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9th September 2013 - The Atlantic

Will Syria Attack Israel if the U.S. Attacks Syria?

Benjamin Weinthal

Deliberate neutrality and ambiguity have thus far governed Israel’s reaction to the Syrian civil war, but America’s deliberations over whether to strike Assad...

9th September 2013 - CBC News

Power and Politics

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer discusses the Russian proposal to remove Syria's chemical weapons and if a US strike is still likely.

8th September 2013 - CTV News

News Update

Tony Badran

FDD's Tony Badran weighs in on the possibility of U.S. taking military action in Syria, saying U.S. credibility is on the line.

7th September 2013 - CTV News

News Update

Emanuele Ottolenghi

FDD's Emanuele Ottolenghi discusses the likelihood of a diplomatic solution in Syria following the use of chemical weapons.

7th September 2013 - The Long War Journal

Salafi Jihadists Hold Public March in Gaza Denouncing Assad and el Sisi

On Sept. 4, the Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center (ITMC), a jihadist media unit tied to the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSC)...

7th September 2013 - Fox News

Justice with Judge Jeanine

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer joins a discussion on who the Syrian rebels are and if they are people the US can align itself with.

6th September 2013 - The Long War Journal

Videos Show Joint Al Nusrah, Free Syrian Army Attacks in Ancient Village

Thomas Joscelyn

A video posted online by Ahrar al Sham "suggests that at least three distinct rebel groups were involved in the attack in Malula," Syria this week...

6th September 2013 - The National Interest

Holding Assad Accountable

Orde Kittrie

The United States and possibly allies are preparing to launch military strikes against Syria in response to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical...

6th September 2013 - Fox News

Happening Now

Mark Dubowitz

FDD's Mark Dubowitz provides insight on a report that Iran is preparing to counter-attack the US if action is taken against Syria.

6th September 2013 - The Weekly Standard

The Muddle East

Reuel Marc Gerecht

If Congress refuses to support American military action against the Assad regime in Syria, and President Barack Obama declines to strike or strikes meekly...

5th September 2013 - Fox News

Special Report

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD's Tom Joscelyn comments on the make-up of the Syrian opposition, specifically those with links to al Qaeda.

5th September 2013 - America's Radio News Network


Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Regional perceptions in the Middle East of possible U.S. military action in Syria.

5th September 2013 - KCRW 89.9 FM - Southern California

To The Point

Claudia Rosett

Presidents Obama and Putin shook hands as Obama arrived in Russia for the G20 summit today, but that's apparently as close as they're going to get.

5th September 2013 - NewsTalk 770 - Calgary

The Rob Breakenridge Show

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Possible US intervention in Syria.

5th September 2013 - 860 KPAM - Portland, OR

Terry Boyd’s World

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Possible US intervention in Syria.

5th September 2013 - National Post

‘Responsibility to Protect’ is No Basis for Bombing Syria

Jonathan Kay

In the Saturday edition of the National Post, eminent human rights advocate Irwin Cotler wrote that “if mass atrocities in Syria are not a case for R2P...

5th September 2013 - Scripps Howard News Service

Assad Must Pay

Clifford D. May

It’s not just President Obama’s “red line” that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has crossed. Civilized people have long set limits on armed conflicts. Using chemical...

4th September 2013 - WMUZ 103.5 FM - Detroit

The Bob Dutko Show

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Possible US intervention in Syria.

4th September 2013 - New York Daily News

Israel’s Pre-Attack Anxiety

Benjamin Weinthal

There is "some tension" here, said Valentin, an employee at a hotel on the bustling tourist beach strip in central Tel Aviv, Israel. In a classic understated...

4th September 2013 - Quoted by Guy Taylor, Washington Times

Iran’s Fury: Ready to Unleash Hezbollah, Kidnap Americans if U.S. Strikes Syria

Mark Dubowitz

They're weighing whether to order Hezbollah to launch rockets at Israel or target U.S. warships in the Mediterranean. Or they could send shadowy groups...


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