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24th April 2009

Fixing Our Pakistan Problem

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

A deadly suicide bombing hit India's embassy in Kabul on July 7, 2008. After the U.S. learned that the attack may have implicated rogue elements of Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), American strategic planners decided that the U.S. needed to deliver a stern...

23rd April 2009 - Scripps Howard News Services

Shock Therapy

Clifford D. May

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the mastermind behind the terrorist atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001.

16th April 2009 - National Post

Hit Iran Where it Hurts

Mark Dubowitz

Barack Obama's recent call for a "world without nuclear weapons" represents a daunting challenge in an era of increased nuclear proliferation. No more so than in the Middle East, where...

16th April 2009 -

We Need Action,Not Words, On North Korea

President Barack Obama's hollow response to North Korea's April 5 illicit missile test amounts to another score for North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

15th April 2009 - Wall Street Journal

Speaking Truth to Muslim Power

Reuel Marc Gerecht

'The United States is not at war with Islam and will never be. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject."

14th April 2009 - The Fox Forum

Will Obama Put an End to Pirates Once and For All?

Pirates and presidents. Hostages and heroes. Since the early years of the Republic, we've judged our presidents on their ability to defeat pirates and rescue hostages.

14th April 2009 - National Review Online

John Wayne to the Rescue

‘We have this strong bias toward individual action.” It was 1995, and Barack Obama was diagnosing the American character.

9th April 2009 - Scripps Howard News Service

Korean Lessons

Clifford D. May

President Obama had warned Kim Jong Il that should he launch a long-range ballistic missile the U.S. would “take appropriate steps to let North Korea know that it can’t threaten the safety and security of other countries with impunity.”

4th April 2009 - National Post

Standing up to Iran: Turn off Tehran’s gas

Mark Dubowitz

International diplomacy has failed to end Iran's nuclear program, halt its support for terrorist groups or force the regime to respect basic human rights. But a new strategy is at hand: In a four-part National Post series, presented in partnership with

31st March 2009 - New York Times

A Case Built on Irrationality

The Uighur saga nicely captures all the irrationality and hypocrisy of our counterterrorism approach.

30th March 2009 - The Weekly Standard

The Return of Weakness

Reuel Marc Gerecht

In diplomacy and espionage, there is no worse mistake than "mirror-imaging," that is, ascribing to foreigners your own actions and views.

28th March 2009 - Wall Street Journal

Let’s Put Bylines on Our ‘National’ Intelligence Estimates

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Charles Freeman's withdrawal from his appointment as the chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) offers an opportunity to assess whether personal views should have any role in intelligence analysis.

27th March 2009 - The Fox Forum

Obama Gets It Right, Mostly, With His Plan for Afghanistan

President Obama outlined his new Afghanistan-Pakistan policy today, and for the most part, got it right.

26th March 2009 -

The U.N.‘s ‘Alliance of Civilizations’

President Obama is expected to travel early next month to Istanbul, where he will attend a meeting of a United Nations-spawned outfit called the Alliance of Civilizations.

24th March 2009 - National Review Online

CAIR’s Well-Deserved Expulsion

A week ago, the FBI officially announced that it has cut ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

20th March 2009 - The Fox Forum

In Overture to Iran, Obama Negotiates Without Leverage

President Obama unveiled the first part of his Iranian policy directly to ... the Iranian People. It was a good opening pitch, insofar as it went.

19th March 2009 -

Does The U.N. Really Matter?

His travels apparently bankrolled in part by Iran, his excellency the president of the United Nations General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, recently took a three-week trip to Syria, Finland, China, Bahrain and Switzerland, plus five days in the Islamic Republic of Iran, complete with...

18th March 2009 - National Review Online

Talking with the Mullahs

Michael Ledeen

President Obama keeps telling us that he wants to sit down and talk with Iran’s ruling mullahs, as if this would be a drastic change from the past.

16th March 2009 - The Weekly Standard

The Administration Kowtows

Over the last three weeks, the Obama administration has sent three clear signals to the Chinese leadership.

15th March 2009 - Faster, Please!

The Appeasers

Michael Ledeen

They like to call themselves “realists,” but their proper name is “appeasers.”


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