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Score One for the Muslim Brotherhood

The Bush administration has decided that calling the enemy by his name is too risky, too politically incorrect, or oddly, somehow too laudatory.


And so, henceforth federal agencies of the United States government are to refrain from identifying the Islamic jihad with words that in any way...

Terror’s Cassandra

The first World Trade Center bombing, in 1993, was the opening salvo in radical Islam’s war against the US, yet its importance was missed by almost the entire intelligence and law enforcement communities.

The man behind that attack was Omar Abdel Rahman, the “Blind Sheikh,” well known to...

Real American Pressure’ Still Needed on Damascus

Under mounting international pressure, Syria announced on Thursday that it will move its troops in Lebanon closer to the Syrian border, but some Syria-watchers see the move as nothing more than an attempt at appeasement.

Jihad Against West is Well-Entrenched, Author Says

“It is sui generis, born of a vision,” said Phares. “This is absolutely clear if you can see it. You have to see it. Though we don’t see clearly the nervous system of the Muslim brotherhood or Al Qaeda, for example, we do see the organization in their network. We see the organization even...

Best of the Web Today - Arabs Fighting for Israel

A recurrent theme among what Clifford May has dubbed the “posthumanitarian left,” often echoed by “realists” on the right, is that Arabs are congenitally or culturally incapable of democracy. But there are in fact some one million Arabs living in the Middle East under a democratic...

Oil-for-Food May Have Funded 9/11 Attacks

In what may be the most shocking news to emerge from the already stunning Oil-for-Food scandal, investigators say that Saddam Hussein bankrolled key al-Qaida players in the late 1990s - a period of time when the terror group was planning the 9/11 attacks and the Iraqi dictator was...

Thank you, America’

Hamela Aqrawee, an Iraqi citizen, has never known freedom.

Al-Qaeda & Taliban Unlawful Combatant Detainees, Unlawful Belligerency, and the International Laws o

Justice for Terrorists

No aspect of the Bush administration’s policies since 9/11 has presented a more enduring source of controversy than its treatment of accused terrorists in its custody. The President’s first response, in the immediate wake of the attacks, was to authorize the creation of military...

The Reliable Source

Dan Senor, the spiffy U.S. spokesman who served for many months as the press briefer on events in Iraq, is back from Baghdad, far more famous than he ever imagined.

Oil for Hussein

AS FRONT pages report every bit of bad news on the Iraqi war front in bold type, newspapers are giving precious little ink to what could be the biggest kickback scheme in world history. Call it: How Saddam Hussein siphoned $10.1 billion for his regime—thanks to the United Nations.


Neocons who once toasted success now under siege: Supporters of the war believe their Iraq plan was

WASHINGTON—As U.S. tanks surrounded Baghdad 14 months ago, an ardent group of war supporters in Washington toasted the success of an invasion they had done much to inspire, as commentators spoke of their virtual takeover of the Bush administration’s foreign policy.

A Great Iraqi

Kanan Makiya is a remarkable man. If all Iraqis were like him, the country would be a flourishing democracy. His is the voice of reason and reasonableness. Humanist intellectuals of his quality are scarce, and generally speaking they have little or no political influence wherever they...

Food for Fraud; U.N.-Saddam Profiteering

Spanish Voters Elect Violence

On Friday, terrorist bombs planted in Madrid trains killed 200 innocent people and wounded 1,500 others. On Saturday, Spaniards filled the streets to demonstrate their outrage over the carnage. Then on Sunday, Spanish voters rewarded the mass murders by electing Socialist Jose Luis...

Hussein Captured; Impact on Attacks

The capture of Saddam Hussein will deliver a sharp psychological blow to his loyalists, but is not likely to incapacitate the broader array of angry citizens and militants from other Arab countries who have been fighting the American occupation, military analysts said yesterday.

The Media Begins to Realize that Terrorists are not Terribly Particular About Their Allies

Back in September, I mentioned in my posting on the Abu Sayyaf link between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein that:

Local student gets first-hand account of Israeli security

When Timberline High School graduate Louis Poppler decided to spend part of the summer studying terrorism, he picked a place that knows it well.


Bush Must Continue his Engagement, Analysts Say

Terrorism a regime tool


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