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8th December 2016 - FDD's Long War Journal

US military bombs Mosul hospital as Iraqi troops retreat

Bill Roggio

The US military launched an airstrike against a hospital in eastern Mosul that was used as a command center by the Islamic State as Iraqi troops failed to seize the complex over the past several days. The strike highlights the difficulties ahead in retaking the city, as the Islamic State...

7th December 2016 - Quoted by Julian Pecquet - Al-Monitor

Iran hawks lay out their wish list for Trump era

Mark Dubowitz

Iran hawks on and off Capitol Hill laid out their clearest wish list to date for the next four years during a Dec. 7 briefing.

6th December 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Expert: Don’t Ignore Iran’s Chemical, Biological Weapons Threat While Enforcing Nuclear Deal

Benjamin Weinthal

While President-elect Donald Trump will likely be stricter in enforcing the terms of the nuclear deal with Iran, the incoming administration should not ignore the threat that Iran’s chemical and biological weapons programs pose, Benjamin Weinthal, a research fellow at the Foundation for...

5th December 2016 - Forbes

Don’t Let Iran Off The Hook For Chemical/Biological Weapons

Benjamin Weinthal

The Trump administration will need to be on its toes to enforce the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement—and stop the Islamic Republic’s developing chemical and biological weapons programs.

5th December 2016 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Trump Assembling Team of Fierce Iran Deal Opponents

Mark Dubowitz

President-elect Donald Trump has been assembling a national security team stacked with fierce opponents of last year’s comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, signaling what is expected to be a major departure from the Obama administration’s final bid to preserve the deal before leaving...

3rd December 2016 - Quoted by Joyce Karam - Arab News

Congress and Trump agree to turn the heat up on Iran

Jonathan Schanzer

In Washington, where Democrats and Republicans are bracing for a showdown on a set of healthcare and economic issues, increasing sanctions on Iran appears to be the one legislative item where the two parties and the new President-Elect Donald Trump have found consensus.

2nd December 2016 - Quoted by Nick Wadhams - Bloomberg

Shredding Iran nuclear deal could prove harder than Trump thinks

Mark Dubowitz

As a candidate, Donald Trump called the six-nation accord with Iran to halt its nuclear program “one of the dumbest deals ever” and said dismantling it would be a top priority. Now, he’s finding that ripping it up after he becomes president may not be so easy.

2nd December 2016 - Quoted by Dan De Luce - Foreign Policy

Congress Issues a Warning to Iran and a Rebuff to the Obama Administration

Mark Dubowitz

The Senate’s vote to renew sanctions against Iran for another 10 years has delivered a symbolic warning to Tehran and a bipartisan snub of the White House, which worries the move could raise tensions with Iran.

2nd December 2016 - Quoted by Barney Breen-Portnoy - The Algemeiner

Senior Tehran Cleric Calls for ‘Retaliation’ After US Senate Backs Extension of Iran Sanctions Act

Behnam Ben Taleblu

“Now is the time for retaliation,” a senior Iranian cleric told worshippers in Tehran on Friday, following the US Senate’s unanimous approval of a ten-year extension of the Iran Sanctions Act.

2nd December 2016 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD senior Iran analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu discusses the last days of the Iran.

2nd December 2016 - Quoted by Geoff Dyer - Financial Times

Trump team looks at new non-nuclear sanctions on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

The Trump transition team is examining proposals for US sanctions on Iran separate from its nuclear programme in a move likely to draw a furious reaction from Tehran.

1st December 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Former IAEA Deputy Director Criticizes Nuclear Agency’s Iran Investigations

Olli Heinonen

The former deputy director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency has criticized the agency for “reduc[ing] the level of transparency and details in its reporting” on Iran’s nuclear program, making it “practically impossible” to confirm that Iran is complying with the...

1st December 2016 - Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Obama Administration: Enabling Sales to Terror-Linked Airline is Consistent with U.S. Foreign Policy

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The Obama administration has determined that enabling the sale of aircraft and other materials to an Iranian airline sanctioned for ferrying weapons on behalf of Iran's military does not undermine its foreign policy goals, according to communications with Congress obtained exclusively by The...

1st December 2016 - Quoted by Jessica Schulberg - Huffington Post

The Senate Vote To Extend Iran Sanctions Is A Symbolic Move That Could Antagonize Tehran

Mark Dubowitz

The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday to extend U.S. sanctions on Iran for 10 years. Lawmakers hailed the 99-0 vote as a critical step in ensuring that the U.S. would keep its ability to quickly reimpose sanctions if Iran violates the nuclear agreement reached last year. But the Obama...

1st December 2016 - Quoted by Howard LaFrachi - The Christian Science Monitor

Why Iran’s nuclear program is back on US agenda

Mark Dubowitz

One of the major aims of the nuclear deal the US and other world powers signed with Iran last year was to eliminate the sharp confrontation over Iran’s nuclear program and to stall what at times appeared to be a march to another military conflict in the Middle East.

29th November 2016 - WINA 1070AM

The Schilling Show

Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD's senior Iran analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu discusses Iran threats.

29th November 2016 - Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Democratic Senators Fire Back at Iran for Retaliation Threat Over Sanctions Renewal

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Senate Democrats are ripping Iran over threats issued by top Iranian officials to retaliate if Congress extends sanctions that the Obama administration has said are permitted under last summer's nuclear deal, according to conversations with lawmakers conducted by The Weekly Standard.

29th November 2016 - BBC

BBC World News

Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD's senior Iran analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu discusses the future of Iran's nuclear deal under the next administration.

28th November 2016 - FDD Research Memo

Concerns about a Reduction of Transparency in IAEA Reporting on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Olli Heinonen

While the U.S. administration maintains that Iran has thus far complied with the nuclear deal, the recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report indicates that for the second time, Iran has exceeded the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’s (JCPOA) limit for its inventory of heavy...

28th November 2016 - Quoted by Barney Breen-Portnoy - The Algemeiner

Iran Analyst: Top Tehran Regime Officials Trying to ‘Blackmail’ US Into Making Further Concessions

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Top Iranian officials — including Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — are currently seeking to test President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump and extract further concessions from the US, an expert on the Islamic Republic told The Algemeiner on Monday.

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