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Sanctions Are Hurting Iran’s Regime, but Not Enough

Berlin — The Islamic Republic of Iran's economy is in disarray. On Sunday, gas prices surged 400 percent — an increase termed "a great victory for Iran" by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, clumsily trying to find a P.R. escape hatch from his regime's

Attack Iran, With Words


FOR those who believe - as I do - that the clerics who rule Iran must never have an arsenal of nuclear weapons, the United States' course of action ought to be clear: The Bush administration should advocate direct, unconditional talks between Washington and Tehran. Strategically,...

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Iranian prosecutors accusations of Michael Ledeen being responsible for starting revolts.

- Jerusalem Post

Italian Deputy Rebukes Fellow Deputies for Iran Meeting

BERLIN – Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Italy's Chamber of Deputies, sharply criticized last week her fellow legislators serving on the committee for meeting with a group of Iranian members of parliament. Speaking

Strategic Analysis of the Mumbai Attacks

As part of a panel held in the US Congress to review the Mumbai attacks, I raised four points in my global analysis of the Terror operation and its strategic goals:

1. The Jihadi decision-making process leading to the Mumbai operation.

2. What I define as the "strategic war room" ordering...

Special Report with Bret Baier

Eric Holder's probe into the CIA.

- Reuters

FACTBOX: U.S. Weighs Sanctions Options for Iran

(Reuters) - The Obama administration has consulted outside experts as it weighs possible sanctions on Iran that could target its gasoline imports and insurers that underwrite the trade, among other options. Here are some of the options the United States

A Challenge from Senegal

To millions of Africans, last month's electoral victory by Barack Obama carried with it the promise of renewed commitment from and enhanced engagement with America. The 44th president of the United States will build on the foundations laid by his predecessor who, to the surprise of many,...

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Why the United States needs to maintain a ground presence in Afghanistan.

- Dow Jones

US-Iran Sanctions Reporting Provision Poses Risk

A reporting provision in bipartisan Iran sanctions legislation under consideration in the U.S. Congress could pose a major risk for companies conducting business with the pariah state. A small section in the legislation expected to soon be passed into

A Plan for Gaza: Demilitarization and Internationalization

It may be somewhat early to discuss a comprehensive solution for the future of the Palestinian state on the one hand and to predict the way the global war with terrorism will end on the other hand. But it is urgent to remember the intentions of the Iranian and Syrian regimes and their proxy,...

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9/11 Anniversary.

- Christian Science Monitor

Obama’s First Big Diplomacy Test: Iran

Iran is shaping up to be the defining test of President Obama's engage-our-enemies diplomacy. As Mr. Obama has pursued his foreign policy in the initial weeks of his presidency, he has begun to put his belief that America should talk to its adversaries

Gaza & The One-World Media’s Propaganda

In an interview I conducted with Dr. Walid Phares, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Director of its Future of Terrorism Project, I asked if Iran could be using Hamas, in the current conflict, as a probe, as a feeler, to test the resolve of not only Israel but...

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The shift in Bin Laden's Propaganda strategy.

- Los Angeles Times

House, Senate Agree on Stiffer Iran Sanctions

WASHINGTON — House and Senate negotiators reached agreement Monday on legislation that would impose additional U.S. sanctions against Iran in hopes the economic punishment convinces Tehran to curb its nuclear ambitions. The new penalties would come on

The Addicted Palestinians

As Claudia Rosett reveals, UNRWA, originallyintended to suppply three years of relief aid, has supplied and protected the Palestinians' addiction for almost 60 years. It has uniquely passed on refugee status to the descendants of refugees, just as alcoholism is believed to have a genetically...

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Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN.

- Australian

Aussies Pull the Plug in Iran

IRAN is slowly suffocating from sanctions that are beginning to bite where the maverick state has been strongest: its energy sector. The tougher set of sanctions imposed mid-year by the UN, the US, Australia and especially the European Union are aimed at

Dear Ali Khameini, Here’s How To Get Nukes

Found next to a couple of empty cappuccino cups in the Delegates' Lounge, United Nations Headquarters, New York.


To: Ayatollah Ali Khameini, Supreme Leader, Iran

Cc: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President

From: The Nuclear Options & Ordnance Consulting Service

(NOOCS, LLC; Branch...


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