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U.S. elections and impact on Iraq.

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News Update

North Korea.

Disbelief Turns to Quiet Satisfaction

While some celebrated in Iraq, initial reactions to Saddam Hussein’s arrest in other parts of the Arab world were more subdued, with many reluctant to believe the news.
“Impossible!” said a Syrian shopkeeper, Rami Makhoul, echoing the first thought of millions of Arabs.


News Update

DNI stipulation on Iran threat in 2025.

Special Report with Maria Bartiromo


The Randy Tobler Show

The Jihadi war against India.


Enemies of their enemies

Dateline: Washington

Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The World Over

The Muambai attacks and the Jihadi threat to the West.

News Update

Discussion of US new strategies in Afghanistan: Dr Phares (FDD) made the point that the United States will make sure the balance of forces will continue to be to the advantage of the democratically elected Government in Afghanistan.

A Hot-Water Leak; Columnist Novak ‘Surprised’ by CIA Furor

The Jack Riccardi Show

Dynamite found in a Paris department store and Iran’s nuclear program.

Citadel cadet travels to Israel to study reponse to terrorism

Terrorism—and what to do about it—has been a top priority for our Armed Forces since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Last month, Citadel Cadet Keith Stilwell traveled to Israel to see how that country deals with the problem.

News Update

Israel’s fight against Hamas.

Reliance Industries Ceases Gasoline Sale to Iran

“Reliance Industries’s (RIL) has ceased gasoline sales to Iran. Its decision follows receipt of a letter to the Treasury Department from members of the US Congress expressing concerns about Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons, its sponsorship of terrorism and its human rights abuses,...

Bush should honor a pledge and save a Libyan dissident

Fathi Eljahmi
Fathi Eljahmi

You won’t see it on the evening news because TV cameras are not allowed into the dungeons of Libya. But somewhere in...

To the Point

Whether Bush and Cheney should be put on trial for approving torture.

News Update

Israel’s fight against Hamas and Iran’s role in the conflict.

Shias: Zogby is Wrong

As Shia Muslims living in the United States, we indignantly reject the imputations of the Arab American Institute, James Zogby, and Jennifer Salan, against the historian and journalist Stephen Schwartz.
In a letter to The Post (“Schwartz Writes To Incite, Not Inform,” June 22), Salan...

Dateline: Washington

Iran, the future of the Middle East and the Obama Administration.


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