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19th November 2013 - FDD Policy Brief

Iran and Sudan on the Skids?

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti disclosed earlier this month that Khartoum rejected an Iranian offer to build missile-defense platforms that would enable the...

18th November 2013 - The Weekly Standard

The Secret History of Hezbollah

Tony Badran

Thirty years ago last month, Hezbollah blew up the barracks of the U.S Marines and French paratroopers stationed at the Beirut airport, killing 241 U.S. servicemen and 58 Frenchmen.

18th November 2013 - Fox News

Special Report

Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht comments on the US's position in the Middle East as result of the proposed deal with Iran.

18th November 2013 - The Blaze

Real News

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer analyzes the affect the proposed nuclear deal with Iran has on US-Israeli relations.

18th November 2013 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

The Axis of Hope?

Jonathan Schanzer

It is a measure of how little respect the Obama administration commands that the best hope for heading off a nuclear-armed Iran may be the Israeli-Saudi-French...

18th November 2013 - FDD Policy Brief

The Iranian Media Reacts to Geneva

Ali Alfoneh

With the next round of Geneva negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 looming, Iran’s press is divided. On one side, mouthpieces of Supreme Leader Ali...

18th November 2013 - Quoted by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan & Terry Atlas, Bloomberg

Obama Defends Iran Dealmaking Amid Dispute Over How Much Relief

Mark Dubowitz

The Obama administration is on the defensive days before Iran nuclear negotiations are scheduled to resume in Geneva, as critics in Israel and in the U.S. Congress...

17th November 2013 - Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon, The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Hezbollah and Iran – Two Branches of the Same Tree

Tony Badran

When Lebanese MP Walid Sukkarieh of Hezbollah said last week the Shi’ite-dominated axis of Hezbollah-Iran-Syria could bleed Israel to death by sustaining...

15th November 2013 - The Commentator

Chronicle of a Death Foretold: A Very Iranian Murder

Ali Alfoneh

On November 10, 2013, the day they were going to kill him, Safdar Rahmatabadi, Iran’s deputy minister of industry and commerce, returned home from office...

15th November 2013 - Quoted by John Hudson, Foreign Policy

Israel and White House Locked in an Info War Over Iran

Mark Dubowitz

The White House and Israel are locked in an information war on Capitol Hill, and right now, Israel may be winning. All week, the Obama administration has provided...

15th November 2013 - The Jewish Chronicle

Vive la France for Refusing to Sign this Mad, Bad Agreement

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Who would have ever thought that the only thing standing between the tree-hugging brigade and a nuclear-armed Iran would be a French socialist government?

14th November 2013 - Quoted by Zuber Hewrami, Rudaw

Iranian Kurdish Groups Lament Lack of US, Western Support

Emanuele Ottolenghi

As the world inches closer to an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, Iranian Kurds feel that it is time the international community, particularly America...

14th November 2013 - National Review Online

A ‘Fool’s Deal’ on Iran, Engineered by Kerry?

Benjamin Weinthal

The collapse of the Iran nuclear talks in Geneva because France did not want to get hoodwinked by Iran’s regime has been a great source of embarrassment...

14th November 2013 - NPR

On Point

Mark Dubowitz

The US and Israel are split over negotiations with nuclear Iran. FDD's Mark Dubowitz joins the debate.

14th November 2013 - NOW

Obama Knows Best

Tony Badran

America’s allies are troubled. At the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program that took place in Geneva last week, the US administration came close to giving...

14th November 2013 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program.

14th November 2013 - Quoted by Eli Lake and Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast

Inside Obama’s Iran Sanctions Strategy

Mark Dubowitz

The United States is prepared to allow Iran to recoup up to $10 billion in revenues lost to sanctions, according to a U.S. government estimate of sanctions...

14th November 2013 - Scripps Howard News Service

France Derails Iranian ‘Sucker’s Deal’

Clifford D. May

Well into last weekend it looked as though Iran was going to win the latest round of negotiations — by a knockout, not on points. Secretary of State John...

13th November 2013 - Alhurra

News Update

Ali Alfoneh

Negotiations with Iran.

13th November 2013 - Quoted by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Reports: Russia to Help Iran Build Second Nuclear Reactor

Mark Dubowitz

Russia will help Iran build a second nuclear power plant, according to Tehran’s top nuclear official. The head of Iran’s atomic energy organization announced the deal...

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