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4th January 2012 - National Review Online

Meet the Jihadist War Criminal Obama Plans to Release from Gitmo

At AEI’s blog, Marc Thiessen provides the low-down on Mullah Mohammed Fazi, one of the Taliban terrorists President Obama envisions releasing from Gitmo, in return for … nothing

3rd January 2012 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Brokers New Anti-US Taliban Alliance in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

One of al Qaeda's top leaders has reached out to the most powerful Taliban commanders along the Afghan-Pakistani border to create a new alliance to battle the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

3rd January 2012 - The Long War Journal

Afghan Taliban Announces New ‘Political Office’ in Qatar

Thomas Joscelyn

The Taliban announced today that it is opening a "political office" in Qatar. According to a translation of the Taliban's message by the SITE Intelligence Group, the office is intended to "spread understanding with the international community."

3rd January 2012 - Letters to the Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Pressure and Sanctions Won’t Make an Enemy Change

Michael Ledeen

Dennis Ross ("On Iran, Pressure Works," op-ed, Dec. 23) is full of hope that we're on the right track with our Iran policy, because the history of the murderous regime in Tehran "clearly" reveals that "pressure works."

3rd January 2012 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Mass Murder in Syria, Inaction by Obama

Jonathan Schanzer

Critics of the administration concede that arming the opposition forces has its downside and may add to political strife and violence after Assad is gone. While acknowledging this concern, Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies tells me

3rd January 2012 - 104.1 FM The Truth - Tucson, AZ

The Jon Justice Show

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The state of al Qaeda at the start of 2012.

3rd January 2012 - New York Post

Pious Coke Dealers?

Jonathan Schanzer

It’s hard to uphold a reputation as a devoutly religious terrorist group if you make millions selling cocaine. Just ask Hezbollah.

2nd January 2012 - The Weekly Standard

A Ph.D. in Torture

Emanuele Ottolenghi

When NATO planes launched their air campaign over Libya’s skies last spring and Western leaders said that Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi had to go, the first regime to change was at the London School of Economics.

2nd January 2012 - National Review Online

Russia: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program

The Russians say there’s no proof and the “sanctions have gone way too far.” “We must push harder on the negotiating track,” says Sergei Ryabkov, Don Putin’s deputy foreign minister.

2nd January 2012 - National Review Online

Muslim Brotherhood to Renounce Peace Pact With Israel . . . By Referendum

Mindful of its lopsided electoral triumph in Egypt, which has been so enthusiastically welcomed by the Obama administration and top Democratic emissary John Kerry, the Muslim Brotherhood has announced plans to submit the Camp David Accords

2nd January 2012 - New York Daily News

It’s Time to Tip the Scales in Syria

Of all the regimes that have experienced turmoil as a result of the Arab Spring, Syria’s is the only one that has been consistently opposed to American interests.

2nd January 2012 - Faster, Please!

Iran in Convulsion (the Death Spiral Continues)

Michael Ledeen

Big news today from Iran, confirming once again that the hapless regime in Tehran proceeds down its death spiral. The first is the spectacular collapse of the national currency, which has lost 35% of its value since September.

1st January 2012 - Standpoint

Islamist Ignorance

Emanuele Ottolenghi

When Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer launched their campaign against "The Israel Lobby" with an article in the London Review of Books (March 23, 2006) — and subsequently in a book of the same name — they asserted that European
anti-Semitism was largely the by-product of the...

31st December 2011 - National Review Online

Obama Recruits Qaradawi

The surrender is complete now. The Hindu reports that the Obama administration has turned to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, to mediate secret negotiations between the United States and the Taliban.

31st December 2011 - Quoted by Frontline, PBS

The Canny General: Quds Force Commander Ghasem Soleimani

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Testifying to the same subcommittee on the same day, the neoconservative Marc Reuel Gerecht, a retired CIA agent who worked in the Middle East for years, made it clear who Keane had primarily in mind

30th December 2011 - The Washington Post

“Warriors of God: Inside Hezbollah’s Thirty-Year Struggle Against Israel,” by Nicholas Blanford

Tony Badran

As the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria violently struggles for its life, observers of the region are wondering about the future of Iran’s alliances in the eastern Mediterranean.

30th December 2011 - America's Radio News Network

Evening Edition

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Negotiations over release of Taliban commander Mullah Mohammed Fazl.

30th December 2011 - Gunpowder & Lead

Al Qaeda Round-Up, 2012

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

As we enter a new year, I wanted to outline the contours of, and analyze, a few issues that are likely to feature prominently in the fight between the U.S. and al Qaeda in 2012.

29th December 2011 - NOW Lebanon

What’s Obama’s Plan B After Arab League Monitors?

Tony Badran

The Arab League’s observer mission in Syria is coming under criticism a mere couple of days after its initial deployment, as the regime of Bashar al-Assad continues to gun down its opponents, seemingly unfettered.

29th December 2011 - France 24 (Arabic)

News Update

Egypt's police storming US funded non-profits.


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