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17th April 2017 - Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

NATO’s 2nd-largest military just took a dramatic turn toward ‘one-man rule’ — but there’s a catch

Aykan Erdemir

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a narrow victory Sunday in a referendum that will allow him to vastly expand his presidential powers less than a year after a botched coup attempt failed to unseat him and cemented his party's grip on power.

17th April 2017 - Quoted by Ishaan Tharoor - The Washington Post

What Erdogan’s narrow referendum victory means for Turkey

Aykan Erdemir

On Sunday evening in Ankara, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stood on the balcony at the headquarters of his Justice and Development Party, or AKP, and hailed an election victory that will put him out of a job.

17th April 2017 - Bloomberg

Bloomberg Markets

Aykan Erdemir

FDD senior fellow Aykan Erdemir discusses the Turkish referendum's effect on the markets.

17th April 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Turkey’s Inconclusive Referendum

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey held a historic referendum on Sunday to decide whether to grant the country’s authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan his long-standing desire to transform the government from a parliamentary system to one heavily centralized around his own presidency.

16th April 2017 - Quoted by Yaroslav Trofimov - The Wall Street Journal

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Narrow Win Could End Up Undermining Him

Aykan Erdemir

Turkey’s president, after all, has long enjoyed most of the executive powers that he formally obtained in Sunday’s vote on constitutional changes. His role as head of the country’s governing party, with its pliant parliamentary majority, ensured that real authority was already...

14th April 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

State Department designates 2 Canadian citizens for joining jihadist groups

Thomas Joscelyn

The State Department announced yesterday (Apr. 13) that two Canadian citizens have been added to the US government’s list of designated terrorists.

13th April 2017 - Vocal Europe

Interview on Islamic State Networks in Turkey with Foundation for Defence of Democracies

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

Islamic State Networks in Turkey – a report published recently by Merve Tahiroglu and Jonathan Schanzer of Foundation for Defence of Democracies (FDD) based in Washington D.C.

7th April 2017 - The Cipher Brief

Erdogan’s Referendum Ploy

Aykan Erdemir

Turkey is heading toward a critical referendum on April 16 to decide whether to transform the country’s parliamentary system into a centralized presidential one. Since his election in August 2014, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in defiance of the constitution, has refused to be a...

4th April 2017 - Quoted by Warren Cole Smith - Break Point

Personnel Is Policy, Trouble in Turkey, ISIS-led Genocide, and the Importance of Fathers

Aykan Erdemir

Every new president has close to 4000 people he must appoint to positions of leadership, and these 4000 people are essential to getting the president’s agenda implemented within the massive federal bureaucracy.

3rd April 2017 - Quoted by Josh Lederman - Associated Press

Messy web of ties, some to Trump, in Turkish mogul’s case

Aykan Erdemir

A high-flying Turkish-Iranian businessman is busted in Miami, accused of laundering money for Iran. Turkey accuses the prominent American prosecutor of ties to a shadowy group it blames for a failed coup attempt. President Donald Trump fires the prosecutor. Then the businessman hires a...

31st March 2017 - Quoted by Mindy Belz - World

Globe Trot: Norine Brunson meets Secretary Tillerson in Turkey

Aykan Erdemir

No less than seven Turkish newspapers covered yesterday’s meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Norine Brunson (yes, it did happen!), wife of imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson.

31st March 2017 - Quoted by Zia Weise - Politico Europe

Erdoğan’s power grab

Aykan Erdemir

The cure-all for Turkey’s ills is close at hand — if you believe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: a ‘yes’ result in next month’s referendum would restore security and stability, the president promises.

30th March 2017 - Quoted by Nicholas Wadhams - Bloomberg

Tillerson Says Turkey and U.S. Face Tough Choices Over Kurds

Jonathan Schanzer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. and Turkey face “difficult choices” over the best way to combat the Islamic State, highlighting their stark disagreements on whether Kurdish forces should play a role in the battle to retake the jihadists’ stronghold in Syria.

30th March 2017 - Quoted by Ishaan Tharoor - The Washington Post

What you need to know about Turkey and the Trump administration

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to Ankara on Thursday on a trip loaded with geopolitical significance. The two countries share an important, long-standing alliance — Turkey boasts NATO's second-largest army after the United States — and the Trump administration needs Turkey onside...

30th March 2017 - Quoted by Nicole Gaouette, Elise Labott - CNN

Trump’s global envoy faces tough Turkey visit

John Hannah

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's fledgling diplomatic skills will be put to the test as he travels to Turkey to discuss the fight against ISIS and then Belgium for a meeting of NATO foreign ministers this week.

29th March 2017 - Fox News

Happening Now

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses his new report, Islamic State Networks in Turkey, and the increasing threat of ISIS in Turkey.

29th March 2017 - FDD Press

Islamic State Networks in Turkey

Merve Tahiroglu, Jonathan Schanzer

The year 2016 was catastrophic for Turkey. At least 30 terror attacks across the country took more than 300 lives. Ankara survived a bloody military coup attempt in July, which claimed the lives of an additional 290.

29th March 2017 - Quoted by Robbie Gramer - Foreign Policy

A Turkish Banker’s Arrest Puts Spotlight on Erdogan’s Circle at Awkward Time

Aykan Erdemir

A new U.S. court case tying a Turkish bank to a multimillion-dollar scheme to help Iran evade U.S. sanctions may throw a wrench into Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plans to seize more power.

28th March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

U.S. Arrests Senior Turkish Banker for Sanctions-Busting

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

U.S. authorities arrested Mehmet Hakan Atilla, the deputy CEO of Turkey’s public lender Halkbank, upon his arrival in New York, according to news reports today.

22nd March 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Turkish Organizations Under Fire for Alleged Hamas Support

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkey’s ties to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas are once again in the spotlight. Israeli authorities claimed this week that two charities with close ties to the ruling elite in Ankara were providing financial and military support to the Gaza-based Islamist faction.


Aykan Erdemir

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