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25th October 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany Probes Kuwait Airways For Discrimination Against Israelis

Benjamin Weinthal

A video uploaded to Facebook went viral after an Israeli-Arab was barred from getting on Kuwait Airways flight because of his Israeli passport.

13th August 2017 - Quoted by Thomas Seibert - The Arab Weekly

US, Kuwait continue mediation over Qatar crisis but resolution to dispute is remote

Aykan Erdemir

As the crisis seems likely to drag on for a while, Doha has sought ways to circumvent the sanctions it faces.

9th March 2017 - NewsTalk AM 1130

Justice & Drew

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses US deploying troops to Kuwait, Wikileaks and the CIA.

14th February 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Terror Financiers “Operating Openly” in Qatar and Kuwait

David Andrew Weinberg

A White House readout following President Trump’s phone conversation Thursday with the emir of Qatar said the two leaders discussed stopping terror finance throughout the region. Washington has good reason to raise the issue: Just last week, the Obama administration’s Assistant Treasury...

7th February 2017 - Quoted by Louis Jacobson - Politifact

Donald Trump wrong to say Kuwait followed his lead on visa ban

David Andrew Weinberg

President Donald Trump's favorite social media tool is Twitter. But Trump turned to Facebook recently to defend his executive order on visas and travel from seven countries.

20th May 2016 - The Long War Journal

Treasury sanctions al Qaeda, Islamic State ‘financiers and facilitators’

Thomas Joscelyn

The US Treasury Department announced terror designations for six jihadists yesterday. Five of them allegedly serve al Qaeda’s international organization, while the sixth is a key figure in the Islamic State’s operations in Libya and the Sinai.

28th March 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Kuwait Expels 60 for Ties to Hezbollah

Tony Badran

Kuwait issued orders to deport 60 Lebanese nationals for their alleged ties to the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, Agence France-Press reported Monday. The move comes weeks after the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

8th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

‘High Risk’ Guantanamo Detainee Transferred to Kuwait

Thomas Joscelyn

The Defense Department announced today that Fayez al Kandari, who was detained at Guantanamo since 2002, has been transferred to his home country of Kuwait.

8th September 2015 - FDD Policy Brief

Kuwait’s Espionage Revelations Could Disrupt Rapprochement with Iran

David Andrew Weinberg

Kuwaiti authorities recently disrupted an alleged terror cell linked to Iran and Hezbollah, and have begun exploring punitive steps against Tehran over allegations that two Iranian embassy officials are linked to the group.

26th June 2015 - Huffington Post


Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD Senior Fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross analyzes the attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait.

26th June 2015 - BBC

BBC World News America

FDD Chairman James Woolsey comments on ISIS inspired attacks.

26th June 2015 - The Long War Journal

Terrorists Strike in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia, Killing Dozens

Thomas Joscelyn

Three terrorist attacks were carried out this morning in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia.

22nd August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Treasury Designates 2 ‘Key’ al Qaeda Financiers

Thomas Joscelyn

The Long War Journal first exposed one of the two, a jihadist known as Sanafi al Nasr, as a senior al Qaeda operative in March. Al Nasr is a senior al Qaeda leader who relocated from Pakistan to Syria last year. Treasury reveals that he previously served as the head of al Qaeda's Iran-based...

7th August 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Kuwait’s Terrorism Finance Problems Compound

David Andrew Weinberg

Just one day after Kuwait announced new financial regulations to counter terrorism finance, the U.S. Treasury Department yesterday imposed sanctions on three individuals for fundraising in Kuwait on behalf of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

25th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Review Board Recommends Transfer of Guantanamo Detainee to Kuwait

Thomas Joscelyn

A periodic review board has recommended that Fouzi Khalid Abdullah Al Awda, a Kuwaiti held at Guantanamo since 2002, be transferred to his home country. Jihadists on Twitter celebrated the ruling before it was released to the public.

10th April 2014 - The National Interest

Kuwait’s Embattled Justice Minister Part of Deeper Terror Finance Problem

David Andrew Weinberg

A contentious battle over Kuwait’s reported role in terrorism finance is currently playing out in public. Earlier this year, the Kuwaiti Amir appointed a highly questionable...

30th March 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Controversial Kuwaiti Minister Offers to Step Down

David Andrew Weinberg

It is now being reported that Nayef al-Ajmi, Kuwait’s controversial government minister, submitted his resignation last week after a particularly bumpy three months...

26th March 2014 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Spokesman Convicted on Terrorism Charges

Thomas Joscelyn

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law and spokesman after the 9/11 attacks, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, has been convicted on terrorism charges by

25th March 2014 - The Long War Journal

Report: Former Head of al Qaeda’s Network in Iran Now Operates in Syria

Thomas Joscelyn

Muhsin al Fadhli, a senior al Qaeda leader who once headed the organization's network in Iran, relocated to Syria in mid-2013, according to a report in...

17th January 2014 - CNN

Gulf States Have Complicated Relationship with Iran

David Andrew Weinberg

In a controversial interview aired this week, Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum called for sanctions on Iran to be dropped. His proposal for prematurely...


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