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5th June 2013 - Haaretz

Germany’s Gift to BDS: The Slippery Slope of Labeling Israeli Products

Benjamin Weinthal

The left-liberal German Green party finally forced the hand of the conservative Merkel administration to explicitly declare—what before had been an open secret...

4th June 2013 - National Review Online

Germany Awards Top Prize to Philosopher Who Belittled 9/11

Benjamin Weinthal

One of Germany’s top journalists, Henryk M. Broder, today returned the prestigious Ludwig-Börne literary prize in protest against the anti-American philosopher...

27th May 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

Israel Key to Berlin Hezbollah Terror Label

Benjamin Weinthal

Israeli diplomats traveled recently to Berlin and presented court documents showing Hezbollah’s role in terrorism within the European Union. The meticulous documentation collected...

22nd May 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany Backs Blacklisting Hezbollah Military Wing

Benjamin Weinthal

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle decided Wednesday to support listing Hezbollah's military wing as a terrorist organization in the European Union, according to German diplomatic sources.

8th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

ISAF Launches Multiple Raids Against IMU as Fighting Season Heats Up

Patrick Megahan

Since the beginning of May, Afghan and Coalition forces have launched five operations targeting the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the northern province of Baghlan.

18th April 2013 - Radio Farda

News Update

Emanuele Ottolenghi

A mysterious Iranian-run factory in Germany.

17th April 2013 - The Atlantic

In Europe, a Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah

Benjamin Weinthal

In the wake of several recent high-profile cases incriminating Hezbollah in Europe, there are growing cracks in the European Union's policy on the Lebanese terror group.

15th April 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

German Event with Iran Envoy ‘Legitimizes Evil’

Benjamin Weinthal

A German government ministry and an evangelical church academy provoked outrage in the US and Germany by inviting the Iranian ambassador – allegedly involved in the massacre of Kurds...

15th April 2013 - Quoted by Michael Birnbaum and Joby Warrick, The Washington Post

A Mysterious Iranian-Run Factory in Germany

Emanuele Ottolenghi

For years, mystery surrounded an Iranian-controlled factory tucked away in this town of 70,000 in Germany’s industrial west. The plant manufactured high-pressure gas tanks, but its managers...

7th April 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

Intelligence Experts Challenge ‘Prisoner X’ Media

Benjamin Weinthal

Two leading experts in the field of Israeli intelligence — Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman — have strongly questioned the veracity of an article last month by German media outlet Der Spiegel, claiming that Ben Zygier...

5th April 2013 - CNN

The Lead

Now we have the Berlin Jewish Museum's latest exhibit "The Whole Truth: Everything you always wanted to know about Jews". That's right, in that land that so many Jews have such strong feelings about...

4th April 2013 - Tablet

Being the Jew in the Box

It’s not often that someone compares you to the Hottentot Venus, Tilda Swinton, and Adolf Eichmann, all in the same hour. But yesterday, depending on your point of view, I was all three. In the week since the Jewish Museum in Berlin...

4th April 2013 - Foreign Policy

The Jew in a Box

Benjamin Weinthal

It's safe to assume that the German organizers of an exhibit that centers around a Jew sitting in a Plexiglas box, answering questions from museum-goers, anticipated some controversy.

29th March 2013 - Fox News

Most of Europe Reluctant to Crack Down on Hezbollah Despite Growing Threat

Benjamin Weinthal

A House hearing on Hezbollah as a global terrorist threat coupled with Thursday’s prison sentence of a Hezbollah member — the first in a European court — brings...

14th March 2013 - The Long War Journal

Benghazi Suspect Fled to Pakistan, Recently Detained in Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

A suspect in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi has been detained in Libya, according to multiple press outlets. CNN reports that, according to one source, Faraj...

26th February 2013 - NPR

All Things Considered

A new round of international talks on Iran's nuclear program is under way in Kazakhstan, where the U.S., Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany are asking Iran to give up any thought of building a nuclear...

15th February 2013 - The National Interest

Why Doesn’t Europe Think Hezbollah Is a Terror Group?

Benjamin Weinthal

The rift over counterterrorism strategy between the United States and its trans-Atlantic partners will likely be on display next week in Brussels, where European foreign ministers are slated to discuss the Bulgarian...

11th February 2013 - The Jerusalem Post

German Green Party Head High-Fives Iran’s Envoy

Benjamin Weinthal

Claudia Roth, chairwoman of the large Green Party in Germany, is facing a storm of criticism from media outlets, Iranian dissidents and pro-Israel advocates because she greeted Iran’s ambassador to Germany...

7th February 2013 - Haaretz

For Iran, the Holocaust is Just Another Tragedy - If It Ever Happened

Iran apologists contend that the Iranian regime behaves rationally and is therefore a fitting partner for nuclear negotiations. But there is nothing rational in Tehran's constant embrace of virulent anti-Semitism and outright Holocaust denial.

6th February 2013 - Foreign Policy

Europe’s Hezbollah Problem

Benjamin Weinthal

Since the Lebanese political movement Hezbollah's inception in 1982, the group's relations with the European Union have been characterized by a fragmented policy filled with complex diplomatic maneuvers.


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