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15th August 2018 - The Washington TImes

Imagining the Islamic Republic

Clifford D. May

Last week, the European Union issued a statement on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear weapons deal concluded with Iran’s rulers, from which President Trump withdrew three months ago.

14th August 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

UN: Iran-based leaders ‘have grown more prominent’ in al Qaeda’s global network

Thomas Joscelyn

A recently released UN report contains intriguing details concerning the dispute between Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and al Qaeda’s senior leaders, including the role played by two veteran operatives living in Iran.

13th August 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: 2 wanted al Qaeda leaders operate in Iran

Thomas Joscelyn

On Aug. 8, the State Department announced that it had increased its reward for information concerning the whereabouts of two veteran al Qaeda leaders: Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah and Saif al-Adel. Although State didn't explain the move, there is evidence that the two al Qaeda managers were...

1st June 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

In Iran, Intense Capital Flight Threatens Economy

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Iran’s Parliament Research Center, an official arm of the country’s legislature, published a report last week that sheds light on the extent of capital flight from Iran and the causes of the rial’s depreciation.

3rd May 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Hezbollah chief’s censored speech reaffirms group as Tehran’s arm in Lebanon

In March, an Iran state-affiliated media outlet inappropriately published a speech by Lebanese Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. The speech was a private – candid – address to an Iranian audience in Beirut in the same month.

1st May 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Mattis claims Taliban ‘cannot win at the ballot box’

Bill Roggio

Once again, a top United States official has failed to properly identify the Taliban and Islamic State’s disinterest in participating in peaceful political process.

30th April 2018 - The National Post

Full Comment: Iran lied to get a deal that we can’t enforce anyway

Sheryl Saperia

Israel has just pulled off a spectacular covert mission to extract from a warehouse in southern Tehran 55,000 pages and 183 CDs of secret Iranian files detailing that country’s nuclear program.

30th April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Treasury sanctions ISIS facilitator based in the Philippines

Thomas Joscelyn

The Treasury Department announced today that it has added Myrna Mabanza, an Islamic State (ISIS) facilitator based in the Philippines, to the US government’s list of designated terrorists. Treasury identifies Mabanza as a woman in her mid-20s who has worked with some of the Islamic...

30th April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

ISIS suicide bombers target security forces, journalists in Kabul

Thomas Joscelyn

Two suicide bombers struck in the Kabul, Afghanistan earlier today. The attacks were quickly claimed by the Islamic State’s so-called Khorasan “province,” which released a picture of the jihadists responsible (seen above). The two “martyrs” were identified as Qa’qa’ al-Kurdi...

22nd April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Suicide bomber strikes voter registration office in Kabul

Thomas Joscelyn

A suicide bomber struck a voter registration office in Kabul earlier today. More than 50 people were killed, including women and children, while over 100 others were injured in the bombing, according to the Afghan government.

13th April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

IRGC-controlled Syrian militia declares jihad against US forces in Syria

Romany Shaker

A Syrian militia led by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) declared on April 6 jihad against US and allied forces in Syria. The IRGC is likely to boost its military support to the group as it explores avenues to drive the US out of Syria.

2nd April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: An Iranian SAM in the Arabian Peninsula

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Last week, the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington D.C. released a nine-page primer on Iran’s continued support to Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Buried within the same document was photographic evidence of Saudi Arabia’s latest charge against Iran: the provision of the Sayyad-2C...

1st April 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Hamza bin Laden warns of Shiite expansion in the Middle East

Thomas Joscelyn

In his latest message, Hamza bin Laden warns that Shiites are expanding throughout the Middle East and claims that the Saudi government is incapable of stopping them. Hamza calls upon Muslims to support the jihadists in Yemen. He also criticizes the relationship between the Saudis and the...

28th March 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

A peek inside Houthi Rebel’s recent missile strikes in Saudi Arabia

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Pro-Houthi media outlets like Yemen News Agency (SABA) reported that at least three types of projectiles were fired into the Kingdom. They include the Burkan-2H, the Qaher-2M, and the Badr-1. Both the Burkan and the Qaher have been used multiple times in the Yemeni theater, while the Badr...

9th March 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Qods Force chief: Israel’s destruction the blood debt of Hezbollah commander’s death

Maj Gen Qassem Soleimani, the chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qods Force, addressed last month a commemoration held in Iran for slain Lebanese Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh (AKA Hajj Radwan).

21st February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Parsing the Iran portions of the 2018 Worldwide Threat Assessment

Behnam Ben Taleblu

On select measures of the Iran threat, the 2018 document is remarkably consistent with themes from past assessments. Yet, in this latest assessment, additional attention is paid to the country’s evolving cyber aptitudes and to its turbulent domestic politics.

12th February 2018 - New York Post

It’s time for Trump to attack Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Richard Goldberg

When Iran flew an unmanned aerial vehicle into Israel this weekend, the mullahs were testing President Trump, not just Israel.

10th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Iran sends drone into Israeli airspace one day before 1979 revolution anniversary

In the early hours of Feb. 10, a day before the 39th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran, an Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) entered Israeli airspace from Syria.

6th February 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

The Case for Designating Iran’s State Media

Saeed Ghasseminejad, Richard Goldberg

During the recent protests in Iran, dissidents both inside and outside the country asked the U.S. government to enforce sanctions against Tehran’s state-run media enterprise, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

25th January 2018 - FDD Research Memo

Iranian Ballistic Missile Tests Since the Nuclear Deal – 2.0

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Since the conclusion of the JCPOA, Iran has launched as many as 23 ballistic missiles. This number is based on aggregated open-source reporting, since neither the U.S. government nor the UN have issued an official statement on the total number of post-deal missile launches. Although the...

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