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2nd November 2015 - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: A Human Rights Record Worse Than Ahmadinejad’s

Benjamin Weinthal

President Rouhani has gone to great lengths to try to put a human face on the Islamic Republic’s regime. He has failed.

1st November 2015 - Forbes

Yet Another American Hostage In Tehran

Michael Ledeen

Siamak Namazi is in Evin Prison in Tehran, and on the face of it that’s very surprising.

1st November 2015 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State Battles Iraqi Forces Near Samarra

Bill Roggio

The Islamic State and Iraqi Shiite militias have engaged in heavy fighting near the historic city of Samarra in central Iraq. Islamic State jihadists gained control of some areas west of Samarra after Iraqi forces withdrew, claimed a Shiite militia loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al Sadr....

30th October 2015 - The Long War Journal

Popular Mobilization Committee Militia Threatens to ‘Strike and Destroy’ the Saudi Government

Bill Roggio

An Iranian-supported Shiite militia that operates under the the Iraqi government-sanctioned Popular Mobilization Committee said that Saudi Arabia is “a legitimate and permissible target” and would it “strike and destroy” the country after the kingdom issued a death sentence for a...

30th October 2015 - Tablet Magazine

Obama Licenses Iran To Ship Missiles to Hezbollah

Tony Badran

The logical endgame of President Obama’s Iran policy and his “roundtable” approach to Syria has always been to offer American protection for Iranian missile shipments to Hezbollah.

30th October 2015 - FOX News

Happening Now

Mark Dubowitz

FDD Executive Director Mark Dubowitz discusses U.S. strategy in Syria and the arrest of Siamak Namazi.

30th October 2015 - Business Insider

Iran’s Military Budget is Going to Get a Huge Boost From the Nuclear Deal

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Post-nuclear deal Iran has shown the will to spend more on its military adventures in the Middle East and beyond, even though the price of oil has stayed low.

30th October 2015 - Radio Denmark 1

Ingen loesning i Syrian uden Iran ved forhandlingerne

Ingen loesning i Syrian uden Iran ved forhandlingerne.

30th October 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

UN Investigator: Iran’s Executions Are An “Unprecedented Assault On The Right To Life”

Benjamin Weinthal

Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations investigator of human rights in Iran, called the high rate of executions he monitors an “unprecedented assault on the right to life in Iran,” The New York Times reported Wednesday.

29th October 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

The IRGC Transforms into an Expeditionary Force

The deployment of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its proxy Shi’ite militias to Syria have saved the Assad regime.

29th October 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

EU Set to Delist Entities Linked to Iran’s Ballistic Missile Test

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Iranian lawmakers broadly endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal on October 11.

29th October 2015 - The Arab Weekly

Key Differences in the Tehran-Moscow Axis

Ali Larijani wore black during the Ashura days of Shia mourning for the Prophet’s grandson Hussein while attending the Valdai International Discussion Club’s October 23rd plenary ses­sion.

29th October 2015 - Internationale Politik

Rohanis Pyrrhussieg

Die Einigung über das iranische Atomprogramm gilt weithin als Erfolg – nicht zuletzt für Irans Präsidenten Hassan Rohani. Doch paradoxerweise könnte es für ihn und seine innenpolitischen Verbündeten in nächster Zeit daheim sehr gefährlich werden. Der Oberste Religionsführer Ali...

29th October 2015 - Standpoint Magazine

Flirting With Disaster

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The Syrian refugee crisis has so far elicited both solidarity and anxiety in Europe. Neither response offers a policy solution.

28th October 2015 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

The US Just Sent a Major Signal About How It Views Iranian Legitimacy in the Middle East

Tony Badran

Iran has been invited for the first time to participate in peace talks on Syria, in a move that recognizes Tehran as a legitimate stakeholder in the future of a country well into its fifth year of civil war.

28th October 2015 - Quoted The Tower

Former Iranian President: Pakistani Bomb Dealer Helped Launch Tehran’s Nuclear Program

In an interview with the Iranian newspaper Etemad, former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani admitted that Tehran sought and received assistance in starting its illicit nuclear enrichment program from the notorious Pakistani nuclear bomb dealer A. Q. Khan, according to a...

28th October 2015 - Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon - The Jerusalem Post

Former Iran President Indirectly Admits Country Sought Nuclear Weapons

Former Iranian Presdent Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani indirectly admitted that his country started a nuclear weapons program during the Iran-Iraq War, according to an interview he gave to Iranian media in recent days.

28th October 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

U.N. Human Rights Report Highlights Executions, Floggings, Amputations in Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

The latest report issued by Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, highlights a variety of harsh punishments meted out by the Iranian regime, including executions, floggings, amputations, and even blinding, Benjamin Weinthal, a research...

27th October 2015 -

Amputation, Blinding and Lashes All Part of Iran’s Medieval System of Justice, Says Report

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran's medieval barbarity is not limited to executions, it includes lashings, amputations and even the blinding of people convicted of crimes deemed relatively minor by the civilized world, according to a new UN report on human rights in the Islamic Republic.

27th October 2015 - Quoted by The Tower

Amid Mounting Losses, Iranian Commander Admits Growing IRGC Presence In Syria

The deputy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) admitted on state television that Iran has suffered growing losses as it has sent more “military advisers” to Syria, the Associated Press reported today. Agence France-Presse provided more details of the losses...

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