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24th November 2013 - National Review Online

Waltzing with the Mullahs to a Nuclear Bomb

Benjamin Weinthal

It is a topsy-turvy world when the United Nations Security Council is stricter than the Obama administration. Secretary of State John Kerry helped solidify...

24th November 2013 - Quoted by Joby Warrick, The Washington Post

After Iran Nuclear Deal, Tough Challenges Ahead

Mark Dubowitz

The euphoria over the signing of a historic nuclear agreement with Iran gave way to sober reality Sunday as the parties clashed over a key element of...

24th November 2013 - Quoted by Jay Solomon, The Wall Street Journal

Iran Pact Faces Stiff Opposition

Mark Dubowitz

A groundbreaking deal to curb Iran's nuclear program faces towering obstacles at home and abroad to becoming a permanent agreement, starting with...

24th November 2013 - CNN

Fareed Zakaria GPS

Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht joins a panel of analysts to discuss the nuclear deal struck with Iran in Geneva.

23rd November 2013 - National Review Online

Saturday Night Iran-Talks News

Clifford D. May

We don’t know the details yet but there is every reason to believe that this deal will significantly ease the economic pressure on Iran’s rulers — in exchange for...

23rd November 2013 - Alternative News Radio

Steel on Steel

Claudia Rosett

A timeline of all the North Korean appeasement deals the U.S.has penned, identical to the Iran proposals, which only resulted in allowing North Korea to proceed with its nuclear weapons program.

22nd November 2013 - Quoted by David E. Sanger and Jodi Rudoren, The New York Times

A Gamble in Iran Talks: Easing of the Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

In its delicate negotiations with Iran over freezing its nuclear program, the Obama administration is gambling that the gradual relaxation of punishing sanctions...

22nd November 2013 - National Review Online

Opening a Gateway to a Nuclear-Armed Middle East

Benjamin Weinthal

The Obama administration is inching toward a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran to temporarily curtail some elements of its illicit nuclear program.

22nd November 2013 - The Weekly Standard

Iran’s Chief Negotiator

Claudia Rosett

Along with President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is yet another arrow in the quiver of the Islamic Republic’s charm offensive.

21st November 2013 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tony Badran

The attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

21st November 2013 - NOW

An Explosive Proxy War

Tony Badran

It appears that the Iranian Embassy in Bir Hassan may have narrowly escaped even bigger devastation on Tuesday as the two suicide bombers failed to penetrate...

21st November 2013 - Quoted by Robert Zarate, Daniel Blumenthal, Foreign Policy

Proposed Nuke Deal Doesn’t Do Enough to Freeze Iran’s Program

Mark Dubowitz

As the United States and other world powers resume nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva, Barack Obama's administration is pushing hard not only to wrap...

21st November 2013 - National Review Online

The Iranian Rapprochement Fantasy

Clifford D. May

‘Any agreement that does not recognize the rights of the Iranian people and does not respect these rights, has no chance,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said last...

20th November 2013 - Cited by Aryn Baker, Time

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades: Behind the Terrorist Group That Bombed Iran’s Beirut Embassy

The al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades took responsibility for Tuesday’s suicide-bomb attack on the Iranian embassy in Lebanon, raising fears...

20th November 2013 - FDD Policy Brief

Ali Khamenei’s Defiant Diatribe

Ali Alfoneh

While the Western media continues to speculate on the P5+1 negotiations in Geneva, the Iranian media tuned in to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei speech today...

20th November 2013 - Quoted by The Associated Press

Obama Seeks Time From Congress for Iran Diplomacy

Mark Dubowitz

The Obama administration is pleading with Congress to allow more time for diplomacy with Iran, but faces sharp resistance from Republican and Democratic...

20th November 2013 - FDD Policy Brief

The Iranian Embassy Bombing in Beirut: Many Questions Remain

Tony Badran

Two explosions targeted the Iranian Embassy in Beirut yesterday, killing at least 23 people, among them the Iranian cultural attaché, Hojatoleslam Ebrahim...

19th November 2013 - New York Daily News

Iran: Still Hostile to Gays

Benjamin Weinthal

The expectation that the election of new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani would curtail persecution of minorities has proved a bitter disappointment for his country’s struggling gay community.

19th November 2013 - 1330 AM WEBY - Florida

Your Turn

Jonathan Schanzer

The Iranian nuclear talks and Israeli, French, and Saudi objections.

19th November 2013 - FDD Policy Brief

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades and the Attack on Iran’s Embassy in Beirut

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades (AAB), an al-Qaeda-linked group, announced today that its Hussein bin Ali Battalion was responsible for the double suicide...

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