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22nd March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Turkish Organizations Under Fire for Alleged Hamas Support

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkey’s ties to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas are once again in the spotlight. Israeli authorities claimed this week that two charities with close ties to the ruling elite in Ankara were providing financial and military support to the Gaza-based Islamist faction.

21st March 2017 - Quoted by Howard LaFranchi - The Christian Science Monitor

Defeating ISIS: Is Trump administration ready for the long haul?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

14th March 2017 - Quoted by The Washington Post

Will the United States speak out against Turkey’s spiral downward?

Aykan Erdemir

ABOUT 150 journalists have been thrown in jail, and about 170 media organizations closed down. University professors are being marched in chains to prison.

14th March 2017 - BBC Radio 5 Live

Up All Night

Aykan Erdemir

FDD senior fellow Aykan Erdemir discusses the dispute between the Netherlands and Turkey.

13th March 2017 - CNN

CNN International

Aykan Erdemir

FDD senior fellow Aykan Erdemir on Dutch refusal to allow Turkish officials to speak at rallies.

10th March 2017 - Quoted by Josh Lederman - Associated Press

With flair but scant success, Turkey aims to repair image

Aykan Erdemir

On a mission to rehabilitate its image, Turkey is instead inching closer to being an outcast among Western nations that seem to understand their NATO ally less and less each day.

9th March 2017 - Quoted by Amberin Zaman - Al-Monitor

Will Turkey be added to European list of undemocratic countries?

Aykan Erdemir

In a further blow to Turkey’s spotty global image, the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) called March 8 for Turkey to come under its formal scrutiny, a status reserved for members that are deemed to be backsliding on democracy. Nine...

2nd March 2017 - The Washington Post

Turkey’s bizarre witch hunt against the media

Aykan Erdemir

Turkey, the world’s worst offender of press freedom according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, now accounts for a third of journalists jailed globally.

23rd February 2017 - Quoted by Kate Shellnutt - Christianity Today

Courts Split on US Christians Caught Up in Turkey’s Crackdown

Aykan Erdemir

As Turkey continues to crack down on dissent in the wake of a failed coup, two longtime American Christian expats are struggling to stay in the Muslim-majority nation they have long served. So far, they have fared quite differently in Turkish courts.

22nd February 2017 - Quoted by Dominique Bonessi - Commonweal

Last Word: The Waiting Room

Aykan Erdemir

A small church in the heart of Istanbul is a sanctuary for Iraqi Christians on their way to somewhere else. Just a short walk from Taksim Square, near the sites of several recent terrorist attacks, it offers refuge for those who’ve fled persecution by ISIS and are seeking asylum in places...

13th February 2017 - Quoted by Amir Tibon - Haaretz

Trump Faces Dilemma in Battle Against ISIS: Turkey or the Kurds

Aykan Erdemir

Last July, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump declared in an interview that he was "a big fan of the Kurds." Speaking about the fight against ISIS on the ground in Syria, Trump said he hoped there was a way to get the Kurdish forces, which have been supported by...

10th February 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Erdogan Builds a Parallel Budget

Aykan Erdemir

Over the weekend, the Turkish government issued state-of-emergency decrees to transfer its holdings in the country’s major publicly-owned companies to a new sovereign wealth fund created last summer. These holdings include some of Turkey’s most valuable public assets, such as the...

8th February 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Pentagon: 11 al Qaeda terrorists killed in airstrikes near Idlib, Syria

Thomas Joscelyn

The Defense Department announced today that 11 al Qaeda terrorists were killed in a pair of airstrikes near Idlib, Syria earlier this month. Ten al Qaeda men were reportedly killed on Feb. 3, when the US struck a building they were using as a “meeting place.”

5th February 2017 - Quoted by The Malay Mail Online

Holding up a cloudy mirror

Aykan Erdemir

After the havoc President Donald Trump has wreaked in his two weeks in office, it is hard not to feel schadenfreude for the superpower that has always acted like it knows what is best for the world. Apparently it does not even know what is best for itself.

1st February 2017 - Quoted by Frances Martel - Brietbart

Report: Hate Speech Against Christians in Turkey on the Rise

Aykan Erdemir

A report published this week by the Turkish Association of Protestant Churches warns that persecution and hate speech against Christians of all denominations increased significantly throughout the country in the last year, particularly in the media.

31st January 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Erdogan’s Newfound Partners: Russia and Iran

Aykan Erdemir

Russian officials announced Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would meet with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani, at some point over the following months – the latest sign that trilateral relations are deepening.

30th January 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Islamic State faces multiple adversaries in Al Bab, Syria

Thomas Joscelyn

In mid-November of last year, the government of Turkey began an assault on the Islamic State stronghold of Al Bab, Syria. The effort, which was led by fighters from Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, eventually stalled. The jihadis have held onto Al Bab, which is located in the northern...

28th January 2017 - Monocle

The Foreign Desk

Aykan Erdemir

FDD senior fellow Aykan Erdemir discusses Turkey's political climate, how these problems effect Turkish society and Erdogan's rise to power.

26th January 2017 - The Huffington Post

Erdogan’s Further Consolidation Of Power Would Cement Turkey’s Demise

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

The Turkish Parliament passed constitutional amendments last weekend that could allow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to amass unprecedented power. Amidst terrorist attacks by the so-called Islamic State and Kurdish militants, Erdogan and his far-right allies are presenting the deal as a way...

25th January 2017 - Quoted by Mindy Belz - World Magazine

Caught in a dragnet

Aykan Erdemir

As if the hassles of international travel aren’t enough, Ryan Keating found himself flagged last October embarking on a routine flight from Turkey. For a decade the Yale University graduate and East Coast native has lived there, pursuing doctoral studies and church-based work. An officer...


Aykan Erdemir

Senior Fellow


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