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22nd March 2018 - Quoted by Josh Lederman and Matthew Lee - Associated Press

Will a revised Iran deal prove to be good enough for Trump?

Richard Goldberg

Trump administration negotiators have a tough sales job as they pressure European allies to accept new restrictions to “fix” the Iran nuclear deal: Even if the Europeans agree, President Donald Trump may blow up the deal anyway.

22nd March 2018 - Quoted by Conor Finnegan - ABC

‘Constructive talks’ toward new Iran deal no guarantee Trump won’t tear it up, top US negotiator say

Behnam Ben Taleblu

U.S. and European partners have held "constructive talks" toward a side agreement to address what the Trump administration sees as the flaws in the Iran nuclear deal, according to the top U.S. negotiator.

22nd March 2018 - Quoted by Fox Business

Trump appears closer to terminating Iran deal: ex-Saudi envoy

Clifford D. May

A former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia said Tuesday that President Donald Trump appears to be moving closer to terminating the Iran nuclear deal, which comes up for renewal next month.

21st March 2018 - Quoted by Elliott Abrams - Council on Foreign Relations

What’s Next For Lebanon? Stability and Security Challenges

Tony Badran

21st March 2018 - Quoted by Alex Lockie - Business Insider

Israel admits it took out a Syrian reactor in 2007 — and it may have prevented a nuclear ISIS

Jonathan Schanzer

Israel's military admitted on Tuesday what intelligence communities around the world had long known — that Israeli airstrikes had taken out a would-be nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007.

21st March 2018 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Germany Selling Iran Chemical Weapons Tech, Boosting Anti-Israel Efforts as U.S. Dems Block Trump Am

Richard Goldberg

U.S. officials are increasingly alarmed by a congressional block on President Donald Trump's pick to be the next ambassador to Germany, a holdup that comes as Berlin pursues a host of anti-Israel measures and is growing closer to Iran, according to multiple administration insiders who spoke...

21st March 2018 - Quoted by Gardiner Harris - The New York Times

U.S. Taking Negotiations ‘One Week at a Time’ on Expiring Iran Deal

Mark Dubowitz

As they gathered last week, perhaps for the last time, diplomats from countries that brokered the Iran nuclear accord publicly and uniformly declared it was working — despite a death watch over the deal in Washington.

20th March 2018 - Quoted by Jewish Insider

Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: March 20, 2018

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

"What happens the day after Trump pulls out of the Iran deal" by Josh Rogin.

20th March 2018 - Quoted by The Israel Project

The Daily TIP: Expert on PA Politics: Escalation in Israel’s Gaza Border Fueled by Hamas’s Challenge

Jonathan Schanzer

Leaked documents, obtained by The Jerusalem Post, have shown that Palestinian Authority (PA) Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and General Intelligence Service chief Majed Faraj, as well as two lower-level officials, stayed at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, racking up a...

20th March 2018 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

UN Official Gives Speech to U.S. Group That Advocates Destruction of Israel

Richard Goldberg

A top United Nations official is facing criticism following a recent speech before a well known anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state, denies Israel's right to exist, and has promoted anti-Semitic materials.

20th March 2018 - Quoted by Josh Rogin - The Washington Post

What happens the day after Trump pulls out of the Iran deal

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

While the public debate rages over President Trump’s threat to pull the United States out of the Iran deal, actors both inside and outside the U.S. government are planning for what happens the day after the United States exits — a scenario that looks increasingly likely.

19th March 2018 - Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Syndicate

Taylor Force Act hits snag in Senate as pro-Israel groups urge passage

Tyler Stapleton

Amid never-ending speculation over the release of President Donald Trump’s much anticipated Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, a major piece of legislation making its way through Congress may have a profound impact on the already strained ties between the United States and the Palestinians....

19th March 2018 - Quoted by Alex Lockie - Business Insider

Why Russia, Assad, and Iran combined don’t stand a chance against just 2,000 US troops in Syria

Tony Badran

Since the US-led effort against the Islamic State has reclaimed almost all of the terrorist group's territory in Syria, 2,000 or so US forces remain in control of the country's rich oil fields.

19th March 2018 - Quoted by Benny Avni - The New York Post

Germany’s shameless power play against Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

Remember when the new Germany was keen to put its historical baggage behind it and be Israel’s best friend in Europe?

19th March 2018 - Quoted by David Gilbert - Vice

Criminals are racing to cash out their bitcoin. Here’s how they’re doing it

Yaya J. Fanusie

The bitcoin scam worked — almost too well.

18th March 2018 - Quoted by Saudi Gazette

Crown Prince prepares to leave for US

John Hannah

As Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, prepares to embark on a historic visit to the US where he is scheduled to meet President Donald Trump on Tuesday, the US media has been all praise for the reforms taking place in the Kingdom.

18th March 2018 - Quoted by Carlo Munoz - The Washington Times

Pakistan claims rebirth in tribal regions, but U.S. doubts commitment to war on terror

Bill Roggio

These are the supposed hallmarks of Pakistani tribal border regions touted by Islamabad, an image paid for with blood and treasure in a two-year campaign to clear North Waziristan’s provincial capital from groups such as the Pakistani Taliban and notorious Haqqani network.

16th March 2018 - Quoted by Amir Tibon - Haaretz

With Tillerson Out, Qatar and Saudis Left Sweating on Where Pompeo Stands on Gulf Crisis

Jonathan Schanzer

President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Mike Pompeo as his next secretary of state could lead to a change in the U.S. administration’s approach to the spat between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors, say Mideast experts. What’s unclear is how fundamental that change will be.

16th March 2018 - Quoted by Dwayne Harmon - The Newburgh Gazette

State Department looks past Tillerson to get ready for Pompeo

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Pompeo is perceived as a North Korea hawk, but he and Trump are, according to the president, "on the same wavelength".

16th March 2018 - Quoted by Joel Gehrke - The Washington Examiner

Europe running out of time to save the Iran deal

Behnam Ben Taleblu

European allies negotiating with the United States on how to fix the Iran nuclear deal are running out of time to convince President Trump to remain in the agreement, according to U.S. officials and administration allies.


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