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16th October 2017 - Foreign Policy

Can Anyone End the Palestinian Civil War?

Grant Rumley

A new agreement aims to mend the rift between Fatah and Hamas — but the wounds may run too deep.

13th October 2017 - Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

The U.S. Sees an Opportunity in the Palestinian Reconciliation

Jonathan Schanzer

Usually the U.S. and Israel are on the same page when it comes to reconciling the two rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah. Until Hamas renounces terror and disarms, both Washington and Jerusalem have opposed its integration into the Palestinian Authority.

27th September 2017 - Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Service

‘Bad blood’ hovers over latest attempt at Palestinian reconciliation

Grant Rumley

With other major issues in the Middle East such as the Iran nuclear deal taking center stage in recent weeks, two rival Palestinian factions—the terror group Hamas and the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA)—quietly announced a reconciliation deal and their decision to form a...

24th September 2017 - Quoted by Arab Weekly

Palestinian unity government remains unlikely

Grant Rumley

Conciliatory moves an­nounced by the Palestin­ian movement Hamas to­wards its rival Fatah will not be enough to bring an end to the differences between the two sides, let alone form a unity government, observers noted.

17th August 2017 - Quoted by Aaron Howard - The Jewish Herald-Voice

The reign of Mahmoud Abbas

Grant Rumley

Surrounding himself with allies and sycophants in the last decade, Mahmoud Abbas has disconnected from the Palestinian people. Increasingly, the Palestinian people have become disconnected from him. Following Fatah’s Seventh Convention in December 2016, 65 percent of the Palestinian public...

16th August 2017 - Interview by Shmuel Rosner - The Jewish Journal

The Mahmoud Abbas exchange, Part 3: On Israel and the Palestinian leadership struggle

Grant Rumley

The following exchange will focus on Tibon and Rumley’s new book The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas (Prometheus Books, 2017).

9th August 2017 - The American Interest

The End of the Abbas Era

Grant Rumley

The aging leader tried to capitalize on his people’s unrest by taking unprecedented steps against Israel. Instead, he may have just made the argument against his rule even stronger.

9th August 2017 - Quoted by The Tower

Palestinian Authority Detains West Bank Journalists Connected to Hamas

Grant Rumley

The Palestinian Authority arrested five journalists on Tuesday evening and charged them with leaking sensitive information to enemies.

9th August 2017 - Quoted by Miriam Berger and Luke Baker - Reuters

Ageing and ailing, who will succeed current Palestinian leaders?

Grant Rumley

Palestinian politics is a relentless and often fruitless pursuit: after more than two decades of on-off negotiations, a state remains out of reach. Now add to the mix rising age and failing health.

27th July 2017 - Quoted by Ben Cohen - The Algemeiner

Expert: $3K Per Month PA Salary for Halamish Killer Will Give ‘Momentum’ to Taylor Force Act

Jonathan Schanzer

The monthly salary of approximately $3,000 that the Palestinian Authority will pay to terrorist Omar al-Abed could be a powerful spur to a pending US legislative bill that would slash aid to the PA over its “martyr payments” policy, a leading Middle East expert told The Algemeiner on...

19th July 2017 - The Jewish Journal

The Mahmoud Abbas exchange, part 1: A man of peace turned autocrat

Grant Rumley

The following exchange will focus on Tibon and Rumley’s new book The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas (Prometheus Books, 2017).

18th July 2017 - Fathom Journal

The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas - Interview With Grant Rumley & Amir Tibon

Grant Rumley

Fathom Assistant Editor Samuel Nurding sat down with Grant Rumley and Amir Tibon to discuss their new book The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas (Prometheus Books, 2017).

13th July 2017 - The American Interest

Mahmoud Abbas and the Years of Terror

Grant Rumley

Mahmoud Abbas’s role in Palestinian politics was forged in the bloody years of the Second Intifada, when he became the anti-Arafat. But the events of those years also foreshadow the indecision and timidity that have plagued him since.

12th July 2017 - Mentioned by Faith Bottum - The Washington Free Beacon

Experts: Abbas’s Role in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Solution Waning

Grant Rumley

Hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the discussion centered around the publication of The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas, by Grant Rumley, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Amir Tibon, chief Washington correspondent...

11th July 2017 - Prometheus Books

The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas

Grant Rumley

The Last Palestinian, drawing from interviews with key figures in the West Bank, Israel, and Washington, is the first English biography of Abbas.

8th July 2017 - Quoted by Arab News

Are Mahmoud Abbas’ challenges to the judiciary exposing his weakness?

Grant Rumley

Activists in Palestine claim that last month’s blocking of Palestinian websites was carried out simply via a phone call from the office of President Mahmoud Abbas to local Internet providers.

3rd May 2017 - World Politics Review

Can Abbas Use His White House Visit to Preserve His Power and Undercut Hamas?

Grant Rumley

On Barack Obama’s first day in office as U.S. president in 2009, he called Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank to discuss the war being waged at the time in Gaza between Hamas and Israel. The call came just two years after a devastating Palestinian civil war in which...

9th March 2017 - Foreign Affairs

New Blood for Fatah and Hamas

Grant Rumley

Palestinian politicians tend to view term limits as casual suggestions. This is especially true in the case of the two largest Palestinian parties: the nominally secular Fatah, which manages the Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank, and the Islamist terror group Hamas, which...

16th February 2017 - Quoted by Adam Rasgon - The Jerusalem Post

Fatah Elects Vice Chairman

Grant Rumley

The Fatah Central Committee on Wednesday elected Mahmoud al-Aloul to serve as the movement’s vice chairman, making him the first to hold the newly-created position.

26th January 2017 - Quoted by Adam Rasgon - The Jerusalem Post

Hamas-run Court Sentences Eight Fatah Members to Prison

Grant Rumley

A Hamas-administered court in the Gaza Strip sentenced eight Fatah members to various prison terms on Wednesday, for “undermining revolutionary unity.”


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