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19th August 2008 - The Long War Journal

Taliban kill ten French troops in Kabul province ambush

Bill Roggio

Ten French soldiers were killed and 21 were wounded in a major clash with the Taliban in Kabul province, just 35 miles from the capital.

19th August 2008 - Long War Journal

Taliban demand prisoner exchange for two ex-ISI officers

Bill Roggio

The Pakistani Taliban are demanding the government release two top Afghan Taliban commanders in exchange for two former ISI officers who are known supporters of jihadist groups.

19th August 2008 - Long War Journal

US and Iraqi forces kill Al Masri and Baghdadi, al Qaeda in Iraq’s top two leaders

Bill Roggio

Iraq's Prime Minister and the US military confirmed that al Qaeda in Iraq's top two leaders have been killed during a raid in a remote region in the western province of Anbar.

19th August 2008 - Pajamas Media

The Gates Memo: World’ s Least Well Kept Secret

Claudia Rosett

So, under the headline “Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive,” the New York Times reports that according to anonymous government officials: “Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has warned in a secret three-page memorandum to top White House officials that the...

18th August 2008 - Faster, Please!

Making Deals with Terrorists

Michael Ledeen

Over the weekend, my old friend Francesco Cossiga–former prime minister, interior minister, and president of Italy–published a bit of autobiography in the country’s leading newspaper, the Corriere della Sera.

18th August 2008 - The Rosett Report

Russia, Georgia, the UN ’ and Where is Kofi Annan When He’ s Really Needed?

Claudia Rosett

As Russian troops loot, shoot and roll short-range missiles into Georgia, surely UN tradition calls for the Secretary-General to protest this invasion of sovereign territory tooth and nail? That, of course, is what Kofi Annan did when America led a coalition to invade Iraq — after Iraq’s...

18th August 2008 - The Long War Journal

Pakistan’s President Musharraf resigns office

Bill Roggio

President Pervez Musharraf, the longtime military leader of Pakistan and erstwhile ally of the US in the war against Islamic extremists, announced his resignation after months of political battles with the recently elected government of Pakistan. Musharraf's resignation preempted an expected...

18th August 2008 - National Review Online

City Journal reviews Willful Blindness

Jacob Laksin of FPM has penned City Journal's review of my book. I am very grateful.

18th August 2008 - Beirut2Bayside

Peace Talks: Bashar’s War by Other Means

Tony Badran

Here's, belatedly, my piece from last Tuesday on Syria's smuggling of Scuds to Hezbollah...

17th August 2008 - Long War Journal

Top al Qaeda leader linked to 5 Americans on trial in Pakistan

Bill Roggio

Pakistani prosecutors claim that five Americans currently on trial for attempting to join al Qaeda were in contact with a top leader of the terror group.

16th August 2008 - Across The Bay

Report from Northern Lebanon

Tony Badran

Hanin Ghaddar filed an interesting report the other day on the situation in the north that confirms the conclusions covered in my previous two posts:

16th August 2008 - National Review Online

More on Reparations for Libya

I've gotten some email which argues that the money our government has arranged to be paid to Libya is not actually United States government money.

16th August 2008 - National Review Online

The Bush Administration Agrees to Pay Libya Reparations for Air Strike Ordered by President Reagan

Yes, you read that correctly. Blood boiling yet?

15th August 2008 - The Long War Journal

Iran continues to train Shia terror groups for attacks in Iraq

Bill Roggio

Iran continues to finance, train, arm, and support Shia terror groups in Iraq. The Qods Force, via its Ramazan Corps command operating in eastern Iran, remains active in subverting the Iraqi government and attacking US and Coalition forces.

15th August 2008 - National Review Online

John Bolton Rips US/Europe Response to Russian Aggression in Georgia

This is some scalding stuff, in the UK's Telegraph.

15th August 2008 - National Review Online

Russia—Our “Strategic Partner” on Nukes ... and Iran

Secretary of State Rice is in Tblisi finalizing a French-brokered ceasefire agreement that lays the groundwork for legitimizing the Russian annexation of Georgia's two breakaway territories.

15th August 2008 - The Long War Journal

Taliban leader in Bajaur rumored killed in Pakistani strikes

Bill Roggio

Thirty two Taliban fighters have been reported killed during the latest round of fighting in the extremist-controlled Pakistani tribal agency of Bajaur. The Pakistani military speculated that Faqir Mohammed, the Taliban emir, or leader in Bajaur and the deputy leader of the Movement of the...

14th August 2008 - Faster, Please!

War and Democracy

Michael Ledeen

For many centuries, it was taken for granted that no modern country could move from dictatorship to democracy without considerable violence. The first wave of democratic revolution–the last quarter of the eighteenth century–saw every Western country undergo some political spasm aimed...

13th August 2008 - National Review Online

The President’s Statement on Georgia

13th August 2008 - The Long War Journal

Suicide attack kills 9 in Lahore

Bill Roggio

The Taliban have restarted its terror campaign in Pakistan's cities. A suicide bomber struck in Lahore, just one day after a bomb killed 14 on an Air Force bus in Peshawar.


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