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The Sunday Roundup

The situation in the Middle East.

Tracing Plots, British Watch, Then Pounce

The disclosure that British officials conducted months of surveillance before arresting 24 terrorism suspects this week highlighted what many terrorism specialists said was a central difference between American and British law enforcement agencies.

Morning NewsWatch with Faune Riggin and Keith Bixby

The history of Hezbollah.

The Stan Milam Show

The Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan Show

The crisis in the Middle East.

Jack Birnberg Speaks Out

Middle East peace process.

Voice of Arizona Radio

The Middle East Crisis: The Iranian Connection.

Bonfire of the Cedars

Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri’s planned trip to Tehran Saturday, November 27, is perhaps best understood as a coda to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tour of Lebanon two months ago. With that visit, the Islamic Republic of Iran effectively declared that the tiny country of 4.1 million on the...

Looking beyond Bin Laden

Looking beyond Bin Laden.

Mideast Analysis, Fast and Furious

When an Iraqi insurgent group releases a new videotape or claims responsibility for an attack, Western reporters in Baghdad rarely hear about it firsthand. Nor do they usually get the news from their in-house Iraqi translators.

Saturday Morning Update

The political turmoil in Pakistan and its effects on US policy in the region.

Fun Time is Over in Mogadishu

After assuring the world that they had no intention of introducing Sharia law, the new Islamist junta in Mogadishu banned Somalis from watching the World Cup.

Exclusive: Al Qaeda—The Next Generation

One of the greatest myths about the War on Terror is that our enemy is a static force. Instead, the facts show that since 9/11, Islamist terrorism has been growing and changing in a profoundly dangerous way. So once again, FSM Contributing Editor Dr. Walid Phares sits down to give us the...

Washington Report

Bottom Line with Mark Crumpton

Is the protests in Egypt a dangerous situation?

Watch the video here.

The Lebanese Powder Keg

After the Hezbollah (the Party of God) coup in May and its “official” endorsement by Lebanese political forces and the international community in Doha, Lebanon is still very much facing an explosive situation.

Forum with Michael Krasny

The Rumsfeld controversy.

America Says It’s Prepared To Listen to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

America is open to widening its contacts among opponents of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad following the setting up of an alliance between a former Syrian vice president and the country’s militant Muslim Brotherhood.

Khomeini Believes That Iran Should Become a Parliamentary Democracy’

Via Cliff May, this gem of analysis from Time Magazine in 1979. I only post this to make the point that we don’t really know much about what will happen in the future, because it hasn’t happened yet. This is Time discussing Ayatollah Khomeini’s plans, shortly after he arrived back in Iran:


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