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6th September 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Under Fire Berlin Mayor Equates BDS With Nazis, Rejects Israel Boycott

Benjamin Weinthal

Muller said he will "continue to make clear his position regarding Israel and against antisemitism and racism in my city's government.”

5th September 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Berlin Mayor Lambasted For Enabling Uptick in BDS, Antisemitism

Benjamin Weinthal

Experts on antisemitism are saying that Mayor Michael Müller is not doing enough to stop trends of anti-Israel and antisemitic from spreading across Germany.

31st August 2017 - Quoted by Mosaic Magazine

The UN Should Be Stopped from Endorsing BDS

Benjamin Weinthal

The UN high commissioner for human rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly compiling an official blacklist of companies that do business in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights, thus putting a weapon in the hands of the movement to boycott, divest...

30th August 2017 - Fox News

UN embrace of anti-Israel BDS movement endangers the very peace it claims to support

Benjamin Weinthal

While the United States and many European countries continue to oppose the anti-Israel boycott movement because it imposes a double-standard and harms peace efforts, the United Nations is set to engage in full-throated BDS by the end of this year.

30th August 2017 - The National Interest

Follow the Money: The Israel-Boycott Movement and Its Accomplices

Benjamin Weinthal

BDS benefits from terrorism finance while seeking to isolate the Jewish state from the international community.

25th August 2017 - Quoted by William A. Jacobson - Legal Insurrection

Frankfurt City Council advances law against “deeply antisemitic” BDS movement

Benjamin Weinthal

In Germany, the recognition of the antisemitic nature of BDS is growing. We recently wrote about a declaration at the University of Frankfurt, Anti-Israel BDS Following ‘Nazi Tradition’, Declares Student Gov’t at Germany’s Goethe University and also at Leipzig University, READ:...

25th August 2017 - Quoted by The Tower

First German City Bans Funding of “Anti-Semitic” Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign

Benjamin Weinthal

Frankfurt has become the first German city to ban the “anti-Semitic” Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign by passing a historic bill on Friday prohibiting municipal funding and rooms for BDS activities targeting Israel, Benjamin Weinthal reported in The Jerusalem Post.

25th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Frankfurt Becomes First German City To Ban ‘Antisemitic’ BDS Movement

Benjamin Weinthal

Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt Uwe Becker told the Jerusalem Post his city enjoys a 37-year strong partnership with Israel and those who attack the Jewish state also attack the people of Frankfurt.

19th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German University Files Criminal Complaint Against BDS Activist

Benjamin Weinthal

Anti-Israel protestors interrupted speeches by MK Lavie and a Holocaust survivor.

14th August 2017 - Quoted by Rachel Frommer - The Washington Free Beacon

University of Chicago Considered Aggressive Response to ‘Watch Lists’ of Anti-Israel Students

Jonathan Schanzer

University of Chicago administrators considered an aggressive response to "watch lists" of anti-Israel students posted online and in flyers distributed on campus by pro-Israel groups, according to a recently released memo.

10th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt Seeks To Ban ‘Deeply Antisemitic’ BDS

Benjamin Weinthal

The boycott movement targeting Israel is “deeply antisemitic and should have no place in Frankfurt,” the deputy mayor of Frankfurt said.

7th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany City Bans ‘Israel Is Illegal’ Vote

Benjamin Weinthal

Pro-Iranian regime group mounts protests against Israel.

7th August 2017 - Quoted by Vijeta Uniyal - Legal Insurrection

Anti-Israel BDS Following ‘Nazi Tradition’, Declares Student Gov’t at Germany’s Goethe University

Benjamin Weinthal

The student government at the University of Frankfurt has condemned the anti-Israel boycott campaign as antisemitic, by unanimously passing a resolution last week.

6th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German Specialized Unit For Political Extremism Investigates BDS Activists

Benjamin Weinthal

The criminal allegations were leveled against Ronnie Barkan, Majed Abusalama and Stavit Sinai, who face charges of trespassing for their activity at the Humboldt University event with Lavie.

4th August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Major German university students say BDS continues Nazi boycott

Benjamin Weinthal

The resolution's purpose was to send a strong signal to growing anti-Zionist and antisemitic tendencies in Frankfurt.

1st August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

First German City Set To Pass Anti-BDS Bill

Benjamin Weinthal

Munich lawmakers declare boycott movement antisemitic.

20th July 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: Israel Set To Deny Entry To Radical BDS Activists

Benjamin Weinthal

The border authorities will block entry to the famous, significant, and otherwise radical BDS activists.

13th July 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Israel-Labeled West Bank Wines Banned From Ontario

Benjamin Weinthal

Canadian vendors are asked to remove the wine from their shelves and to discontinue importing them.

10th July 2017 - Quoted by CAMERA

Hamas: We ‘Salute and Support’ BDS

Jonathan Schanzer

The boycott, divestment and sanctions effort (BDS) that seeks to delegitimize Israel received an endorsement from Hamas on July 5, 2017. Hamas, the U.S.-designated terror group that rules the Gaza Strip, tweeted: “We salute and support the influential BDS movement.”

5th July 2017 - Jerusalem Post

Austrian Bishop Resigns From NGO Over Anti-Semitism at Palestinian Event

Benjamin Weinthal

In addition to anti-Israel antisemitism, the bishop cited verbal attacks on members of the Jewish community during a lecture as a reason for his break from the NGO.


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