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22nd October 2017 - Quoted by Samuel Smith - The Christian Post

Tillerson Says Iranian Militias in Iraq ‘Need to Go Home’ Amid Complaints From Christian Community

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for Iranian-backed militias, who helped defeat the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq and have reportedly set up checkpoints in Iraqi villages once predominantly populated by Christians over three years ago, to leave Iraq.

14th August 2017 - Quoted by Lorraine Caballero - Christian Daily

Hungary could save Iranian Christian actress facing deportation from Sweden

Clifford D. May

An Iranian Christian celebrity who is at the risk of deportation from Sweden to Iran could be saved from prison, abuse, and possibly death, by the Hungarian government, which has announced that it is ready to offer refugee status to her.

11th August 2017 - Quoted by Associated France Presse

US religion monitor welcomes release of Iranian Christian

Clifford D. May

Maryam Naghash Zargaran, a Christian convert from Islam, was jailed ‘simply due to her Christian faith,’ says US government watchdog

10th August 2017 - Quoted by Lela Gilbert - Newsmax

Erdogan’s Turkey Increasingly Dangerous for Christians

Aykan Erdemir

What a stunning, intriguing travel destination Turkey used to be. And once upon a time, it was a uniquely safe and secular state remarkably free of extremism, despite a teeming, overwhelmingly Muslim population that numbers some 79.5 million souls.

3rd August 2017 - Quoted by Catholic World News

Iranian Christian convert released from prison

Clifford D. May

Maryam Naghash Zargaran, an Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity, has been released from a Tehran prison.

2nd August 2017 - Quoted by CBN News

Iran Denied Christian Prisoner Vital Medical Care

Clifford D. May

Iranian authorities released Maryam Naghash Zargaran, an Iranian Christian, from prison after she served a four year sentence for "security violations."

25th July 2017 - Quoted by Bob Unruh - WND

Stunner! Iran’s Basij Monitors Christians in West!

Saeed Ghasseminejad

It’s a surprise to no one that Iran’s radical Islamists monitor Christians and others inside their borders.

25th July 2017 - Quoted by Iran Focus

West Must Protect Christians Fleeing Iran, as Monitoring by IRGC and Basij Continues

Benjamin Weinthal

While we know that Iran monitors Christians and other religious group within the country, a worldwide Christian ministry warns that this observation continues even after members of the faith have moved to the West.

27th May 2017 - WMAL AM 630

The Larry O’Connor Show

Clifford D. May

FDD Founder and President Clifford D. May discusses the bus attack on Christians in Egypt.

17th May 2017 - Quoted by Lorraine Cabellero - Christian Daily

Trump committed to secure freedom of American pastor from Turkish jail, says family lawyer

Aykan Erdemir

U.S. President Donald Trump has committed to work for the release of an American pastor who was been wrongfully imprisoned over terror charges in Turkey since October, according to a lawyer who represents his family.

1st May 2017 - Quoted by Stoyan Zaimov - The Christian Post

What Will Turkish President Erdogan’s New Powers Mean for Christians?

Aykan Erdemir

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's major referendum victory last, which gave him sweeping new powers, has prompted concerns about what the future will hold for persecuted Christians and other minorities there.

21st April 2017 - Quoted by Michael Lipin - Voice of America

US Nearly Silent on Iran’s Presidential Election as Policy Toughens

Behnam Ben Taleblu

In a Thursday report, Iranian state television said the country’s 12-member Guardian Council has vetted and approved six candidates to compete in the May 19 presidential vote, most notably the relatively moderate incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, and prominent conservative Ebrahim Raisi,...

8th March 2017 - Fox News

Iran arrests two Catholics in new wave of brutality against Christians

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested two Christians – a mother and her son – in late February as part of a brutal crackdown on Catholicism in the country’s West Azerbaijan Province.

1st February 2017 - Quoted by Frances Martel - Brietbart

Report: Hate Speech Against Christians in Turkey on the Rise

Aykan Erdemir

A report published this week by the Turkish Association of Protestant Churches warns that persecution and hate speech against Christians of all denominations increased significantly throughout the country in the last year, particularly in the media.

25th January 2017 - Quoted by Mindy Belz - World Magazine

Caught in a dragnet

Aykan Erdemir

As if the hassles of international travel aren’t enough, Ryan Keating found himself flagged last October embarking on a routine flight from Turkey. For a decade the Yale University graduate and East Coast native has lived there, pursuing doctoral studies and church-based work. An officer...

19th January 2017 - Quoted by Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Turkey: Growing Religious Intolerance is Undermining Constitutional Commitments

Aykan Erdemir

American Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife have been living in Turkey for 23 years running a church in Izmir with the full knowledge of the Turkish authorities.

7th January 2017 - Quoted by John Burger - Aleteia

American pastor’s arrest in Turkey signals possible trouble for Christians

Aykan Erdemir

The plight of one American Christian evangelist is suggestive of the turmoil that lies ahead for Turkey.

4th January 2017 - Quoted by CBN News

Turkey Refuses to Release Jailed American Pastor

Aykan Erdemir

Efforts to free an American pastor held in a Turkish prison for his Christian faith have failed.

4th January 2017 - Quoted by The American Interest

Turkey Arrests American Pastor as Terrorist

Aykan Erdemir

Behold the mighty power of the Gülenists: they lurk behind every threat to the Turkish state (and its glorious leader, Erdogan). They can even subvert Evangelical pastors into their Islamic network—or so says the Turkish government.

3rd January 2017 - Quoted by Sohrab Ahmari - The Wall Street Journal

A Christian Pastor in Turkey’s Prisons

Aykan Erdemir

Andrew Brunson was elated when Turkey’s Interior Ministry summoned him on Oct. 7 in the coastal city of Izmir.


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