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20th March 2013 - Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Obama and Netanyahu Closer on Iran, But Is It Too Late?

Mark Dubowitz

President Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli public Wednesday that the United States will not let Iran obtain a nuclear weapon, and the two leaders appeared to move closer on the issue than in the past.

19th March 2013

FDD Praises Senators Casey and Rubio for New Syria Legislation

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies congratulates Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) for sponsoring a bipartisan bill which would authorize the Obama administration to sanction any entity conducting significant transactions through...

19th March 2013 - New York Daily News

Why the Falklands Matter

Americans might wonder why they should care about the fate of a tiny set of islands closer to Antarctica than to Florida, where penguins outnumber humans by more than 300 to 1. But the fate of the Falkland Islands...

16th March 2013 - CTV News

News Update

Jonathan Schanzer

President Obama's first trip to Israel.

12th March 2013 - Cited by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Boiling Point

Jonathan Schanzer

Unrest is growing in the Palestinian territories ahead of President Barack Obama’s first visit to Israel on March 20. Riots and protests have erupted throughout the West Bank...

11th March 2013 - The Weekly Standard

John Brennan and the Bin Laden Files

Thomas Joscelyn

During a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center on April 30, 2012, John Brennan, President Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, discussed “The Ethics and Efficacy of the U.S. President’s Counterterrorism Strategy.”

28th February 2013 - Cited by Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor

Report: UK Stripping Terrorism Suspects of Citizenship, US Killing Some of Them

Bill Roggio

From the UK, more fodder for the debate over the US drone assassination campaign and the acceptability of killing citizens: In early February, a leaked white paper from the Obama Justice Department caused a small stir...

28th February 2013 - Los Angeles Times

Abbas Needs an Heir Apparent

Jonathan Schanzer

President Obama's visit to the Middle East next month is widely billed as an earnest attempt to double down on diplomacy and revive the moribund peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians.

25th February 2013 - Quoted by Peter Foster and Jon Swaine, Telegraph

Obama’s New Head Boy

Jonathan Schanzer

When John Kerry, America’s new secretary of state, sits down to breakfast with David Cameron this morning, one overriding question will hang unanswered above the teapots and the toast racks.

21st February 2013 - Scripps Howard News Service

Middle East Tour d’Horizon

Clifford D. May

Next month, both President Obama and newly minted secretary of state John Kerry head for the Middle East. They should listen to a range of views, see the sights, and pause to smell the hummus. As for policies...

19th February 2013 - Foreign Policy

In Obama’s Waning America, a Glimmer of Hope on Energy Security

John Hannah

For national security conservatives, last week's State of the Union address was something of a wasteland. On the most pressing challenges facing the nation -- Iranian and North Korean nukes, Syria's meltdown...

14th February 2013 - Tablet

Why Iran Already Has the Bomb

The White House and President Obama’s supporters insist that he’s making his first trip to Israel next month to assure the Jewish state that if push comes to shove with Iran, he’ll have Israel’s back.

14th February 2013 - Scripps Howard News Service

The ‘Targeted-Killing’ Memos

Clifford D. May

‘Think about the mothers!” That was the anguished cry of one of the protesters from Code Pink, the left-wing women’s group that four times interrupted John Brennan’s confirmation hearing last week.

13th February 2013 - Quoted by Eli Lake, The Daily Beast

The Unending Gitmo Nightmare

Thomas Joscelyn

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Obama proposed bringing greater transparency to the war on al Qaeda and creating a new group to research alternatives to fossil fuels. One thing he didn’t...

13th February 2013 - The Blaze

The White House’s Hesitation to Take on Assad’s Regime

Michael Ledeen

When General Dempsey and Secretary Panetta testified last week that President Obama had opposed plans for American support to the Syrian opposition, my heart sank. The president’s decision...

12th February 2013 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Bill Roggio

President Obama's announcement of the withdrawal of 34,000 US troops from Afghanistan.

12th February 2013 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

North Korea Mocks Obama’s Inane No-Nukes Fetish

Clifford D. May

We were told to expect the president was going to present his vision of a world without nuclear weapons, or at least with a great deal fewer, at the State of the Union address tonight. The idea is monstrously...

12th February 2013 - PJTV

Next Generation TV

Obama's foreign policy objectives in his second term.

12th February 2013 - The Long War Journal

Another IMU Leader Captured in Afghanistan as Obama Announces US Force Cut

Patrick Megahan

Today special operation forces arrested a commander from the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) in the Khanabad district of Afghanistan's Kunduz province. ISAF reports:

8th February 2013 - The Wall Street Journal

Opinion Journal

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer on why President Obama rejected advice by his Defense and State Department to help arm the rebels in Syria.


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