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8th March 2016 - USA Today

No signs of moderation in Iran: Opposing view

Mark Dubowitz

Don’t buy the hype about a win in the recent Iranian elections by “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani. As former undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, who negotiated the Iran nuclear agreement on behalf of the Obama administration, recently put it: “Rouhani is not a moderate, he is...

8th March 2016 - Radio France Internationale

News Bulletin

Mark Dubowitz

FDD Executive Director discusses Iran's ballistic missile tests and post-JCPOA behavior.

8th March 2016 - Foreign Affairs

The Death of Iran’s Islamic Left

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Democracy in the Islamic Republic is a peculiar institution: it is designed to reinforce the legitimacy of the theocracy. Various vetting bodies, all ultimately controlled by the clergy, routinely nullify parliamentary legislation. The Majlis, Iran's parliament, has long been a mere echo...

7th March 2016 - FDD Policy Brief

With Iran Visit, Turkish PM Hopes to Preserve Tenuous Status Quo

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkish premier Ahmet Davutoglu paid his first official visit to Iran as prime minister this weekend. Following his meeting with Iran's First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri, news reports indicated that the two leaders agreed to increase trade from $10 billion to $30 billion.

7th March 2016 - The Washington Free Beacon

IAEA: Iran Nuke Deal Limits Public Reporting on Possible Violations

Olli Heinonen

The head of the international community’s nuclear watchdog organization disclosed Monday that certain agreements reached under the Iran nuclear deal limit inspectors from publicly reporting on potential violations by the Islamic Republic.

7th March 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Experts: Iranian Elections Reinforced Hold of Hardliners

Reuel Marc Gerecht, Saeed Ghasseminejad

The Iranian elections did not result in the victory of moderates or reformists, several analysts have recently argued.

5th March 2016 - The Wall Street Journal

Hassan Rouhani, ‘Moderates’ and Iran’s Post-Election Path

Mark Dubowitz

The recent elections in Iran sparked intense debate in the West. Many news outlets and analysts reported a resounding win by “moderates” supporting President Hassan Rouhani over hard-liners backed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

4th March 2016 - The Weekly Standard

Iran’s Make-Believe Moderates

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Barack Obama and his tireless secretary of state sold the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in part as a means to reinforce Iranian “reformers," "moderates," and "pragmatists." They were always quick to add that the atomic accord stood on its own technical merits. Yet the non-nuclear...

4th March 2016 - FDD Research

The IAEA’s Latest Report Falls Short

Olli Heinonen

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued its first report last week since implementation in January of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

4th March 2016 - Quoted by the Tower

Iranian Dissident: Idea That Moderates Won Election “Could Not Be Further From the Truth”

Saeed Ghasseminejad

The media narrative that “moderates” or “pragmatists” won landslide victories in last week’s Iranian elections “could not be further from the truth,” Iranian dissident Saeed Ghasseminejad wrote in the National Interest on Friday.

4th March 2016 - The National Interest

Iran’s False Choice: Rebranding Hard-Liners as ‘Moderates’

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Iranians went to the ballot box last Friday to cast their votes for the Assembly of Experts and the Majles, Iran’s parliament.

3rd March 2016 - Quoted by Elise Labott and Nicole Gaouette - CNN

Iran elected reformers. Will that change relations with the West?

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's reformers claimed election victories this week, but the preliminary outcome shows no signs of quieting the raging debate over Iranian intentions in the aftermath of the nuclear deal with Tehran.

3rd March 2016 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - Washington Free Beacon

Iran Accuses U.S. Of Breaching Nuke Deal

Amir Toumaj

Senior Iranian officials this week accused the Obama administration of failing to uphold its end of the nuclear agreement, saying that the Islamic Republic has not been given full access to international banking tools.

3rd March 2016 - Quoted by Patrick Goodenough -

Hardliners Will Continue to Dominate Iran’s Government

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Despite mainstream media assertions to the contrary, Iran’s recent election for parliament and for the body that will choose the next supreme leader was not a sweeping victory for “moderates,” according to some veteran Iranian observers.

2nd March 2016 -

The Mideast’s Precision Guided Arms Race

Patrick Megahan

Precision guided munitions (PGMs) encompass a growing range of bombs and missiles designed to destroy targets on land, at sea, or in the air. While platforms like fighters, armored vehicles, and warships often receive more attention, their lethality is almost negligible if not bolstered by...

2nd March 2016 - Tablet Magazine

What the United States Is Really Doing in Syria

Tony Badran

Whether they support or oppose it, most observers converge on viewing President Barack Obama’s Syria policy as generally marked by passive detachment. After all, the president ignored the recommendations of many of his cabinet members and close advisers to arm Syrian rebels in 2012, or to...

1st March 2016 - National Post

The real roadblock to better relations is Tehran

Sheryl Saperia

The Islamic Republic of Iran must take delight in commentators in the West who advance the regime’s public relations agenda free of charge.

1st March 2016 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

Iran’s reformists won a huge victory in the country’s elections, but there’s a big catch

Amir Toumaj, Saeed Ghasseminejad

Iran's reformists are cheering the results of the Islamic Republic's elections, held on Sunday in what was widely seen as a referendum on President Hassan Rouhani's more moderate policies that have ushered in an opening with the West.

1st March 2016 - Quoted by Justin Salhani and Anna Gawel - The Washington Diplomat

Drop in Oil Prices Fuels Iran-Saudi Arabia Rivalry

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Saudi Arabia and Iran are currently locked in a regional proxy war, buttressed by their respective oil reserves. Relations between the two Mideast heavyweights took a hit in January following Riyadh’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, though tensions had been brewing long before...

29th February 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Praise for “Moderate” Victory in Iran Elections Ignores Disqualified Reformers & Dissidents

Saeed Ghasseminejad

Western media reports indicating that moderates won last week’s Iranian elections belie the fact that nearly 99 percent of all reformers were disqualified from running.

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