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20th December 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Jews in the Judean Desert?

Clifford D. May

More than 40,000 people have been slaughtered in Syria and the death toll rises daily. The European Union does not appear to be particularly concerned. North Korea’s rulers have launched a three-stage rocket...

20th December 2012 - American Institute for Contemporary German Studies - Johns Hopkins University

Germany’s Circumcision Debate: A Personal Reflection

I never imagined that my existence as a Jew in Germany would be challenged by an advertisement in the Berlin U-Bahn. But there it was, staring at me on the U2 line on my way home one afternoon, a...

8th December 2012 - The Commentator

Palestine’s Strangely Stubborn State of Mind

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The UN vote upgrading the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to a non-member state with observer status has done nothing to move the cause of Palestinian statehood forward. Instead, it repeats the...

5th December 2012 - The Weekly Standard

An Unholy Alliance

Benjamin Weinthal, Emanuele Ottolenghi

Germany appeared over the past several months to have finally fallen in line behind European Union efforts to stiffen economic sanctions against Iran. But in late October a group of German parliamentarians dealt a blow...

30th November 2012 - Foreign Policy

How Israel Lost Europe

Jonathan Schanzer, Benjamin Weinthal

There was never much doubt that the U.N. General Assembly would overwhelmingly vote to upgrade the Palestinian Authority to the status of nonmember state on Nov. 29.

15th November 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Oliver Stone’s Party Line

Clifford D. May

In the 1930s, quite a few people failed to recognize the threat posed by Nazi ideology. In their eyes, Hitler was simply restoring Germany’s wounded pride and rebuilding an economy battered by World...

6th November 2012 - New York Daily News

If Only France and Germany Were in the Electoral College

As they vote for President, Americans are not thinking that much about the world. But the world is certainly thinking about them. Nervous Europeans, Africans, Asians, Latin Americans — people everywhere...

4th November 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: German-Iranian Trade Booming

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s exports to Iran have totaled over 25 billion euros since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. Last week’s visit by three German deputies to Iran, which included a meeting...

2nd November 2012 - The Jewish Chronicle

German MPs Do Business with Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

European politicians in Brussels and Berlin have unleashed a storm of criticism over their planned trips to meet representatives of Iran’s regime. A group of five left-wing MEPs had been slated to go...

1st November 2012 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Benjamin Weinthal

EU and German trips to Iran and how the trips undercut Iran sanctions, as well as the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

5th October 2012 - Tablet

The Professor’s Shoddy History

On May 31, the city of Frankfurt announced that Berkeley professor Judith Butler would be feted with the Theodor W. Adorno prize, named after the late German Jewish philosopher who...

3rd October 2012 - Quoted by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, Bloomberg

Europe Weighs More Sanctions as Iran’s Currency Plummets

Mark Dubowitz

The U.K., France and Germany are pressing for new sanctions to bring Iran’s economy to its knees and curb its nuclear ambitions, according to several European diplomats, as rioting over...

26th September 2012 - The Long War Journal

Will Europe Outlaw Hezbollah?

Benjamin Weinthal

The July suicide bombing of a bus full of Israeli tourists at the seaside Bulgarian resort of Burgas, which killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver, catapulted the Lebanese-based...

24th September 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

‘UK, France, Germany Urge EU to Up Iran Sanctions’

Benjamin Weinthal

Britain, France and Germany called on the European Union to impose fresh sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, AFP reported late Sunday, citing diplomatic sources.

24th September 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany Considering Ban of Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Benjamin Weinthal

A spokesman for Germany's foreign ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the Federal Republic was examining whether the criteria exist to outlaw the Iran-sponsored Hezbollah...

23rd September 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

Hamburg Mosque May Have Violated Anti-Hate Contract

Benjamin Weinthal

The Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, widely considered by experts in Germany and abroad the long arm of Iran’s regime in the Federal Republic, appears to have violated the spirit – and...

21st September 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

The Service’s Secrets

Benjamin Weinthal

‘But without sources, human sources within the enemy centers, you will never discover the kinds of plots that unfolded on September 11.” With these words, Markus Wolf, the former head...

19th September 2012 - The Jerusalem Post

Berlin Jewish Museum Event Calls for Israel Boycott

Benjamin Weinthal

The internationally renowned Jewish Museum in Berlin hosted a podium discussion on Saturday with US academic Judith Butler, who renewed her calls to boycott Israel. It appears to be...

17th September 2012 - Foreign Policy

Das Gift

Benjamin Weinthal

Barack Obama had a lot on his hands last week with attacks on U.S. embassies across the Middle East, but in Europe, a big story buried by the drama of firefights in Libya, Cairo riots, and...

9th September 2012 - The Wall Street Journal

The Post-Self-Destructivism of Judith Butler

Benjamin Weinthal

In 1938, shortly after philosopher Martin Buber, formerly of the University of Frankfurt, came to Israel to teach at Hebrew University, a reporter asked how his Hebrew was. He replied: ...


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