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Latest column on the return of history.

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News Update

A discussion democratization in Egypt.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

JOHN SEIGENTHALER: We begin tonight with major developments in the war on terror. A top al Qaeda leader has been killed, targeted by an American Predator drone in Pakistan, while a revolt in the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan could have an impact on the fight against al Qaeda.

Justice Dept. Stumbles in ‘Huge Mess’ of Terror Case

The Justice Department’s decision to ask a federal judge to void the convictions of members of a suspected Detroit terror cell because of prosecution errors is a setback in the Bush administration’s legal war on terrorism, some legal analysts said Wednesday.


A new poll shows the state of the economy emerging as a major concern to Americans outside the beltway in Washington. Democrats in Congress are intent on attacking the House majority leader in the nominee for the united nation ambassador. Is Congress spending entirely too much time on...

CBC French Service


Mahmoud Abbas’ visit to DC.

Morning Mess with Scott Thompson

Radio Free Iraq

The Basra battles.


The Right Balance

Building anti-terrorist alliances.

The Donovan Report

A discussion of the Iraqi election.

Local Professor Gains Insight on Terrorism at Fellowship

Trying to effectively fight terrorism while upholding the pillars of democracy can be overwhelming for any government to handle.

Lou Dobbs Tonight

My next guest is a Kurdish Iraqi living in Washington. Her father is running for office in the Iraqi elections. She and her husband encouraging their fellow Kurdish expatriates to vote in this election.

Crane Durham

Marc Bernier Show

Confronting realities in the war on terror.

The Jack Ricardi Show

A discussion on U.S. overseas aid.

Group Tries to Focus on Positive News from Iraq

As the media announced the handover of power this week in Iraq, with many reports focused on what went wrong during the 15-month U.S. occupation, a group came to Jacksonville Wednesday to tout the successes of American troops in the the war-torn Persian Gulf country.


US Naval Deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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