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24th October 2015 - Quoted by Eliezer Sherman - The Algemeiner

Mideast Experts Decry Palestinian Incitement at House Foreign Affairs Committee

Jonathan Schanzer

The root of tensions over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem can be traced back to the incitement of the Palestinian government in Ramallah, Mideast expert Jonathan Schanzer told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, on Thursday.

23rd October 2015 - Quoted by Hollie McKay -

Alarm Bell: Texas’ ‘Clock Boy’ May Not Enjoy Time in Qatar

The Texas teen who set off a firestorm by bringing a re-assembled clock to his Dallas-area school, then announced through his family plans to leave the country they accuse of anti-Islamic bigotry, may not find his new digs in Qatar so nice, either.

23rd October 2015 - Quoted by Charles Hoskinson - The Washington Examiner

Why the U.S. Won’t Cut Off Aid to Palestinians

Jonathan Schanzer

Lawmakers want to reduce or eliminate the $500 million a year in aid and security assistance the United States gives to the Palestinian Authority amid evidence that its leaders are inciting violence against Israelis.

23rd October 2015 - Quoted by Steven Metz - World Politics Review

The U.S. Must Adopt Realistic Objectives for Afghanistan

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn, Michael G. Waltz

A few years ago Afghanistan seemed on the path to success. The economy was doing relatively well. The Taliban were losing ground to Afghan security forces, the U.S. military and units from other partner nations. The new president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, seemed more willing to tackle...

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by Michael Wilner - The Jerusalem Post

House Resolution Would Accuse Palestinian Authority of Incitement

Jonathan Schanzer

The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday debated and passed a resolution that would condemn the Palestinian Authority for "anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement."

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Letters About Iran Are Not Enough, Senators

Mark Dubowitz

Yesterday Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, along with Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Mark Warner (D-Va.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Ron Wyden...

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by Guy Taylor - The Washington Times

Hillary Clinton Says Libya Chaos Shows Consequences of U.S. Withdrawal From Unstable Places

Bill Roggio

While all eyes in Washington watch the clash between former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and House Republicans over events in Benghazi four years ago, chaos reigns in Libya, where two separate governments battle for control. Islamists are in control in the capital city of...

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

UNRWA Suspends Employees for Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

Claudia Rosett

The United Nations has taken disciplinary action against at least 22 employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) who used social media to promote anti-Semitism, the watchdog organization UN Watch reported Thursday. The employees’ misconduct was initially exposed in...

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by Julian Pecquet - Al-Monitor

US Sends ‘Message’ to Abbas With $80 Million Aid Cut

Jonathan Schanzer

The Obama administration is cutting aid to the Palestinians by $80 million in what congressional sources describe as a "message" to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

22nd October 2015 - Quoted by Shane Dixon Kavanaugh - Vocativ

An Emboldened Taliban Is Capturing A Shocking Chunk Of Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

The Taliban stunned many in the international community last month when it stormed the city of Kunduz, seizing the strategic stronghold from Afghan forces and freeing 500 militants from a local jail.

21st October 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

10 Ways Iran Has Flouted International Law Since Signing the Nuclear Deal

Emanuele Ottolenghi, Mark Dubowitz, Benjamin Weinthal

October 19 was “adoption day,” one of the markers of the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers in July. It is the date by which Iran says it will voluntary adopt measures governing inspections of its nuclear sites, while the United States and Europe will begin the process of...

20th October 2015 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Menendez is Right, Again, on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), stalwart critic of the Iran deal, deserves to say “I told you so.”

20th October 2015 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand and Jeremy Bender - Business Insider

Insanely Clear Drone Footage Shows a Syrian Army Offensive in a Rebel Stronghold of Damascus

Boris Zilberman

Unnervingly clear drone footage shows an ongoing Syrian army offensive against a rebel stronghold in Damascus.

19th October 2015 - Quoted by Julian Pecquet - Al Monitor

Europe Seen as Wild Card as Iran Nuclear Deal Goes Into Effect

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Critics of the nuclear deal with Iran want the Obama administration to quickly set firm limits on sanctions relief to prevent the international coalition that brought Tehran to the table from unraveling.

19th October 2015 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

ISIS Training Ring for Children Discovered in Turkey’s Capital

Aykan Erdemir

An ISIS training camp for children has reportedly been discovered in Istanbul, according to the English-language Turkish newspaper the Hurriyet Daily News.

16th October 2015 - Quoted by Sarah Almukhtar and Karen Yourish - The New York Times

14 Years After U.S. Invasion, the Taliban Are Back in Control of Large Parts of Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

The Taliban have a significant footprint in Afghanistan, according to Bill Roggio, the editor of The Long War Journal, an online publication that is tracking Taliban control.

16th October 2015 - Quoted by Carol Morello - The Washington Post

Why This Sunday is a Significant Day for the Iran Nuclear Deal

Mark Dubowitz

After many years of fitful negotiations, Iran is expected within days to start dismantling parts of its nuclear facilities and reducing its uranium stockpiles under international supervision.

15th October 2015 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

Turkey’s Worst Terror Attack Ever ‘Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen’

Aykan Erdemir, Jonathan Schanzer

Two suicide bombers who killed over 100 people at a peace rally in Ankara last weekend — the worst terror attack ever on Turkish soil — were on the radar of security officials' radar long before they carried out their attack.

14th October 2015 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

The Administration’s Orwellian Language

Mark Dubowitz

It is a truism that if one does not think straight, one’s words will be confused and one’s actions are likely to reflect that confusion. This is nowhere more evident than in the Obama administration, which now deploys Orwellian language to obscure evil and hide from its own obligations....

14th October 2015 - Quoted by Josh Siegel - The Daily Signal

What’s Behind the Latest Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Grant Rumley

A new surge in Palestinian-Israeli attacks is drawing international attention because of its uniqueness.


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