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14th May 2016 - Fox News

America’s News HQ

Jonathan Schanzer

Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, VP of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies explains what we now know -- and what more can be learned -- from the 2012 attacks in Benghazi.

27th April 2016 - Jamestown Foundation

Recent Attacks Illuminate the Islamic State’s Europe Attack Network

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The recent major terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels represent a watershed moment not just for the Islamic State (IS), but for the entire jihadist movement.

25th April 2016 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

FDD senior fellows Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn discuss al-Qaeda's fights in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and Libya.

20th April 2016 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State fighters retreat from bases outside Derna, Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

Fighters belonging to the Islamic State’s arm in Libya have reportedly withdrawn from their positions on the outskirts of the city of Derna. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s loyalists were opposed by rival jihadists inside the city. Airstrikes by the Libyan Army, the US and Egypt have also...

11th April 2016 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Thomas Joscelyn, Bill Roggio

FDD senior fellows Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn discuss members of the Khorasan group being killed in action, and Obama's Libya lamentations.

11th March 2016 - The Long War Journal

Former Egyptian special forces officer calls on scholars to support al Qaeda’s jihad

Thomas Joscelyn

Hisham Ali Ashmawi, a former Egyptian special forces officer who is openly loyal to al Qaeda, released an audio message earlier this month in which he called on scholars to support the jihadists’ cause.

9th March 2016 - Quoted by Jeff Seldin - Voice of America

US to Forge 2nd Coalition to Stop IS Growth in Africa

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

U.S. officials are pushing a select group of allies to expand their sights beyond Iraq and Syria in the global effort to destroy the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

23rd February 2016 - Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

Where Islamic State Stumbles in Its War With Al-Qaeda

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Since al-Qaeda expelled it from its ranks a little more than two years ago, the Islamic State has been on a tear. It has taken Iraq's second-largest city, declared itself a caliphate, won over al Qaeda affiliates in Sinai and Nigeria, and conducted high-profile terror attacks in Europe and...

19th February 2016 - FOX Business

Lou Dobbs Tonight

John Hannah

FDD senior counselor John Hannah discusses ISIS, Iran, and the failures in Libya.

19th February 2016 - The Long War Journal

US airstrike targets Islamic State operative, training camp in Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

The US military launched an airstrike in Libya earlier today targeting an Islamic State “training camp near Sabratha” and a jihadist named Noureddine Chouchane, according to the Pentagon. Chouchane, a Tunisian who is also known as “Sabir,” is a “senior facilitator” for the...

19th February 2016 - Quoted by Sarah Lynch - Vocativ

ISIS Thrives In Libya 5 Years After Revolution That Toppled Gaddafi

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

There was a time when the Libyan city of Benghazi was oozing with optimism. Daily parades swept through the city center. Libyan flags flew high. Car speakers blared revolutionary songs and locals jumped with delight at booming sounds of celebratory gunfire.

5th February 2016 - CBC Radio

The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses the current situation in Libya.

2nd February 2016 - The Long War Journal

Ansar al Sharia Libya relies on al Qaeda ideologues to guide followers

Thomas Joscelyn

Jihadist groups around the globe denounced Saudi Arabia’s execution of more than 40 men in early January.

13th January 2016 - Quoted by Jonah Bennett - The Daily Caller

Expert: ‘History Won’t Look Kindly’ On Obama’s Foreign Policy, For 3 Crystal Clear Reasons

John Hannah

President Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy is in danger of being viewed as an unmitigated disaster by future observers, John Hannah, senior counselor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, wrote in an op-ed Tuesday.

12th January 2016 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD senior fellows Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio comment on the latest from The Long War Journal.

7th January 2016 - The Wall Street Journal

Opinion Journal

Thomas Joscelyn

Foundation for Defense of Democracies Senior Fellow Thomas Joscelyn on how Islamic State has infiltrated the country.

5th January 2016 - Quoted by Guy Taylor - The Washington Times

Islamic State’s Thirst for Oil Highlighted by Attacks in Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s main branch in Libya launched attacks Monday near a key oil export terminal on the Mediterranean, the latest in a growing offensive that national security sources say underscores the terrorist group’s desire to seize lucrative territory in the war-torn North African...

4th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State’s Libyan ‘Province’ Launches New Offensive

Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s so-called “province” in Libya has launched a new offensive and claims to have captured a town on the Mediterranean coast.

7th December 2015 - The Long War Journal

US Kills Jihadist Leaders in Airstrikes in Somalia and Libya

Bill Roggio

The US military confirmed today that two senior jihadist leaders were killed in separate airstrikes in Somalia and Libya over the past several weeks. The two leaders were identified as Abdirahman Sandhere from Shabaab, al Qaeda official branch in Somalia, and Wissam Najm Abd Zayd al Zubaydi,...

30th November 2015 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Squadron Ambushed in Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an official regional branch of al Qaeda’s international organization, has released a statement eulogizing a “commander” who was killed while traveling between the Libyan cities of Derna and Benghazi.


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