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29th May 2013 - Quoted by Shaan Khan and Joe Sterling, CNN

Sources: Top Militant Killed in Pakistan Drone Strike

Bill Roggio

The Pakistan Taliban's No. 2 leader was killed in a drone strike Wednesday in the country's tribal region, a local tribal official and an intelligence official confirmed to CNN.

29th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

US Launches First Drone Strike in Pakistan in 6 Weeks

Bill Roggio

The US killed seven people in the first drone strike in Pakistan in six weeks. The attack took place in an area of Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan...

24th May 2013 - The Weekly Standard

Selectively Citing Osama Bin Laden

Thomas Joscelyn

It is true that the drone strikes have been effective in killing terrorists. So the president is right in that regard and deserves credit for the slaying of some senior al Qaeda and al Qaeda-affiliated operatives.

24th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

Obama Pulls Back in Fight Against al Qaeda

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

President Obama's speech yesterday which outlined his vision of the future of the fight against al Qaeda and allied groups was a long time coming.

22nd May 2013 - Quoted by Scott Shane, The New York Times

Debate Aside, Number of Drone Strikes Drops Sharply

Bill Roggio

President Obama embraced drone strikes in his first term, and the targeted killing of suspected terrorists has come to define his presidency. But lost in the contentious debate over the legality...

18th May 2013 - Quoted by Cynthia Sewell, Idaho Statesman

Boise Case May Be New Chapter for Terror Group

Bill Roggio

The IMU has been active in Pakistan and Afghanistan for more than a decade. The U.S. State Department declared it a foreign terrorist organization in 2000.

17th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

ISAF Targets al Qaeda Facilitator in Eastern Afghanistan

Bill Roggio, Patrick Megahan

During a raid in Nuristan province on May 15, Afghan and Coalition special operations forces targeted a senior Taliban leader who is known to assist members of al Qaeda in Afghanistan...

16th May 2013 - Quoted By Paul D. Shinkman, US News & World Report

Did US Pause Drone Strikes for Pakistan Election?

Bill Roggio

The skies over Pakistan have remained conspicuously clear during the recent election season, according experts on drone strikes in that part of the world.

13th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

IMU Suicide Bomber Targeted Top Police Commander in Quetta

Bill Roggio

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan claimed credit for yesterday's suicide attack in Quetta that targeted the chief of police in the southern Pakistani city. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan took credit...

11th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

Egyptian Interior Minister: Al Qaeda Cell Plotted Suicide Attack Against Western Embassy

Thomas Joscelyn

Egypt's interior minister announced today the arrest of three members of an al Qaeda cell who were plotting to attack a Western embassy. "The interior ministry was able to direct a qualitative...

6th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

Taliban Claim Bombing at Political Rally, Name New Emir of Kurram

Bill Roggio

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan claimed credit for a bombing today at a political rally in the tribal agency of Kurram that killed at least 18 people. Additionally...

5th May 2013 - The Long War Journal

ISAF Kills 2 ‘Arab’-Linked Commanders in Nuristan

Bill Roggio

Coalition and Afghan forces killed two "Arab"-linked insurgent commanders, a wanted Saudi and an Afghan, during two separate raids in the Waygal district of Nuristan province...

3rd May 2013 - The Long War Journal

Pakistani Taliban Praise bin Laden by ‘Waging Jihad for the Caliphate’

Bill Roggio

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has released a video praising slain al Qaeda emir Osama bin Laden on the second anniversary of his death and vowing to continue...

2nd May 2013 - CCTV

Biz Asia America

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD's Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses al Qaeda two years after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

2nd May 2013 - The Long War Journal

ISAF Targets ‘Insurgent Leader’ Linked to Haqqanis, Pakistani Taliban, and ‘Arabs’

Bill Roggio

Coalition and Afghan special operations forces targeted a "senior insurgent leader" with links to the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, the Haqqani Network, and "Arabs" operating...

30th April 2013 - Fox News

America Live

Clifford D. May

FDD's Clifford D. May discusses a recent Pew poll on the popularity of sharia in the Muslim world and alarming opinions on the use of suicide bombing.

29th April 2013 - National Post

China’s Ruthless Foreign Policy is Changing the World in Dangerous Ways

Jonathan Kay

Are we witnessing the end of the “American age”? It depends whom you ask. But one thing is certain: Thanks to the near-bankruptcy of the American welfare state...

26th April 2013 - Quoted by Jennifer Pagliaro, Andrew Livingstone, Wendy Gillis and Michelle Shephard, The Star

Smaller-Scale, Locally Conceived Attacks May be the Future of Terrorism

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

From his hideout in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden detailed what he hoped would become of the group he created and chastised those who had veered off course.

24th April 2013 - The Long War Journal

Turkistan Islamic Party Releases Video of Children in Training

Bill Roggio

The Turkistan Islamic Party, an al Qaeda-affiliated terror group, has released a video that shows young children firing weapons while at a training camp in Pakistan.

22nd April 2013 - The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Intelligence Chief Reported Killed in Drone Strike

Bill Roggio

Abu Ubaydah Abdullah al Adam, a senior al Qaeda leader who serves as the intelligence chief for the terror group, is reported to have been killed in a recent US drone strike in Pakistan's tribal areas.


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