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20th June 2013 - Quoted by Alana Goodman, The Washington Free Beacon

New Iranian President Tied to 1994 Bombing

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rowhani was on the special Iranian government committee that plotted the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires...

20th June 2013 - Quoted by Carmen Gentile, USA Today

Afghan Police Adapt in Face of US Drawdown

Bill Roggio

Armored vehicles carrying U.S. and Afghan Special Forces arrive at this remote village and are greeted by dozens of angry men. They scream that the Afghan Local Police (ALP)...

20th June 2013 - Quoted by Alana Goodman, The Washington Free Beacon

UN Troops On the March

Claudia Rosett

The United Nations is in the process of deploying a 3,000-strong intervention force in the Democratic Republic of Congo to fight armed rebel groups in a move that some...

18th June 2013 - Interviewed by la Razon - Spain

Al Régimen de Asad No le Quedan Cartas

Emanuele Ottolenghi

La tardía decisión de Obama de apoyar a los rebeldes responde a la idea de que el régimen de Asad puede ganar la guerra. Dudo que en la reunión del G-8 se proponga...

17th June 2013 - Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Iran President Talks Moderation, Maintains Nuclear Goal

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Western hopes that Iran's newly elected president signals a new moderate shift by the mullahs who run the country may be misplaced, given Hasan Rowhani's support...

17th June 2013 - Interview by the Russian International Affairs Council

Online Radicalization to Violence

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The Internet is actively used by terrorist to inform, motivate and recruit “lone wolf” extremists and terrorists. Online self-radicalization to violence is the rising threat that...

14th June 2013 - Quoted by Sohrab Ahmari, The Wall Street Journal

Iranian Electioneering on U.S. Soil

Mark Dubowitz

Civil War buffs know Manassas, Va., as the site of the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861, but tomorrow the city will play a bit role in Iran's presidential election. Indeed, Manassas...

14th June 2013 - Quoted by Oren Dorell and Ahmed Kwider, USA TODAY

US Weapons Can Get to Syria Rebels Via Familiar Route

Tony Badran

Now that President Obama has decided to provide military assistance to Syrian rebels, the next step is not difficult, said a military analyst who's been studying the Syria conflict.

14th June 2013 - Quoted by Matt Vasilogambros, National Journal

Could Protests in Turkey Hurt US Effort to Arm Syrian Rebels?

Tony Badran

Now that the U.S. is moving toward arming the Syrian rebels, American allies in the region will play an increasingly important role in the coming months.

7th June 2013 - Cited by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Iranian Presidential Election Offers Limited Options

Iranians will have few good options in the country’s June 14 presidential election, according to Radio Free Europe correspondent and Iran expert Golnaz Esfandiari.

7th June 2013 - Quoted by Lara Vergnaud, Your Middle East

Tunisia’s Salafist Tango and the Long Road to Stability

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Tunisia’s Islamist government, led by the moderate Ennahda party, has long struggled to rein in Salafist extremism, flip flopping from tacit approval of the ultraconservative...

7th June 2013 - Quoted by Reuters

Iran Snaps Up 600,000 Tonnes of Wheat, Pays Premium

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's state grains buyer GTC swept back into international markets, picking up more than half a million tonnes of wheat to shore up domestic stocks as its crop expectations...

7th June 2013 - Quoted by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Hamas Threatens to Shutter Christian Schools in Hamas-Run Gaza

Jonathan Schanzer

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is threatening to shutter five Christian schools for allowing boys and girls to study in the same classroom, according to reports.

5th June 2013 - Quoted by Daniel Wiser, Washington Free Beacon

Inaction in Syria Emboldens Iran

Tony Badran

The United States continues to embolden Iran by not intervening in the Syrian civil war, according to testimony by security experts at a House subcommittee Wednesday.

5th June 2013 - Quoted by Zach Pontz, The Algemeiner

Report: Hamas Faux ‘Journalists’ Remain on Newseum’s Memorial Wall

Jonathan Schanzer

The names of two terrorists whose inclusion in a tribute by the Newseum to journalists killed in the line of duty stirred controversy last month, remain on the Newseum’s “Memorial Wall,”...

5th June 2013 - Quoted by Michael Wilner, The Jerusalem Post

House Committee Examines Obama Policy on Syria

Tony Badran

The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs addressed President Barack Obama’s performance in Syria on Wednesday, criticizing perceived backpedaling...

4th June 2013 - Quoted by Steve LeVine, Quartz

The 37 Front Companies That the US Government Says Enrich Iran’s Leaders and Circumvent Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

With less than two weeks to go before Iran’s presidential election, the US today accused the country’s leaders of earning billions of dollars through front companies that also help...

4th June 2013 - Quoted by Timothy Gardner, Reuters

US Expected to Extend Waivers on Iran Sanctions to India, China

Mark Dubowitz

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is likely to renew waivers on Iran oil sanctions for India, China and several other countries as soon as Wednesday, in exchange for their reducing...

4th June 2013 - Quoted by Nicole Gaouette, Bloomberg

US Seen Renewing Sanction Waivers on Iran Oil Importers

Mark Dubowitz

The U.S. plans an announcement tomorrow on waivers exempting nine nations that import oil from Iran from U.S. sanctions aimed at thwarting Tehran’s nuclear program.

4th June 2013 - Quoted by Keith Johnson, The Wall Street Journal

Treasury Ramps Up Iran Sanctions, Amid Skepticism

Mark Dubowitz

The U.S. announced a new set of Iran sanctions on Tuesday, targeting a network of firms that U.S. officials said were front companies that reap billions of dollars in profits...


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