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24th July 2014 - Quoted by Steve LeVine - Quartz

Here’s An Effective Way to Sanction Russia, and Why it Hasn’t Happened So Far

Mark Dubowitz

Western officials hoping to alter the behavior of Russian president Vladimir Putin are examining a lot of targets for sanctions, but analysts say one entity seems to be off the table for now—Gazprom.

21st July 2014 - Quoted by Terry Atlas and Jonathan Allen - Bloomberg

Obama Seen Gaining on Putin as U.S. Prods EU on Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

President Barack Obama’s response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine reflects the consensus of U.S. officials that time, evidence, and world opinion are increasingly on his side as he takes on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

21st July 2014 - Cited by Evan Moore - U.S. News

Force Iran to Make a Choice

The United States and other world powers extended the deadline to reach a comprehensive final agreement with Iran over its controversial nuclear program to November 24, 2014.

20th July 2014 - The Wall Street Journal

Persian Nuclear Carpet Ride

Negotiating with Tehran is often compared to haggling in a Mideast bazaar, and after Friday's decision to extend talks over the country's nuclear program we're reminded why. In exchange for essentially no concessions, the mullahs were given $2.8 billion in hard cash to keep talking for...

17th July 2014 - Quoted by Justyna Pawlak and Louis Charbonneau - Reuters

West Considers Early Sanctions Moves in Troubled Iran Nuclear Talks

Mark Dubowitz

With talks between world powers and Iran over a broad nuclear accord at an impasse, Western governments are considering offering a significant easing of sanctions early on in the process to try to wring concessions from Tehran, diplomats say.

7th July 2014 - Interviewed by Tim Starks - CQ Roll Call

Five Questions With Mark Dubowitz on Iran Nuclear Negotiations, Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

INTERVIEW: Mark Dubowitz is executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a hawkish think tank, and a widely called-upon expert on sanctions and Iran’s nuclear program.

3rd July 2014 - The Hill

Eliciting A Better Deal From Iran

Emanuele Ottolenghi

After months of public optimism, Iranian and U.S. officials are publicly hinting that they’ve reached an impasse over the nuclear negotiations.

2nd July 2014 - Mentioned by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Holding the line on Iran sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

At a time President Obama’s approval ratings are spiraling downward and Americans regard him as the worst post-World War II president, the United States nevertheless is stuck with an increasingly whiny, irrelevant and weakened chief executive.

2nd July 2014 - Mentioned by Peter Kenyon - NPR

Morning Edition

Mark Dubowitz

After a decade of on again off again talks between the West and Iran over its nuclear program, a last round begins Wednesday in Vienna. Negotiators have set July 20 as the deadline to reach a deal.

27th June 2014 - Cited and Quoted by John Hudson - Foreign Policy

The Hawks’ Playbook For Opposing An Obama Nuclear Deal With Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Though the United States has yet to secure a final deal to restrain Iran's nuclear program, an influential pair of hawks in Washington have already devised a way for Congress to unravel any potential agreement after the ink is dry.

26th June 2014 - FDD Press

Congress Can Defend Iran Sanctions Architecture, Provide Smart Relief After Final Deal

Mark Dubowitz

Co-Authored by Richard Goldberg. As the P5+1 negotiates with Iran over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, FDD released a new report outlining how Congress can help build a post-agreement sanctions architecture.

22nd June 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

Are Germany And Austria Undercutting The Potency Of Iran Sanctions?

Benjamin Weinthal

Austrian and Jewish NGOs sounded serious warnings in June about Germany and Austria’s apparent retreat from the Western sanctions regime.

13th June 2014 - Quoted by Arshad Mohammed & Timothy Gardner - Reuters

Why Higher Iran Oil Exports Are Not Roiling Nuclear Deal

Mark Dubowitz

At first glance, Iran appears to have exported more oil than allowed under a nuclear agreement with major powers, but rather than complaining, U.S. officials argue Tehran is skating just inside the deal's ambiguous limits.

12th June 2014 - Quoted by Indira A.R. Lakshmanan & Anthony DiPaola, Bloomberg News

Growing Iran Oil Exports Challenge U.S. Nuclear Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

Iran’s oil exports have risen this year, according to Bloomberg calculations, a trend that threatens to violate U.S. sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s main source of revenue.

3rd June 2014 - Quoted by Annie Lowrey - The New York Times

Aiming Financial Weapons From Treasury War Room

Mark Dubowitz

In a dingy suite of offices in a Treasury Department annex, the troops work into the night...

3rd June 2014 - Forbes

Prepaid Cards May Be Iran’s Latest Sanctions-Busting Tactic

Emanuele Ottolenghi

2nd June 2014 - Quoted by Kira Zalan and Colby Adams - ACAMS MoneyLaundering

U.S. Treasury Official Says EU Court Rulings Threaten Sanctions Efforts

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Recent European court decisions against the EU designations of Iranian banks...

28th May 2014 - Cited by Omri Ceren, The Tower

State Dept. Pressed Over Iran Sanctions - Busting As Concerns Mount About Eroded Leverage

Timothy Wilson, Mark Dubowitz

The State Department was pressed on Tuesday over mounting evidence that Iranian crude export violations...

25th May 2014 - Cited by The Chicago Tribune

Make Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Stick

Mark Dubowitz

With a July 20 deadline approaching, Iranian and Western nuclear negotiators recently were supposed to start drafting a final...

23rd May 2014 - Bloomberg

Russian Companies Active In Syria At Risk of U.S. Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz, Tony Badran

The Obama administration may conclude that the road to Donetsk leads on to Damascus.


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