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2nd March 2014 - Quoted by Today's Zaman

US Experts: Erdoğan’s Horrifying Authoritarianism Worrisome

Jonathan Schanzer

Several American intellectuals have raised their concerns over Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's current policies, saying his authoritarianism is worrying.

28th February 2014 - Cited by Alparslan Esmer, VOA Turkey

Türkiye’ye ‘Terör Finansmanı’ Suçlaması

Jonathan Schanzer

Amerikalı bir uzman tarafından kaleme alınan bir rapor, Türkiye’yi Washington’un yıllardır sürdürdüğü yaptırım politikalarına aykırı hareket etmekle suçluyor ve...

28th February 2014 - Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Iran Advancing Its Nuclear Program Despite Pact with West

Mark Dubowitz

Iran is moving ahead with a nuclear program that U.S. officials said would be frozen, and it is now clear the USA and other world powers are willing to accept...

28th February 2014 - Quoted by Tim Starks, CQ Roll Call

GOP May Not Get New Iran Sanctions, But Push Won’t Disappear

Mark Dubowitz

President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been able to hold off congressional action on Iran so far, but the issue is not going away...

27th February 2014 - Quoted by Eric Auner, World Politics Review

Russian Arms Talks Underscore Uncertainty of Egypt-U.S. Ties

Jonathan Schanzer

Last November, the United States suspended aid and arms transfers to Egypt in reaction to the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi. In contrast, earlier this month, Russian...

27th February 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Our Next President Must be the Anti-Obama

Clifford D. May

While some in the GOP might seek to mimic (or even surpass!) President Obama’s reticence to assert U.S. power, most on the right recognize that we are going...

27th February 2014 - Quoted by Jonathan Saul, Reuters

Iran’s Oil Fleet Looks to Come in From Cold as Exports Pick Up

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's oil tanker fleet is gearing up for more business, with some vessels taking to the high seas after over more than a year at home ports, another sign that an easing...

27th February 2014 - Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon, The Jerusalem Post

Erdogan Says Phone Taps of Him are Fakes From ‘Robot Lobby’

Jonathan Schanzer

Turks in the conservative Istanbul district where Recep Tayyip Erdogan grew up stood defiantly by their prime minister on Wednesday in the face of a voice recording...

26th February 2014 - Quoted by Michael Hirsh, National Journal

Is the CIA Better Than the Military at Drone Killings?

Bill Roggio

It’s been more than a year since incoming CIA Director John Brennan signaled his intention to shift drone warfare to the Pentagon as soon as possible. Brennan, a career...

26th February 2014 - Quoted by Ilhan Tanir, Posta 212

Washington’dan rapor üstüne rapor

Jonathan Schanzer

Rapor 10 başlıktan kurulu ve son zamanlarda Türkiye’nin adının sıkça birlikte anılmaya başlandığı ve Schanzer’in de üzerinde daha önce de sıkça durduğu terörizm bağlantılı...

26th February 2014 - Cited by Jayson Browder, Digital Journal

The Gray List : Turkey’s Financing of Terrorism

Jonathan Schanzer

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recently gathered in Paris, France to analyze the efforts of countries around the world in combating the financing of terrorism...

26th February 2014 - Quoted by Benny Avni, Newsweek

Obama No Longer Wants America to Depose Tyrants

Mark Dubowitz

What ever happened to regime change? In President Obama’s Washington, officials often say that a leader of this or that country has lost “legitimacy.” They coordinate...

25th February 2014 - Quoted by David Kashi, International Business Times

Turkish Courts Return $4.5 Million to Accused ‘Cash-For-Gold’ Suspect

Mark Dubowitz

In a surprising decision, Turkish courts have returned the $4.5 million in cash that authorities found in shoe boxes during a Dec. 17 raid on the home of the former...

25th February 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Obama About to Repeat Iraq Disaster

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Reuters is reporting “U.S. President Barack Obama has told the Pentagon to prepare for the possibility that the United States will not leave behind any troops in...

25th February 2014 - Quoted by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Pentagon Contractors Exploring Business with Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Multiple companies currently exploring new business ventures in Iran are also cashing in on highly lucrative contracts with the U.S. Defense Department, raising...

25th February 2014 - Cited by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Five top Gitmo Parolees Who Returned to Terror

Thomas Joscelyn

About 170, or 30% of released Guantanamo Bay detainees have gone on to engage in terrorist activities, and many have been Killed, died in fighting or were...

25th February 2014 - Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Ex-Gitmo Detainee Latest to be Suspected of Terrorism

Thomas Joscelyn

The arrest of a former Guantanamo prisoner in England on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism is the latest example of a failed release program that is setting free unrepentant...

24th February 2014 - Quoted by Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast

Jihadist Vendetta Takes Out Qaeda Leader

Thomas Joscelyn

Al-Qaeda’s top leader in Syria was killed on Sunday in a suicide bombing in the city of Aleppo that some rebels say was carried out by a jihadist group recently...

24th February 2014 - Quoted by Aryn Baker, Time

Al Qaeda’s Top Envoy Killed in Syria by Rival Rebel Group

Thomas Joscelyn

Running an international terrorist organization from a hiding place somewhere in Pakistan isn’t easy. Even though war, be it in Somalia, Yemen or Libya, presents great...

23rd February 2014 - Quoted by Deniz Arslan, Today's Zaman

Growing Authoritarianism in Turkey Faces Minor Repercussions Abroad

Jonathan Schanzer

While the Turkish government is turning into a more authoritarian regime by limiting freedom of expression, controlling the judiciary, tightening its grip on power...


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