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Judge Strikes Ban on Terrorist Funding

A California judge declared unconstitutional a 2001 presidential order blocking funds for terrorist groups, a decision that could affect funding for Hamas and Hezbollah.

Lawyer Sentenced for Aiding Terrorist Client

Lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced Monday to 28 months in prison for helping a terrorist client communicate with his followers, a far less severe sentence than the 30 years sought by federal prosecutors.

Conrad and the American Way

A Washington DC lawyer has written a powerful defence of the former Daily Telegraph owner Conrad Black, which paints the media baron as victim rather than fraudster.

Analysis: US Charges Over al-Manar TV Spark Civil Liberty Fears

US authorities have charged a New York businessman with relaying programmes from Hezbollah television station Al-Manar, named as a global terrorist entity by the US Treasury Department in March this year, the VOA website reported on 24 August.
Hezbollah itself was designated a...

Hezbollah’s Real Representation in Lebanon

Hezbollah’s real representation in Lebanon.


Exclusive: Al Qaeda—The Next Generation

One of the greatest myths about the War on Terror is that our enemy is a static force. Instead, the facts show that since 9/11, Islamist terrorism has been growing and changing in a profoundly dangerous way. So once again, FSM Contributing Editor Dr. Walid Phares sits down to give us the...

Son of Iraqi President Speaks

Qubad Talabani, son of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, believes the power of a centralized government in Baghdad should be “lessened,” and that more autonomy should be given to the 18 provinces that comprise Iraq. It’s a relatively new concept, the younger Talabani told an audience at...

Hardline Hardware:

Anti-Terror Squad Created Prosecution Plan

Prosecutors across the country now have a large arsenal of laws to pursue people suspected of ties to terrorism, but that wasn’t the case when Ramzi Yousef decided to try to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993.

Al-Jazeera Finds Its English Voice

Al-Jazeera, which is launching an English-language network with Washington as a major hub, has landed its first big-name Western journalist: David Frost. And the veteran BBC interviewer says he’s perfectly comfortable with the unlikely marriage.

9/11 suspect finally goes to trial in military system

When alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed walks into his first court appearance Thursday in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it will launch the most high-profile test of a military court system that has been created, destroyed and rebuilt through nearly seven years of wrangling among the...

Muslims’ Response to Tancredo Muted

When Rep. Tom Tancredo talked last week of bombing Mecca if Muslim terrorists set off nuclear devices inside the United States, the comments went beyond his audience of talk-radio enthusiasts. They wound up being discussed on the jihadist website al Ansar wal Sunni, a chat room...

U.N. To Investigate Father-Son Link For Possible Conflict of Interest

The United Nations announced yesterday the launch of an internal investigation into allegations that one of its senior procurement officers, Alexander Yakovlev, violated the world body’s rules by overseeing contracts with a company that employed his son, IHC Services.

Hezbollah’s on Air But Not Everywhere

Al-Manar TV, run by the militant group Hezbollah, leaves little doubt about where it stands.

Springtime for Hamas

There’s something in the air — and it’s not the prattle of baby birds. It’s chatter. Some people listen to the sound, hear dialogue and say it’s swell. I think it sounds like a new language of capitulation.

Security Will Demand Rapid, Far-Reaching Transformation, Experts Say

THE NEWS: Security and military experts are saying that Tom Ridge’s Office of Homeland Security needs to emulate the Pentagaon’s drive since Sept. 11 to revolutionize the way it thinks about threats.

Review of Beacon Of Hatred: Inside Hizballah’s Al-Manar Television

Ignorance may be bliss, but it can also kill. In a world finally devoted to stamping out the ills of the past, a few backward beacons continue to stand out, propagating hate and destruction to all the “believers” willing to turn their television sets to its vile signal. In his book,...

Syria’s Still Squashing Dissent

The huge blast that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut Monday is having repercussions throughout the Middle East and as far away as Paris and Washington.

Amid Praise, Doubts About Nominee’s Post-9/11 Role

On Nov. 28, 2001, then-Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff took a seat before a Senate committee and offered reassurance on two fronts: The Justice Department was unrelenting in pursuit of terrorists. And none of its tactics had trampled the Constitution or federal law.

A Devil’s Brew at the U.N.

Sixty years ago, the signing of the United Nations charter in San Francisco was a beacon of hope to a world still laid low by the ravages of World War II. The U.N.‘s agencies, like UNICEF, have done lots of noble work since then, and its blue-helmeted peacekeepers have been, and remain,...


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