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1st June 2006 - MERIA Journal

Putin and Russia’s Middle Eastern Policy

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently pursuing a two track policy towards the Middle East, allowing Russia to develop friendly ties with Israel while simultaneously nurturing alternative, sometimes competing, interests with Arab countries. This non-ideological policy has allowed...

31st May 2006 - National Review Online

Questions for the House

Admirers of the House Republicans can only sit in stunned amazement watching what is an increasingly disastrous spectacle over the FBI's execution of a search warrant on the congressional office of Rep. William J. Jefferson (D., La.).

30th May 2006 - National Review Online

Who’s “Trampling” the Constitution?

Later today, the Republican-led Congress is scheduled to raise to new heights of hysteria and arrogance its protest against the FBI's search of the Capitol Hill office of Rep. William J. Jefferson (D., La.). But as House Judiciary Chairman James F. Sensenbrenner (R., Wi.) prepares what...

26th May 2006 - World Defense Review

A Modest Proposal for Darfur

As I write these lines, the genocidal slaughter, both direct and indirect, continues in the western Sudanese region of Darfur. This is notwithstanding the peace accord recently signed between the main rebel group, the Sudanese Liberation Movement, and the Islamist regime in Khartoum that...

23rd May 2006 - Wall Street Journal

West Bank Terrorist State

James Woolsey

What does one say to a good ally who seems determined to reinforce failure? That the U.S. will pay for the undertaking?

18th May 2006 - Scripps Howard News Service

The Brazilian Connection

Clifford D. May

When I arrived in this sprawling commercial capital a few days ago, to speak at an international conference on “liberal democracy,” the last thing I expected was to find myself in the middle of a wave of home-grown terrorism.

18th May 2006 - World Defense Review

Keeping an Eye on the “Peacekeepers”

The Bush administration has recently shown an uncharacteristic enthusiasm for United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Last week Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was dispatched to New York to reinforce Ambassador to the UN John Bolton's press for the rapid deployment a 14,000-person UN mission...

17th May 2006

The Political Consequences of Liberalism: The Bill of Rights and the Due Process of Law


16th May 2006 - National Review Online

Egyptian Emergency

Once again, the Egyptian regime has responded to violence at home by consolidating the authoritarian structure of the state. On April 30, following two deadly terrorist attacks in the Sinai, President Hosni Mubarak extended the emergency laws that have stifled Egyptian liberties since 1981....

16th May 2006 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Data-mining is the President’s Duty

The latest outbreak of controversy over Bush administration efforts to protect our nation from terrorist attack starkly demonstrates that the left and civil liberties extremists are determined to alter the system the Framers bequeathed us in fundamental and dangerous ways.

12th May 2006 - TCS Daily

Tenured Radical No More

As university professors, we value academic freedom, acknowledging -- as did the authors of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)'s influential 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure -- that liberty has meaning only in relation to its being...

11th May 2006 - World Defense Review

Facing Reality in Somalia

Imagine a country within the greater Middle East ambit that has successfully made the transition to electoral democracy with multiparty municipal, presidential, and, most recently, parliamentary polls. Moreover, imagine that despite virtually all of its citizens being Sunni Muslims, the...

11th May 2006 - Scripps Howard News Service

Rue Britannia

Clifford D. May

Vicious as the 9/11/01 atrocities in New York and Washington were, there is a way in which the 7/7/05 attacks in London were worse.

8th May 2006 - The Weekly Standard

Why Wang Wenyi Was Shouting: Is Beijing committing atrocities against the Falun Gong movement?

Wang Wenyi, the woman whose shouts disrupted the welcoming ceremony for Chinese president Hu Jintao on the White House lawn on April 20, is a middle-aged pathologist and a follower of Falun Gong. That spiritual movement was outlawed in China in 1999, and since then Falun Gong has become a...

7th May 2006 - The News Leader

Democratization of Middle East Aids Security

Is the United States in the Middle East to promote our democratic values, or are we there to better insure our security here at home? This stark choice seems to point us down diverging roads in 2006. One day soon, if elected leaders in the Middle East tell us to get out, how should we...

6th May 2006 - Wall Street Journal

This Is No Way to Fight a War

A signal moment of clarity pierced through the devastation of September 11, 2001. An eight-year jihadist campaign, culminating in a morning of carnage more massive than Pearl Harbor, finally convinced the nation that it was at war. No longer would we regard terrorists as common criminals;...

5th May 2006 - National Review Online

A Supreme Mess

Claudia Rosett

Even the United Nations' own employees don't trust it to deliver justice. Just ask Cynthia Brzak, an American who has worked for the past 26 years at the U.N. refugee office in Geneva, Switzerland. Despairing of a U.N. system that operates immune to any normal jurisdiction of law, Brzak, who...

5th May 2006

Moussaoui: Wrong Court, Wrong Debate?

4th May 2006 - World Defense Review

Militant Islamism’s Shadow Rises Over Sub-Saharan Africa

While the genocidal activities currently being perpetrated in the Darfur region of western Sudan at the instance of the country's Khartoum-based Arabist Islamist regime – and this coming after decades of unrelenting warfare against predominantly Christian and animist southern Sudan in...

4th May 2006 - Scripps Howard News Service

Offers We Can’t Refuse?

Clifford D. May

An Iraqi acquaintance served as a member of a city council. She is Shia and religious. She had formed an alliance with other Iraqi women – Shia, Sunni and Christian; Arab and Kurd; religious and secular. All had united in pursuit of a common goal: guaranteeing basic human rights for all...


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