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Somali piracy and guilty verdicts in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

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Is the terror attack aimed at the Asian economy?

Iraqi Women Grapple with Opportunities

What will women’s role be in a new Iraq? Eleana Gordon of the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies recently helped organize and host a conference in Iraq of nearly 200 Iraqi women interested in this question and in how to build democracy there. The conference was...

News Update

Bush’s statements on the war in Iraq .

McCoy to be ambassador of democracy

Learning about solutions to international terrorism will be the new focus this summer for a Fort Wayne, Ind., student when he travels to Israel to participate in the Federal Defense for Democracies Fellowship program.

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Does America understand the threat?

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Assad Suckers Obama

Senator Barack Obama

went on the record about the never-ending political meltdown in Lebanon, and for a moment there I thought he might have it just right.

News Update

President-elect Obama’s strategy in the Middle East.

The Right Balance

Defeating the Taliban: How?

Trip immerses student in Israel’s struggles

The Israelis, Scott Schaeffer said, aren’t afraid.

Middle East Radio Forum

Israel’s fight against Hamas, Iran’s plan for the Middle East and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Post War Casualties Could Put Bush in Trouble

The latest deaths of American servicemen in Iraq mean that more have died in the occupation than in the war itself—posing political challenges for President George W. Bush and his postwar policy.

News Update

UNRWA in Gaza.

Hardball with Chris Matthews

News Update

The new Gas Cartel based in Moscow.

John Batchelor Show

The new anti-semitism as well as North Korea.

Debate May Be Shifting From the Past to the Future

News Update

The Egyptian response to Hamas.

News Update

Egyptian response to Hezbollah.

Poll: Iran, Syria, Saudis Support Terror

A growing number of Americans believe that Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are supporting terrorism, a new poll indicates.


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