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11th February 2016 - The Jerusalem Post

German mayor opposes 10,000 euro award to anti-Semitic group Code Pink

Benjamin Weinthal

The mayor of the German city of Bayreuth, Brigitte Merk-Erbe, said on Thursday that she rejects awarding the city’s tolerance prize to the radical US NGO Code Pink because of its ties with alleged deniers of the Holocaust.

10th February 2016 - The Jerusalem Post

German city awards US NGO with ties to Holocaust deniers 10,000 prize

Benjamin Weinthal

The Bavarian city of Bayreuth is slated to award 10,000 euros in April to a US-based activist group - Code Pink - that supports a boycott of the Jewish state and has participated in a conference in Iran with Holocaust deniers.

7th January 2016 - i24

Morning Edition with Yael Lavie

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD fellow Benjamin Weinthal discusses the mass sexual attacks on German women in Cologne

1st January 2016 - BBC

World Have Your Say

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD fellow Benjamin Weinthal discusses Mein Kampf being sold in German bookstores.

31st December 2015 - Quoted by Mosaic

Meet Germany’s Jeremy Corbyn and Her Loyal Followers

Benjamin Weinthal

While the Hizballah-loving Jeremy Corbyn has won the leadership of Britain’s Labor party, Sahra Wagenknecht, one of two leaders of Germany’s hard-left die Linke party, recently made headlines by equating the aerial bombing campaign against Islamic State with the group’s own barbaric...

10th December 2015 - AM 640

The Sid Rosenberg Show

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD fellow Ben Weinthal discusses Angela Merkel and her policies on Iran, Greece, and Syria.

10th November 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

Anti-Israel Activists Hijack Swedish Kristallnacht Event, Fail to Invite Jews

Benjamin Weinthal

The organizers of a Kristallnacht commemoration in the city of Umeå, Sweden, didn’t invite the local Jewish community because it was expected to be an “unwelcoming or unsafe situation for them” due to the efforts of anti-Israel activists, The Daily Beast reported Monday.

10th November 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: The Mood in Germany: Kristallnacht ‘Nein,’ BDS ‘Ja’

Benjamin Weinthal

Each year on November 9, Berlin remembers the lethal anti-Semitic pogroms carried out by Germans against Jews and synagogues in 1938 – the so-called Kristallnacht anniversary.

20th October 2015 - Center for Security Policy

Secure Freedom Radio

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD research fellow Benjamin Weinthal comments on Europe's perspective on migration and Iran deal.

19th October 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Why the German Foreign Minister’s Iran Trip Flopped

Benjamin Weinthal

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s trip to Iran on Saturday turned the clock back to the Federal Republic’s pre-sanctions pro-Iran policies by showing an indifferent posture to growing Iranian jingoism, domestic repression and anti-Israel rhetoric.

8th October 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Report Card on 50 Years of German-Israel Relations

Benjamin Weinthal

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cancellation of Thursday’s sixth joint cabinet consultation between Israel and Germany because of the domestic security situation comes at the end phase of the celebratory period marking 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

15th September 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

German Bank Closes Account of Pro-Iran, Pro-Hezbollah Supporters

Benjamin Weinthal

The German Commerzank has shut down the account of the al-Quds day demonstration—an annual march in German cities calling for the destruction of Israel—according to the bank’s spokesman.

10th September 2015 -

Merkel’s Red Carpet for Refugees Decried by Some Germans as Cultural Suicide

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany's plan to take in 800,000 Middle East refugees per year is being hailed as humanitarian around the world, but uneasy critics inside the European power fear the huge influx could not only skew the nation’s demographics in a hurry, but could also include terrorists hiding among the...

24th June 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Study by German Commission: Schoolbooks Biased Against Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

German schoolbooks present a one-sided view of Israel as an aggressive, warlike country while ignoring that the Jewish state is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, according to a new study by a joint Israeli-German commission reported on Monday by the daily Tagesspiegel paper....

12th May 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Why Does Germany’s Young Generation Hold Negative Views of Israel?

Benjamin Weinthal

The peerless Middle East historian Bernard Lewis wrote nearly 30 years ago in his groundbreaking book Semites and Anti-Semites that German guilt after the Holocaust contributed to the positive response to the founding of Israel. However, he warned presciently that “such feelings are a...

15th April 2015 - The National Interest

Defrosted: Will German Firms Plunge Head First Into Iran?

Benjamin Weinthal

With a framework in place for addressing the Iran nuclear issue, Germany, a member of the P5+1 powers negotiating with Tehran, stands to reap an economic windfall.

8th March 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Are Booming German-Iran Business Relations Hurting Israel?

Benjamin Weinthal

Fresh trade data show Germany’s industry secured a windfall in revenue due to the easing of Iran sanctions.

20th February 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

German Jews Hide Jewish Magazine for Fear of anti-Semitic Attacks

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany's largest Jewish community in the capital city removed its logo on envelopes containing its monthly magazine to protect members from anti-Semitic attacks.

16th February 2015 -

FBI Had Spy in Bedroom of German Rapper Turned ISIS Poster Boy, Says Report

Benjamin Weinthal

The German rapper who became a grisly poster boy for ISIS fell for the oldest trick in the book, according to a report that said the woman "Deso Dogg" thought was his wife was an FBI spy.

11th February 2015 - Fox News

On the Record with Greta van Susteren

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD Research Fellow Benjamin Weinthal on German rapper Denis Cuspert and his connection to the Islamic State.


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