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12th January 2017 - Quoted by William Booth - The Washington Post

In Paris, the world will try one more time to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Grant Rumley

Poor, belittled Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has pulled off a remarkable feat.

7th December 2016 - The Washington Times

Mahmoud Abbas, the winner…

Clifford D. May

One man, one vote, one time: In 2005, Mahmoud Abbas was elected to a four-year term as president of the Palestinian Authority. He hasn’t bothered to run for re-election since.

30th November 2016 - Quoted by Dov Lieber - Times of Israel

Opening night of much-hyped Seventh Fatah Congress a perplexing snooze

Grant Rumley

The opening night of the Seventh Fatah Congress — which was hyped as the event that would usher in a new age for the Palestinian party currently ruling the West Bank, and perhaps see a possible successor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas crowned — was both mystifying and...

29th November 2016 - Quoted by Sophie McNeill - ABC News

Palestine’s Fatah party holds first congress in seven years; talk of appointing deputy for President

Grant Rumley

It has been quite a few years in the waiting, but this week 1,400 handpicked Fatah party faithfuls gathered in the West Bank capital Ramallah for the movement's seventh congress.

29th November 2016 - Quoted by Peter Baker, Rami Nazzal - The New York Times

Mahmoud Abbas, Re-elected as Fatah Leader, Moves to Solidify Power

Grant Rumley

Under fire at home and abroad, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority moved on Tuesday to solidify his decade-long hold on power with a party conference that had already been purged of most of his opponents.

28th November 2016 - Quoted by Joshua Mitnick - The Los Angeles Times

The Palestinians’ political future could change this week. Here’s why

Grant Rumley

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ political party, Fatah, opens its first party congress in seven years on Tuesday amid swirling speculation about who will succeed the 81-year-old at the helm of the Palestinian Authority.

23rd November 2016 - Quoted by Sean Savage -

After Years of Institutional ‘Decay,’ Palestinians Finally Set for Overdue Elections

Grant Rumley

As it awaits the long-overdue leadership elections for the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian populace faces an uncertain future.

22nd November 2016 - Quoted by The Tower

Palestinian Infighting Intensifies Ahead of Leadership Meeting

Grant Rumley, Jonathan Schanzer

Clashes between gunmen and Palestinian Authority police in the West Bank have intensified in the run-up to the leadership meeting of the long-ruling Fatah party later this month, the Associated Press reported Monday.

16th November 2016 - Quoted by Oren Dorell - USA Today

Candidate Trump’s embrace of Israeli policies may ease once he’s president

Jonathan Schanzer

In a break from long-standing U.S. policy, Donald Trump has embraced many of Israel's positions in its dispute with the Palestinians, but how far he will go is unclear.

15th November 2016 - The Jerusalem Post

German organizers of Kristallnacht memorial sought to ban Israeli flag

Benjamin Weinthal

Students were allowed to wear Palestinian keffiyeh scarfs at the Holocaust event.

10th November 2016 - Quoted by Barney Breen-Portnoy - The Algemeiner

VP Biden: No Reason for Jewish Anxiety About Future Trump Administration Commitment to Israel

Jonathan Schanzer

American Jews have no reason to be concerned about the future of US-Israel ties after President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday at a World Jewish Congress (WJC) gala dinner in New York City.

9th November 2016 - Quoted by Barney Breen-Portnoy - The Algemeiner

Trump Victory Might Make Obama Feel ‘Less Encumbered’ About Israeli-Palestinian Initiative

Jonathan Schanzer

Republican Donald Trump’s shocking victory over his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election could make outgoing President Barack Obama feel “less encumbered” about launching an end-of-term lame-duck Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic initiative, a Middle...

8th November 2016 - Quoted by Ron Kampeas - Times of Israel

Will Obama launch a lame-duck Israel surprise? Not likely

Jonathan Schanzer

It started several months ago in anxious whispers among pro-Israel leaders. Now it has burst into the open in full-page ads in The New York Times and op-eds in The Wall Street Journal.

3rd November 2016 - Quoted by Patrick Goodenough -

Kerry Hints at One Last Mideast Peace Push Before Obama Term Ends

Clifford D. May

Secretary of State John Kerry has hinted that he may be involved in one final push on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, amid growing speculation – and concern among Israel supporters – that President Obama may use the period between next week’s election and the end of his administration...

16th May 2016 - Foreign Policy

For Middle East Peace, Look to Israel’s Arab Partners

John Hannah

Speculation is rife that President Barack Obama will make one final stab at putting his mark on the Middle East peace process before he leaves office. One theory has the administration supporting a United Nations Security Council resolution that would codify terms for a deal between Israel...

5th November 2015 - Quoted by Julian Pecquet - Al Monitor

Congress Wants to Make Iran, Palestinians Pay Terror Verdicts

Orde Kittrie

Congress is weighing several legislative actions to compensate US victims of Iranian and Palestinian terrorism amid bipartisan frustration with the Obama administration.

26th March 2015 - Quoted by Sarah Westwood - Washington Examiner

Feds canceled Deloitte Palestinian contract on evidence of joint cover-up

Jonathan Schanzer

A $12.2 million contract to boost the Palestinian economy was scrapped more than a year before its scheduled completion after U.S. Agency for International Development officials covered up the poor performance of its contractor, Deloitte Consulting.

5th November 2014 - Quoted by Joshua Keating - Slate

Why Terrorists Use Vehicles as Weapons

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Earlier today a Palestinian man who Israeli police say had connections to Hamas drove a car into a crowd near a light rail station in Jerusalem, killing one person and injuring a dozen others.

30th October 2014 - Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Palestinian Government Calls for War in Jerusalem

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestinian government has called on its “fighters” to launch a “day of rage” against Israel on Friday that will include armed attacks in Jerusalem, a move that has sparked fears that widespread riots could wreak havoc on the holy city.

30th October 2014 - Cited by Adam Chandler - The Atlantic

Is This How the Third Intifada Begins?

Jonathan Schanzer

On Wednesday, Barak Ravid, the diplomatic correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, made this ominous declaration via Twitter: "The 3rd Intifada is already here—If there is anybody that still doesn't get it," he wrote, referring to the possibility of another Palestinian uprising...


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