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9th July 2014 - The Hill

How to Protect Against A Bad Deal With Iran

Michael Ledeen

Everything is coming up thorns for the Obama administration in the Middle East these days, and several of its policies seem to change daily.

9th July 2014 - NY Daily News

Iran’s War On Women

Benjamin Weinthal

As the world powers meet with representatives of the Iranian regime in Vienna in an effort to end its illicit nuclear program, the plight of struggling Iranian women can shed light on what is happening inside the country.

9th July 2014 - Business Insider

European Courts Are Gutting Iran Sanctions Before A Nuclear Agreement Has Even Been Reached

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Negotiators working to solve the diplomatic impasse over Iran’s nuclear program have not yet managed to find common ground with Tehran.

8th July 2014 - Quoted by John Hudson & Colum Lynch - Foreign Policy

New Khamenei Demands Make Tough Iranian Nuke Talks Even Tougher

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has laid out an unusually detailed set of demands for what he would accept in a nuclear deal, further complicating the high-stakes efforts to reach an agreement before a July 20 deadline.

7th July 2014 - Mentioned by Brett Logiurato & Michael B Kelley - Business Insider

Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Forming Alliances We Never Thought Possible

Tony Badran

Here's how quickly things can change in the volatile Middle East: Less than one year ago, President Barack Obama considered airstrikes against military targets held by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after a chemical weapons attack killed as many as 1,400 people in the...

7th July 2014 - Interviewed by Tim Starks - CQ Roll Call

Five Questions With Mark Dubowitz on Iran Nuclear Negotiations, Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

INTERVIEW: Mark Dubowitz is executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a hawkish think tank, and a widely called-upon expert on sanctions and Iran’s nuclear program.

6th July 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

Will The Islamic Republic Face Economic Collapse?

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran’s jingoistic expansionism in Syria and Iraq, along with a deepening economic meltdown, may contribute to the demise of the Islamic Republic.

6th July 2014 - The Times of Israel

And The Reign Of Terror Continues

Emanuele Ottolenghi

In a recent public spat with his domestic political opponents, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani rebuked conservatives for their continued efforts to impose morality by force.

5th July 2014 - The Weekly Standard

The Man And The Myth

Ali Alfoneh, Reuel Marc Gerecht

The many faces of Hassan Rouhani

3rd July 2014 - The Hill

Eliciting A Better Deal From Iran

Emanuele Ottolenghi

After months of public optimism, Iranian and U.S. officials are publicly hinting that they’ve reached an impasse over the nuclear negotiations.

3rd July 2014 - The Canadian Jewish News

The Enemy of My Enemy is Not Necessarily My Friend

Sheryl Saperia

After decades of bitter experience in this arena, the Barack Obama administration cannot be excused for its recent willingness to consider cooperating with Iran in the battle against a mutual enemy, ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

2nd July 2014 - Mentioned by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Holding the line on Iran sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

At a time President Obama’s approval ratings are spiraling downward and Americans regard him as the worst post-World War II president, the United States nevertheless is stuck with an increasingly whiny, irrelevant and weakened chief executive.

2nd July 2014 - Mentioned by Peter Kenyon - NPR

Morning Edition

Mark Dubowitz

After a decade of on again off again talks between the West and Iran over its nuclear program, a last round begins Wednesday in Vienna. Negotiators have set July 20 as the deadline to reach a deal.

2nd July 2014 - 660-WORL

American Adversaries Radio

Claudia Rosett

FDD's Journalist-in-Residence, Claudia Rosett, discusses her latest Wall Street Journal column.

2nd July 2014 - Quoted by Michael Weiss - The Daily Beast

Iran’s Top Spy Is The Modern-Day Karla, John Le Carré‘s Villainous Mastermind

Reuel Marc Gerecht

What the head of Iran’s Quds Force has in common with the greatest Soviet spy who never existed.

1st July 2014 - PJ Media

Iran and The Straw Man

Michael Ledeen

The estimable Sohrab Ahmari of the indispensable Wall Street Journal editorial page does some helpful reporting from London, telling us about leading British advocates of a deal with Iran.

1st July 2014 - Quoted by Jonathan Saul & Alex Lawler - Reuters

Iran’s Oil Exports Drop In June, Stay Above Western Limits

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's crude oil exports dropped in June after a spike in May, yet sales were still above the level allowed by an interim deal aimed at curbing Tehran's nuclear programme, according to sources who track tanker movements.

27th June 2014 - Cited and Quoted by John Hudson - Foreign Policy

The Hawks’ Playbook For Opposing An Obama Nuclear Deal With Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Though the United States has yet to secure a final deal to restrain Iran's nuclear program, an influential pair of hawks in Washington have already devised a way for Congress to unravel any potential agreement after the ink is dry.

27th June 2014 - Quoted by Al Jazeera

Analysis: Iran’s Double Game In Iraq

Ali Alfoneh

As the fireball exploded on Iran's western border and fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) swept through northern Iraq at a startling pace, a sense of urgency shrouded Tehran.

26th June 2014 - FDD Press

Congress Can Defend Iran Sanctions Architecture, Provide Smart Relief After Final Deal

Mark Dubowitz

Co-Authored by Richard Goldberg. As the P5+1 negotiates with Iran over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, FDD released a new report outlining how Congress can help build a post-agreement sanctions architecture.

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