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24th August 2015 - The Washington Post

Don’t Call Obama’s Iran Diplomacy ‘Reaganesque’

John Hannah

Brent Scowcroft’s Aug. 23 op-ed, “An epochal moment,” endorsing the Iran nuclear deal, hardly came as a shock. He’d already previewed his support to several columnists this month. More surprising was Scowcroft’s attempt to link the Obama administration’s diplomacy to President...

19th September 2013 - Scripps Howard News Service

Vladimir Putin, the Neo-Soviet Man

Clifford D. May

Vladimir Putin and I are about the same age and we went to college at about the same time. As a matter of fact, we went to college together. No, really.

6th September 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Hoover’s Lessons

Clifford D. May

It was Herbert Hoover’s misfortune to be president when the stock market crashed in 1929. Three years later, Franklin Roosevelt would blame him for the Great Depression and defeat him at the ballot box.

9th August 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Jeane Kirkpatrick’s War

Clifford D. May

Jeane Kirkpatrick spent her life studying — and fighting — totalitarianism. Reading Peter Collier’s illuminating new biography, Political Woman: The Big Little Life of Jeane Kirkpatrick...

3rd August 2012 - Claremont Review of Books

The New War Against America

Michael Ledeen

Last January, President Obama went over to the Pentagon to announce deep cuts in defense. He took the occasion to proclaim: “Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.” He could not have been more dangerously mistaken.

30th July 2012 - Foreign Policy

How Obama Lost Poland

Benjamin Weinthal

After the "Romneyshambles" of his London visit, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate has a good chance to end his European tour on a high note as he arrives in Poland on Monday, July 30.

10th July 2012 - Foreign Affairs

Wrong Way Down the Danube

In January 2011, the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the 82-year-old philosopher Agnes Heller and four other academics would be investigated for the misuse of nearly $2.5 million in public grant money.

5th July 2012 - The Weekly Standard

Putin Goes to Israel

Russian president Vladimir Putin made his second visit to Israel last week. His brief trip included high-level talks with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which they agreed at least in the abstract that...

19th April 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

Liberate ‘Zones of Electronic Repression’!

Clifford D. May

Islamists shouldn’t be allowed to use Western technology to crush dissent.

6th April 2012 - The Long War Journal

On the ‘Merchant of Death’

Thomas Joscelyn

A US court has sentenced Viktor Bout, a.k.a. the "merchant of death," to 25 years in prison. Much has been written about Bout, who supplied tyrants and terrorists the world over with weapons, often from the former Eastern bloc.

4th April 2012 - The American Interest

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

In June 2010, the U.S. State Department led a high-level delegation of technology executives to Syria. Comprised of representatives from, among other corporations, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft and Symantec, the purpose of the trip was to improve relations with a nation that...

26th March 2012 - The New Republic

Hungary’s Prime Minister Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

On March 15, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stood before nearly 100,000 of his fellow countrymen in Budapest and declared, “Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate.”

1st March 2012 - Scripps Howard News Service

War Crimes and Punishment

Clifford D. May

“To the justice of the firing squad!” That was the toast proposed by Stalin to Roosevelt and Churchill over dinner in 1943 in Tehran. They were meeting for the first time and the discussion had turned to the fate of Nazi leaders following Germany’s defeat.

15th February 2012 - Cited by Tom de Castella, BBC News

How Did We Forget About Mutually Assured Destruction?

Clifford D. May

In the National Review, Clifford D May writes: "During the Cold War, the United States adopted a strategic doctrine called MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction. The logic behind it was both perverse and compelling...

8th January 2012 - Faster, Please!

You Cannot Reform a Totalitarian (You’ve Got to Defeat Him)

Michael Ledeen

Back when I was even younger, and living in Rome, the main topic of conversation was of course Communism. Italy had the largest Communist Party outside the Soviet Union, and it was forever on the cusp of becoming the biggest party in Italy, thus forming the government, thus taking over.

25th December 2011 - Faster, Please!

Why Tyrants Fall

Michael Ledeen

What spells the doom of dictators? Nobody really knows, and there are so many “whats” that the whole subject defies quantification. Coups and assassinations, revolutions, defeats in war, and even sudden collapses, are all to be found in the texts, ancient and modern.

24th December 2011 - The Rosett Report

The Long Rough Awakening of Russia

Twenty years ago this Christmas day, Mikhail Gorbachev gave a speech announcing “I hereby discontinue my activities at the post of President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

21st December 2011 - Faster, Please!

Havel, Kafka and Us

Michael Ledeen

A friend sent me this Czech tv video on the mourning march to the St Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle. I can’t watch it without tearing up. It’s entirely worthy of the great Czech poet, playwright, and revolutionary hero.

18th December 2011 - New York Daily News

Former Czech President Vaclav Havel,  a Revolutionary Who Always ‘Lived Within the Truth’

In 1985, then dissident and future Czech president Vaclav Havel, who died Sunday at the age of 75, wrote an essay entitled “Anatomy of Reticence.”

7th August 2011 - By Ion Mihai Pacepa, Pajamas Media

Happy Birthday, Michael Ledeen!

Michael Ledeen

The highest official who has ever defected from the Soviet bloc looks back with thanks for the help he received from PJMedia's own Michael Ledeen.


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