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11th April 2016 - The Long War Journal

Senior Islamic State Khorasan leaders defect to Taliban

Bill Roggio

Several members of the Islamic State Khorasan Provinces’ “central council” as well as other senior and mid-level leaders based in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar have broken their oath to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and have rejoined the Taliban.

5th April 2016 - The Long War Journal

Taliban appoints Mullah Omar’s brother, son to key leadership positions

Bill Roggio

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the official name of the Taliban, appointed Mullah Omar’s brother and eldest son to key leadership positions in the jihadist group’s executive council.

28th March 2016 - CNBC

CNBC World

John Hannah

FDD's John Hannah says Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, which claimed responsibility for the Lahore attacks, shares a common ideology with other radical Islamic groups.

28th March 2016 - The Long War Journal

‘The target was Christians,’ Pakistani Taliban says of Lahore Easter attack

Bill Roggio

The spokesman for a faction of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan said that the group intentionally targeted Christians in a suicide bombing which killed and wounded hundreds of women and children on Easter Sunday.

3rd March 2016 - The Long War Journal

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: Letters to the ‘Commander of the Faithful’

Thomas Joscelyn

In a letter addressed to Mullah Omar in late 2010, Osama bin Laden argued that the West had been “undermined and weakened in every respect” by the war in Afghanistan. The al Qaeda master believed the jihadists simply needed to be patient, as the West lacked the will to keep fighting and...

25th February 2016 - The Long War Journal

Pakistan is ‘very cooperative and very engaged in the fight against terrorism.’

Bill Roggio

US Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that Pakistan’s government and military are “very cooperative and very engaged in the fight against terrorism” while Senator Bob Corker accused the country of “outright blatant duplicity” for supporting the Afghan Taliban.

22nd February 2016 - Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Bill Roggio

FDD senior fellow Bill Roggio discusses the Afghan national army and Taliban in Helmand.

18th February 2016 - The Long War Journal

Afghan intel, Taliban spar over captured commander ‘dressed like a woman’

Bill Roggio

The Taliban has rejected Afghan press reports that one of its commanders was captured in the eastern province of Paktika while wearing a woman’s dress. Additionally, the jihadist group denied reports that its forces clashed with a rival faction in southwestern Afghanistan. The reports and...

9th February 2016 - The Long War Journal

Senior Taliban leader dies of cancer

Bill Roggio

The Taliban has announced the death of Mullah Hassan Rahmani, a member of its top leadership council who until recently opposed the appointment of Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as the jihadist group’s new emir.

3rd February 2016 - The Long War Journal

US strikes Pakistani Taliban faction in eastern Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

The US is reported to have killed 18 Taliban fighters from Pakistan in an airstrike last night in an eastern Afghanistan area known to serve as a safe haven for several terrorist groups. The Taliban fighters who were killed are believed to belong to a group led by Sajna Mehsud, an al...

25th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Taliban claim to not ‘use our soil to harm others’ is patently false

Bill Roggio

The Taliban recently claimed it does not allow its territory to be used to “harm others,” a patently false statement considering they recently permitted al Qaeda to run large training camps on their Afghanistan property and the Taliban’s leader accepted an oath of allegiance from al...

24th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Taliban demands prisoners released, sanctions removed before joining peace negotiations

Bill Roggio

The Afghan Taliban has demanded the “release of prisoners” and the removal of its senior leaders and officials from UN and US sanctions list, before it will consider joining peace talks with the Afghan government. Additionally, the group said that it would only make peace with...

21st January 2016 - Quoted by Russ Read - The Daily Caller

Taliban Continues Resurgence, Bombs Journalists

Bill Roggio

The Taliban took credit for Wednesday’s suicide bombing of a news agency in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

20th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Suicide team sent by Pakistani Taliban faction assaults university

Bill Roggio

A suicide assault team from a faction of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan launched an attack on a university in the country’s northwest today, killing more than 20 students and faculty before security forces intervened to end the siege. The attack was claimed by a dangerous Taliban...

13th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Pakistani Taliban Suicide Bomber Detonates at Polio Vaccination Center

Bill Roggio

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan claimed credit for today’s suicide attack at a polio vaccination center in Quetta, which killed more than a dozen people and forced the suspension of the vaccination program. The jihadist group has targeted the polio vaccination program in the past....

12th January 2016 - Quoted by Hasib Danish Alikozai - Voice of America

Corruption Encourages Parallel Judiciary in Afghanistan

The perception of corruption in Afghanistan's judiciary is leading citizens to turn to the Taliban to resolve their legal cases swiftly and with a lack of red tape.

10th January 2016 - Quoted by Lauren Carroll - Politifact

Donald Trump Repeats Wrong Claim That Prisoners Swapped for Bergdahl are ‘Back on the Battlefield’

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

President Barack Obama is one of the worst negotiators Donald Trump has ever seen, the real estate magnate and presidential candidate said.

5th January 2016 - The Long War Journal

US Soldier Killed While Fighting the Taliban in Helmand

Bill Roggio

The Taliban killed one American soldier and wounded two more as they fought alongside Afghan forces in the beleaguered southern Afghan town of Marjah in Helmand province earlier today.

2nd January 2016 - The Long War Journal

Afghan Forces Raid Taliban ‘Jail’ in Helmand

Bill Roggio

Commandos from Afghanistan’s counterterrorism force freed 59 prisoners from a Taliban “jail” in the troubled southern province of Helmand. The raid, and another like it early last month, are key indicators that the province is slipping out of the Afghan government’s control.

31st December 2015 - The Long War Journal

‘Voice of the Caliphate’ Radio Broadcasts Anti-Taliban Propoganda in Afghanistan

Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s so-called “province” in the Khorasan (an area covering Afghanistan and Pakistan) has set up a radio station to broadcast anti-Taliban messages and other propaganda.


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