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In Istanbul, Nuclear Talks with Iran Yield No Progress

Sanctions expert Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said the senators were writing out of concern that as talks with Iran continue, the US needs to clarify for itself an endgame that would be acceptable – and that these lawmakers want to make...

The Man Who Fights Iran

WASHINGTON – While Iran takes pleasure in seeing the US and the world focusing on recent developments in the Arab world, one man ensures that the Iranian nuclear threat remain on the agenda. His name is Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies...

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Pols Scramble To Get Ahead of Citigroup


Politicians are scrambling to catch up with the sudden rise in sovereign wealth funds at a time when the least transparent of these funds, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, has announced it is taking a 4.9% stake in one of the largest American banks, Citigroup.

What to Do About Pixels of Hate

Sweden to Defuse Row Over Prophet Cartoon

Iran’s Hot Summer Offensive

Experts Analyze Current Terror Threat

The Scramble for Africa’s Oil

The Internet: A Portal to Violent Islamic Extremism

Hezbollah “Five-Times” Stronger than it was During Israeli War

“Hezbollah is establishing layered-defenses north of the Litani, in the southern and central Bekaa, and they have reinforced their presence in southern Beirut.” says Dr. Walid Phares, director of the Future of Terrorism Project for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. “  ...

Attacks by Hezbollah on Israeli Planes Will Lead to War

Dr. Walid Phares is quoted as saying recent attacks by Hezbollah on Israeli planes will lead to war.


The Jihad Against Free Speech

As far back as September 2003, before the US branches of Al-Haramain were designated and closed, FrontPage Magazine was informing readers of the dangers from this so-called “charity”. Michael Tremoglie questioned why no action had been taken against the group, even after the families of...

If Syrian Officials are Indicted, the Regime May Gradually Crumble

According to Walid Phares, an expert on the Middle East at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington, any such official finding could seriously undermine Assad’s dictatorial regime potentially resulting in the collapse of the entire Syrian Soviet Union-style political...

African Soil is Fertile for Jihadists

EARLY last Saturday morning, after 18 hours of flying, the South African Airways flight to Washington touched down at Dulles International Airport right on schedule. One of its passengers, a South African imam named Ismail Mullah, was on his way to celebrate Ramadan prayers with the...

Experts: Iraq Key Battleground in Terror War

WASHINGTON—“Iraq and Afghanistan still remain the central fronts in the war on terror. A premature withdrawal from either would only embolden Islamic radicals and terrorist extremists in their efforts, leading to more death and destruction for Americans and others.”


Man Provided Hezbollah TV

Javed Iqbal, who runs HDTV Corp., a Brooklyn-based satellite provider, was charged with conspiring to support a terrorist group. In March, the U.S. Treasury Department designated Hezbollah’s al-Manar a “global terrorist network,” effectively freezing the station’s assets in the United...

Bush Blames Syria, Iran as War Clouds Scud

President Bush is blaming Iran and Syria for Hezbollah’s killing of eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapping of two more, prompting the shelling of southern Lebanon, the bombing of strategic targets just south of Beirut, and preparations for an imminent full-scale invasion of Lebanon by...

MI5 Mission: Impossible

‘We will not stop them all.” Eliza Manningham-Buller’s frank admission that further attacks by Islamic extremists are unavoidable is alarming and depressing.

Arab TV Station Put on U.S. Terror List

In its latest effort to step up the pressure on Iran, the Bush administration last week designated Al Manar — a satellite television station controlled by Tehran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah — as a terrorist entity. The move also signals Washington’s growing impatience with Hezbollah’s...


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