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25th April 2012 - Standpoint

March on Syria

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The Assad dynasty is not content with slaughtering its own people in great numbers. It is also destroying Syria's rich archaeological past. Writing last month in the US Weekly Standard, Victoria Coates described the devastation in detail.

11th April 2012 - The Weekly Standard

Victim of Assad

In a grim footnote to the ongoing human tragedy in Syria, the country's cultural heritage as well as its civilian population is now in peril. Syria, a center of civilization in the ancient and medieval eras, boasts some of the finest archaeological sites in the near east.

10th April 2012 - Red State

Why Ozzie Matters

Ozzie Guillén, manager of the newly re-minted Miami Marlins, has earned himself a five-game suspension by declaring his affection for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Time magazine.

5th June 2012 - Red State

A Risk of Contagion: The Growing Threat from Syria’s WMD

Recent reports of al Qaida infiltration of the Syrian resistance have strengthened our national reluctance to intervene in the slow-motion train wreck that is the Syrian civil war.

5th July 2012 - The Weekly Standard

Putin Goes to Israel

Russian president Vladimir Putin made his second visit to Israel last week. His brief trip included high-level talks with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which they agreed at least in the abstract that...

4th October 2013 - Pragati

The Arab World’s Dimmed Revolutionary Fervour

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

In early 2011, when enthusiasm for what we then called the “Arab Spring” was at its height, one of my colleagues spoke to her friend in the region...

3rd October 2012 - Red State

The State of the Chávez-Capriles Race, Or Is Hope Springing in Venezuela?

Unnoticed by many, there is another crucial election taking place in our hemisphere this fall–this Sunday in fact. Fourteen-year incumbent president Hugo Chávez (who re-wrote the...

12th September 2012 - Quoted by Michael Mathes, AFP

Romney Hit From All Sides for Egypt Attack Remarks

Republicans and Democrats alike came down hard on Mitt Romney Wednesday for an act of political opportunism when the White House hopeful said the Obama administration...

6th August 2017 - Newsweek

Qatar’s Support Of The Worst Of The Worst In Libya Must End

Jonathan Schanzer

Libya’s eastern-based government joined Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt in cutting ties with Qatar in June, with Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Deri asserting that Doha was “harboring terrorism.” The move reflected longstanding grievances expressed by Libya’s...

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