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12th October 2016 - NewsTalk AM 1130

Justice & Drew

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses his thoughts on each of the presidential candidate’s foreign policy during Sunday night’s debate.

18th August 2016 - Fox News

The O’Reilly Factor

John Hannah

FDD senior counselor John Hannah on ISIS strategies in the 2016 election.

25th May 2016 - The Washington Times

National security policies of the next commander-in-chief

Clifford D. May

“National security” is a highfalutin phrase for a problem that can be stated quite simply: We have enemies. What do we do about them? Since this is a matter of life and death, it’s worth asking: What national security policies can we expect the next commander-in-chief to implement?...


Michael Hsieh

TCIL Executive Director, CEEW Advisor

David Adesnik

Director of Research

Tony Badran

Research Fellow

John Cappello

Senior Fellow

Toby Dershowitz

Senior Vice President

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