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7th April 2004 - Washington Times

Somalia Redux?

U.S.troops suffered dozens of casualties at the hands of rebellious Shi'ite militiamen in Baghdad, as Americans were still reeling from the barbarous and gruesome ambush of four civilian security contractors protecting food convoys in Fallujah.

7th April 2004 - National Review Online

Dial a Dissident

Claudia Rosett

Just four months after winning fulsome praise for agreeing to give up his programs for weapons of mass murder, Libya's Col. Moammar Gadhafi has presented the democratic world with a test.

6th April 2004 - Commentary Magazine

Sounding the Alarm

Claudia Rosett

In the war on terror, we have reached a winter of discontent. Democratic candidates tell us the center cannot hold, that we are over-extended and globally unloved, that the Bush policies have failed. We hear that Iraq was the wrong target, that Saddam Hussein may have had no weapons of mass...

2nd April 2004 - The New York Post

Kofi Annan’s Corrupt Enterprise

Is the clock ticking on Secretary General Kofi Annan's merry pranks at the United Nations? Could be.

2nd April 2004 - The New York Post

Oil for Palaces

Almost a year after the fall of Baghdad, everybody knows that Saddam Hussein stole billions from the Iraqi people. What is now emerging is that the United Nations was his partner in crime - aiding and abetting him during the eight-year Oil-for-Food program.

31st March 2004 - United Press International

Did Saddam Bribe the U.N.?

The U.N. oil-for-food program was supposed to help the Iraqi people acquire the food and medicine they needed while U.N. sanctions against Iraq were in place, sanctions that could have been lifted had Saddam Hussein complied with the resolutions that the U.N. Security Council adopted...

30th March 2004

FDD Senior Fellow Claudia Rosett Comments on Gadhafi’s Libya

Washington, D.C., March 30, 2004 FDD Senior Fellow Claudia Rosett will speak about Colonel Gadhafi's Libya on Capitol Hill in a meeting organized by the American-Libyan Freedom Alliance (  Ms. Rosett, a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and...

26th March 2004

The Targeted Killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

25th March 2004 - Scripps Howard News Service

Blame Game: Who Took Terrorism Seriously Before 9/11?

Clifford D. May

Let's grant that Richard Clarke is correct in charging that the Bush administration did not appreciate the urgency of the terrorist threat in the eight months leading up to Sept. 11, 2001. But neither did the Clinton administration in the eight years leading up to 9/11. And neither did the...

24th March 2004 - National Review Online

Selective Second Guessing: What is Richard Clarke Thinking?

Clifford D. May

The Bush administration is now being harshly criticized for (1) its policies of preemption and unilateralism and for (2) not unilaterally preempting the Taliban and al Qaeda immediately after coming into office in January 2001.

24th March 2004 - Wall Street Journal

Talking to Tripoli: Meet Fathi Eljahmi, a Libyan Freedom-Fighter

Claudia Rosett

One contribution any citizen of the Free World can make to those still living under tyranny is simply to learn their names. Especially, get to know the individuals among them who at great risk champion liberty and rule of law--the Andrei Sakharovs, the Lech Walesas, the Aung San Suu Kyis....

23rd March 2004 - New York Daily News

Wasting No Tears on Killer

I'm not shedding any tears for Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The Hamas leader, whom I had the dubious pleasure of interviewing twice, was one of the most ruthless and unyielding of all Palestinian terrorists. The bushy-bearded sheik hid behind the label of "spiritual leader" but he was a cold-blooded...

22nd March 2004 - Townhall

The Price of Spain’s Appeasement

The savage terror attack in Madrid was said to be Europe's 9-11. To many observers March 11 quickly became Spain's day of infamy. Instead, March 14, the day of the Spanish elections, has since eclipsed the attack and should go down in history as Spain's national day of shame. On that day the...

22nd March 2004 - National Review Online

An Iraq to be Proud of

One year after Coalition forces began the liberation of Iraq, there is a rush to judge how the U.S.-led project of creating a democratic society is faring. Too many commentators set unfair standards, refusing to acknowledge that Iraq is a failed state with little record of successful...

21st March 2004 - National Review Online

Turtle Bay’s Carnival of Corruption: Digging Deeper into the Scandalous Oil-for-Food Program

Claudia Rosett

With United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan finally conceding the need for an independent investigation of the U.N.’s 1996-2003 Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, the next question is how investigators might begin to get a grip on the U.N.’s central role in this huge scandal.

19th March 2004 - FrontPageMagazine

The Trains of Jihad Derail Spain

As I heard the horrible news on the Thursday morning of the terrorist attacks in Spain, my mind turned to the news releases made by the Spanish government regarding the attacks. Madrid's conservative government was strangely insisting that the Basque separatists, ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna...

18th March 2004 - Scripps Howard News Service

Spanish Lessons: Iraqis Get the Message; So Do the Terrorists

Clifford D. May

The other night, I attended a reception at the Embassy of Iraq. Virtually all Iraq's communities were represented: Sunni, Shia and Kurd, Muslim and Christian. There were women in modest veils and not-so-modest cocktail dresses. There were men in designer suits and others in desert robes....

11th March 2004 - Scripps Howard News Service

A Creeping Coup’: Is Russia Heading Back to the USSR?

Clifford D. May

When the Soviet Union collapsed, most Russians looked forward to joining the Free World as quickly as possible. Having been a student and a reporter in the USSR, I soon found myself attending conferences with enthusiastic Russian reformers. At one point, I complimented my colleagues on...

10th March 2004 - National Review Online

Kojo and Kofi

Claudia Rosett

In the growing scandal over the United Nations Oil-for-Food program, which from 1996-2003 supervised relief to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and his staff have excused themselves from any responsibility for the massive corruption involving billions in bribes and...

10th March 2004 - National Review Online

Outing the Other Baathists

After passing the Syrian Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Act, the U.S. Congress is raising the heat on the Syrian Baath dictatorship with its proposed bipartisan resolution expressing “the grave concern of Congress regarding the continuing gross violations of human rights and civil...


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