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27th June 2017 - Foreign Policy

It’s Time for the Trump Administration to Step Up in the Qatar Crisis

John Hannah

Late last week, the Gulf crisis took a new turn when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain at long last presented the regime in Qatar with a list of 13 demands that must be accepted before they are prepared to reestablish normal political and economic relations.

25th June 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Israeli Party Chair Slams Berlin Mayor for Allowing Hezbollah Rally

Benjamin Weinthal

Al-Quds Day rally in Berlin called for Israel's destruction.

25th June 2017 - The National Interest

Why Turkey Chose Qatar

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

A few weeks after the Saudi-led diplomatic blitz targeting Qatar, there is no doubt that Ankara stands firmly with Doha. Under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has developed a close albeit asymmetrical partnership with Qatar.

23rd June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: 2 US cases provide unique window into Iran’s global terror network

Thomas Joscelyn

On June 8, the Department of Justice (DOJ) made an announcement that deserves more attention. Two alleged Hizballah operatives had been arrested inside the United States after carrying out various missions on behalf of the Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization.

23rd June 2017 - The Hill

These days, it’s the clash of the Arabian Gulf cash in Washington

Jonathan Schanzer

A nasty internecine conflict has erupted in the Arabian Gulf. Led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a gaggle of Arab states have singled out the tiny emirate of Qatar for backing a wide range of terrorist groups and fomenting regional unrest through its sponsorship of the...

23rd June 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Berlin Mayor Allows Hezbollah to March in ‘Zionists out of Israel’ Rally

Benjamin Weinthal

Posters with anti-Israel slogans and Israeli flags with crossed out Stars of David blanketed the streets of Berlin.

22nd June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban suicide bomber strikes bank in Helmand

Bill Roggio

The Taliban claimed credit for a suicide attack that targeted a bank in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital of Helmand, earlier today.

22nd June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US kills AQAP provincial emir in Yemen airstrike

Bill Roggio

US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced today that a provincial leader for al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen was killed in an airstrike on June 16.

21st June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Islamic State destroys mosque where Baghdadi delivered first speech as ‘caliph’

Thomas Joscelyn

The Iraqi government announced today that the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri in Mosul has been destroyed.

21st June 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Saudi King Ousts His Crown Prince

David Andrew Weinberg

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman dismissed his heir, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, on Wednesday morning local time.

21st June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban overruns district in Afghan north

Bill Roggio

The Taliban took control of a district center in the northern Afghan province of Jawzjan over the past 24 hours.

21st June 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

BDS Activists Launch Tirade Against MK and Holocaust Survivor in Berlin

Benjamin Weinthal

One protestor, wearing a t-shirt with the words "Boycott Israel," accused the Israeli MK representative of apartheid.

20th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US shoots down another Iranian UAV over Syria

Bill Roggio

arlier today, the US military shot down its second unmanned areal vehicle over Syria in the past two weeks. US Central Command (CENTCOM) said that the Iranian-made drone was shot down after it “displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces.”

20th June 2017 - The Wall Street Journal

Tehran’s Own Worst Enemy

Reuel Marc Gerecht

A theocratic regime has made Iranians less observant. The number of clerics in parliament has diminished greatly since the revolution. Reuel Marc Gerecht reviews “Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed” by Misagh Parsa.

20th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces an ‘important and blessed phenomenon,’ Khamenei says

Amir Toumaj

Iraqi Prime Minister Hayder al Abadi arrived in Tehran today to meet with senior Iranian government officials.

20th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

CENTCOM confirms Islamic State’s ‘Grand Mufti’ killed in airstrike

Thomas Joscelyn

US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed today that the Islamic State’s Turki al-Bin’ali was killed in a May 31 airstrike in Mayadin, Syria.

19th June 2017 - Jerusalem Post

Kansas Governor Signs Anti-BDS Law

Benjamin Weinthal

Kansas on Friday became the 21st US state to enact a law barring boycotts of the Jewish state.

19th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US downs Syrian warplane while defending SDF

Bill Roggio

The US military shot down a Syrian fighter bomber yesterday after it attacked Syrian Democratic Forces in a town recently liberated from the Islamic State.

19th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Iranian media reports missile strike in Syria

Behnam Ben Taleblu

On Sunday, Iranian outlets reported that their country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Aerospace Force (IRGC-AF) fired several missiles against “Takfiri terrorists” in the Syrian governorate of Deir ez-Zor.

18th June 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban suicide team assaults provincial police headquarters

Bill Roggio

A Taliban suicide team stormed the provincial police headquarters in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia today, killing at least six policemen before ultimately being gunned down.


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