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1st August 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

First German City Set To Pass Anti-BDS Bill

Benjamin Weinthal

Munich lawmakers declare boycott movement antisemitic.

25th July 2017 - Quoted by Vijeta Uniyal - Legal Insurrection

Germany’s Largest Jewish Org: Merkel Government ‘Reluctant’ To Confront Muslim Antisemitism

Benjamin Weinthal

Jews do not feel safe in major German cities, says the head of the Central Council of Jews, Germany’s largest Jewish organisation. Mass-migrations from Islamic countries and the rising Muslim population are behind the resurfacing of antisemitism in Germany seven decades after the...

18th July 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Berlin Suspends Submarine Deal With Israel Amid Corruption Probe

Benjamin Weinthal

The news comes shortly after several senior officials and key suspects in the case were detained and placed under house arrest.

13th July 2017 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD's Benjamin Weinthal discusses Germany intelligence reports on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

11th July 2017 - Quoted by Michael Rubin - Commentary Magazine

Why Germany Tolerates Iranian Cheating

Benjamin Weinthal

At both The Weekly Standard and the Jerusalem Post, the Foundation for Defense of Democracy’s Benjamin Weinthal exposes German intelligence reports that suggest that the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to work toward the goal of possessing nuclear weapons.

10th July 2017 - Quoted by The Tower

German Intelligence: Iran Still Seeking Illicit Nuclear Technology

Emanuele Ottolenghi, Benjamin Weinthal

Reports from German intelligence agencies show that Iran is still attempting to procure illicit technology, including parts for the operation of its heavy water reactor, which was shuttered under the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, Benjamin Weinthal reported for The Weekly Standard on...

10th July 2017 - Quoted by The Tower

Hamas “Salutes and Supports” Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, expressed its support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel in a Twitter post last week.

8th July 2017 - Jerusalem Post

Iran Seeking Nuclear Weapons Technology, German Intel Says

Benjamin Weinthal

Damning German intelligence reports emerged in June and July revealing the Iranian regime’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile technology in defiance of international sanctions and UN resolutions.

7th July 2017 - The Weekly Standard

Iran Still on the Hunt for Nuclear Weapons Technology Across Germany

Benjamin Weinthal

Startling new evidence from German intelligence reports shows the Tehran regime is working to illegally obtain technology and know-how to advance its nuclear weapons and missile programs, despite the 2015 agreement to curb its nuclear program.

6th July 2017 - Fox News

Iran illegally seeking weapons tech from German firms, according to report

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran is targeting German companies in its bid to advance its missile program, in possible violation of an international agreement, and at least on occasion with the aid of a Chinese company, according to a damning recent report from a German intelligence agency.

5th July 2017 - Commentary Magazine

A Victim of the Hate That Won’t Be Named

Benjamin Weinthal

Back in 2002, the serving president of France, Jacques Chirac, huffily told an interviewer from the New York Times, “To imagine that France, the very first country to recognize the rights of Jews, could be anti-Semitic is propaganda, not reality.”

28th June 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

German-Turkish Relations Continue to Deteriorate

Benjamin Weinthal

The fractured Berlin-Ankara relationship has been hit by perhaps its biggest diplomatic crisis, resulting in Berlin’s decision to withdraw German forces stationed at the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, near the Syrian border, and relocate them to Jordan.

13th June 2017 - Jerusalem Post

Germany’s Largest Paper Posts ‘Censored’ Antisemitism Film Online

Benjamin Weinthal

The Bild paper on Tuesday posted on its website a film believed to be have been censored by the Franco-German TV outlet ARTE because it show Islamic-animated antisemitism and Jew-hatred in all walks of European life.

8th June 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German Mayor Cancels BDS Events Due to Antisemitism

Benjamin Weinthal

Mayor Jürgen Krogmann of the northern German city of Oldenburg pulled the plug Wednesday on two events slated to call for boycott of the Jewish state.

30th May 2017 - Fox News

Trump, Germany’s Merkel clash over trade, NATO and ‘Western values’

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany and the U.S. emerged from Memorial Day weekend in a war of words, as Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition partners attacked America’s reliability as a world power and President Trump fired back on Twitter.

2nd May 2017 - Fox News

Germany’s roguish stand against US, Israel must be stopped

Benjamin Weinthal

Israel and the Trump administration have a German problem, ironically manifesting itself on Israel’s 69th birthday. Just as President Trump’s emissaries and his UN Ambassador Nikki Haley are rightly insisting that Israel-bashing at the UN cease, Germany is moving in the opposite...

27th April 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Germany’s Social Democrats Pivot Toward PLO and Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

German Foreign and Vice Chancellor Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s move to pick a fight with Benjamin Netanyahu come as no surprise to longterm observers of Gabriel and his Social Democratic Party’s (SPD) explicit pivot toward Fatah and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Netanyahu told Gabriel he...

25th April 2017 - Quoted by Vijeta Uniyal - Legal Insurrection

Netanyahu snubs visiting German Minister over plans to meet anti-Israel NGOs

Benjamin Weinthal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called off talks with the visiting German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel over his insistence on meeting anti-Israel NGOs. Netanyahu had previously urged Gabriel not to meet with organizations that are involved in anti-Israel activism. According to German...

23rd April 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany is a Hotbed of Iranian Spy Activity that Targets Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

The German Interior Ministry notified a Left Party deputy last week that agents from Iran have been some of the most active spies in the Federal Republic between 2007 and 2017, including assassination attempts on Israel advocates.

21st March 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German BDS Events Canceled in Frankfurt and Bonn

Benjamin Weinthal

After a wave of objections to a boycott-Israel event scheduled for next week in Bonn, Germany, the Jewish community there on Monday announced its delight with cancellation of the gathering and a widely criticized antisemitic talk that was to be given at it.


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