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Speaker Focuses on Terrorist Media

The Hand of Syria Seen in Lebanese Violence

CAIR’s ‘Flying Imams’ Suit Harms Security, Public Vigilance, Experts Say

Broadcasting Hatred

At the end of August, 2006, FBI agents raided a small commercial building in Brooklyn and arrested the owner, a man named Javed Igbal. The small scale entrepreneur from Pakistan was charged with selling satellite dishes and decoders used to receive the Arabic broadcasting station...

New Charges Possible in Hezbollah TV Case

Two New York men accused of trying to broadcast Hezbollah propaganda via satellite television could soon face additional criminal charges that they also streamed the programming over the Internet.

Panel To Urge Pressure On Iraq

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group has recommended to the US President, George Bush, that he threaten to reduce economic and military support for Iraq’s Government if it fails to meet benchmarks intended to improve security in the country.

The Emergent Islam I Want

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, now a Christian and conservative counter-terrorism expert, described his own journey out of a soul-numbing Salafism in his recent memoir, “My Year in Radical Islam.”

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New Terror Groups are Old Ones with New Names

All Terror All the Time

Here is the kind of world it is these days. Once upon a time, terrorists were furtive, shadowy, deep-in-darkness types - being, after all, terrorists. And these days they have their own satellite TV shows.

Welcome to your shower of stars at Al Manar, a channel that is wholly owned and...

After Bombing, Al-Manar TV Keeps On Broadcasting; Sign of Hezbollah Resolve

Soon after the fighting began here, Israeli jets were dispatched on a mission: Take Al-Manar Television, the satellite news channel run by the militant group Hezbollah, off the air. The jets destroyed the station’s five-story headquarters in a southern suburb of the city, then returned to...

Panel Discussion: Women in the Middle East: Progress or Regress?

Al-Arian Admits His Role In Jihad

When Sami Al-Arian denied raising funds for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, he now says he was lying.
The former University of South Florida professor has portrayed himself as a martyr to free speech, a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment and the nation’s war on terrorism. He maintained he...

Expert: Jihadists Can Infiltrate Dubai Ports World

A terrorism expert has revealed a chilling scenario of just how Jihadists could deeply penetrate Dubai Ports World, the embattled <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” /

United Arab Emirates company that is poised to take over operations at many...

Walid Phares, Lebanese Expert States “No peace in Lebanon without Syria’s full pull out and Hizbolla

James Woolsey, Former CIA Director, Speaks To RFE/RL At Forum 2000

RFE/RL: You have written and spoken extensively in the past about World War IV and the war on terrorism. Four years after the invasion of Afghanistan on 7 October, how do you see that proceeding now with things in Iraq and so many different developments having occurred?

Listen, Then Compromise

Last week’s controversy surrounding the drafting of a constitution does not have to be fatal to building a democracy in Iraq.

Jihadists v. Fools on the Bench

HPU Professor Studies Terrorism on Israel Trip

Most people wouldn’t want to spend their summer traveling in an armored bus or with armed escorts, but it suited George Simpson just fine.

Arrests May Signal Shift in Terrorism Tactics; West Boca Doctor Fails to Fit Post 9-11 Profile

The FBI sting operation that led to the arrests of a West Boca Raton doctor and a New York jazz musician may reflect a new phase in counter-terrorism tactics and challenge post-9-11 notions about who’s being watched, experts say.

The Terrorists are Still Among Us, Warn These Authors

Lulled into a sense of false security by the passage of time since Sept. 11, 2001 with no big attack occurring on the continental United States, many of us do not realize that Hezbollah terrorists are using this time to set up a network of “sleeper cells” across our country and Canada.


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