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28th June 2016 - Forbes

Risky Business In Iran

Mark Dubowitz, Toby Dershowitz

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental organization that sets global standards to combat money laundering and finance for terrorism and proliferation, had a clear message for financial institutions last week when it declined to remove the Islamic Republic of Iran from...

27th June 2016 - Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

How Obama’s Iran Policy Undermines Clinton’s Campaign Message

Mark Dubowitz

In a year when the GOP has grown increasingly fractured, it's easy to lose sight of a foreign-policy schism inside the other major party. After all, the presumptive Democratic nominee was the current president's first secretary of state.

27th June 2016 - FDD Research

EU-Iran Nuclear Cooperation: The Case for Stronger Safety and Nonproliferation Standards

Olli Heinonen

The constraints imposed on Iran’s activities under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) curb Tehran’s nuclear program for eight to 15 years. The key restrictions on the program, however, disappear over time, leaving Tehran with an industrial-size nuclear program with near-zero...

27th June 2016 - FDD Research

Legitimizing Iran’s Nuclear Program with a Broader Conclusion

Olli Heinonen

This January, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) embarked on the difficult road towards Transition Day – October 18, 2023, or earlier if the IAEA can reach a Broader Conclusion that all of Iran’s nuclear materials and facilities are for peaceful purposes and it is not...

24th June 2016 - Quoted by Samuel Rubenfeld - The Wall Street Journal

Money-Laundering Standards Body Suspends Some Iran Restrictions

The Financial Action Task Force, an international anti-money-laundering standards body, said Friday it would suspend some of its restrictions against Iran for a year to monitor Tehran’s progress implementing changes to its regulatory regime.

24th June 2016 - Quoted by Bradley Klapper - Associated Press

Top economies ease penalties on Iran over money laundering

Mark Dubowitz

The world's major economies on Friday suspended anti-money laundering measures against Iran for a year despite concerns that the Islamic Republic uses its financial sector to protect criminal enterprises and fund terrorist activity.

24th June 2016 - Quoted by Louis Charbonneau - Reuters

Money laundering body keeps Iran blacklisted, freezes some steps

Mark Dubowitz

An international group that monitors money laundering worldwide decided on Friday to keep Iran on its blacklist of high-risk countries but welcomed Iranian promises to improve and called for a one-year suspension of some restrictions on Tehran.

24th June 2016 - The Weekly Standard

What’s in a Name?

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Barack Obama’s habit of avoiding Islamic nomenclature and highlighting American gun violence whenever Muslim terrorists strike is surely, in part, a product of his fear of anti-Muslim xenophobia in the United States.

24th June 2016 - CSIF Policy Brief

Iran is Still a Business Risk: Implications of FATF’s Decision

Mark Dubowitz, Toby Dershowitz

Following its plenary meeting this week, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is set to maintain Iran on its black list, with a one-year suspension, though not removal, of the mandatory countermeasures applied to the Islamic Republic.

23rd June 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Diplomat Who Pushed for Iran Deal Failed to Disclose Payments from Boeing, Which Made $25B

Emanuele Ottolenghi

A veteran U.S. diplomat who pushed for the nuclear deal with Iran, which allowed Boeing to sell $25 billion worth of planes to state-owned Iran Air, did not disclose that he was paid by Boeing during the time he advocated for the agreement, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday.

23rd June 2016 - INSS Arms Control and Regional Security Program

The Iran Nuclear Deal, One Year On: Nuclear, Economic, and Regional Implications

Mark Dubowitz

FDD Executive Director Mark Dubowitz joined INSS to discuss the Iran deal after one year and what has changed along the nuclear and regional fronts.

23rd June 2016 - Quoted by Lee Smith - The Weekly Standard

Amid Dissent at State, Obama Stays the Bloody Course on Syria

Tony Badran

Last week, an internal State Department memo criticizing the administration's Syria policy was leaked to the press. Fifty-one American officials variously involved with Middle East policy signed a letter calling for military action against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. "A judicious use...

23rd June 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Experts to Global Finance Watchdog: Be Vigilant Toward Iranian Corruption, Money Laundering

Mark Dubowitz

More than 30 former government and military officials wrote an open letter on Tuesday urging the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global watchdog supported by more than 30 Western countries focused on ensuring the integrity of the international financial system, to “remain vigilant...

23rd June 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Iran’s Use of Civilian Planes to Arm Assad Could Jeopardize $25B Boeing Deal

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The $25 billion aircraft deal that Boeing recently struck with Iran could be jeopardized by Tehran’s continued support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, the Associated Press (AP) reported Thursday.

22nd June 2016 - Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Officials Urge Financial Watchdog to Strengthen Counter-Measures Against Iran

Mark Dubowitz

A group of think tank scholars, congressmen, and intelligence officials is urging an intergovernmental financial watchdog to keep Iran on its so-called blacklist, despite Obama administration officials' vocal encouragement of trade and investment in the Islamic Republic.

21st June 2016 - Quoted by Yonah Jeremy Bob - The Jerusalem Post

German Ambassador: Iran deal achieved its goals, will not accept Iran threatening Israeli existence

Mark Dubowitz

Germany thinks the Iran nuclear deal has achieved its defined objectives of pushing Iran farther away from a nuclear bomb, but it does not accept Iran’s continued threats against Israel’s existence, German Ambassador to Israel Dr. Clemens Von Goetze said on Tuesday.

21st June 2016 - The Hill

The risks of the Iran-Boeing deal

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Boeing's potential deal to sell aircraft to Iran may have benefits for the company's ledger and for the U.S. banks that will finance it. But the deal is also fraught with danger, including the possibility that the aircraft may one day become a tool for Iran's ongoing support for atrocities...

20th June 2016 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

New evidence of Iran’s chicanery — and the Obama administration’s

Mark Dubowitz

The Wall Street Journal reports: The Obama administration has concluded that uranium particles discovered last year at a secretive Iranian military base likely were tied to the country’s past, covert nuclear weapons program, current and former officials said, a finding that contradicts...

20th June 2016 - Quoted by Russ Read - The Daily Caller

Experts Skeptical That Iran Stopped One Of The ‘Biggest Terrorist Plots’

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Dozens of major news outlets reported Monday that Iran claimed to have stopped a massive terrorist plot against its capital of Tehran and other cities, but some experts are skeptical.

17th June 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Lawmakers Warn Boeing That Selling Jets to Iran Could Further Destabilize Middle East

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Leading Republican congressmen have warned Boeing Corporation not to proceed with a rumored deal to sell approximately 100 planes to Iran, pointing out that aircraft could be used to boost the Islamic Republic’s destabilizing activities throughout the Middle East, Fox News reported on...

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