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SANCTIONS WATCH: Germany Hedges on Iran Trade

One particularly active area has been Iran’s energy sector, with German banks channeling oil revenue to Iran. Last week, the intrepid journalist Benjamin Weinthal wrote:

India has been transferring the funds in connection with its purchase of Iranian crude oil for several weeks to the...

The Andy Tobin Show

The NSA controversy.

Suicide Bombings—Redefining Normality

Taliban Helps 500 Prisoners Break Out of Afghanistan Jail

Since the Obama administration sent 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan last year, U.S.-led forces have sought to cripple the Taliban through raids that have killed “hundreds of low- and mid-level commanders,” according to an April 11 report by Bill Roggio, a U.S. analyst who runs...

The Scott Thomas Show

Worldwide Exchange

The demise of Osama bin Laden.

Engaging Terrorists

Juniors Amanda Downing and Arielle Kuiper thought that their trip to a maximum security prison in Israel to interview terrorists would be like those in the movies. As the two William and Mary students passed through layer after layer of security with about 30 other students making the...

Quebec AM

The demise of Osama bin Laden and enchanced interrogations.

Afternoon Edition

Enhanced interrogation and its role in killing Osama bin Laden.

The Right Balance

President Bush’s trip to the Middle East.

The JD Ballard Show

The future of Jihad.

Fox and Friends

Guilty pleas in the Kevin James prison terror case.

Fox and Friends

How can the US help solving the crisis in Pakistan

Algerian National Paints Grim Picture

Zakaria Fellah said he is “pessimistic” about the future of his home country Algeria, a nation rent after a decade of civil war and continued violence. His father, an agent of the Algerian government, was gunned down by Islamic guerillas on his doorstep in 1993. A friend of his family,...

The Martha Zoller Show

News Osama bin Laden tape about Iraq


The Right Balance with Greg Allen

Mideast politics

The Mark Larson Show

The Bali bombing.


President Bush’s Speech to the United Nations

The Arne Arneson Show

Developments in Iraq.

Hugh Hewitt Radio

The Jihadists Are the Results of Madrassas Not of Foreign Policy


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