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4th September 2007 - National Review Online

No More Illusions

For three decades, Iran has made war on the United States and unabashedly told the world that it seeks the destruction of the United States, all the while — directly and by proxy — murdering and imprisoning Americans. For three decades, Iran has brayed that “Death to America” is the...

4th September 2007

The Brutality of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

4th September 2007

The Iranian Time Bomb

Michael Ledeen

This book exposes the radical agenda and terrorist activities of the mullahs who run Iran, and offers an action plan for responding.

3rd September 2007 - The Weekly Standard

Operation Phantom Strike

On August 15, several hours after night fell over Baghdad, an air assault squadron of the 3rd Infantry Division launched the first attack of Operation Marne Husky. A dozen darkened transport and attack helicopters took off and headed south along the Tigris River, carrying a full company of...

3rd September 2007 - The Weekly Standard

The Watchmen

In Iraq's Anbar province most of the U.S. military has moved beyond counterinsurgency and into "stability operations" -- but not Company K, 3/3 of the Marines 6th Regimental Combat Team. Not entirely. This flat, grassy, and serenely rural farm country a few miles northeast of Fallujah, near...

31st August 2007 - National Review Online

Closet Case

Claudia Rosett

Talk about skeletons in the closet. The United Nations weapons inspectors once tasked with tracking Saddam Hussein’s arsenal have just discovered that for more than a decade they’ve been storing vials containing one of Iraq’s chemical-weapons concoctions — phosgene — in a cabinet...

30th August 2007 - World Defense Review

São Tomé and Príncipe: An African Exception?

That the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe might somehow escape the various "traps" – ethnic conflict, the "resource curse," poor governance, etc. – ensnaring most of Africa in vicious cycle of underdevelopment, conflict, and oppression may come as a surprise to many.

29th August 2007 - The Weekly Standard


Operating Lightning Hammer in Diyala province -- part of Operation Phantom Strike --has flushed scores and perhaps hundreds of insurgents out of the Diyala River Valley northeast of Baqubah. At the end of last week, some al Qaeda fighters "counter-attacked"; not against the Coalition of...

27th August 2007

Change of Opinion Regarding the Surge

It is necessary to wait for General Petraeus’s report on the surge in September before drawing conclusions on the administration’s new policy in Iraq. Nevertheless, many have been critical of the surge, prematurely predicting that it would fail. However, since the deployment of the...

25th August 2007 - The Free Lance-Star

Can the U.S. Learn From the Holy land?

An odd thing happened to me last week. As I was leaving the grocery store, a man tried to give my son a hand-held radio. He told my son that he would hear a little voice inside the radio, and if he rubbed it, a genie would come out. The man shoved the radio into my son's hands, and quickly...

24th August 2007 - History News Network

The Lebanese Government and the US…Allies Behind Doors?

Blaming the United States for everything gone awry underneath the sun of the Middle East has become the fashion of the day. Interestingly enough, critics are not confined to a specific geographic location.

24th August 2007 - Human Events

The CIA and Al-Qaeda

In intelligence it’s not so much what you don’t know as what you won’t know.

23rd August 2007 - Scripps Howard News Service

Fighting for Hearts, Minds and Souls

Clifford D. May

The first concept to grasp is that the global conflict now underway involves both a clash of arms and a clash of ideas. To succeed in this war will require effective combat on both fronts.

23rd August 2007 - World Defense Review

Eritrea: The Horn of Africa’s Rogue Regime

Last week, exasperated with Eritrea's continued violations of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and its increasing harassment of representatives at the American Embassy in Asmara, the United States ordered the closure within ninety days of the East African country's consulate in...

21st August 2007 - National Review Online

More FISA Fear-Mongering

So, have you heard the latest? Your business records can now be taken away by Big Brother without a warrant, thanks to that Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act-reform bill Darth Bush — an unstoppable force of nature with 30-percent approval ratings — just slammed through the notorious...

21st August 2007 - National Review Online

Ban the Old Ways

Claudia Rosett

We are about to learn the meaning of “ethics” in the United Nations administration of Ban Ki-moon. Eight months after Secretary-General Ban took office, promising to “restore trust,” he has been presented with a simple test, via the case of a former employee of the U.N. Development...

20th August 2007

Signs of Progress At The Local Level

While Iraq’s national government and security forces continue to struggle to meet benchmarks, there are emerging signs of local progress in security and in the regeneration of local society in Iraq. This backgrounder provides evidence of both.

20th August 2007 - The National Interest Online

Welcoming an Asian Elephant in Africa

All eyes are on China and its growing involvement in Africa, but India’s expanding relations with African countries have gone largely unnoticed. China’s intentions create anxiety; India’s do not. In the current issue of The National Interest, Antoine Halff’s essay, "The Panda...

20th August 2007 - The Weekly Standard

The Audacity of Shallowness

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Among certain Arab elites, there is considerable interest in how a Democratic administration would differ from the eight years of George W. Bush. It's a good question. Most Democrats, at least those running for president or sitting in Congress, have spent more time attacking Bush than...

16th August 2007 - National Review Online

On the Move

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The new National Intelligence Estimate caught the media’s attention in mid-July by discussing an aspect of the war on terror that some analysts have warned about for over a year: al Qaeda’s regenerated capabilities. This finding should not have taken observers by surprise, but sometimes...


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