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22nd January 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Afghan and Coalition forces prepare for 2018 offensive against the Taliban

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

Afghan forces will be on the offensive in the coming year, but have significant challenges ahead.

25th September 2017 - Quoted by Art Moore - World Net Daily

Al-Qaida targets Afghanistan as U.S. steps up military effort

Thomas Joscelyn

Just as the United States redoubles its 16-year-old military effort in Afghanistan, counter-terrorism specialist are spotlighting a “code of conduct” issued by al-Qaida’s branch in the region that declares the jihadist movement’s commitment to cooperating with the Taliban and calls...

12th September 2017 - Quoted by Fulya Ozerkan - Agence France Presse

Turkey signs landmark Russian weapons deal

Aykan Erdemir

Turkey has signed a deal for its first major weapons purchase from Moscow to buy S-400 missile defence systems, both sides announced Tuesday, in an accord that could trouble Ankara's NATO allies.

21st August 2017 - The Weekly Standard

Sending More Troops To Afghanistan Is a Good Start

Thomas Joscelyn, Bill Roggio

President Trump deserves credit for making a difficult decision, but he also needs to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors.


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