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27th February 2017 - The Weekly Standard

The Face-Off

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Donald Trump has promised a foreign policy of muscular retrenchment, in which a better-resourced U.S. military intimidates our enemies without serving as a global cop. More than any president since Richard Nixon, our new commander in chief sees virtue in brutal authoritarians, especially if...

17th February 2017 - Fox Business

Countdown to the Closing Bell

John Hannah

FDD senior counselor John Hannah comments on the candidates for National Security Advisor.

17th February 2017 - Fox Business

Countdown to the Closing Bell

John Hannah

FDD senior counselor John Hannah discusses Michael Flynn and the need for more coordination between agencies within the Trump administration.

16th February 2017 - Quoted by Herb Keinon - The Jerusalem Post

Changing the Conversation

Jonathan Schanzer

President Donald Trump took his long-running battle against political correctness to his White House press conference with visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

16th February 2017 - The Wall Street Journal

Standing With Israel on the Golan Heights

Jonathan Schanzer, Mark Dubowitz

Benjamin Netanyahu has achieved his primary objective of resetting ties with the U.S. after eight years of tensions. True, the Israeli prime minister and Donald Trump still need to bridge the gap on issues such as Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy and West Bank settlements.

16th February 2017 - i24

The Rundown

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses the meeting between Nentanyahu and Trump.

16th February 2017 - Fox News

Happening Now

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer comments on the bilateral meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, and it's implications for US foreign policy in the region.

15th February 2017 - Fox News

Iran ramps up rhetoric against Trump

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer comments on the white house sending new message to Iran over their controversial nuclear program.

15th February 2017 - Fox Business

Making Money with Charles Payne

Oren Kessler

FDD's deputy director of research Oren Kessler participates in a panel discussion on Netanyahu's first meeting with Trump and its implications on US-Israel relations.

15th February 2017 - CBN News


Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses developments in US-Israel relations in the new administration.

13th February 2017 - Quoted by Amir Tibon - Haaretz

Trump Faces Dilemma in Battle Against ISIS: Turkey or the Kurds

Aykan Erdemir

Last July, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump declared in an interview that he was "a big fan of the Kurds." Speaking about the fight against ISIS on the ground in Syria, Trump said he hoped there was a way to get the Kurdish forces, which have been supported by...

9th February 2017 - Quoted by Chris Mitchell - CBN News

A New Dawn on the World Stage: How Trump Will Deal with Iran

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Just days after Donald Trump's inauguration, Iran launched a ballistic missile test, violating a U.N. resolution. A quick White House response showed Iran and the world it's not business as usual in Washington.

8th February 2017 - Foreign Policy

Here’s How the U.S. Could Better Wield Its Economic Clout

Eric B. Lorber

As the Trump administration settles into office, it inherits powerful tools of economic statecraft to safeguard U.S. national security. These include sophisticated economic sanctions, anti-money laundering measures, and tools to counter the financing of terrorism authorities. Perhaps the...

8th February 2017 - Tablet Magazine

Assad’s Fundraiser at the World Bank

Tony Badran

For all the controversy surrounding it, there was one silver lining to President Trump’s now suspended executive order that barred nationals from seven Middle Eastern and African countries, including Syria, from entering the U.S.: It had kept an old associate of Bashar al-Assad from...

8th February 2017 - The Washington Times

Border disputes

Clifford D. May

Al Qaeda does not value diversity and it’s not an equal opportunity employer. The same can be said of the Islamic State. And when the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran want to commit an act of terrorism – the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, to take just one...

7th February 2017 - Quoted by Tom Kertscher - Politifact

Were the 7 nations identified in Donald Trump’s travel ban named by Barack Obama as terror hotbeds?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Two days after President Donald Trump temporarily banned certain groups of people from entering the United States, his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, defended the executive order by directing attention to terrorism and Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

7th February 2017 - Sirius XM


Behnam Ben Taleblu

FDD senior Iran analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu comments on the Trump administrations sanctions towards Iran, and the conflict in Syria.

6th February 2017 - Quoted by Damien McElroy - Sunday Times

Iran unleashes show of strength following Trump sanctions

Jonathan Schanzer

Helicopters swooped and warplanes screeched across the sky above Tehran as Iran staged a show of force a day after US President Donald­ Trump imposed new sanctions on the country.

6th February 2017 - Centre on Religion and Geopolitics

US Policy in Afghanistan: What to Expect from Trump

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Can Trump scale back involvement in Afghanistan while keeping his inauguration pledge to 'eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth?' Three analysts have their say.

6th February 2017 - Quoted by Antonia Ward - Georgetown Security Studies Review

Academics and Practitioners Give Open Advice to President Trump on ‘Eradicating’ Terrorism

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

January 26th-27th witnessed a convergence of academics and practitioners from across the world descend upon Georgetown University to offer policy lessons and advice to the new administration of President Donald Trump on the pressing issue of terrorism and counterterrorism in a seminal...


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