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16th March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Morocco Arrests Hezbollah Financier

Tony Badran

Lebanese media reported Tuesday that the tycoon and terror financier Qassem Tajeddin has been apprehended in Morocco before boarding a flight to Beirut. The U.S. Treasury Department designated Tajeddin in 2009 for being “an important financial contributor” to Hezbollah and for operating...

9th March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Lebanon’s New Army Chief has History of Coordination with Hezbollah

Tony Badran

Lebanon’s new cabinet announced Staff Brigadier General Joseph Aoun as the new head of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) on Wednesday. Aoun, who commanded the 9th Brigade, was a favorite to take the post, and reportedly has the backing of newly-elected President Michel Aoun (no relation), a...

2nd March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Lebanon’s Armed Forces and Hezbollah Increasingly Intertwined

Tony Badran

General Joseph Votel of U.S. Central Command reportedly visited Lebanon on Monday and met with top officials to discuss U.S. aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Votel’s visit followed a separate visit last week by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) and a delegation of congressional staff...

12th January 2017 - Newsweek

Hezbollah’s Latest Conquest: Lebanon’s Cabinet

In late December, Lebanon’s parliament swore in a new cabinet dominated by Hezbollah and its partners in the pro-Syrian March 8 Alliance. For the Shiite group, this was a political victory even greater than the selection of its ally, former general Michel Aoun, for the presidency two...

10th January 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US adds 2 senior Hezbollah members to terrorism list

The US State Department listed Ali Da’amoush and Mustafa Mughniyeh, both members of Hezbollah’s senior leadership, as specially designated global terrorists today. The designation sanctions individuals who have either carried out terrorist attacks against the United States or who pose a...

22nd December 2016 - Quoted by Barbara Opall-Rome - Defense News

US Refutes Israeli Claims of Lebanese APC Transfers to Hizbollah

Tony Badran

The US government is refuting Israeli assessments that US-supplied troop carriers to Lebanon have made their way to Hizbollah forces operating in Syria on behalf of the Bashar Assad regime.

21st December 2016 - Quoted by Barbara Opall-Rome - Defense News

Israel Claims Suggest Lebanese Violation of US Export Law

Tony Badran

A senior Israeli defense official on Wednesday confirmed what US experts had been questioning for more than a month: that US troop carriers provided by Washington to Beirut are being operated by Hizbollah in Syria in support of the Bashar Assad regime, which experts note as a violation of...

6th December 2016 - Newsweek

A Donald Trump Anti-ISIS Campaign That Spares Assad Would Only Empower Hezbollah

In late October, Hezbollah scored an achievement by pushing through its favored candidate, Michel Aoun, to the Lebanese presidency. Six thousand miles away, the group now stands to indirectly benefit from the results of another election: America’s.

18th November 2016 - Quoted by David Gerstman - The Tower

Week in Review—Oberlin Ousts Anti-Semitic Professor; Hezbollah Rising; Israeli Tech Takes Off

The recent election of Michel Aoun as president of Lebanon has one again raised concerns about the intentions of the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, which had prevented the election of anyone other than Aoun for the post.

14th November 2016 - Quoted by Lee Smith - The Weekly Standard

The Lebanese Army Is Misusing U.S. Aid

Tony Badran

Over the weekend, pictures of a Hezbollah parade in the Syrian city of Qusayr showed Hezbollah fighters using American-made M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs).

13th November 2016 - Newsweek

Hezbollah Has Effectively Won the Lebanese Presidency

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif arrived in Beirut on Tuesday to congratulate Michel Aoun on his recent election as Lebanon’s president, the highest-ranking foreign official to do so thus far. But few outside of Iran should be celebrating Lebanese democracy’s apparent success. The...

2nd November 2016 - Quoted by Sean Savage -

New Lebanese president ‘icing on the cake’ of Hezbollah’s consolidation of power

Tony Badran

The Lebanese parliament elected Michael Aoun as its president Oct. 31, ending a two-and-half-year vacuum that threatened to destabilize the highly sectarian country.

1st November 2016 - Quoted by Benny Avni - New York Post

How Iran’s pet terrorists won Lebanon

Tony Badran

‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” sang Bob Dylan. And this week, the winds of change in the Middle East kept blowing Iran’s way.

12th September 2016 - Quoted by the Tower

Days After Israel Retaliates Against Syria Attack, Another Rocket Strikes Golan

Jonathan Schanzer

A rocket launched from Syria struck the Israeli Golan Heights on Monday night, the Israeli military said. No injuries were reported.

26th July 2016 - Quoted by Shiri Moshe - The Tower

Retired IDF General: Global Powers Must Act to Ensure Hezbollah Cannot Start Major War

Jonathan Schanzer, Tony Badran

The international community must use diplomatic and economic efforts to confront Hezbollah before it instigates another conflict with Israel, one that is likely to be much worse than the 2006 Lebanon War, a retired Israeli general said Monday.

25th July 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Report: Next War with Hezbollah Could Cause “Thousands of Civilian Deaths” in Israel

Jonathan Schanzer, Tony Badran

Israeli officials believe that a future war with Hezbollah, with its advanced Iranian-supplied rocket arsenal, could lead to “thousands of civilian deaths,” a white paper published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies revealed.

25th July 2016 - Quoted by Shiri Moshe - The Tower

Ex-Treasury Official: Hezbollah Has Turned Lebanese Villages Into Missile Silos

Jonathan Schanzer, Tony Badran

Hezbollah has embedded its rocket arsenal in villages across Lebanon, ensuring that any Israeli strike on the Iran-backed terrorist group’s military assets will lead to mass civilian casualties, a former Treasury official said on Monday.

22nd July 2016 - FDD Press Release

FDD Study Highlights the Iran Nuclear Deal as A New Factor in Israel’s Hezbollah Military Calculus

The next war between Israel and the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah will be more destructive than previous conflicts, thanks to a massive Hezbollah arms build-up that includes a 150,000-rocket arsenal, and is likely to begin with a minor flare-up that escalates to an all-out...

18th July 2016 - FDD Press

The Third Lebanon War

Tony Badran, Jonathan Schanzer

In August 2015, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released its first-ever public strategy paper, highlighting the complex challenges to Israel’s national security. Notably, it was not Iran’s nuclear program nor its ballistic missile development that ranked as the greatest threats to...

14th July 2016 - The Long War Journal

Lebanese Hezbollah training special Afghan Fatemiyoun forces for combat in Syria

Amir Toumaj

Established by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to fight in the Syrian Civil War on behalf of Bashar Assad’s government, the Afghan Fatemiyoun Division is comprised of Afghan Shias primarily recruited from the diaspora in Iran, and some from Afghanistan. The Fatemiyoun’s...


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