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The Hugh Hewitt Show

Israeli elections, negotiations with Iran and using gasoline as leverage and the latest between Vice President Biden and Prime Minister Maliki.

Poll: Iran, Syria, Saudis Support Terror

A growing number of Americans believe that Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are supporting terrorism, a new poll indicates.

Dateline: Washington

The political situation in Israel and the future of the Middle East Peace Process.

CNN Live from the Headlines - Topic: State of the War on Terrorism

The Voice of the Arts

Iran’s gasoline import weakness.

700 Club

The Iran/Al-Qaeda connection.

In the Tanks

Dick Carlson can count an embassy, a government agency, two television corporations, and a consulting firm among his leadership credits. Now he can add a think tank to the list.

News Update

The US, Iraq and Iran.

PJTV Daily

Our foes testing President-elect Obama in his first 6 months as president.

Your World with Neil Cavuto

North Korea.

Watch the video here.

The World Tonight

North Korea and Iran’s new ICBM.

The window is closing

From Washington

Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and Iran’s nuclear program.

Watch the interview here.

10 Questions for Adel al-Jubeir

EDITOR’S NOTE: Adel Al-Jubeir, foreign-policy adviser to Saudi’s Crown Prince Abdullah and Kingdom spin doctor, has saturated U.S. media in recent days defending the Kingdom against accusations of collaboration with or funding of the 9/11 attacks on the United States and other terrorist...

Morning Edition

How the Bradbury memos affect the U.S. image.

United States should wait no more

The poor attendance and muddled rhetoric that defined last Wednesday’s anti-war rally staged on the steps of the Nebraska Capitol says a lot about the state of confusion that continues to dominate the so called “peace camp.”

Obama’s First Big Diplomacy Test: Iran

However, some congressional leaders don’t want the US to wait before applying more economic pressure. Proceeding from the position that tightening the economic screws now will make negotiations more attractive to Iran, a bipartisan group in Congress introduced Thursday the Iran Diplomatic...

News Update

US-Russia disarmament. The security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

Watch the interview here.

Need to Know


Let’s be blunt: If John McCain wins the election and drops dead during his first year in office, someone not very experienced will become president. But the same is true if Barack Obama wins the election and doesn’t drop dead during his first year in office.   ...

The Jim Bohannon Show

Roxana Saberi’s release and the situation in Afghanistan.


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