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2nd August 2012 - Quoted by Kent Klein, VOA

White House Dismisses Reports of Aid to Syrian Rebels

White House officials on Thursday dismissed reports that President Barack Obama signed an order to send U.S. aid to Syrian anti-government forces. The administration announced it is sending...

1st August 2012 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Obama Team Panics, Forks Over New Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

Contrary to liberal political pundits’ talking point of the day (Romney’s trip: Bad!), at least the Israel portion of the trip was so successful, and the embarrassment to President Obama so great...

31st July 2012 - Quoted by Mark Landler and Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times

White House and Congress Are in Step Over Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

The White House and Congress raced to impose more punishing sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, as that country’s nuclear ambitions resurfaced in the presidential election campaign...

31st July 2012 - Quoted by The Los Angeles Times

US Moves to Increase Sanctions on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

The Obama administration and Congress each moved Tuesday to further pressure on Iran over its disputed nuclear program. Scrambling on an issue that has been gaining visibility in the election campaign...

31st July 2012 - Quoted by The Wall Street Journal

Iran Sanctions Test

Mark Dubowitz

Nearly everyone in Congress agrees that crippling sanctions ought to be imposed on Iran. Or at least they claim to agree. We're about to find out who means it.

31st July 2012 - Quoted by Laura MacInnis and Roberta Rampton, Reuters

Obama Tightens Sanctions on Banks Helping Iran Sell Oil

Mark Dubowitz

President Barack Obama announced new U.S. sanctions on Tuesday against foreign banks that help Iran sell its oil, efforts that he said would increase pressure on Tehran for failing to meet its international nuclear obligations.

31st July 2012 - Quoted by the Associated Press

Deal Struck to Tighten Sanctions Against Iran

Mark Dubowitz

House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement Monday night on a new round of sanctions against Iran, cracking down on energy, shipping and insurance sectors with punitive measures intended to derail...

31st July 2012 - Quoted by Margaret Talev, Bloomberg

Obama’s New Iran Sanctions Target Energy, China, Iraq Banks

Mark Dubowitz

The U.S. announced new sanctions on Iran’s energy and petrochemical sectors and on banks in China and Iraq that have facilitated transactions on behalf of Iran, steps that President Barack Obama said show...

31st July 2012 - Quoted by Donna Cassata, AP

House, Senate Negotiators Back New Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

Congress is pressing ahead with a new package of crippling sanctions on Iran, expanding on financial penalties and targeting Tehran's energy and shipping sectors in the hope that economic pressure undercuts its suspected nuclear weapons program.

30th July 2012 - Quoted by the Associated Press

House, Senate Negotiators Push to Wrap Up Iran Sanctions Bill, Face Some Criticism in Ranks

Mark Dubowitz

House and Senate negotiators pushed to finish a new round of stifling sanctions on Iran, targeting energy, shipping and insurance sectors with punitive measures to derail Tehran’s suspected push for nuclear weapons.

30th July 2012 - Quoted by Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy

Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

House and Senate negotiators have reached a compromise on a new set of Iran sanctions to be brought to the floor of both chambers this week, but some conservative critics say the compromise isn't strong enough.

29th July 2012 - Quoted by Hilary Leila Krieger, The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: US ‘War of Words’ on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Usually US presidential campaigns are all about drawing contrasts between the candidates, but the Obama team has taken the opposite tack when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program, likely the preeminent foreign policy issue of the race.

28th July 2012 - Quoted by Michael Higgins, National Post - Canada

If Assad Falls, Who Wins?

Jonathan Schanzer

UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan has warned, “Syria is not Libya — it will not implode, it will explode beyond its borders.” With a bomb recently killing four of President Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle...

27th July 2012 - Quoted by the Associated Press

Lawmakers Pressure Congressional Negotiators for Tough Iran Sanctions Bill

Mark Dubowitz

Republicans and Democrats are pressuring congressional negotiators to produce legislation imposing the severest penalties on Iran, targeting its energy sector and financial institutions as the United States...

27th July 2012 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Obama Administration: Who Needs More Sanctions on Iran?

Mark Dubowitz

The worst-kept secret in Washington is that the Obama administration never asked for and is indifferent if not hostile to the latest round of Iran sanctions. President Obama has claimed publicly to have put in place the toughest sanctions yet.

26th July 2012 - Quoted by Danielle Pletka, AEI

Congress and the President: Happy to Go Easier on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

So, this is weird. Most foreign policy types around town agree the Obama administration is conducting foreign (not to speak of domestic) policy through the prism of the elections.

26th July 2012 - Quoted by O Globo - Brazil

Líbano, o Primeiro Refém da Crise Síria

Tony Badran

Na bagagem dos mais de 30 mil refugiados sírios que já cruzaram a fronteira rumo ao Líbano chegam problemas. Humanitários e, principalmente, políticos. À medida que a guerra da oposição...

26th July 2012 - Quoted by Jay Newton-Small, Time

After Assad: What’s Next for the Future of Syria?

With the assassinations last week the regime’s intelligence chief and the defense and interior ministers, the appeal of becoming Target Number One is dwindling.

25th July 2012 - Quoted by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Insuring Ahmadinejad

Mark Dubowitz

The insurance industry and prominent Democratic lawmakers are attempting to water down a new Iran sanctions bill that would penalize any company that underwrites Iranian affiliates, according to insiders on Capitol Hill.

24th July 2012 - Cited by Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy

Conservatives Call on Obama to Establish ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria

Now that the Syrian opposition has established control over territory on the ground, it's time for the United States to help establish "safe zones" inside Syria, a group of mostly conservative experts and former officials said Tuesday.


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