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16th February 2007 - The Daily Star

Syrian Pressure, Lebanese Blood

Tony Badran

Two years after the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, and 22 others, including former Minister Basil Fuleihan, on Tuesday Lebanon was subjected to another terrorist attack in Ain Alaq, near Bikfaya, home of the Gemayel family. The bombings represented, most...

16th February 2007 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

Recuerdos de Múnich

Clifford D. May

“Nuestro enemigos son pequeños gusanos. Los vi en Múnich”.

15th February 2007 - National Review Online

Iran and the Heisenberg Principle of Pacifist Diplomacy

Last Sunday, to the fanfare of national celebrations, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again rejected any suspension in uranium enrichment, in open defiance of a U.N. Security Council commandment that Iran is treaty-bound to obey. Meanwhile, in Great Britain, a coalition of humanitarian...

15th February 2007 - World Defense Review

Getting AFRICOM Right

Last week President George W. Bush created a new military command for Africa:

15th February 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

Munich Memories

“Our enemies are little worms. I saw them at Munich.”

14th February 2007 - The Bulletin

Despite Efforts at Reconciliation, ‘Never Again’ Divides Germans, Jews

Mark Dubowitz

We sat at a bonfire at the foot of Masada under the stars, discussing the existential threat to Israel from Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had made headlines again as he threatened to wipe Israel off the map and denied the Holocaust.

10th February 2007 - The Weekly Standard

Cash for Kim

Claudia Rosett

While U.S. chief negotiator Christopher Hill has been struggling in Beijing to cut a diplomatic de-nuclearization deal with the regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, some of us here in the United States have been struggling to figure out just how much Kim's promises are worth. As...

9th February 2007 - National Review Online

In the Border Patrol Case, the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

A report by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general is the occasion for the latest offensive by champions of Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, the former Border Patrol agents currently serving lengthy sentences for assault and obstruction of justice in connection with their 2005...

8th February 2007 - Translation of Scripps Howard News Service

El gobierno de la minoría

Clifford D. May

En 1917, la mayoría de rusos no eran bolchequives. Los bolcheviques eran minoría pero eran fanáticos y despiadados. Por eso se impusieron y durante la mayor parte del siglo XX, los rusos vivieron y murieron bajo la opresión comunista.

8th February 2007 - TCS Daily

As It Turns Out, Preemption Works

Until its last emperor, Haile Selassie, was overthrown in 1974, Ethiopia's constitution boasted that he descended "without interruption from the dynasty of Menelik I, son of the Queen of Ethiopia, the Queen of Sheba, and King Solomon of Jerusalem." This claim was based on an apocryphal...

8th February 2007 - National Review Online

Intelligence Games

Well, we knew this was coming.

8th February 2007 - World Defense Review

Guess Hu’s Coming to Dinner

Last week, while much of the coverage by media outlets in the United States and, consequently, American public attention and policy debate remained riveted, as in the preceding weeks, on the situation in Iraq, President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of China (PRC) kicked off a 12-day,...

8th February 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

Minority Rule

Clifford D. May

In 1917, most Russians were not Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks were a minority, but they were fanatical and ruthless. So they prevailed — and for most of the 20th century Russians lived and died under Communist oppression.

7th February 2007 - Fox News

At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong

Claudia Rosett

Before the United Nations can save the planet, it needs to clean up its own house. And as scandal after scandal has unfolded over the past decade, from Oil for Food to procurement fraud to peacekeeper rape, the size of that job has become stunningly clear.

7th February 2007 - The Providence Journal

In Gaza, Terror Trumps Press Freedom

An explosion ripped through the Gaza office of pan-Arab news broadcaster al-Arabiya on Jan. 22. The bombing caused severe property damage, but luckily no injuries, as the station had recently shuttered the bureau after receiving numerous threats against its personnel.

7th February 2007 - The National Interest

The Africa Command Rises - - Finally

Appearing Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the creation of a new, unified military command for Africa. The move represents the administration's single most purposeful step towards assigning Africa its due priority. And if properly...

6th February 2007 - FrontPage Magazine

London Warning: A New Step in Terror

Last Thursday a security report from the UK may have been a low level announcer of a new benchmark in Jihadi terrorism. British Police said it arrested nine, including an Amjad Mahmoud, for “allegedly plotting” what authorities called “Iraq-style kidnapping.” Counterterrorism units...

6th February 2007 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

N. Korea’s Inclusion Reveals U.N. Flaw

Claudia Rosett

Later this month, the United Nations Secretariat will hold its yearly exam to recruit staff from among member states for the U.N.'s worldwide professional service. Among those now eligible are nationals of North Korea.

5th February 2007 - USA Today

Time to Act on Iran is Now

An objective look at the ominous threat from Iran provides a clear solution to the policy the United States must pursue. Iran is easily the most significant source of terror worldwide, providing financing, training, advice, support and supplies to its proxy Hezbollah as well as other groups...

5th February 2007 - National Review Online

What’s Our Iran Policy?

For lo these six-plus years, the Bush administration’s Iran policy has been incoherent. Axis of evil … but no regime change; incorrigible destabilizer supporting both Sunni and Shiite terror in Iraq … yet Iraq’s helpful neighbor who has no interest in destabilization; the terror...


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