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12th April 2002

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12th April 2002

If We Appease Terrorism, We’ll Get More Terrorism

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) announced today that it is launching a television advertising campaign beginning April 12th.  The new campaign will make the case that terrorists are employing the same “Suicide Strategy” against both the United States and Israel.


4th April 2002 - USA Today

Don’t appease terrorists

Clifford D. May

On Sept. 11, the United States was attacked by suicidal/homicidal terrorists engaged in what they call a jihad, a religious war against ''the hated infidels.'' Almost daily, suicidal/homicidal terrorists attack Israel as part of what they call a jihad, a religious war against ''the hated...

5th October 2001

Tocqueville on American Character

Michael Ledeen

In 1831, Alexis De Tocqueville, a twenty-six-year-old French aristocrat, spent nine months travelling across the United States. From the East Coast to the frontier, from the Canadian border to New Orleans, Tocqueville observed the American people and the revolutionary country they'd created....

5th May 2000

Machiavelli on Modern Leadership

Michael Ledeen

Niccolo Machiavelli, one of the eminent minds of the Italian Renaissance, spent much of a long and active lifetime trying to determine and understand what exceptional qualities of human character-- and what surrounding elements of fortune, luck, and timing-- made great men great leaders...

30th November 1999 - WMAL

The Danger Zone

Hamas media.

2nd March 1999

Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America’s Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum

Iran was the first country in the Middle East to develop an oil industry, and oil has been central to its tumultuous twentieth-century history. A finalist for the PEN/West Award, Blood and Oil tells the epic inside story of the battle for Iranian oil. A prominent member of one of Iran's most...

27th August 1996

Car That Could

Unprecedented secrecy surrounded the early development of General Motors's Impact. Shnayerson watched the story unfold from a position of access never granted a reporter before--literally from the inside of the pace-setting GM Impact program. This is the first book to penetrate the silence...

1st January 1996

Freedom Betrayed

Michael Ledeen

This is the Age of the Second Democratic Revolution. Inspired by the values of the American Revolution, supported and advanced by American military power and a remarkable generation of democratic leaders, the revolution has swept the world.

1970-01-01 - NOW Lebanon

Sarkozy’s Costly Pipe Dream

Tony Badran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s latest trip to France served as yet another reminder of the obvious futility of the Elysee’s attitude towards Syria under Nicolas Sarkozy. Driving the policy has been the French infatuation with the idea of “playing a role” in the Middle East...

The Trey Ware Show



Is it fair to compare the current crisis in Egypt to the 1979 Iranian Revolution?

Watch the video here.

The Steve Gill Show

The war of ideas

Soft Power will Strike Hardest at Teheran’s Nuke Program’

Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Washington based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said Israel must refuse to do any business whatsoever with entities that trade with Iran.

Israel “needs to be more Catholic than the pope,” he said.

The full article is available here.


The Paul W. Smith Show

Can jihadism co-exist with democracy?

Iran: China 1972 or Russia 1987?

Should the United States try to reach a grand rapprochement with Iran in the manner of our opening to China under Nixon?  Or should we instead overtly support domestic reformers and try to topple the regime as we did with the Soviet Union under Reagan?

Flynt Leverett and Michael Ledeen,...

The John Batchelor Show

Events in Cairo.

Yemeni Militants Sending Arms Into Somalia

Also Saturday, CBS news reported that recent attacks on al-Qaeda positions in Yemen, including cruise missile strikes, were led by the U.S. The channel quoted Sebastian Gorka, who trains Yemeni officers, as saying the U.S. had led the recent assaults. The report comes after President Barack...

Big John and Amy

The violence in Libya.

Listen to the interview here.

FDD and EFD Address the Aspen Institute-Berlin on the Dangers of Radical Islamic Media to Europe

FDD and EFD Address the Aspen Institute-Berlin on the Dangers of Radical Islamic Media to Europe Mark Dubowitz, FDD's chief operating officer and director of its Coalition Against Terrorist Media, and Roberta Bonazzi and Alexander Ritzmann, executive...


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Senior Fellow

Tony Badran

Research Fellow, Levant

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Yaya J. Fanusie

Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance - Director of Analysis

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