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18th April 2004 - National Review Online

Oil-for-Terror? There Appears to be Much Worse News to Uncover in the Oil-for-Food Scandal

Beyond the billions in graft, smuggling, and lavish living for Saddam Hussein that were the hallmarks of the United Nations Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, there is one more penny yet to drop.

16th April 2004 - Commentary Magazine

The Oil-for-Food Scam: What Did Kofi Annan Know, and When Did He Know It?

For years, the United Nations Oil-for-Food program was just one more blip on the multilateral landscape: a relief program for Iraq, a way to feed hungry children in a far-off land until the world had settled its quarrels with Saddam Hussein. Last May, after the fall of Saddam, the UN...

2nd April 2004 - The New York Post

Kofi Annan’s Corrupt Enterprise

Is the clock ticking on Secretary General Kofi Annan's merry pranks at the United Nations? Could be.

2nd April 2004 - The New York Post

Oil for Palaces

Almost a year after the fall of Baghdad, everybody knows that Saddam Hussein stole billions from the Iraqi people. What is now emerging is that the United Nations was his partner in crime - aiding and abetting him during the eight-year Oil-for-Food program.

31st March 2004 - United Press International

Did Saddam Bribe the U.N.?

The U.N. oil-for-food program was supposed to help the Iraqi people acquire the food and medicine they needed while U.N. sanctions against Iraq were in place, sanctions that could have been lifted had Saddam Hussein complied with the resolutions that the U.N. Security Council adopted...

21st March 2004 - National Review Online

Turtle Bay’s Carnival of Corruption: Digging Deeper into the Scandalous Oil-for-Food Program

With United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan finally conceding the need for an independent investigation of the U.N.’s 1996-2003 Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, the next question is how investigators might begin to get a grip on the U.N.’s central role in this huge scandal.

10th March 2004 - National Review Online

Kojo and Kofi

In the growing scandal over the United Nations Oil-for-Food program, which from 1996-2003 supervised relief to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and his staff have excused themselves from any responsibility for the massive corruption involving billions in bribes and...

25th February 2004 - Wall Street Journal

A New Job for Kay

When David Kay recovers from his weapons hunt, there's another Iraq-related quest I'd like to send him on. It's time a top intelligence team went scavenging for the real numbers on the United Nations' Oil-for-Food Program--that gigantic setup through which the U.N. from 1996 through 2003...

18th April 2003 - New York Times

Oil, Food and a Whole Lot of Questions

President Bush's call to lift economic sanctions against Iraq could mean the end of the United Nations oil-for-food program, which has overseen the country's oil sales since 1996. Not only are France and Russia likely to object, but they may well support efforts by Secretary General Kofi...

7th April 2003 - National Review Online

U.N.Reliable - U.N. Investigations Focus on Process, not Substance

"Cover-up" may sound farfetched, given the number of hearings and investigations now zeroing in on the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal. The Iraq Governing Council began its own inquiry back in March. The U.S. Congress has scheduled three hearings this month, the first of them taking...

7th April 2003 - Weekly Standard

Oil for Food, Money for Kofi

IT'S HUGE, OPAQUE, PERVERSE, run by the United Nations, and about the last thing a postwar Iraq will need. But after a short pause, the Oil-for-Food program is with us once again, revived last week at the urging of France, and with the backing of President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair....


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