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19th March 2015 - The Long War Journal

US Kills Pakistani Taliban Commander in Drone Strike

Bill Roggio

Khawray Mehsud served as a bodyguard and close aide to Baitulllah Mehsud, the founder of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. The Taliban said Khawray was a skilled military commander who fought on multiple "fronts" in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

16th March 2015 - Fox News

Happening Now

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellow Thomas Joscelyn discusses new information from the recently released bin Laden documents.

10th March 2015 - CNN

The Situation Room

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD Senior Fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses revelations from the bin Laden documents.

9th March 2015 - Cited by Stephen F. Hayes - The Weekly Standard

Obama’s Failure

Thomas Joscelyn

Barack Obama wants us all to simmer down about Iran. He wants Senator Bob Menendez, a fellow Democrat, and the donors he represents to butt out of the sanctions debate.

9th March 2015 - The Long War Journal

Osama bin Laden’s Files: The Pakistani Government Wanted to Negotiate

Thomas Joscelyn

Recently released letters recovered in Osama bin Laden's compound reveal that key Pakistani leaders, including the brother of Pakistan's current prime minister, sought out negotiations with al Qaeda. Pakistan intelligence also communicated with al Qaeda leaders through jihadist...

8th March 2015 - The Long War Journal

Boko Haram Leader Pledges Allegiance to the Islamic State

Thomas Joscelyn

Boko Haram's leader, Abu Bakr Shekau, has pledged allegiance to the emir of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

7th March 2015 - Cited by Fox News

Sources: bin Laden Docs Conflict with Obama’s Talk of Al Qaeda Demise

Thomas Joscelyn

A trove of documents that could hold the key to Al Qaeda's future have been gathering dust, say critics who believe the Obama administration is ignoring them because they don’t say what the White House wants to hear.

6th March 2015 - Cited by Nic Robertson and Paul Cruickshank - CNN

Source: Syrian Warplanes Kill Leaders of al Qaeda Affiliate

As many as 13 senior leaders of al-Nusra Front, including the terror group's military commander, were killed in two Syrian airstrikes Thursday, a Middle Eastern security source who was briefed by Syrian intelligence told CNN.

6th March 2015 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Veteran Reportedly Targeted in Syria

Thomas Joscelyn

Abu Hamam al Suri, an al Qaeda veteran who served as a senior military official in the Al Nusrah Front, was reportedly targeted in a recent strike in Syria.

5th March 2015 - The Wall Street Journal

How America Was Misled on al Qaeda’s Demise

Thomas Joscelyn

In the early-morning hours of May 2, 2011, a small team of American military and intelligence professionals landed inside the high white walls of a mysterious compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

3rd March 2015 - Fox News

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson

Bill Roggio

FDD Senior Fellow Bill Roggio discusses the information on Al Qaeda revealed in bin Laden's documents.

3rd March 2015 - The Long War Journal

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: The Arab Revolutions

Thomas Joscelyn

Al Qaeda's general manager, Atiyah Abd al Rahman, believed there was "good" in the 2011 Arab uprisings. And he discussed with Osama bin Laden how to send al Qaeda operatives around the globe to take advantage of the situation. The Libyan "brothers" were especially anxious to wage jihad in...

2nd March 2015 - 770 WABC-AM - New York, New York

The John Batchelor Show

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellows Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn discuss their latest pieces for the Long War Journal on Osama bin Laden's files.

1st March 2015 - The Long War Journal

Osama bin Laden’s Files: Al Qaeda’s Deputy General Manager in Yemen

Thomas Joscelyn

Documents recovered in Osama bin Laden's compound reveal that Nasser bin Ali al Ansi, a senior Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) official, was appointed as one of al Qaeda's deputy general managers. It is highly likely that he continues to serve in that role underneath Nasir al...

27th February 2015 - Fox News

Special Report with Bret Baier

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellow Thomas Joscelyn on new revelations from the bin Laden documents.

27th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: ‘Very Strong Military Activity in Afghanistan’

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Correspondence between senior al Qaeda leaders indicates that the group maintains a larger foothold in Afghanistan than is widely recognized.

26th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Taliban Suicide Bomber Strikes NATO Diplomatic Convoy in Kabul

Bill Roggio

A Turkish soldier and an Afghan civilian were killed in the blast. The attack on NATO's envoy to Afghanistan takes place as rumors of peace talks between the Taliban, the Afghan government, and the US persist.

21st February 2015 - Quoted by Ricki Gurwitz - CTV News

Al Qaeda vs. ISIS: A Battle for Jihadist Supremacy in Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

News that ISIS is forming bases in Libya has Western countries on edge, but it's also not welcome news to another group that operates in that country: al Qaeda.

20th February 2015 - CTV

CTV News

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellow Thomas Joscelyn on the battle between the Islamic State and Al Qaeda in Libya.

20th February 2015 - The Long War Journal

Shabaab Suicide Assault Team Strikes in Somali Capital

Bill Roggio

Al Qaeda's branch in Somalia continues to demonstrate that it can penetrate security at the heavily protected areas in the capital and carry out deadly attacks.

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