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24th October 2014 - Quoted by Nicole Gaouette - Bloomberg

Lone-Wolf Attacks Duel With Airstrikes in New Warfare Era

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Six needle-nosed CF-18 fighter jets took off from the Canadian Forces base in Cold Lake, Alberta, Oct. 21 to join the coalition fighting Islamic State.

24th October 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Hints of An Iran Giveaway

Mark Dubowitz

Our lead negotiator at the P5+1 talks, Wendy Sherman, gave a speech Thursday on the status of the negotiation. If her aim was to say nothing of any import, she almost succeeded.

24th October 2014 - Quoted by Tom Blackwell - National Post

Canada Should Give Police More Power to Arrest Would-Be Terrorists Before They Attack, Experts Say

Sheryl Saperia

For 10 years in the wake of 9/11, Canada has gradually built a broad counter-terrorism strategy, including some decidedly controversial measures.

24th October 2014 - Quoted by Benny Avni - Newsweek

ISIS Affiliate Turns on Egypt: 26 Killed, 26 Injured

Oren Kessler

With the West focusing on ISIS’s advances in the north, near Turkey, the Islamist terrorists are opening a new front, in the Sinai Peninsula.

24th October 2014 - Cited by Janine Davidson - Council on Foreign Relations

“Syria’s Stalingrad;” The Hunt for a Submarine (?) in October

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Your Weekend Reader, parsing the best stories of the week:

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Louis Jacobson - Politifact

Could Terrorists Use Ebola to Attack the United States?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The possibility that terrorists could attack the United States using Ebola as a bioweapon -- the mutant spawn of Americans’ two biggest fears -- has been catnip for some politicians and commentators.

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Top Iranian Official: Obama is ‘The Weakest of U.S. Presidents’

Saeed Ghasseminejad

The Iranian president’s senior advisor has called President Barack Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents” and described the U.S. leader’s tenure in office as “humiliating,” according to a translation of the highly candid comments provided to the Free Beacon.

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Sharona Schwartz - The Blaze

Nightmare: Qatar Was Elected to the U.N. Human Rights Council, but That Could Be Just the Beginning

David Andrew Weinberg

Middle East watchers are sounding alarm bells over reported behind-the-scenes maneuverings underway to have the former prime minister of Qatar – a key sponsor of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas – appointed secretary-general of the United Nations when Ban Ki-Moon’s term expires in...

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Jeff Seldin - VOA News

Analysis: Concerns Rise About US Intel Capabilities on IS

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Concerns about the capabilities of U.S. intelligence agencies have been steadily rising, sparked in part by comments from President Barack Obama that they “underestimated” the rise of the group known as Islamic State.

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times

Hawks on the Hunt: GOP Pounces on Obama Foreign Policy Flubs for Poll Edge

Clifford D. May

Republicans are putting President Obama’s foreign policy on the ballot this year, and with the GOP poised to make big gains, including possibly capturing control of the Senate, the White House will see more constraints on its policies toward Ukraine, Iran and the Islamic State terrorists....

23rd October 2014 - Quoted by Julian Pecquet - Al-Monitor

US Rules Out ‘Shutting Down’ Economy in Islamic State Areas

Jonathan Schanzer

The Treasury Department’s point man on combating the Islamic State (IS) said Oct. 23 that the United States was opposed to “shutting down” economic activity in IS-controlled areas.

22nd October 2014 - Quoted by Jeff Schogol - Military Times

Kidnapping Plot in Turkey Raises New Questions About U.S. Troops’ Safety

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

A bold yet ultimately unsuccessful kidnapping plot orchestrated by the Islamic State in Turkey raises new questions about the safety of U.S. troops and other American personnel stationed throughout the country.

21st October 2014 - Interviewed by Joel Wing - Business Insider

Interview: This Is The ISIS Mastermind Responsible For The Group’s Advance Through Western Iraq

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and an adjunct assistant professor at Georgetown University.

21st October 2014 - Cited by Catherine Herridge - Fox News

Taliban Claim Freed ex-Gitmo Prisoners Visited by Members of Terror Group

Thomas Joscelyn

The Taliban are claiming that two senior members of the Haqqani terror network recently visited the five former Guantanamo detainees who were traded for an American soldier, raising new questions about the terms of their one-year house arrest in Qatar and eventual release in the spring as...

21st October 2014 - Quoted by Brett Logiurato - Business Insider

Obama Might Try To Circumvent Congress On An Iran Deal — And He’s Already Getting An Earful

Mark Dubowitz

Anonymous Obama administration officials suggested that US President Barack Obama might try to circumvent Congress on approval of any deal with Iran on its nuclear program, prompting bipartisan backlash from members of Congress and from pundits.

20th October 2014 - Cited by Patrick Brennan - National Review Online

Of Course U.S. Humanitarian Aid Is Making Its Way to ISIS

Jonathan Schanzer

A noticeable share of the humanitarian aid that the U.S. and other Western countries are sending to Syria is being skimmed or intercepted by the Islamic State, Jamie Dettmer of the Daily Beast reports from Turkey.

19th October 2014 - Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - The Daily Beast

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS

Jonathan Schanzer

Not only are foodstuffs, medical supplies—even clinics—going to ISIS, the distribution networks are paying ISIS ‘taxes’ and putting ISIS people on their payrolls.

19th October 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Chasing a Bad Deal With Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Reporting on the “P5+1″ talks over the last month or so suggests the administration is trying one gambit after another in a desperate attempt to strike a deal by the Nov. 24 deadline, which was extended from July 20.

17th October 2014 - Cited by Fatih Altayli - Today's Zaman

Would Turkey Be Booted From NATO?

Jonathan Schanzer

One needs to read what is written on Turkey by foreign sources in order to better understand in which direction the country is drifting and how Turkey's position is perceived internationally.

17th October 2014 - Quoted by Sharon Behn - VOA News

Analysts: Islamic State Will Be Hard to Defeat

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

As U.S. and coalition partners repeatedly bomb Islamic State fighters trying to capture the Syrian city of Kobani, analysts in the United States warn that the IS organization is an experienced and resilient force that will be hard to defeat.


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