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3rd September 2014 - Quoted by Eli Lake - The Daily Beast

NATO Plans New Military Outposts to Stop Putin—Just Don’t Call Them Bases

Mark Dubowitz

With Russian forces entering into Ukraine, NATO is putting together a plan to place the alliance’s troops in bases behind the former Iron Curtain. One U.S. official who was not authorized to speak to the press said the presence of U.S. troops inside these bases in Poland, Romania,...

2nd September 2014 - The Long War Journal

US Airstrikes in Amerli Supported Deadly Shia Terror Group

Bill Roggio

The League of the Righteous, which is responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers, was part of the Iraqi force that liberated Amerli. The group is closely tied to Iran's Qods Force and three of its leaders are Specially Designated Global terrorists.

2nd September 2014 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

FDD's Freedom Scholar, Michael Ledeen, discusses the future of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

1st September 2014 - Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon - The Jerusalem Post

Did Iran Stage ‘downing’ of Israeli Drone?

Patrick Megahan

A military research analyst told The Jerusalem Post that Iran may have staged what it claimed was the downing of an Israeli drone in its airspace a week ago.

1st September 2014 - Quoted by Carol Matlack - Business Week

Choking Russia’s Banks Would Be The Ultimate Sanction

Mark Dubowitz

The European Union is poised to hit Russia with a fresh round of sanctions amid mounting evidence of direct Russian military intervention in southeastern Ukraine. EU leaders said on Aug. 31 after a weekend summit meeting in Brussels that they’ll decide within a week on possible new...

28th August 2014 - Now Lebanon

Beheshti Never Came to Tripoli

Tony Badran

This Sunday marks the 36th anniversary of the disappearance of Lebanese-Iranian cleric Musa as-Sadr during a visit to Libya in 1978.

28th August 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Iran Shenanigans, Obama Capitulation Coming?

Mark Dubowitz

Iran’s leaders seem to have internalized a key lesson: They have nothing to fear from this U.S. president.

25th August 2014 - War On The Rocks

Don’t Forget Iran’s Ballistic Missiles

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Last month, the P5+1 and Iran arranged for an extension of Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), the interim nuclear deal that was agreed to in Geneva in late 2013 and implemented in January of this year.

21st August 2014 - Now Lebanon

The U.S. Is Following Iran’s Lead In Both Syria and Iraq

Tony Badran

President Obama has made clear that the purpose of his limited intervention in Iraq is to shore up the central government in Baghdad such that all Iraqis will combat the Islamic State (IS).

21st August 2014 - Faster, Please! - PJ Media

Gaza Defeat Threatens Hamas and Iranian Regime

Michael Ledeen

Why can’t Hamas abide by the ceasefire? Because of the possible consequences of defeat for themselves, the Qataris and the Iranians.

20th August 2014 - 93.1 FM WIBC, Indianapolis, IN


Michael Ledeen

FDD Freedom Scholar, Michael Ledeen, discusses Iran's support of Hamas.

19th August 2014 - Quoted by Guy Taylor Maggie Ybarra - The Washington Times

Despite Sanctions Relief, Iran Aids Hamas With Missile Technology

Jonathan Schanzer

When President Obama announced last year the easing of U.S. sanctions on Iran in return for concessions on its nuclear program, he cautiously hailed the deal as a “real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive, peaceful settlement” with Tehran.

17th August 2014 - Quoted by Jeremy Kahn - Bloomberg

Iran Lures Investors Seeing Nuclear Deal Ending Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

On a May afternoon in Tehran, a Russian in a dark suit sits in the crowded lobby cafe of the Espinas Persian Gulf International Hotel with his Farsi translator, sipping coffee with potential Iranian partners while discussing the price of soy fiber.

13th August 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Khamenei Says No Dice On A Nuclear Deal

Mark Dubowitz

Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars reports that the Supreme Leader is supremely uninterested in making any deal with the West on the regime’s illicit nuclear program.

13th August 2014 - Quoted by Zack Beauchamp - Vox

How America Lost the Middle East

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Every Friday, the people of Kafranbel, Syria, send a message to the world.

13th August 2014 - The Hill

‘If Only Stalin Knew’

Michael Ledeen

When Comrade Stalin ruled in the Kremlin, his many apologists and admirers could never bring themselves to admit that he was responsible for the many terrible acts of the Soviet Union.

12th August 2014 - The Wall Street Journal

The Growing Threat From an EMP Attack

James Woolsey

In a recent letter to investors, billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer warned that an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is "the most significant threat" to the U.S. and our allies in the world.

12th August 2014 - WRC, Washington, D.C.

Andy Parks Show Live from Washington Times

Clifford D. May

FDD President Clifford May discusses why America needs an "overarching strategy."

11th August 2014 - Fox News

Iran’s Christians Flee to Unlikely Sanctuary in Bulgaria

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran's embattled Christian community is fleeing rising religious persecution, with hundreds securing refuge in the unlikely sanctuary of Bulgaria.

10th August 2014 - The Washington Post

Iran Ignores A Lucrative Deal Over Its Nuclear Activities

Mark Dubowitz, Reuel Marc Gerecht

Why hasn’t Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, agreed to the offer the West put on the table in Vienna last month in negotiations over the country’s nuclear activities? If he were simply motivated by economics, he certainly should have.

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