obama.

20th December 2011 - Cited by NTDTV

Former Uighur Surgeon Discloses Live Organ Harvesting in China

Author and rights advocate Ethan Gutmann featured Enver Tohti and several other Uighurs in a report titled "The Xinjiang Procedure,” published in The Weekly Standard earlier this month.


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