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The Donovan Report

A discussion of the Iraqi election.

UN Scandal Tests Investigators

Lou Dobbs Tonight

My next guest is a Kurdish Iraqi living in Washington. Her father is running for office in the Iraqi elections. She and her husband encouraging their fellow Kurdish expatriates to vote in this election.

CNN Sunday Morning

GRIFFIN: Now the aftermath of that Senate committee report on the CIA and pre-war intelligence. The 500 page document said in no uncertain terms the intelligence community is to blame for flawed information used by the Bush administration to justify the war in Iraq.

Marc Bernier Show

Confronting realities in the war on terror.

Foreign Policy at the Fore in Race for White House International Affairs Now Rival the Economy in Po

The handover of power in Iraq, amid tumult and bloodshed, has set the stage for a presidential campaign battle over America’s role in the world.

The Jack Ricardi Show

A discussion on U.S. overseas aid.

Cold Warriors Return for War on Terrorism

Cold War hawks are resurrecting a decades-old group to lobby for a harder line against terrorist organizations and rogue states.


US Naval Deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Blair Bonded with Clinton, but He Shares His Beliefs with Bush

Alastair Campbell described Bill Clinton yesterday as “the greatest political communicator” he had ever seen. If Tony Blair had to choose an American president with whom to have dinner tonight he would opt, without question, for the Arkansas smoothie. With their high-powered loyal wives,...

Scarborough Country

Today, the secretary-general was forced to change his tune. And here is what he told reporters at the U.N. He said: “Naturally, I was very disappointed and surprised. I had no expectation that the relationship continued.”

After June 30, what next in Iraq?

In less than a week Iraq will reclaim its sovereignty, but this does not mean the end of U.S. involvement. Like it or not, the United States is stuck there for years, and will continue to feel the burden of its actions.

American Morning

Joining us this morning from Washington, on the left is Democratic consultant Victor Kamber. And on the right this morning, former RNC Communications Director Clifford May.

Wartime Witchhunt

An insidious but steady drumbeat can be discerned over the last several weeks that seeks to link Israel with the American decision to launch the Iraq War. Back in 2003, it was Yasser Arafat who charged that the Israeli government was “the first inciter for the war against Iraq.”


American Morning

Want to turn now to politics. Joining us from Washington this morning our resident debaters, Democratic strategist Victor Kamber with the Kamber Group. Vic, hello to you.

On Point: Former Diplomats and Brass Speak Out

American Morning

From Washington, Democratic consultant, Victor Kamber with the Kamber Group, and Cliff May, former RNC Communications Director, now with the Foundation for Defense of Democracy.

Fox Radio with Tony Snow


MATTHEWS: Welcome back to HARDBALL.

The Saudi Connection

“Forum shopping” is the latest tactic employed by wealthy Saudis seeking to skirt American justice. First, the Saudis funded the World Trade Center terrorist attack that cost the lives of 3,000 Americans. Now the same Saudis are funding a cynical campaign using English libel law to...


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