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22nd July 2017 - i24 News

Strictly Security

John Hannah

FDD Senior Counselor John Counselor John Hannah discusses the Syrian ceasefire being negotiated by the US and Russia on Strictly Security.

21st July 2017 - Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Graham: Ending Program to Arm Anti-Assad Rebels is ‘Capitulation to Russia’

Thomas Joscelyn

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham on Thursday blasted the Trump administration's reported decision to cut a CIA program that trained and armed Syrian rebels fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime.

20th July 2017 - Quoted by Tim Hume - Vice News

Trump ends covert CIA program and puts Syria’s rebels in jeopardy

Thomas Joscelyn

President Trump’s decision to wind down a covert CIA program that had trained and equipped anti-regime Syrian rebels all but guarantees that Syrian President Bashar Assad will remain in power and leaves the fate of the rebels under a cloud, according to analysts.

20th July 2017 - Hearst TV

Hearst TV

Boris Zilberman

FDD deputy director of congressional relations Boris Zilberman discusses Russia's potential retaliation against the U.S. for Obama era sanctions imposed on Russia for interfering in the U.S. election.

19th July 2017 - Fox News

Cavuto Coast to Coast

John Hannah

FDD Senior Counselor John Hannah joins Neil Cavuto to discuss President Trump's undisclosed meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit.

19th July 2017 - Quoted by Robert Windrem - NBC News

Trump-Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts

Juan Zarate

President Donald Trump's just-disclosed hourlong meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit — using a Kremlin translator, with no national security staff present — may have damaged U.S. interests, according to some national security experts.

19th July 2017 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

If there’s no collusion, why all the secret meetings?

Eric S. Edelman

Jared Kushner allegedly tried to arrange a secret back-channel with Russia that would have cut out U.S. intelligence and relied on Russian communications. It was one of many Russian contacts that he and other members of the Trump team failed to list on security clearance forms.

18th July 2017 - The Weekly Standard

What Happened in Hamburg

Eric S. Edelman

Trump meeting with Putin was not only not a success but was likely a disaster for U.S.-Russia relations and global order.

18th July 2017 - Quoted by Max Boot - Commentary

Trump’s Naïveté on Display in Syria

Eric S. Edelman

In point of fact, the Syrian ceasefire agreement between the U.S. and Russia did nothing more than ratify a unilateral truce announced the previous week by the Syrian government in this area so that Bashar Assad could focus his hard-pressed forces on other parts of the country.

8th July 2017 - Quoted by Henry Ridgwell - VOA News

US, Russia on Collision Course Vying for Europe Gas Market

John Hannah

Visiting Poland this week, U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to boost exports of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Central Europe and take on Russia’s stranglehold on energy supplies.

7th July 2017 - Pete Williams, Robert Windrem and Tom Winter - NBC News

Feds Suspect Russians Behind Cyber-Attacks on Power Plants

Juan Zarate

Russia is suspected to be behind recent hacker intrusions at American power plants, including at least one nuclear facility, two U.S. officials told NBC News.

7th July 2017 - Quoted by Stephen Loiaconi - WJLA

Experts see gains, losses for both leaders in Trump-Putin meeting

Boris Zilberman

President Donald Trump’s first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin may have gone about as well as either leader could have expected, experts say, but it did little to silence concerns about how willing Trump is to hold Russia accountable for its transgressions against U.S....

6th July 2017 - Quoted by Russ Read - Daily Caller

Trump Signs Deal To Arm Poland Versus Putin

John Cappello

President Donald Trump agreed to sell Patriot missile defense systems to Poland Wednesday, in an apparent counter to the growing Russian threat on Europe’s eastern border.

6th July 2017 - Hearst TV


Boris Zilberman

FDD's Deputy Director of Congressional Relations Boris Zilberman talks about Trump and Putin's meeting on the eve of the G20 Summit.

28th June 2017 - Quoted by Leo Byrne - NK News

U.S. says Russia could help N. Korea evade sanctions in lieu of China

Anthony Ruggiero

The U.S. is concerned Russia could step up sanctions breaking activities with North Korea following stricter implementation from Beijing, Washington’s Ambassador to the UN said on Tuesday.

21st June 2017 - Quoted by Julie David and Matt Flegenheimer - The New York Times

White House Tries to Get G.O.P. to Water Down Russia Sanctions Bill

Mark Dubowitz

The White House is quietly lobbying House Republicans to weaken a bill overwhelmingly passed by the Senate last week that would slap tough new sanctions on Russia for its meddling in the 2016 election and allow Congress to block any future move by President Trump to lift any penalties...

20th June 2017 - Quoted by Dwayne Harmon - Newburgh Gazette

Russian Federation threatens after United States downs Syrian warplane Newburgh Gazette http://newbu

Bill Roggio

Syria said earlier that the US-led Coalition had shot down one of its planes as it carried out a combat mission against Islamic State fighters. Newburgh Gazette

19th June 2017 - Quoted by Tim Hume - Vice News

A Flexing Contest In Syria May Trap The U.S. In An Endless Conflict

Bill Roggio

19th June 2017 - Quoted by Agence France Presse

America’s widening role in Syria’s civil war

Bill Roggio

The unprecedented US downing of a Syrian regime warplane highlights the rapidly shifting dynamic in the six-year conflict where President Donald Trump has given American commanders a freer rein in the battlefield.

19th June 2017 - Quoted by Tim Hume - Vice News

A Flexing Contest In Syria May Trap The U.S. In An Endless Conflict

Bill Roggio

Russia’s defense ministry didn’t mince words Monday about its willingness to attack U.S. military jets in Syria.


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