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Iraq is a Crucial Battle in the War on Terrorism

In the flurry of news bombarding us each day of the ups and downs from all fronts in the war on terrorism, it is easy to forget the larger ideals it is all about.

Inverse False Alarms

THE FBI’S NATIONAL SPOKESMAN was already prepared to dismiss a connection to terrorism the day after ricin was found in a Las Vegas hotel room. Special Agent Richard Kolko told the press on Feb. 29 that the presence of ricin appeared unrelated to terrorism “based on the information...

The Jimmy Lakey Show

American Morning

Joining us this morning to discuss the concern, Democratic consultant Victor Kamber in Miami. Former RNC communications director Cliff May, who is in Washington.

Fox News

An analysis of the bin Laden tape.

Dateline NBC

Dr. Walid Phares is a professor of Middle East studies at Florida Atlantic University and the author of seven books on the Middle East.


Pakistan and Turkey’s crisis.


Terrorism analyst Walid Phares told MSNBC this morning at 9:40 AM that “al Qaida is flying on our airliners, its sympathizers and members most likely are taking these flights, and possibly testing our systems.” Phares, a senior Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in...

Talk to America with Douglas Bernard


PAUL BEGALA, CO-HOST, “CROSSFIRE’: Judy, thank you. We are discussing the developing story of the murder of Paul Johnson, Jr., in Saudi Arabia today, as well as the overall war on terrorism with our guests, former Republican National Committee Communications Director Cliff May. He is now...

Baathist Fingerprints

Meet the Press

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Secretary-General, welcome to MEET THE PRESS.

Market Call

RHONDA SCHAFFLER, CNNfn ANCHOR, MARKET CALL: President Bush was pressed by reporters repeatedly last night on whether he felt he had made any mistakes in Iraq or in the war on terrorism. But he displayed little doubt about his decisions.

American Morning

Senator John Kerry will move closer to the official Democratic presidential nomination and voters go to the polls in four southern states. Lowering cholesterol far beyond current recommendation levels may substantially reduce risk to heart patients, including the risk of dying of a heart...

American Morning

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Well, the president—the timing of the president’s speech no coincidence. It appears that tonight’s State of the Union address is designed for maximum political benefit.

Paula Zahn Now

PAULA ZAHN, CNN ANCHOR: President Bush today defended the decision to exclude non-coalition countries from construction contracts in Iraq. That means France, Germany and Russia are out, at least at the beginning stages. The decision seems to exposed a serious difference of opinion within...

Dolans Unscripted

KEN DOLAN: There’s no doubt—and we talk about it here on a regular basis because it’s so important to all of us what’s going on in Iraq. For any number of different kinds reasons.

Radio Free Iraq

The US elections and Iraq.


The Stan Layne Show

Capital Report

BORGER: But first, tomorrow night, the nine Democratic candidates will face off at a debate in New Mexico, and we’ll be live following the debate with the latest on the face-off. But do any of them really have a chance at knocking off George W. Bush? Joining us now are our Capital...


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