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Ex-CIA Boss Urges Curbs on Oil Firms Supplying Iran

“Congress has embraced the idea of using Iran’s economic Achilles’ heel, its heavy dependence on gasoline imports for about 40 percent of its domestic needs, to pressure the regime,” Mark Dubowitz, executive director at foreign policy group the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said in...

Seven Myths About Iran

(3) Sanctions don’t work, and usually wind up strengthening the regime at the expense of its own people.

That’s only true when the sanctioned regimes have strong internal controls, relatively pliant populations, and zero interest in international respectability. It’s also true that sanctions...

Congress Pushes Forward on Bill Amid Possible Deal on U.N. Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz, director of the Iran Energy Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based think tank, said the development at the United Nations “certainly frees up Rep. Berman,” whose committee has teamed with Dodd’s to take the lead in crafting the conference...

U.S. Issues First Penalties Under Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a research organization that favors strong sanctions, said that “if the Obama administration opts for only symbolic and selective measures, it could collapse our Iran policy, making it likely to require more drastic measure to...

Egypt Referendum May Empower Muslim Brotherhood’

A third expert at Monday’s event, FDD’s director of the Center for Law and Counterterrorism Thomas Joscelyn, argued that whatever Muslim Brotherhood groups said about non-violence, their willingness to countenance suicide bombing revealed their true nature.

He contended that while the...

Snaring the N-Jihadi

Still Images Suggest bin Laden Video Doctored to Seem New

Hiraba versus Jihad

DC Meetings on Lebanon

Musharraf Blamed for al Qaida’s Resurgence

Persian Puzzles

Israeli Flotilla Raid Was Justified

I’d suggest to him that he do what I did - study a variety of the most probing news accounts and visit such commentators as Benjamin Weinthal (also upset at this disproportion business), Mona Charen and Max Boot. He could thus gain a number of useful insights, including the knowledge that...

Stalking Terrorists in Africa’s Horn

A History of Violence

Bikfaya, where three people were killed and many others injured earlier this week by a bomb planted on a bus, is in the Christian heartland of Mount Lebanon, and has hosted a large Christian community since well before the time of the Islamic conquests. In the past, the high mountain...

Training Trainers in Anti-Terrorism: The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

People who wish to know the facts about defense issues would be hard pressed to find an organization more trustworthy and informative than the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. It’s also done the job news media organizations refuse to do: expose corruption.

What’s At Stake For Syria?

Somali radicals appear to gain strength

The shadowy military commander of the Islamic movement that is advancing across southern Somalia has begun to go public, and is arousing concern among diplomats and counterterrorism experts who allege he is an extremist with links to al Qaeda.

Getting Beyond the UN

Hez TV is a Bust

I want my HezTV!

That was the alleged pitch of a Staten Island satellite TV salesman busted by the feds for beaming the terrorist network Hezbollah’s hate-filled al Manar channel - which is banned in the U.S. - into New York City living rooms.

“Why don’t you watch al Manar?” Javed Iqbal...

The Return of US-Egypt Dialogue


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