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24th April 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Palestinian Authority Chooses Terror Over Peace, Again

Jonathan Schanzer

The Post reports: “Rival Palestinian political factions on Wednesday announced a surprise reconciliation deal and plans for a unified government, upending U.S.-backed...

24th April 2014 - The New York Times

Uniting With Terrorists Won’t Lead to an Accord

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinians have been a house divided since 2007, when Hamas, a violent Islamist organization, overran the Palestinian Authority. The violence erupted after...

11th April 2014 - Podcast

Secure Freedom Radio

Clifford D. May

FDD's Clifford May contends that Vladimir Putin is content with being a “19th century man,” as Secretary John Kerry referred to him. May also establishes that Kerry’s...

8th April 2014 - WRC 1260 AM

Andy Parks Live From the Washington Times

Clifford D. May

The demise of the Mideast peace process.

8th April 2014 - The Washington Times

The Mideast Peace Process Peters Out

Clifford D. May

Blessed are the peace makers. But don’t confuse peace makers with peace processors. The latter think they can persuade the lion to lie down with the lamb.

6th April 2014 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Middle East Collapse: Does Kerry Finally Get It?

Jonathan Schanzer

Maybe Secretary of State John Kerry should have done a “reality check” a year ago. If he had, he wouldn’t have wasted a lot of time...

3rd April 2014 - Quoted by Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze

Palestinian Authority Raises Eyebrows After Applying to Join Treaty Against…Corruption

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian Authority has been widely accused of financial corruption, including the paying of vast sums of money to convicted terrorists. So its decision this...

25th March 2014 - Quoted by Ron Kampeas, JTA

U.S. Scrambles as Prisoner Release, Jewish State Issue Threaten to Sink Talks

Jonathan Schanzer

The Obama administration is scrambling to salvage Israeli-Palestinian talks threatened by disputes over core identity issues for each side: recognition of the state’s Jewish...

20th March 2014 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkey's political unrest and the Palestinians' UN strategy.

18th March 2014 - The Washington Times

Middle East Future Shock

Clifford D. May

Almost a hundred years ago, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the last in a succession of Islamic caliphates stretching back more than a millennium, transformed the...

17th March 2014 - The National Interest

Palestine’s Plan for When Peace Talks Fail

Jonathan Schanzer

Despite the unshakable and quixotic optimism of John Kerry’s Middle East negotiating team, the prevailing prognosis in Jerusalem and Ramallah is that even an attempt to implement...

7th March 2014 - Forbes

The Amazing Coincidences of Iran’s Javad Zarif

Claudia Rosett

On Wednesday, in the Red Sea, Israeli commandos intercepted a freighter carrying a secret cargo of munitions loaded in Iran and hidden under bags of cement.

7th March 2014 - The Weekly Standard

A Baleful Peace Process

Reuel Marc Gerecht

To be outrageously iconoclastic among the Washington foreign-policy crowd is easy: Just suggest that the Israeli-Arab peace process is not merely pointless but...

6th March 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

The Syrian “M-302” Rockets Intercepted on the Red Sea

Patrick Megahan

Early Wednesday morning, a special operations unit of the Israeli Navy conducted what appears to be a long-planned boarding operation of a Panamanian-flagged...

5th March 2014 - The Washington Times

New World Disorder

Clifford D. May

Count me among those — a dwindling minority, I’m afraid — who think that politics should end at the water’s edge. No one, Republican or Democrat, ought to take...

27th February 2014 - Politico

The Frenemy

Jonathan Schanzer

When Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visited Qatar in December, he met with Qatar’s emir and other senior officials and took time to tour the high-tech Combined...

26th February 2014 - Standpoint

Scarlett and SodaStream

Emanuele Ottolenghi

In the same month that the first face-to-face talks between Syria's regime and opposition failed even to create humanitarian corridors to relieve starving Syrians in Homs...

21st February 2014 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Jonathan Schanzer

Jonathan Schanzer on his book, State of Failure: Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Unmaking of the Palestinian State.

21st February 2014 - Quoted by William Booth and Anne Gearan, The Washington Post

Gaza Left Out of Mideast Peace Talks

Jonathan Schanzer

This crowded bit of Mediterranean shore is a long way from the closed-door rooms where Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are holding the first real peace talks in years.

17th February 2014 - 1330 AM WEBY - Florida

Your Turn

Jonathan Schanzer

State of Failure: Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Unmaking of the Palestinian State.


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