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9th September 2014 - House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Hamas’s Benefactors: A Network of Terror

Jonathan Schanzer

Chairman Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman Poe, Ranking Member Deutch, Ranking Member Sherman, and distinguished members of these subcommittees, on behalf of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, I thank you for the opportunity to discuss with you today the state sponsors of the Palestinian...

11th August 2014 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Claudia Rosett

FDD's Journalist in Residence, Claudia Rosett, discusses the role of UNRWA in the Gaza conflict.

15th July 2014 - CTV

CTV News

Clifford D. May

FDD President Clifford May speaks about his trip to the Middle East at a time of escalating violence between Israel and Palestine.

9th July 2014 - The Washington Times

Jerusalem: One City, Four Murders

Clifford D. May

Shuafat does not appear to be a hopeless place. The home of the Abu Khdeir family -- a prominent family -- is large and stately, constructed of stone. Nearby are shops and a mosque. A sign advertises an orthodontist’s office.

8th July 2014 - WRC, Washington, D.C.

Andy Parks Show Live From Washington Times

Clifford D. May

FDD President, Clifford May, from Jerusalem on recent developments in the region.

8th July 2014 - Mentioned by Andrew Sullivan - The Dish

Israel’s Other Terror Problem

Jonathan Schanzer

Jonathan Schanzer profiles the settler gang known as “Price Tag”, which is responsible for many such attacks...

7th June 2014 - Quoted by The Boston Globe

New Palestinian Unity Cabinet Deserves Chance To Work

Jonathan Schanzer

There is little doubt that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas carefully studied US law before he and the militant group Hamas announced their unity government this week.

11th May 2014 - Quoted by Sean Savage, JNS

After Peace Talks Collapse, Will Israel be Forced to Take Unilateral Steps?

Jonathan Schanzer

With the recent collapse of the U.S.-brokered peace negotiations, the Palestinian leadership has embarked on a broad plan of unilateral action to gain recognition...

8th May 2014 - House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa

The Palestinian Authority, Israel and the Peace Process: What’s Next?

Jonathan Schanzer

Chairman Ros-Lehtinen, Ranking Member Deutch, and distinguished members of the subcommittee, on behalf of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, I thank you...

6th May 2014 - Fox News

Happening Now

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer discusses if the US should continue giving aid to the Palestinian Authority following Fatah's reconciliation deal with Hamas.

5th May 2014 - Quoted by Paul Alster, Fox News

US Aid Indirectly Helps Hamas, Under Deal with Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian Authority's announcement that it will send 3,000 police officers to Gaza as part of a unity agreement with Hamas could mean U.S. taxpayers...

28th April 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Mahmoud Abbas and the Holocaust

Jonathan Schanzer

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, responding to a question posed by a Rabbi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas asserted, “what happened...

24th April 2014 - The New York Times

Uniting With Terrorists Won’t Lead to an Accord

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinians have been a house divided since 2007, when Hamas, a violent Islamist organization, overran the Palestinian Authority. The violence erupted after...

24th April 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Palestinian Authority Chooses Terror Over Peace, Again

Jonathan Schanzer

The Post reports: “Rival Palestinian political factions on Wednesday announced a surprise reconciliation deal and plans for a unified government, upending U.S.-backed...

11th April 2014 - Podcast

Secure Freedom Radio

Clifford D. May

FDD's Clifford May contends that Vladimir Putin is content with being a “19th century man,” as Secretary John Kerry referred to him. May also establishes that Kerry’s...

8th April 2014 - WRC 1260 AM

Andy Parks Live From the Washington Times

Clifford D. May

The demise of the Mideast peace process.

8th April 2014 - The Washington Times

The Mideast Peace Process Peters Out

Clifford D. May

Blessed are the peace makers. But don’t confuse peace makers with peace processors. The latter think they can persuade the lion to lie down with the lamb.

6th April 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Middle East Collapse: Does Kerry Finally Get It?

Jonathan Schanzer

Maybe Secretary of State John Kerry should have done a “reality check” a year ago. If he had, he wouldn’t have wasted a lot of time...

3rd April 2014 - Quoted by Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze

Palestinian Authority Raises Eyebrows After Applying to Join Treaty Against…Corruption

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian Authority has been widely accused of financial corruption, including the paying of vast sums of money to convicted terrorists. So its decision this...

25th March 2014 - Quoted by Ron Kampeas, JTA

U.S. Scrambles as Prisoner Release, Jewish State Issue Threaten to Sink Talks

Jonathan Schanzer

The Obama administration is scrambling to salvage Israeli-Palestinian talks threatened by disputes over core identity issues for each side: recognition of the state’s Jewish...


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