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10th May 2012 - The Long War Journal

Osama bin Laden on the Muslim Brotherhood

Thomas Joscelyn

One of the chief beneficiaries of the Arab Spring thus far has been the Muslim Brotherhood, which has gained power in Egypt and elsewhere. This did not escape Osama bin Laden's attention prior to his demise.

10th May 2012 - Cited by Oren Kessler, The Jerusalem Post

‘Saudi Clerics Use Social Media to Spread Hate’

Jonathan Schanzer

Saudi clerics have toned down calls for violence in the decade since the September 11 attacks, according to a new report on social media in the kingdom, but still regularly use web technology to disseminate religious rulings hostile to women.

9th May 2012 - Foreign Policy

The 140-Character Fatwa

Jonathan Schanzer

Enormously popular, extremist Saudi clerics are promoting hatred, violence, and intolerance on Facebook and Twitter. Can they be stopped?

9th May 2012 - Cited by Zawya

Facebook Fatwas: Saudi Clerics On Social Media

Jonathan Schanzer

Mr Al-Oudah and other Saudi clerics are the subject of a fascinating report by The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a conservative American non-partisan institution.

8th May 2012 - Cited by CBN News

Saudi Muslims Venting Radical Beliefs on Facebook

Jonathan Schanzer

A growing number of Wahhabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia are now expressing their radical views on social media sites like Facebook, according to a new study.

7th May 2012 - Syndicated

America Tonight

Jonathan Schanzer

Facebook Fatwa.

5th May 2012 - Cited by Nuqudy

Saudi Clerics Adopt Social Media

Jonathan Schanzer

According to a report published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Saudi clerics are increasingly becoming important figures in Arab social media.

5th May 2012 - National Review Online

Compulsory Blindness

A few years back, I wrote a book called “Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad.” It was about being on the “front lines,” so to speak, of the battle against Muslim terrorism.

4th May 2012 - Briefing for the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Pakistan-Afghanistan FED Forum

The Grand Strategy of Al Qaeda: How the Enemy Learns

Eleven years into this war, we still do not adequately understand the Enemy. AQAM is moving from a kinetic strategy of Guevarist insurgency to a Maoist strategy that incorporates an indirect and non-kinetic approach.

3rd May 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

The Foggiest War

Clifford D. May

The “fog of war” is a concept derived from the writings of Carl von Clausewitz, the great 19th century Prussian military theorist who recognized that those leading troops into battle often lack data, perspective and situational awareness.

24th April 2012 - American Family Radio

Crane Durham’s Nothing But Truth

Clifford D. May

Jihadism, Islamism, Arab Spring, and the Nahda.

23rd April 2012 - The Wall Street Journal

The Islamist Road to Democracy

Reuel Marc Gerecht

For many on the American left and right, the "Arab Spring" has become the "Arab Winter" of triumphant fundamentalists. In Egypt, where Arab liberalism was once strong, religious parties overwhelmed secularists in recent parliamentary elections.

18th April 2012 - CTV

National Affairs

FDD's James Kirchick looks at the rise of right-wing politicians in Europe.

13th April 2012 - CBN News

Christian World News

Clifford D. May

FDD's Clifford May explains the Arabian Peninsula's threat to religious freedom.

12th April 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

It’s Not the Arab Spring, It’s the Nahda

Clifford D. May

The term “Arab Spring” was born of optimism, not analysis. When a downtrodden fruit monger in Tunisia self-immolated, setting off a series of regional upheavals, many journalists, diplomats and academics thought they heard an echo of the Prague Spring of 1968.

10th April 2012 - CBN News

The 700 Club

Clifford D. May

FDD's Clifford May speaks on the growing Christian persecution in the Middle East following the Arab Spring.

5th April 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

The Messages of Toulouse

Clifford D. May

To those who proclaim themselves jihadis, Mohamed Merah is a hero and a martyr. He became a hero last month when he attacked a Jewish school in Toulouse, murdering Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two young sons, Gabriel and Arieh, and a seven-year-old girl, Myriam Monsonego.

24th February 2012 - National Review Online

The Sharia Court of Pennsylvania — the Transcript

I have made a transcript of the Pennsylvania case in which state judge Mark Martin, a Muslim convert and U.S. Army reservist who served in Iraq, relied on a sharia law defense (as well as some evidentiary contortions) to dismiss an open-and-shut harassment case against a Muslim man who...

18th February 2012 - National Review Online

First the Ahmadi, Then Everybody Else

Their crime? These Muslims have the temerity to suggest that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, an Indian who died in 1908, was the promised Mahdi — the redeemer of Islam — and not one of the false prophets about whom Mohammed had warned.

15th February 2012 - WAVA - Washington, DC

The Don Kroeh Show

The rise political Islam and jihadi ideology.


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