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Maurice Strong and the U.N.

Bush Stresses the Strength of America

The use of American military might abroad has accomplished twin aims, President George W. Bush said Tuesday—it has liberated millions of oppressed people while making Americans safer.

PJTV Daily

Firefighters and Homeland Security.

Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees


News Update

Sen. Obama’s win and foreign policy.

The Right Balance

The recently approved security agreement between Iraq and the U.S.

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Hussein Captured; Impact on Attacks

The capture of Saddam Hussein will deliver a sharp psychological blow to his loyalists, but is not likely to incapacitate the broader array of angry citizens and militants from other Arab countries who have been fighting the American occupation, military analysts said yesterday.

News Update

The Iranian nuclear program.

John Batchelor Show

Iraq filing lawsuit over Oil-for-Food.

News Update

The attacks in Mumbai as a method of relieving the Taliban.

The Live Desk

President-elect Obama’s plan to deal with Iran.

News Update

Is America prepared to counter terrorism?

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The Right Balance

The Amman Message, and Portugal’s offer to take in Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The new face of Yale conservatism

Nothing about Shannon O’Pray, TD ‘04, screams “Republican.” Her room doesn’t give much away either. Picture collages of her friends, postcards from Europe, and geology maps line her walls. History textbooks fill her shelves and Paul Simon sings in her CD player. She has the ubiquitous...

News Update

The Shoe Thrower.

News Update

The inauguration today of Ghana’s new president.

The France 24 Debate

The US Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation and Terrorism’s latest report.

News Update

Pakistan and India: A Jihadi target?

CNN Financial News

RHONDA SCHAFFLER, CNNfn ANCHOR, MARKET CALL: When President Bush taunted militants in Iraq by saying “bring ‘em on” and asserted that American troops are “plenty tough” to deal with the threat, he confirmed to many of his staunchest critics that he’s a macho president. Congressman Dick...

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